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America Is Not Having Babies Anymore

Rod Thomson

Americans just celebrated the birth of Christ 2,000 years ago. What we are celebrating a lot less these days is the birth of our own babies.

In short, America’s fertility rate is in a free fall.

Over a 60-year period between 1957 and 2017, fertility rates in the United States plummeted. About 11 percent fewer babies were born in America in 2017 (3,853,472) than in 1957 (4,316,233.) But drop is at the same time as the population in America doubled, meaning the fertility rate as measured by number of births per woman in the country has fallen by more than half in 60 years.

Unlike all of the nonsense about Trump and Russia, this is actually is an existential threat — economically and culturally — at least based on what has happened in other western or industrialized countries whose birth rates have declined to below replacement level, i.e. Europe and Japan.

This little discussed or reported issue is put in painful new context in a deep-dive study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute in “Declining Fertility in America” by Lyman Stone of the Institute for Family Studies.

Stone writes, “The specter of low fertility, and ultimately of declining population, has come to America.”


“Most of these changes in age-specific birth rates, however, can be attributed to changing marital patterns. Controlling for marital status, fertility in the United States has been roughly stable for the past decade and a half. Most changes in marital status, in turn, can be attributed to the increasing delay in young people getting married. In other words, declining fertility is really about delayed marriage.”

So why is marriage being delayed?

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Stone offers up five reasons. Ironically the central problem revolves around the large numbers of young going to college now, taking on enormous debt, and too many getting degrees in fields that in no way financially justify the level of debt. (We’ll leave out for now the government’s role in that great debt expansion because of soaring college costs.)

Here are Stone’s reasons:

  • Increased young adult debt service costs due to student loans;
  • Decreasing young adult homeownership due to rapidly rising housing costs and student loans;
  • Increasing years spent actively enrolled in educational institutions, which tends to reduce birth rates dramatically while enrolled;
  • Higher cost of market-based childcare, alongside rising need for hired childcare due to diminished extended family support and more two-earner families; and
  • Changed social and cultural expectations of parents and parenting, making children and childbearing more burdensome than for previous generations.

I think the last one is 180 degrees off based on the one right before it. Two-income parents sending their children to day care and then to school have far less childbearing burden then moms who stayed at home and raised their babies, at least until school age.

Dropping below replacement rate is bad enough, but if Stone is right about the causes, and it seems likely he is to some degree, then the solution is virtually impossible to get to: Encourage fewer children to go to college, back the federal government out of guaranteed loans and force universities to compete for those fewer students by charging less. The first two lead to the third, but they do not seem remotely likely to happen.

Stone writes: “…the entire educational complex is presently structured in such a way as to discourage family formation for young adults.” Yes. Because a lot of people in charge of the complex benefit from that.

So then, on to the coming crisis — a real crisis, not a faux Russian election interference crisis.

The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are economic.

A thriving country requires a growing economy and a growing economy require more workers — yes, even in this age of rapid technological advance and a shifting economy, we still have an unemployment rate well below 4 percent and many companies are just going with unfilled openings. Eventually that begins acting like a choke chain tightening around the throat of the economy.

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The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are political.

With fewer Americans entering the workforce and larger amounts of Americans in the retirement stage, and generally living longer, how does Social Security possibly hold up? Even before these numbers, Social Security was well enroute to bankruptcy as precious few in Congress are willing to touch it.

Dittos with Medicare. Same dynamic, but throw the rising costs of healthcare on top of it. Neither program is sustainable right now. But with a declining birth rate, the collapse of them rockets towards us much faster.

The negative results of the plummeting birth rate are cultural.

This is a problem Europe has been facing for decades as it’s birth rate dropped below replacement rate more than a generation ago. Their solution was increasing immigration to provide the needed workers. The immigrants came largely from North Africa and the Middle East, some from Asia. They did not assimilate or really want to become French or English (or Belgian or Italian or German.) Political correctness only adds to the problem.

That is not only making France less French and England less English, it is creating more chaos, conflict and violence — while not actually producing the desired results of young immigrants paying for older French and English natives’ old-age checks and healthcare.

This is not a pretty picture for America’s future. But it is one that is a making of our own choices. Changing the trajectory means a sea change in the culture that places a greater priority on families and children than on college and careers. I’ll let the reader judge the likelihood of that.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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School Punishes Teacher Who Refused To Watch Girl Change In Boys’ Locker Room

Rod Thomson

Another Florida school district is cutting parents out of the loop on transgender school kids and gagging teachers, but this time going after a male P.E. teacher who refused to observe a middle school girl who was claiming to feel like a boy and using the boys’ locker room.

Pasco County schools, a suburban county just north of Tampa, allowed a self-determined transgender female student daily access to the boys’ locker room, without providing any advanced warning to the boys’ parents or to the boys themselves.

This resulted in an embarrassing shock the first time the obvious girl entered the locker room and there were naked boys.

When the male P.E. teacher refused to watch the minor girl change clothes, a school administrator threatened the teacher with placing him on administrative leave. According to Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast, whose organization is involved in the situation, the threatening email said that refusing to supervise the girl would “not be tolerated.”

The Liberty Counsel is a pro-bono national law firm that protects individuals’ rights from a traditional, constitutional viewpoint.

Interestingly, a female P.E. teacher also objected to the situation, but was ignored by school administrators. She has not yet been threatened, and given the publicity now surrounding the school, probably will not be. Those are usually done quietly.

