Elections Truth

We Fight For A Righteous Cause

By Rod Thomson

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” 

— Thomas Paine

For Paine, that “service of their country” was fighting with weapons of war, armies as well as words. But what does that service of our country look like today? So other than through our military, what does fighting for our country mean today?

What it doesn’t mean is passing around half-baked rumors your cousin Vinny told you like a gaggle of old women gossiping in the quilting circle. Remember how the media and the left lied incessantly about Trump’s Charlottesville press conference for years by putting a sentence he did say into a context it was not said in? Remember how they did that constantly with Trump and Republicans, writing stories with anonymous sources or the thinnest of “evidence” and then going bat crap crazy? 

We are not them. Sowing chaos and civil breakdown is the stated desire of Antifa, BLM, Alinskyites, Soros-funded organizations, many university professors and the rest of the sordid American Left.

However having said that, the battle is real. The war is real. And we must fight for our righteous cause, because it is indeed that because the battle must be grounded on the soaring ideals encompassed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. It’s the conquest of righteous ideas such as fair and trusted elections, the rule of law, equality under that law over a chaotic power struggle in the streets.

In action right now, it means litigating every state that has poor election laws or obviously suspicious actions. That means providing evidence that stands up in a courtroom. I strongly support President Trump and his team pursuing that everywhere it is justified — which seems to be in far too many places. He needs to prosecute the case to the bitter end, whatever that may be.

Pennsylvania appears to be a dumpster fire of potential corruption and fraud, from the state Supreme Court literally changing the voting law ahead of time because of Covid; to counting stations boarding up windows so Republicans cannot see in and blocking certified Republican poll watchers from entrance *even after* a Judge ordered them allowed in; to absurdly high turnouts in Philadelphia. It’s impossible to not think that reeks of election tampering and Democrats and the media should join Republicans in being outraged. So far, not. But we fight.

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Milwaukee wards that seem to have more than 100 percent turnout and some vote dumps that appear to be 100 percent for Biden in a couple of states should be investigated and litigated. Wisconsin’s 89 percent turnout compared to 61 percent four years ago is very hard to believe. Detroit and Atlanta also had enormous turnout favoring Biden far more than Hillary Clinton, yet we know Trump nearly doubled his support in the black community. 

There is so much more smoke and likely fire that must — absolutely must — be ferreted out for the good of America, regardless of how it impacts this election. Where there is suspicious activity that casts doubt on the legitimacy of the vote, we should fight for the truth. We will be alone, actually we will be fought against by every major culture moving industry starting with the media, but we fight.

We may find out in the end that there are legitimate reasons for Biden flipping some states from election night with later vote-counting in the following days. Here’s one I suggest as a real rational explanation: Trump and many Republicans urged everybody to vote on the day of the election or at least in-person early voting, and not do mail-in voting. I think that is right. But the Democrats, with their exaggerated Covid fears, urged their people to vote by mail. The in-person votes are the fastest (and least susceptible to fraud) while the vote-by-mail tabulations take longer. This could explain Trump’s early lead being overtaken. We can’t just discard rational thinking and common sense — we’re the folks who are fighting for that.

But maybe that same explanation is also the avenue for skullduggery by the corrupt machines in some major cities — Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee — and that cannot be allowed. So it must be litigated and prosecuted fully. And while it could explain the flip, it is a stretch in that it does not explain the voter turnout numbers that are more than suspicious.

All of this is fighting for the rule of law because that is what conservatives and traditional Americans believe in. Following the rules, not changing them mid-stream or ignoring them (aka, cheating.) Litigation and spotlighting also acts as a level of accountability to those trying to hide in the dark. It’s clear that Democrats and the media will not join us in any of this. But we fight on and must for America to remain America — that bright shining city on a hill. They scoff at that. We know it’s true because we know history.

