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Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite

Rod Thomson This is an article I never anticipated writing. It is so deeply violative of American values. But given the growing nature of the American, or un-American, leftist violence, it’s impossible to avoid. The disruption, violence and intimidation tactics of the left have been increasing dramatically since the American people chose Donald Trump as […]

Democrats Leftists Truth

The Capitol Riot And The Reichstag Fire: American Leftists And Nazis

By Rod Thomson The history of the Reichstag fire and how it was used by the early German Nazis to crack down on their primary political opponents, German Communists, is eerily illustrative of the Capitol riot and following days. The Reichstag was the building in which the German Diet, it’s parliament or Congress at the […]

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Leftist Protesters Crash Republican Rally, Create Mayhem

Rod Thomson The radicalized American left gets more dangerous every day. We are treated daily to outrages against administration appointments in public areas, to attacks on people wearing MAGA hats or Trump shirts, to people taking pickaxes to the Trump Hollywood star to an actress and copycats holding a severed Trump head to virtual calls […]

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Trump Dismantling Terrible Obama Policy That Spiked School Violence

Rod Thomson The Trump Administration is methodically working its way through the reams of poor decisions, terrible policies and total failures haunting us from Obama’s eight years — from Syria, Iran, Russia and ISIS on the international front to crushing regulations, taxes and IRS/AG corruption on the domestic front. It’s a Herculean task. The most […]

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A Florida Legislator’s Steps To Blunt School Gun Violence

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. The Chamber of the Florida House of Representatives is an austere place. Upon entering, you feel the weight of your constituents urging you to work for the betterment of all Floridians. Despite its loftiness, during session it is also a place bustling with activity. But on Wednesday, Feb. 14, […]

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The Megaphone Left vs. Non-Megaphone America

Rod Thomson There is a highly visible split in America that is barely recognized and seldom talked about, but is growing both in reality and in understanding in the new age of technology. Those who have a megaphone for what they want to say and preach…and those who don’t. This is not your traditional haves […]

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Charlottesville Violence Only The Beginning Unless We End Identity Politics

Rod Thomson This was all so obviously inevitable, the predictable result of divisive identity politics perpetrated on the American people — the exact opposite of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Unfortunately, it won’t end in Charlottesville. The alt right and white supremacists, the Antifa and BLM groups — none of whom represent […]

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The Real Source of Political Violence and Hate

A Trump supporter being chased down and beaten by violent Democrat protestors   By Rod Thomson The Left’s Culture Machine consisting of the fellow-traveling media, Hollywood, academia, and pop music has drilled deep into the American psyche. But there comes a time to combine William F. Buckley and Gandalf and stand athwart this torrent of […]

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Generals Attack Trump as Democrats Plead for U.N. Interference

By Cathi Chamberlain  If you think the Democrats have gone off the rails with their newest call to defund the police, you’d be wrong. It’s just the latest step in the left’s long-plotted scheme to transform America to socialism. We are one election away. If we react to this wrongly, we are done as a […]

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The Four Communist Machines Behind The Floyd Protests

Rod Thomson Antifa has been identified as the primary driver of the violent riots engulfing American cities. But there is a critical second arm of this unholy alliance that has been around longer and has deep roots, along with possible foreign connections. Communists. It shouldn’t be shocking. Communists domestic and foreign have been trying to […]

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