The first time the girl entered the boys’ locker room, she caught “boys (literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl,” according to the complaint letter sent to the Pasco County School District from the Liberty Counsel. Remember, these are 13- and 14-year-old boys just discovering their awkward transition into manhood.

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Teachers at Chasco Middle School are banned from discussing the change in policy — not the specifics of the case, which would make sense, but the policy itself. There is no other reasonable term for that than “gag order.”

So the Liberty Counsel letter goes on to explain that the teacher refused to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress.” That actually is a both moral and legally sensible move on the part of the teacher. However, school administrators shifted from the threat of administrative leave to a threat to having him “transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.’”

The situation arose in September, yet the Pasco County parents of 70,000 students in the district have still not been informed of the new policy by the school district, even though the female student still has full access to the male changing facilities. The Pasco School Board also is aware of it and has done nothing.

The reason is not hard to see. LGBTQI activists are organized, well-financed, powerful and intimidating. Very few politicians or even regular people want to be even perceived as going counter to their agenda.

The Pasco controversy mirrors similar transgender secrecy and heavy-handed intimidation on the part of school district officials in Sarasota County, just south of Tampa. (Both Sarasota and Pasco counties are politically red counties. Their School Boards do not seem to be reflecting that.)

At the recommendation of the Sarasota County School District’s LGBTQI Task Force, the superintendent issued “guidelines” to govern how the district’s 50 public schools handle transgender and gender questioning students — starting as young as kindergarten.

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The Sarasota County school policy guidelines implement a full-blown transgender protocol allowing students to use whichever bathroom and locker room corresponds with the gender with which they “identify;” and forces everyone else to use the pronoun of the students’ choice. This sounds identical to Pasco’s policy — or perhaps guidelines is the technical terms as the Board did not take action on it.

But maybe the biggest affront is that the Sarasota guidelines also say that parents can not be informed of their child’s decision to identify as a different gender, because some trans activists claim the schools are a “safer” environment than the home. This again seems to be in line with what is going on in Pasco, which suggests that the administrative guidelines are being heavily influenced or even written by trans activists.

In Sarasota, the secrecy along with the general egregiousness of the policy, attracted a lot of controversy. A 31-year-old Sarasota father of a young child not yet in the school system, sent the superintendent a brief email criticizing the guidelines and keeping transgenderism secret from parents.

That parent found officers from the school district’s brand new police force at his door the next day. Nothing came of the officers’ visit, because they realized the letter was harmless. Nonetheless more showed up at the father’s parent’s home and neighbors’ home.

This is a shocking level of intimidation for a local school district, and certainly at least some parents must have got the message: Shut up, sit down and let us handle your children. Or else we may come knocking.

In Pasco, the message sent is similar, but directly to teachers. Shut up and do what you’re told. Or else.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Can Populists Counter The Decline Of The West?

By Giuliano Maciocci

What is happening in the western world is scary and upsetting to many, but exciting and full of promise to others. It might seem a banality to say the world is changing, but the world is changing: rapidly, inevitably, sometimes unpredictably and painfully. Those who don’t realize it, acknowledge it, and adapt, risk being overtaken by history.

In Europe and America we have seen a complete rejection of the old way of doing things. Populists (justly called “the forgotten”) are emerging everywhere as a force to be reckoned with. The reaction of the establishment has been hysterical, childish, unhinged. The accusations and forecasts of doom against Brexit in UK, Trump in America, Salvini in Italy, Kurtz in Austria, Akesson in Sweden, Orban in Hungary (all of whom epitomize the ongoing changes), appalling when not risible. Deplorables, racists, fascists, nazis, no insult against populists has been spared to label those who want only respect and consideration for themselves and their countries, but have been betrayed by their governments and by the intelligentsia now working full time for the elites.

Despite multiculturalism’s total and abject failure and the suffering caused by the excesses of globalism, elites have used every trick, insult, deployment of thugs, enlisting of Hollywood types, sport and TV personalities, journalists and even Miss America contestants to defend the status quo ante. No events such as funerals or commemoration of tragedies are sacred anymore but become opportunities to threaten, offend, score political points, rally voters. Moreover, the “Big Ones” like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, continue to oppose Trump notwithstanding the revival of the economy, obviously more interested in H-1B visas than in anything else, while Nike, Apple, Levi’s Strauss and Co. hate to put at risk their slave labor supply chains abroad.

Most recently, the discredited and ineffectual United Nations is accusing Italy of human rights abuses and racism against illegals, while (don’t laugh) electing  Saudi Arabia to the Women Rights Commission and more recently to the Executive Board of UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women).

People are not stupid and this behavior, thank goodness, backfires most of the time. However, what is worrying is not their ridiculous antics, but the fact that in their desperation they are increasingly and dangerously inching towards anti-democratic positions such as censorship (social communications systems like those mentioned above reflect and feed their bubble), the leaking of fake information or made up documents (a New York Times reduced to Alex Jones’ style of conspiracy peddling), the use of the judiciary to thwart the plans of political opponents, or even worse to suggest democracy and universal suffrage should be scrapped (or the Electoral College in U.S.) in favor of more useful — that is, cynically exploitable — political systems (non-elected European Union anyone?)

Trump haters are a case in point: how else to explain why a booming economy, an increased security, a realistic foreign policy would trigger abnormal reactions, criminal threats, ridiculous statements?