And if in the end there is insufficient evidence produced that voter fraud tipped the election and Trump loses, we carry-on because we are conservatives and traditionalists and good people. But I suspect there will be enough that most Trump supporters will not believe it was a legitimate election — which is why we must fight to ensure this never happens again. We won’t throw a four-year temper tantrum creating fake scandals, fake impeachments, fake  news stories, the complete corruption of the top levels of government, rioting and burning of cities, and the general dissolution of civil society — because our side lost. None of that has been wrought by the right and it will not be.

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We will get back to work and try to save our country from the calamitous Green New Deal, packing the Supreme Court, creating national healthcare and instituting the Fairness Doctrine to censor conservative talk radio — the only place the right has a voice not being censored right now by the left. And the first fight there apparently will be Georgia Senate runoffs.

The left has made a wreckage of our institutions from universities to the media to virtually every department of government in Washington. They cannot be allowed to do the same with the election process. In a democratic Republic, if we do not trust election outcomes, we are doomed. The left cast a four-year shadow over Trump’s legitimate election in 2016 by claiming that he only won because of Russian interference. To this day, Hillary Clinton still claims that. Too many Democrats believe Trump stole the election, that laughably he is a Russian asset. They have taken multiple steps to create enormous distrust in our elections — not Trump’s statements, those pale in comparison to the order of battle attacks from the left.

One of the imperatives we must fight for is election reform of an entirely different sort. We should eliminate mail-in ballots. Period. All voting should be in-person only because every supervisor of elections will tell you those are the hardest to make fraudulent. Go to a polling place, stand in line if need be, prove you are who you claim to be and you are registered and verified, and vote. That alone would restore some confidence to the process and eliminate these long, terrible countings of mail-in ballots where both fraud and error is easily perpetrated and conspiracies get hatched. 

Too many of the same hucksters will cry about voter disenfranchisement. Nonsense. If you can go to the store and get candy or cigarettes, or visit your doctor, or meet friends at a bar or go to work or do almost anything normal in life, you can go vote at the polls. If you are functioning at such a low level that you do not have a driver’s license or any other form of ID, then you don’t get to vote.

Legitimate elections are bedrock to America. We cannot repeat another 2020, where we are looking like those countries where we send poll watchers to ensure honest elections. This is unacceptable. So we fight.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Democrats Elections Trump Truth

Dear Democrats: Welcome To The Whirlwind

By Rod Thomson

Democrats here are angry and astonished — astonished I tell you! — that President Trump and Republicans are accusing Biden and Democrats of cheating. This is rich beyond measure. Let me help Democrat friends understand an important concept, it’s in the Bible so you might now know it: You sow to the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

Welcome to the whirlwind.

Democrats perpetrated a four-year fraud on the American people centered on the illegitimacy of Donald Trump. No sense denying it. We were all there. Million woman marches, endless demonstrations, fake scandals claiming that Trump was not legitimate because Russia helped him. He was Putin’s pawn.

Democrats refused to even call him by his name. He was 45. Remember how about 20 Democrat members of Congress boycotted his inauguration. Remember #notmypresident trended for years and remained at least until Nov. 3. Remember for four years there was the #resistance to an illegitimate president. 

The desperation to remove the duly elected president resulted in an empty impeachment after the Russia collusion hoax collapsed but only 10 months before the election. Then came Covid and the ongoing claims that Trump is personally responsible for 230,000 Americans’ deaths. This is too insipid to even respond to. Finally came the last final gasp with pre-staged BLM race riots, burning and destruction. 

Always chaos and distrust. Always blamed on Trump. Four years of undermining every American norm. Trump tweets and language did not do it. Democrats and the allied American left did it — from the media to academia to Hollywood to BLM and Antifa — sowing to the wind with utter abandon, as though there would be no consequences for such abhorrent behavior. Calling all Trump supporters racists  (I personally got that many times. It was the norm.) Or deplorables. Or Nazis and fascists. Etc.

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The media was wholly culpable in sowing to the wind as baseless anti-Trump stories ran daily for years, creating distrust not just in Trump, but in the institutions of government and actions of the  elected president. The mainstream media was the mouth of the resistance, of truly fake stories and of the election campaign of Joe Biden.