It should be pointed out that Trump’s undeniable successes have been achieved despite a conservative fifth column, despite an out of control Deep State (as confirmed by the New York Times’ ‘anonymous source’), despite the relentless albeit inconclusive Mueller investigation, despite a 90% negative Media, despite a noxious legacy still in the process of being dismantled, despite a progressive culture of identity politics, victimhood and entitlements expectations.

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Nevertheless, these are some of the results Trump has achieved to date:

  • Annualized economy running at 4.2 percent
  • Jobless claims (unemployment subsidies) at 50 years low
  • Minorities unemployment at historical low
  • Manufacturing jobs making a comeback
  • Wages increased by 2.9 percent year over year to the highest level since April 2009
  • Reduced illegal immigration
  • Black-owned businesses increased 400 percent
  • Black approval for Trump is now 36 percent (Rasmussen). Hispanics’ and Asians’ have increased as well thanks to more jobs and better economy
  • Drastic reduction of job stifling regulations
  • Jerusalem capital of Israel (law approved in 1995 and never implemented)
  • Cutting funds to UNRWA, a parasitic organization abetting terrorism
  • Saw ISIS lose virtually all of its territory
  • Appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch (Kavanaugh is being appointed at time of writing), more than 75 federal judges and 26 appeals judges
  • Keystone pipeline finally under construction, ANWR oil fields will be reopened
  • Concrete moves to equalize Trade Balance with other countries to the point of proposing to abolish tariffs
  • NATO countries finally increasing budget by $10 billion

And many, many more.

You can see why any spin the Media wants to put on these numbers or attempts to disparage Trump’s performance are completely ludicrous.

We should also list under “successes” the slow and laborious (the difficult circumstances and the potential reward justify it) denuclearization of North Korea, the mounting pressure on Iran’s regime whose economy is imploding, the withdrawing from the JCPOA, the worst possible agreement with an enemy which only an Obama desperate for some kind of legacy could have pushed through, and last but not least the scrapping of the Paris Climate Accord.

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This last issue highlights unequivocally the globalists’ hypocrisy. As we all know, emerging countries are cheating (some would say understandably) on their numbers about CO2 emissions as they rush to develop their economies, but few know that Germany, who jointly proclaimed with Macron “the Paris Climate Treaty is irreversible and cannot be renegotiated” and blasted Trump for his withdrawal, “on August 20th, 2017, removed her own country from the primary treaty demands. Five months later, January 2018, again Angela Merkel, the anointed leader of far-left international political policy, withdrew entirely from the 2020 carbon emission reduction goal“. How many people have seen this in print or heard it on tv?

After all, no anonymous sources or Times op-eds can affect politics when results speak for themselves: economy is booming, America is again respected in the world, enemies are on guard and many leaders and great minds like Victor Davis Hanson or Niall Ferguson, just to name a few, are appreciative of what Trump is doing for America and the World.

However, that is precisely why the West is at risk: the global elites, desperate to keep their privileges and incapable of political discourse or of proposing viable alternative programs are going for broke, hell-bent on summoning all their resources, legal or not, to crush democratically elected governments not in line with their demands.

As I was finishing this piece, this Washington Post tweet flashed on my screen, as if to prove my points: “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit

Don’t give up.

Giuliano Maciocci has worked as Manager and Head of Corporate Support Services for private and international organizations, including the United Nations, in many countries. He now divides his time between Rome, Italy and Harare, Zimbabwe.

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Democrats Caught In Vile Attack On Wife Of Trump’s Florida Co-Chair

Rod Thomson

The deteriorating state of the American left and the Democratic Party was on vivid display again in a recent, ugly controversy in Florida that Democrats initiated, then tried to shrug off and finally back-tracked on after media coverage exposed it.

A Democrat running for local government office posted on Facebook about an issue facing voters in November. Joe Gruters, the chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota, a state representative and the co-chairman of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in Florida, responded to the issue. One of the first responses to his comment was this:

“ never did answer my question about when and where I can grab your wife by her pu**y. Get back to me on this.”

Obviously this vile piece of nastiness was a reference to Trump’s old statement from the Access Live video several years ago, which Trump apologized for and for which he rightly received considerable condemnation from Republicans at the time.

Alone, it was just a one-off from a nasty individual. But this repugnant comment was “liked” many times, including by a local Democratic candidate running for the School Board. This candidate was subsequently forced to apologize when the local ABC affiliate did a story on it — which came only after the Republican Party of Sarasota put out a statement condemning the comment, the “like” by the School Board candidate and the willingness of the original Democratic author of the post to keep it up. The statement called on the Democratic Party to disavow the statement and its candidates’ involvement in it.

The Democratic Party did neither. But after the media exposure and public fallout became clear, the vile comment was taken down the next day. Of course, that could have happened immediately. It could have happened after Gruters brought it to the attention of the initial Democrats’ posting. It could have happened when the Republican Party issued its statement. But it did not happen until it was exposed in the media and the Democratic Party measured the response in this red part of Florida.

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As bad as all of that was, the really telling part is that the Sarasota County Democratic Party issued an official statement saying that while the comment was inappropriate…“make no mistake that this fake outrage by the Republican Party of Sarasota about a ‘like’ of a comment on a Facebook page is a clear attempt to distract the voters and to score political points.”

Fake outrage?

It seems pretty likely that if anyone suggested they wanted to know when they could grab the private female parts of one of the Democrats’ wives or daughters or mothers, their outrage would be most sincere. Too many Democrats have learned nothing from the lessons of the 2016 election. Instead of understanding how they disconnected from so many Americans, the lesson they took is that because Trump said something vile, they can therefor say anything with impunity. Wrong lesson — for them and the country.

It’s also clear that if Republicans had not highlighted the nastiness to the local media, the Democrats were fine with leaving the comment and its supporting approvals up. Most people recognized that the outrage over this was real and legitimate, particularly for candidates asking voters to put them in office. 

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Perhaps Democrats need to step back and rethink spending the past 18 months in a daily cyclone of ginned up, hate-based outrage over every act of the Trump administration. It has impaired their ability to distill genuine outrage from the fake.

And its impaired the ability of the nation to participate in any sort of issues-based, civil debate.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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St. Ambrose College’s Segregated Muslim Prayer Room Is A Chilling Reality

by Rod Thomson

That St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa has opened a sex-segregated prayer room for Muslim students requires an explanation. On the surface, it seems totally bizarre. Why exactly do Muslims want to go to an explicitly Catholic college and why is that now-progressive Catholic college proudly violating normative standards of equal treatment for men and women?

The answer is found in why feminists have turned into crickets on select overt sexism when they howl outrages over only perceived slights against women. Muslims, feminists and most American progressives have a common enemy: America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, which they have been working to dismantle for generations.

This is the only way to make sense of the otherwise head-scratching alliance of religiously antagonistic progressives, feminists and devout Muslims. Their stated beliefs and goals should make them natural foes — and they are in Muslim run countries. But they are not in America. However, if you identify a common enemy, the reason for their alliance comes into focus. It also explains why these groups are so disdainful of American exceptionalism, of America’s heritage and specifically of the founding fathers and the Constitution they produced.

The hrumphing at this proposition will be loud. But it is undeniably a part of today’s Islam around the world. It is pretty easily a part of modern feminism that focuses on the demon of the patriarchy, denies differences in the genders and celebrates whatever the Bible decries. And it is patently manifest in pretty much all of the actions of modern progressives.

Judeo-Christian America is what modern feminism and progressives find to be an archaic, backward, gun-toting, Bible-clinging threat to the march of civilization — as they perceive it. And the Muslim march of civilization is basically all Muslim.

And what this decision by St. Ambrose College shows is that the college makes policy based on being progressive before being Catholic. That, it would seem, is unarguable.

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Just listen to the very-pleased-with-himself college senior who designed the prayer room, in conjunction with the Saudi Student Association — because every Catholic college needs to have an association of the women-crushing, hand-cleaving, civil-rights-denying ruling House of Saud.

“It’s uniquely Ambrosian, and it just sort of shows our commitment to all different faiths,” Matt Mahoney said of the sex-segregated worship room he designed. “It is really outstanding.”

What might the early church father St. Ambrose think of this “commitment to all different faiths” — which rather sounds like a commitment to no faiths? Let’s look at who Ambrose was.

“A zealous preacher and valiant defender of the Christian Faith, Saint Ambrose received particular renown as a Church writer. In dogmatic compositions he set forth the Orthodox teaching about the Holy Trinity, the Sacraments, and Repentance,” according to Orthodox Church in America. “Saint Ambrose, defending the unity of the Church, energetically opposed the spread of heresy.” [Emphasis added.]

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Ambrose converted many pagans to Christianity, from Germany to Persia (he lived before Mohammed founded Islam) and most famously, he showed a wayward young man named Augustine the way to God through Christ. Ambrose would most certainly have considered Muslims as pagans in need of conversion — not celebration.

It’s safe to say that Ambrose would be aghast at what was being done at a college named after him. And it’s further safe to say that when the young man said the sex-segregated Muslim prayer room is “uniquely Ambrosian” he was not referring to Ambrose the man, but the culture of the progressive college that appears to have turned its back on the legacy of St. Ambrose — and made alliance with those who actively seek to destroy the actual legacy of Ambrose.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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John McCain — A Once Great Man Made Very Small in Washington

Rod Thomson

Washington, D.C. does not create great men and women. It can sometimes reveal greatness. But for those who stay too long, Washington makes great people small and petty; and small, petty people unsightly shells.

In Lord of the Rings terminology, it is the one ring to rule them all. And John McCain has worn the ring too long. It has distorted the courageous and selfless airman and POW he once was into a mere shadow of that man, driven to maintain the power, influence and affirmation of the entrenched power structure in D.C. — and in doing so undermining the country.

It is tragic to have watched. And it’s a cautionary tale.

The latest revelations will unfortunately cement McCain’s status for many Americans as one submitted to the demanding lure of D.C.

McCain, who is 81 and dying from an aggressive brain tumor, has invited former presidents Obama and Bush to his funeral, along with many of Washington’s leaders, but pointedly not the current President of the United States, who is even from his own party. McCain hates Trump, and while it is his prerogative to invite who he wishes to his own funeral (people do that?) this reveals how small Washington has made him.

Trump has been accomplishing amazing successes for Americans and around the world, from the booming economy to North Korea, Israel, Iraq and so much more, Trump has made America stronger, more respected and safer. But McCain does not like the way he comports himself, his personal life, his unpresidential tweeting or his insults. In a sense, he does not like the way Trump refuses to conform to the the ways of Washington.

Second, and far worse, McCain proudly admits in his new book coming out that he was the person who gave the now-infamous Steele dossier to FBI Director James Comey. The dossier was opposition research funded by the Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee and was mostly tawdry fiction from a guy who also possesses a deep dislike of Trump. This ungrounded smear job apparently formed part of the basis for the FBI surveillance on the Trump team and for the now-fizzling Trump-Russia investigation.