And now, NOW, Democrats want civility? They want respect? They want unity!? They claim shock that we might question the veracity of the election, that we would dare launch legal challenges despite substantial evidence of actual fraud — not the fake fraud they hoisted on us for four years. They want us to pretend like their actions of the past four years never happened. Can’t we just get along?

Those years did happen. They changed the American norm going forward. No one on the right will forget. We had four years to witness the left busting American norms, and now an election with an enormous amount of corruption — some illegal, some unethical and some immoral. This is no old general that will quietly fade away. Democrats made a hash of the bed we all have to sleep in. And there is no changing that. It looks like they got what they wanted: Trump out of office. (I’ll wait for certified results after legal challenges.)

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This is a tragedy for our nation. I’m not sure at all this Genie can be re-bottled. For one, every one of us on the right knows that if Trump had squeaked out the win — or does still — Democrats will immediately flip back to illegitimate president and resistance mode. They know it. And we know it.

In fact, there are even leading members of the media and the left that are not content with the “win.” They want Trump supporters punished and the GOP destroyed.

Washington Post columnist in good standing Jennifer Rubin told MSNBC Sunday: “It’s not only that Trump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to, in essence, burn down the Republican party. Because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.” Survivors!

It’s not just Rubin — who isn’t exactly nobody. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes wants to make lists of the “thousands” who are “complicit” in Donald Trump. And then what? Slate magazine called for imprisoning Trump advisor Stephen Miller for “crimes against humanity.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called for recriminations beyond just White House officials. These are all after Biden’s declared victory.

Own it, Democrats. This terrible new dynamic, possibly new norm, is on you. And you alone. But we will all pay for it.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Democrats Elections Republicans Truth

The Most Consequential Election Since 1860

By Rod Thomson

The reason this election feels like the most consequential since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 is that it is really the most fully realized and open battle of diverging worldviews since 1860. This isn’t about Donald Trump being compared to Lincoln, it is that the election itself is as momentous in determining the course of the country.

The distance between Republicans and Democrats has never been greater. But the distance between institutional America — universities, media, Hollywood, the permanent administrative state — and average working Americans has also never been greater. And never more revealed. 

Norman Podhoretz said: “We have created a society in which more people enjoy more freedom and more prosperity than any human community ever known to human history. And that is not nothing, to put it mildly.”

Indeed. But what makes this moment so enlightening and far-reaching is that there is one side that does not believe that. The driving, illuminating force on that side believes that America is irredeemably racist, built on slavery and the capitalistic rape of other nations; a nation consumed by hate and greed. This has been said and believed in the margins for decades, but it is quite in plain sight today and makes up the dynamic core of the Democratic Party.

This core believes that America requires “fundamental change,” as President Obama promised but failed to accomplish because he was blocked by Republicans in Congress. But make no mistake. He wanted to be a radical in office, and still was in as many ways as he could be. 

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Odd as it sounds to say straight forward, many on that side are done with the route of freedom and prosperity, regardless of the election outcome. They will indoctrinate our children through the schools even more blatantly, now with the 1619 Project repudiated by historians but already in use in schools, and increasingly radicalized colleges of education churning out further and further leftist teachers and professors. 

They will use every cultural lever they control to redefine and reeducate Americans, continuing the rewriting of American history in future American generations.

But many on that side will not wait for those inevitable affects as the long march through the institutions continues, but will again take to the streets to burn, destroy and even kill on the thinnest of pretexts. They are revolutionaries. Not the Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton kind, but the Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Leon Trotsky, Hugo Chavez kind.

This election ranges vastly beyond Donald Trump and Joe Biden as people. But in those two, we have avatars. Trump agrees with Podhoretz, in seeing America as a great country and a force for good in the world like no other ever. This is evident not just in the raucous crowds of tens of thousands at his rallies, but who those people are and represent — non-coastal elite Americana. These people see America as a force for good, needing marginal improvements but certainly not fundamental change.

Coronalessons cover

Whatever Joe Biden may really have thought about America at one time, he is now reduced to a sock puppet of the radical revolutionaries described above. Just looking at his own web site — and he may well not know what is on it — reveals this truth.