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That McCain passed that attack piece on — and was seen by the DNC operatives as just the man to do their dirty work — speaks volumes of how far he has fallen after 35 years as a D.C. politician, 30 of those as a U.S. Senator. The power, the attention, the “ways of Washington” are intoxicating.

Finally, its been clear for quite some time that McCain was not up to being a functioning Senator — which, frankly, is not that high a bar. But rather than step down and allow a special election to likely put in a Republican who could make votes, he hung on to his seat. But he could not attend votes. So basically, he reduced the Republicans numbers by one, putting them at the barest 50 required to pass a bill. This had the affect, likely intended, of making passage of any Trump-supported bills (also supported by fellow Republicans) even harder.

This is, again, tragic to watch.

Because it’s worth remembering at this point that John McCain was a bona fide war hero. His opponents of today don’t like that, but it’s the truth. On his 23rd Vietnam War bombing mission over Hanoi in 1967, his A-4T Skyhawk was shot down by a Soviet-made ground-to-air missile. He fractured both arms and a leg when he ejected, was captured by the North Vietnamese, who crushed his shoulder with a rifle butt and stabbed him with a bayonet.

He was imprisoned in the infamous Hanoi Hilton without being treated for his injuries by his captors, and tortured daily. He did not get medical treatment until his captors discovered he was the son of an Admiral. When his father was made commander of all Vietnam forces, the North Vietnamese offered to free him for propaganda purposes. McCain refused unless they released all those Americans captured before him. Needless to say, that did not happen and he was thrown into solitary confinement and the torture was ramped up. This went on until his release in 1973. He spent more than four more years being tortured as a POW when he could have been freed. More can be read here.

This all bears remembering, because those were the acts of a great and honorable and brave man — even though he later broke under the torture. Virtually every POW officer did and no person of caliber would hold that against him.

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But everyone changes over the years and McCain seems to have lost the largeness of his vision of sacrifice for the nation, for Americans, and fell into the attention-seeking pettiness of Washington. Sure, Trump may bring that out more easily, but McCain had become a media darling for repeatedly undermining Republican agendas long before Trump came down the elevator to announce his presidency. McCain seemed to lose his way over the decades. The last two developments make that plain.

His legacy is deeply tarnished as being one that concluded with the petty politics of division, personal ambition and desire for positive media attention — even when that meant undermining his own party repeatedly when it was working to do positive things for Americans.

And the primary influence on his life after his POW years was Washington, D.C. It seems to have come to own him, just as the One Ring eventually does all those who possess it too long.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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Bra-Less Florida High School Girl Goes Full Protest Over Gender ‘Discrimination’

Rod Thomson

A Florida high school student is charging that she was wrongly humiliated by school administrators over going bra-less to class, just because she is a girl, going the full discrimination protest route. And she’s getting a lot of help in her gender-ized victimhood from her mother.

The incident came about when the 17-year-old female Braden River High School student, in Bradenton, Fla., went to school in a loose top without a bra. Her teacher notified school administrators that the revealing outfit was being a distraction in class and administrators told her to put a T-shirt on under her loose shirt. But the female administrator thought the girl’s nipples remained too prominent. The administrator sent the girl to the nurse’s office to put four band-aids on to “X out her nipples.”

This was a moment of understandable humiliation and consternation for the student, but did not result in a self-reflection on personal choices. It quickly turned to self-righteous indignation and, of course, victimhood. She was trained well along the way that her actions did not result in consequences, but that she was the victim of the patriarchy.

“I felt very attacked because of my gender,” the girl told the local newspaper.


It’s not like she was a teen girl in a class with hormone-raging teen boys making a clear display of herself in a way guaranteed to…distract boys in the class. At that age, she probably distracted girls, too, albeit in a different way.

The girl comes by her gender victimhood honestly. A lot of the response seems driven by her mother, who has been all over school officials for their actions, rather than helping her daughter learn how to function in society.

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Her mother told the local newspaper that the district’s policy is sexist and administrators need to prove intent when determining if a student’s outfit is vulgar. Intent? So if a student showed up naked to school but with no intent to be vulgar — maybe it’s art or maybe its a protest — then they should not be in violation of dress code?

“We should not treat a girl like this because of where her fat cells decided to distribute genetically,” the mother said. Fat cells have decision-making powers?

There’s not a lot of clear thinking going on here. But don’t think the district is not worried. Because these are the times in which we live.

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The school district’s lawyer, Mitch Teitelbaum, said the incident should have been handled better — without saying how exactly — but that the decision to ask the girl to adjust her clothing was correct. “It is undisputed that this matter should have been handled differently at the school level, and corrective measures have been taken to prevent a re-occurrence in the way these matters will be addressed in the future,” Teitelbaum said.

Teitelbaum said the girl was in violation of the dress code in the student code of conduct prohibiting students from “wearing clothes that expose underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or attire that disrupts the orderly learning environment.”

There is nothing specific about girls wearing bras. But then, it was probably written at a time when a certain amount of common sense and decency prevailed. Again, not these times.

“You would not ask this kind of stuff of a male,” the girl’s mother protested. “If a male was wearing basketball shorts, and somebody thought they could see his package, you would never ask him to stand up and move around.”

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Actually, I seriously doubt that. Quite sure that student would be asked to adjust his clothing. That’s actually indecent exposure, which is against the law. But again, thoughtful common sense is not at the forefront here.