So when you vote, your choices are between a very imperfect President who has implemented objectively successful policies for Americans and loves this country, or an empty suit fill-in expression for the revolutionary left that hates much of America and wants to tear it down and rebuild something entirely different — the fulfillment of every dystopian movie ever.

Middle East peace vs. Antifa burning Portland.

Choose wisely, America.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Elections Florida Politics Truth

Florida Data, Not Polls, Points To Trump Victory

By Rod Thomson

The polls are the polls and no one other than the paid pollsters with obvious vested interests can tell you if they are accurate. They suggest Trump is down a couple of percentage points in Florida. That is highly doubtful for several concrete, number-driven reasons.

First, let’s understand the difference between polls and other data. The best polls ask registered voters who voted in the last two elections — labeling them likely voters — who they will vote for this year. In 2016, pollsters missed a few percentage points of Trump voters because those voters lied to them, unwilling to tell a stranger they were voting for Trump. That phenomenon is assuredly more in play this year considering the societal travails of being a Trump supporter in many parts of the country. 

And Republicans in Florida and elsewhere have seen dramatically higher voter registration totals than Democrats since 2016, which means they are not showing up in those polls. Neither of these polling shortcomings are the fault of nefarious pollsters. Oversampling Democrats, however, is on pollsters and still seems to happen too often.

So polling numbers are squishy, malleable and missing important data. On the other hand, here are some concrete data points to consider that color a different picture.

Each week for the past several weeks, Republican volunteers knocked on three million doors and made one million phone calls to Floridians. (Side note: Democrats pay a lot of volunteers on a weekly basis, calling them the oxymoron “paid volunteers.” Republicans do not.) This election cycle alone, Florida Republican and Trump Victory volunteers have made more than 22 million voter contacts in Florida alone. They also held more than 55,000 events and mobilized tens of thousands of volunteers. This counters the Democrats’ monetary advantage for smothering ad buys — which is what the media is focusing on. Naturally. But human contact is proven to be the most effective.

Republicans have signed up something like half a million new voters since 2016 in Florida, lowering the Democrats once large voter advantage to less than one percent, and dwindling. Democrats held a voter registration advantage nearing 500,000 voters in 2016. That is now below 130,000 and continuing to drop.

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In the past five years, Florida Republicans have flipped 21 counties from blue to red via voter registration rolls. These were mostly rural counties, but not all. Pinellas County, which is home to St. Pete and the Tampa Bay Rays has one million residents as part of Tampa Bay, also saw Republicans pass Democrats in voter registration.

These voter registration efforts since 2016 have been a roaring success across the state, with Republicans beating Democrats in new registrations in even the large metro counties of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties (Tampa Bay) and Orange and Seminole counties (Orlando.) And amazingly, Republicans almost tripled the number of newly registered voters in Miami-Dade over newly registered Democrats. 

This is not strictly a data point, but the largest Florida county has an incredible diversity of voters in its Hispanic community. It’s not just the conservative Cuban community, but Venezuelans, Guatamalens and Hondurans also trend more Republican because they come from failed socialist countries. The black community is also more diverse with the Caribbean influence, particularly Haitians who are much more conservative than traditional American blacks.  

When you take this hard data just on face value, it suggests a different picture than the polls. But even with those, remember that all of the recent ones have the race even when considering the margin of error.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host in Tampa, Fla,, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Democrats Elections Trump Truth

If Minnesota Falls To Trump, It’s A Landslide

By Rod Thomson

For my entire adult life, Minnesota has been a blue state, not even voting for President Ronald Reagan in 1984 when he won reelection in an electoral landslide. It’s the state that has given us Rep. Ilhan Omar and former Saturday Night Live diaper baby Sen. Al Franken, amongst other radical and weirdo leftists.

Barack Obama won Minnesota by more than 10 points in 2008 against John McCain and nearly 9 points in 2012 against Mitt Romney. Donald Trump surprisingly closed that margin to 2 points in 2016 when he swept through the Northern tier of states including winning Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In all of those states, Trump continues to close the gap in the polls. But Minnesota stands out.

The right-leaning Trafalgar Group two weeks ago released a poll showing a tie in Minnesota and an Emerson Poll has him within 3 points — with all polls showing Trump momentum. How could blue Minnesota that even Reagan couldn’t win be in play after four years of relentlessly negative media and government attacks on President Trump? The Democrat Party’s total disconnect with normal Americans as imagined by the George Floyd riots, or what New York Times starlet and apparent acting editor Nikole Hannah-Jones proudly  calls “the 1619 riots.”

Indeed, she is right. Her fictional account of American history coming to a school near you is emblematic of the Democrat Party’s general disdain for America and willingness to put up with, even encourage, rampaging lawlessness in American cities in the name of some sort of justice for somebody. They give every indication of welcoming the chaos as a fulcrum to leverage a hapless Joe Biden into the White House.

But this is exquisitely the case in Minnesota, and her largest city, Minneapolis, where the death of George Floyd touched off the fancifully-named “mostly peaceful protests” three months ago that destroyed large swaths of the neighborhood where the death occurred — a heavily minority neighborhood. In response, the mayor and governor of Minnesota sat idly by and watched, even abandoning a police precinct to the rioters. Democrat leaders held back the police and the National Guard for weeks.

Joe Biden, or whoever is running the show for him, embraced the suddenly revived Black Lives Matter movement, going so far as to contribute money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was designed to bail Minnesota rioters, er, protestors, out of jail. Kamala Harris went to Twitter to urge people to donate to it. That fund gobbled up $35 million in donations to pay the bail of rioters. More chaos ensued.

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Among those bailed out by the Minnesota Freedom Fund is a man who allegedly shot at police, a woman accused of killing a friend and a twice convicted rapist. These were giant bails. The rapists’ was $350,000. All freed, along with hundreds of destructive rioters who went right back to burning, looting and mayhem. 

More than a dozen members of Biden’s campaign staff contributed to the fund and Biden himself opposes requiring cash bail as a “modern day debtors prison” — echoing the radical far left. So he favors the catch-and-release of criminals, apparently even dangerous ones.

Again naturally, the communities most hurt by these Democrat antics were black communities. Law-abiding, business-owning, hard-working, non-rioting blacks saw their neighborhoods either destroyed or infested and reinfested with criminals. That has been duplicated around the nation, explaining in no small part Trump’s growing support among black Americans.

And now, six Democrat mayors in northern Minnesota just announced that they are formally endorsing President Donald Trump and will be voting for him. They agreed that after decades of voting Democrat, they believe Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has shown a lack of support for America’s working class.

Coronalessons cover

While the Democratic mayors’ defection to Trump seems to be more on economic and trade grounds, it adds to the reactionary groundswell against the riots by normal Americans and the reddening of Minnesota. Like Hillary Clinton’s lackluster campaign in the Midwest states, neither Biden nor running mate Sen. Kamala Harris has even visited Minnesota. Trump has. Repeatedly.

The Biden campaign has awakened to the realization that they do not have a lock on Minnesota, as it appeared just a few months ago. So Politico is reporting that today Biden will begin airing his first television ads in the state, in the major Twin Cities market as well as the secondary Duluth and Rochester markets. Further, Biden is now including Minnesota in a list of “battleground” states he said he wants to visit.

Labeling Minnesota a “battleground” state says everything you need to know about the presidential race at this moment. Even if Trump does not win, the fact that Biden is spending money and time on Minnesota reveals a campaign on the defense.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Elections Immigration Truth

Trump’s Most Important 2020 Re-Election Proposal

Rod Thomson

It’s not in the news at all with Impeachment, Coronavirus and The Latest Fictional Hysteria drawing all the airtime. But it impacts the country as much as the economy — which continues to roar along for all Americans.

And it’s Trump’s signature issue: Reform the U.S. immigration system in a way that includes securing our southern border while dealing with the overstays issue and changing the makeup of legal immigration.