The aggrieved girl is now going full-scale protest by — you guessed — not wearing bras to school anymore. She tweeted out her intent with “Stop sexualizing my body @piratenationhs.” That was after she tweeted “…My school basically told me that boys’ education is far more important than mine and I should be ashamed of my body.” And, importantly, that was after she re-tweeted in March a tweet stating: “i f**king hate this country.”


Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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2 Simple Reasons Why The American Left Instinctively Seeks Censorship

Rod Thomson

It’s pretty obvious to every conservative in the country by now that the American Left is where virtually all censorship resides. Not every liberal is a censor, but modern liberalism promotes censorship. Of course, you only know this if you get news and information from more outlets than the old, traditional media.

Whether it is college campuses run by the Left and instituting liberal-approved speech codes and tiny free speech zones on campus, their practical goal is censorship;

Or it is demonstrators and marchers who shout down conservative political opponents, refusing to allow them to speak and often threatening the institution that dared even allow them;

Or it is the violent, progressive, Communist, anarchist Antifa that roams the streets of our most liberal cities to attack conservatives or Trump supporters for being conservatives or Trump supporters;

Or it is the social media giants such as Youtube demonetizing conservatives for saying conservative things (Prager U is the most egregious example) or Twitter suspending conservative accounts for tweeting conservative ideas or Facebook blocking posts that are politically incorrect based on the recommendations of liberal organizations such as Snopes determining they are “fake news;

Or it is our public schools indoctrinating students with progressive ideals and punishing those who deviate, such as the New Prague Minnesota High School kid who came out during the national school walkout with a sign that said guns don’t kill people, people do, and the principle forcing him away — this was a consistent theme around the nation, no deviation from the progressive message at many schools;

Or it is the ever-expanding universe of political correctness determining things you cannot say without dire personal consequences, i.e. if a person has XY chromosomes and a penis, that person is a man.

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Each of these areas stem from the American Left, and we can all come up with more. Every one is dominated by progressive liberals and one of their consistencies is a sort of instinctive lurch to squash any speech with which they disagree. Their practical goal is censorship. We wrote about Boston’s liberal mayor shutting down free speech he disagreed with in August 2017.

One is hard-pressed to come up with a single example of an institution on the Right that seeks censorship, to shut down the speech of liberals.

So the question is why? What has happened where the very bastions fighting for free speech 60 years ago, such as universities and liberals in a general sense, are now the anti-free speech totalitarians?

There are at least two explanations.

• Government Knows Best. The instinct of liberals is that government is the best institution for solving societal woes. Not the family. Not the church. Not community organizations. Government. This, of course, is the antithesis of the thinking of the founders and framers of the nation, who saw the government as the single biggest threat to a society made up of individuals.

That’s why socialism is such a cozy fit for a progressive liberal: Benevolent government, run by the smartest among us, owning and distributing society’s wealth and making all the big decisions, is surely far better than selfish capitalists and ignorant masses making those decisions in chaos.

If you prefer central government decision-making over individual liberties — which is not the words, but most certainly the practice on the Left today — then of course you are hardly going to be in favor of uncontrolled speech by the masses.

• Liberal Ideas Don’t Win Arguments. This is going to trip some triggers — so perhaps a trigger warning is in order — but liberalism generally builds its belief structure on emotions, not on rational, data-driven, science-grounded arguments. This is why contradictions and inconsistencies are so common, and why liberals are so quick to resort to demonstrations and protests with signs and placards — those can capture emotional sentiments much better than reasoned arguments.

Consider these hackneyed banalities:

> A baby before the birth canal may be terminated at the mother’s whim, because it is her individual “choice” whether that is a human or not — despite science screaming the baby’s measurable humanity by 4-6 weeks, and what ultrasounds show is going on the whole pregnancy. Moments later when it is out of the birth canal, she cannot because the exact same act would be murder. Inside, can kill. Outside, murder. Same baby, just seperated by moments.

> Two dads or two moms — gay couples as parents — are just as good at parenting as traditional husbands and wives — despite the weight of fully available studies showing just the opposite.

> A man can believe he is a woman and not only is that acceptable and not a mental condition — which it obviously is — but we must contort our society down to school restrooms, showers and sports teams to accommodate gender-confused people. They obviously need compassion and help. That is not it.

> There are 63 genders. So far. Enough said.

> Hate speech is not free speech. No hate speech allowed!

These are laughable, and tragic, but hardly isolated.

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Let’s take a very recent example. The entire liberal establishment — from media to schools to activist organizations — used and propagandized students nationwide after the Parkland, Florida, shootings to push for gun bans even when it came out that the Broward County Sheriff, Broward County Schools, the state of Florida and the FBI all massively failed to do their jobs competently in this case.

A reasonable way to sum up their argument is that government failed at every level to protect us, we need to ban guns and have government protect us.

Conservatives can shoot a thousand holes in the arguments made about the need for gun control after Parkland.

But the reality remains: the more an institution is dominated by liberalism, the less that institution will brook any contrary speech. Alas it is true: Censorship is part and parcel with liberalism.

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Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.



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Science Explains Why Activists Can Exploit Teen’s Emotional Trauma

Rod Thomson

The fallout from the Parkland school shooting is demonstrating how left-wing activists are willing to exploit vulnerable teens in pursuit of a political agenda. It’s a despicable act. We should be protecting grieving teens from this sort of manipulation, not using them as pawns. But expect to see more, and younger children, too.