This is not only in Trump’s re-election wheelhouse, but with the economy so strong and already in his pocket, it creates an issue the Democrats must oppose, and in doing so they chase away more of their frittering working class base, particularly blue collar workers.

It aligns with his efforts to break through to black American voters and polls show it does no harm with actual voting Hispanics. It’s win-win for Trump and lose-lose for Democrats.

Former Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan told Fox News after Friday’s Democratic debate: “Most of the people on that stage have failed as a congressman, senator, vice president on this very issue for the last two decades. The only one who has won on this issue is the president…His actions alone got this crisis back in May down 72 percent…” Referring to the Democrats’ ignoring the issue now, he said, “It’s a loser for them.” 

It is. And it’s a re-election winner for Trump, piling on top of his successful economic and foreign policies.

Here’s the key point that is almost impossible to argue with:

• Reform the American immigration system so it is skills-based — not location-based, not family-based, not race-based and certainly not by illegally crossing the border.

This benefits blue collar Americans by allowing in more high skilled workers and fewer low skilled workers, thereby reducing the supply of low skilled ones which in turn will create more upward pressure on those wages through basic market mechanisms.

This benefits the overall economy by allowing in more immigrants that generate more GDP per immigrant and tend towards a more creative class. 

This benefits the budget by bringing in a higher percentage of immigrants who will be less likely to be on welfare and more likely to earn higher wages and therefore pay more in taxes. Pay more in taxes and cost less in benefits.

Harvard economist George Borjas has studied this impact extensively and the numbers are pretty conclusive when contrasted with the anecdotal emotionalism of the Democrats.

Australia and Canada both have skills-based immigration systems that are rising in the economic and pay rankings because they are attracting more skilled immigrants and limiting the less skilled immigrants. By 2034, Australia is expected to have the 13th largest economy in the world and Canada is projected to have the eighth largest economy.

A skills-based immigration program like Canada’s and Australia’s would change the labor dynamic of the U.S. economy by providing a boost to a permanently higher floor and ceiling.

Naturally, Democrats will fight this. In fact, Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders is considering executive orders that would stop all border work, reduce ICE, eliminate the cap on “refugees” and a series of other moves that would essentially create an open border and swamp the country with low-skilled, uneducated illegal immigrants who cannot speak the language.

The contrast is sharp and Americans — including the vaunted suburban moms — will see it.

They may not like how Trump conducts himself (not that Sanders is a shining example of virtue either) but they very much like his policies. This one keeps Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin in Trump’s column, and may move states such as Minnesota over to it. 

Which state do the Democrats pick up with an open borders policy? Answer: None.

This is a winner for Trump and for Republicans. And given that the Trump Department of Justice just announced it is taking several new actions against sanctuary jurisdictions, he is clearly not changing his position.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Elections Florida Truth

Democrats’ Dream Of Turning Florida Blue Is Fading To Red

Rod Thomson

There has been a considerable amount of gleeful, even hopeful, reporting nationally that Florida is about to become a blue state, shedding the status of the largest swing state and sliding into the blue column.  

A few events were pointed to hungrily as evidence for this inevitability: the wave of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida after the devastation of Hurricane Maria was going to balloon the Democrat voter count by hundreds of thousands as they are American citizens and can vote; Amendment 4, the felon voting amendment passed by voters that automatically reinstates voting rights for those who served their time would also adds thousands to Democrats because everyone knows criminals vote for Democrats in much higher percentages; and of course President Trump’s unpopularity was tainting the GOP brand far into the future.

Well not so fast. It appears that, like clockwork, the media mistook their fondest hopes for actual reality.

The 2019 voter data is in, and it doesn’t look good for the Democrats or their media. More than 663,000 voters have registered since the 2018 midterms, and they broke evenly between Republicans and Democrats. That includes the felons and the Puerto Ricans. But, when you factor in voters who switched parties or who are no longer active on the rolls, Republicans actually gained a modest 22,000 voters on Democrats. In a state with such tight statewide elections regularly, it matters.

This actually continues a trend. After the 2014 midterms, Republicans gained 129,000 voters on the Democrats. And after the 2010 midterms, they gained 74,000 voters.

This is all the more significant in that Republicans vote in higher percentages than Democrats. This is why Florida is a swing state in presidential elections, but has a majority of Republicans in Congress and the state Legislature — despite the fact that about 37 percent of voters are registered as Democrats, while 35 percent as Republicans. 

Republicans have been closing the gap for many years now. As the Jacksonville Times-Union reports: “Democrats’ voter registration advantage over Republicans is slimmer than it was in 2018 or 2016, when Republicans won the state, and it’s significantly slimmer than in 2012 and 2008.”

The only wild card in this data pool is that No-Party Affiliation candidates in Florida continue to grow the fastest, outpacing both Republicans and Democrats.

But again, because of voter turnout — highest among GOP voters — the trend is positive for 2020 and beyond at this point.

So while Democrats and the media dream of creating another giant blue state to go with California and New York, it looks more like Florida may be becoming a red state, or red-purple.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Elections Leftists Truth

What Happens On November 4, 2020?

Rod Thomson

I asked this question on social media, where I interact with people across the political spectrum: What happens on Nov. 4, 2020, the day after the election?

It’s a legitimate worry. Based on what happened after November 2016, the day after this next election will tell us where our democracy stands. Because we’re setting the stage where whichever side loses they may feel justified in claiming it was rigged or illegal, and the 2020 winner is illegitimate. 

This is hardly unfounded considering both what we know and what we are seeing coming. First, on the Left.

Given that the Left and most Democrats have lived at Defcon One since the day after the 2016 election; given that they have called Trump a white supremacist, a racist, a Russian agent, an existential threat to the Republic, and have run from the beginning with the hashtag NotMyPresident; given that Antifa is allowed to grow and even control at times a major U.S. city and other violence has been common; given that Russia will interfere again (which can be assumed because they have for generations); then what can we expect on the day after the election if Trump is victorious?

Will the Left’s fury just be spent and they will attempt an inward evaluation of the Democratic Party as the GOP did in 2012? That doesn’t seem to be the tenor of the revolutionaries and those playing to them.

It seems more likely that there could well be a far worse response from the Left than there has been since 2016. Maybe not just mass demonstrations, but actual riots. After all, four more years of an existential threat, a foreign agent in the White House? Many would feel fully justified in taking extreme actions.

How about on the right?

If over the next 16 months the media continues to act in a blatantly partisan way; if social media increasingly bans, de-platforms and generally cuts off access to Republicans (under the guise of hate speech) while tilting the field to Democrats; if tech companies take conservative websites offline (not just the extremist fringe sites); if Democrats in Congress, no less, continue to dox and put a physical target on the back of Trump and GOP donors; if mainstream media outlets block effective Republican advertisements (essentially, the left greatly reducing Trump and Republicans’ ability to communicate with voters); and then Trump loses, how will the right respond? 

There may be a sense of justification for extreme action. It seems less likely, because generally, other than the rather subdued Tea Party movement, conservatives rarely take to the streets and never refuse to accept election results. (Remember, Democrats already have twice this century.)

But we are in somewhat uncharted water. There would arise a fringe element on the right that could react in extra-legal ways. The frustration level would be sky-high if most of the above conditions are in place.

If neither side will accept 2020, then we actually do have an existential threat. 

This situation is even more dangerous than a socialist winning the presidency, as horrible as that would  be. We have seen over and over how the Framers’ genius has spared us from terrible leadership. However, if the American public does not accept election results, that genius is for naught. 

Democrats were right in saying ahead of 2016 — when they were sure Hillary would win — that Republicans and Trump need to accept the results (which was always going to happen) but then unfortunately those Democrats chose not to accept them when Hillary lost. Remember, Hillary still travels around saying she won, just as Democrat Stacey Abrams does after losing the Georgia governor’s race by a handy amount.)