Part of our culture is willing to make children secondary to adults’ lives, quickly pushing them out of the way to pursue careers or more money; willing to rack up a national debt that is an abomination they will have to pay for — merely to help personal re-elections; shove them in front of violent, graphic “entertainment” to make a buck; and generally make them secondary to our lives.

But suddenly, when they are useful for a political agenda, they’re super important and we turn them into pawns to be used by adults willing to prey on their emotional vulnerability. This is a vulgar treatment of children.

Now is the very moment they should be nurtured, helped through their grieving, allowed to move beyond the atrocity committed, grow through understanding of dealing with tragedy in life.

Activists who exploit them for their left-wing agenda are particularly awful given the developmental state of teens, as understood through the science of the brain.

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Teenagers as a group and compared to their adult selves, are not good decision-makers, and certainly not up to the task of advocating for wise public policy in a complicated issue.

The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that drives rational thought, good judgement and long-term consequences, does not fully develop in a person until age 25 or so. But the amygdala, the part of the brain that drives emotions, develops more quickly.

In a teen, these are out of balance (it was that way for all of us) as the amygdala is further along. This is why teens so frequently baffle their parents by responding so emotionally and apparently irrationally to situations. Their amygdala is overriding the undeveloped prefrontal cortex. As they age, this balances out more.

This is explained easily by the University of Rochester Medical Center. It’s also explained pretty fairly at The Conversation, offering help for parents dealing with irrational teens. If you think about teens, yourself as a teen, those you have seen and known, you know this is true. 

Something else crucially important: Teens, generally speaking, are easily influenced by peers and the need to fit in, and are particularly easy to manipulate and exploit compared to what they will be in 10 or 20 years. This is also due to the same developing brain structure, although every parent knows it to be true.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous organizations that will take advantage of an atrocity, such as the Parkland school shootings, and use teens as their emotional proxies to pursue bad policy. This doesn’t mean the teen’s suffering (those from Parkland, specifically) is not real, or that they do not feel totally sincere in their protests. Surely, both are true.

It does mean that they are being manipulated by what are not good people, willing to exploit teen grief for their own political ends. It is well reported that these are not spontaneous demonstrations. The organizers of the Women’s Marches are behind the rallies in Tallahassee, Washington and around the nation, marches and school walkouts. All basic, long-time tactics of left-wing activists to apply emotional pressure.

When NBC News reports that “Students seize control of gun debate, plan walkouts and march” they should run a correction. More like, “Seasoned left-wing activists seize control of gun debate, use students as tools.”

So when you see the demonstrations in the news, breathlessly being covered by a sympathetic media, what you are actually witnessing is an exploitation of emotionally grieving teens by adult activists who have been otherwise unsuccessful in changing a policy.

I will not be paying much attention to the teens at the demonstrations, because I cannot learn more than that they feel deep grief for their lost classmates, and I already know that. What they need is guidance and help processing their grief, not being abused as tools by “any means possible” people.

If it is on the gun-control debate, I want to hear from people who have studied the issue, who are well versed in facts and reality and considered solutions based on what has worked and not worked. Not from grieving teens who are being used by manipulative exploiters.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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I’ve Raised Eight Millennials. They’re Nothing Like Millennials

Rod Thomson

The much-maligned Millennial Generation has a well-earned reputation for being “narcissistic” “lazy” “entitled” “fame-obsessed” and “developmentally stunted” — to use the rather scathing but statistically-backed descriptions in a famous Time magazine article. Simply put, they are deeply unprepared for the real world, as most employers and many parents have discovered.

While this is maddening to deal with, and ultimately we all need to take responsibility for our own actions, this is not at root their fault. And this isn’t just older people “not understanding” younger people. Actually we do. This is data-driven. This is something new caused by decades of simply terrible parenting advice and teaching methods.

You know, throw out all the old ways, the traditions, the things that worked, and run after the latest shiny fad in parenting and education, while at the same time feeling oh-so enlightened and superior to previous generations. “We don’t hit our children,” goes the enlightened, self-satisfied thinking of too many Boomer parents in reference to spanking. Instead of teaching children to earn success, to take personal responsibility for efforts and outcome, to push themselves to do better, the education establishment and some parents went all in on the participation-trophy madness under the crippling self-esteem doctrine.  

Well, we reap what we plant. We planted selfishness, entitlement, immaturity and lousy work ethics and — surprise! — we got a generation of selfish, entitled, immature young adults with lousy work ethics.

(An important context disclaimer. Generations don’t mean everyone in the generation. These are broad brush strokes. For instance, Millennials are the children of Baby Boomers. I was at the end of the Boomer generation and resented being clumped in with them, because I felt so apart and different from the general characteristics they possessed — and definitely from the social changes they promoted. I never felt a part of them. Them. There are many Millennials who feel the same way about their generation. In fact, that applies to virtually all of my children. Broad generational characteristics are just simple data, which is critical to know and understand, but comes with loads of exceptions.)

There are those who think the unique traits of the Millennial Generation may be just what’s needed in coming years — which on the potentially positive side include being confident, tech savvy, open to change and innovative. Red Brick Research’s report on hiring managers found that, in general, Millennials are more creative, entrepreneurial, and open to change than older workers.

That’s probably true, and certainly those are valuable traits, particularly entrepreneurial and innovative. However, it’s not clear that being creative and open to change is any different from previous generations where younger people tend to be more open than older people “set in their ways.”


What is wrong with Millennials?

There’s no need to spend a long time on this. The research is pretty overwhelming, generally countered only by anecdotes. Personally, my anecdotes dealing with Millennials hired out of college to work at a business publication where I was the Executive Editor largely confirmed the research.

According to a recent study performed by Red Brick Research, more than 80 percent of hiring managers say that their Millennial employees display “narcissistic” characteristics, while only 27 percent of managers say that their Millennials are team players. True to form, Millennials hold an unrealistically positive view of themselves. For example, over two-thirds of those surveyed see themselves in management within five years — while 58 percent of the same cohort plan to stay at their current company for less than than three years.

Ron Alsop’s book “Trophy Kids” explains how children of Boomers had been consistently rewarded for little to no accomplishments in competitive sports — the participation trophy phenomena — and that it gave them unrealistic expectations as adults.

Time magazine reported polls showing that Millennials say their goal for work is to work less — more “me time” and flexible schedules. Four out of five Millennials yearn for almost constant feedback from their bosses, but nine out of 10 want to be able to choose how to do a project — not be told. Further, an MTV “No Collar Workers” poll found that 92 percent of millennials feel their company is lucky to have them and 76 percent feel their boss can learn a lot from them — self-esteem self-actualized, just not actually actualized.

Here’s a great insight from Millennial Chris Myers, a beacon who acted just like most of his generation — until he started his own company and his eyes were opened.

“Once I was in charge, I found that the very traits I rebelled against earlier in my career were the ones I found most valuable in my employees. The best members of my team were loyal, dedicated, and humble…My Millennial employees, however, were frequently unable to cope with tasks that were boring but necessary, and their performance suffered as a result. At the same time, salary expectations were high, praise was expected, and everyone believed they should be in a leadership role. In short, much was expected from the company with very little provided in return.”

Ironically, the attempts to inculcate them with self-esteem as youngsters through an unwarranted flood of praise has actually left them lacking self-esteem as the world around them has drawn generally negative conclusions and polls of Millennials reflect that. Again, quite predictable.

The Huffington Post reported on studies that “the only thing a majority of millennial-aged adults described themselves as is ‘self-absorbed.’ They’re also more likely than members of any other generation to consider their age group wasteful, greedy and cynical.”

So much for pumping kids with unsupportable self-esteem.


Who’s to blame for this?

Who’s to blame for the tragedy perpetrated on this young generation? I think there are some rather indisputable groups to blame.

With those caveats in mind, first and foremost the responsibility for this rests with parents. Parents have the ultimate duty to raise their children in good ways. Never has a generation so broadly been sent from the influence of their parents at such young ages under the concept of, “let the professionals handle it.”

When parents send children out of the home en masse shortly after birth, first to daycare and then preschool and up through college — where we have discovered the term “snowflake” — they allow the government and the culture to be the predominant influence shaping their children. They have abdicated their divine role as parents and turned it over to strangers. They frequently get whatever young adults the educational establishment and the culture wants — not necessarily what they wanted. Some parents successfully navigate this model. Many parents are shocked at who their children become.

Second is obviously the educational institutions. This is a worse problem than the general understanding that educational quality has been declining at every level in the country. Explaining why the economy has stalled, the Brookings Institute reports: “The nation’s deteriorating education sector is one important factor, culpable for both weak economic growth and rising income inequality.” Education Week describes “an across-the-board collapse of standards in American education over the last 40 to 45 years.” Among many reasons for this is the common tendency of modern educators to try the next new idea in education, as opposed to sticking to the basics. One fad has been promoting the idea that grades aren’t as important as effort, delegating objective measures to subjective judgments. They tossed the tried and true, just as in parenting.

Third is the culture — which includes the first two but adds in the entertainment/media complex. This just continues to be a toilet swirl of low standards, immorality and cult personalities. This combines too easily with modern technology, social media, parents having less influence on their children and the Millennial tendency to think things come easily in life.

Is it any surprise that politicians expanded mandatory health insurance for “children” up to 26 to be on their parents’ plans? Only in the current generation — and the parents that created it — would this seem like a necessity.


A different path taken

My wife and I did not do much different than most previous generations, but a lot different from the Boomers. We raised our children by controlling the educational, reward and discipline environment through homeschooling. That may not be for everyone — well-chosen private schools also work — but it does keep the cultural and governmental nonsense bludgeoned into malleable young minds to a minimum. Of course, these options also put more daily burden on parents and may bring with them career sacrifices.

We focused on raising our children in a way aimed at preparing them to be faithful, productive, thoughtful adults. We screwed up some things, naturally. And some things seemed locked in on age. (Do any teenage boys understand the concept of a clean bedroom?) But we looked toward a better world for them, sacrificed for them and tried to inculcate them with the concepts of faith, hard work, generosity, personal responsibility and so on.

As a result, as teens when they step into entry level jobs with their peers, they immediately stand out to managers. They show up on time, make eye contact, can converse easily with people from any generation, work hard and are reliable. They don’t feel entitled to anything beyond the agreement to be paid for their work.

The sad statement is that those basic traits make them immediately stand out. They also make them just smack their heads at so many of the young people working with them, who don’t show up on time, won’t work hard, see it all as beneath them and feel entitled to immediate rewards beyond a paycheck for things such as stocking grocery store shelves or being a plumber’s go-fer.

So in the end, who do we blame for Millennials being the way they are? Baby Boomers. My own flippin’ generation. Ugh. I just don’t identify with it. I’m hoping and praying growing numbers of Millennials will reject the worst elements in their generation and upbringing — and not expand on the mistakes with their own children.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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