On my social media, everyone on the right said they would accept the results, but almost none of them thought that Democrats would. Most on the left, but given that my connections are not the radical side of the Democratic Party, said they would essentially cry all night and move on. They were not so sure what the right and Trump supporters would do.

My guess, and it is only that, is that if Sen. Kamala Harris or Sen. Elizabeth Warren win the election, the right will essentially accept it, even with all those elements stacked against us. But it’s only a guess.

On the other side, I can barely imagine what the left and Democrats will do if Trump is re-elected, because I could never have imagined the hysteria and violence that has followed his initial election.

What happens Nov. 4, 2020 will tell us where our democracy stands.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Florida Stiffens Election Security In Run-Up To 2020

Rod Thomson

As President Trump kicks off his reelection campaign tonight in Orlando with somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 people, Gov. Ron DeSantis is announcing that Florida is spending more money on securing its voting systems across 67 counties.

As the largest swing state, and one which twice now decided the presidency in very close elections with questionable voting systems — including those ripe for tampering in places like Broward and Palm Beach counties — DeSantis is moving $2.3 million toward election security. The money comes from a large federal grant of $19 million that was provided last year to protect from cyber security attacks.

DeSantis met with FBI officials last month and they confirmed that Russian hackers had broken in and gained access to voter data in two Florida counties during the 2016 election, but that the results had not been manipulated.

“As I’ve said previously, the issue of cyber is not going away,” DeSantis said. “We want to make sure they have resources, so we’re taking the issue seriously … we’ve got 67 different elections that are run and not every county has the same amount of resources.”

Further, Florida lawmakers also approved $2.8 million for more election security in the state budget that DeSantis will likely sign this week — bringing the total to more than $5 million before the 2020 presidential votes are cast.

This is relevant for many reasons. Conservatives always fear shenanigans in the big, Democrat-run counties of Southeastern Florida because it has happened repeatedly. But also, the reality is that Russia, China and Iran have incentives to meddle in the election to defeat Trump.

His Make America Great Again, America First doctrine has clearly resulted in substantial pushback on the ambitions of Russia, China and Iran in regional and global hegemony. Any Democrat in the field will go much easier on all three of them, just as President Obama did. They are fully aware of that.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report earlier this year on Russian interference identified “spearfishing” emails that were sent to more than 120 email accounts connected to Florida election officials, plus employees of election technology vendors, before the 2016 election. The goal of those is to gain access by getting just one person to click on an attachment, which can then plant software that allows a backdoor for hackers.

It’s no surprise that of all the states, it was Florida’s election system targeted and successfully hacked. While there is no partisanship in DeSantis’ moves to beef up security, it undoubtedly redounds to Trump’s benefit as he has the most to lose in an election hacked by foreign entities or diddled with by local election officials.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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Chameleon Man Vs Trump. Genuineness In The Age Of Fakery

Rod Thomson

A lot of Americans do not like President Trump’s vulgarities, the name-calling, petty Twitter feuds and previous adulteries. But they love the flag-hugging, make-America-great-again, straight-talking President Trump that is presiding over an awful lot of good in the country and clearly puts American interests first.

He’s not a global community kind of guy. He’s America first.

And it points to a powerful but underestimated strength of President Trump: His genuineness. He doesn’t poll test and run focus groups to figure out which policies are popular and which phrases to use like so many politicians do.

He doesn’t (very much) kowtow to what is popular in his Republican Party to win points. If he did, he would not be waging tariff wars to get more fair trade agreements or going to the mat to secure our southern border — both of which are intrinsically part of MAGA and that genuine love for America, but make a lot of Republicans quiver.

He’s most definitely his own man. His unpopular personality traits and his authenticity all flow together to create a public man who is the same as the private man. People can actually relate to that.

Americans like straight-talkers and not two-faced political hacks who will say anything to get support.

Which brings us to the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race.

Joe Biden is the epitome of what Trump voters despise about politics, politicians and Washington, D.C. in general. In a word, he’s a phony. (In this sense, Biden acts as a sort of stand-in for everyone running in the Democratic Party right now, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders. And let’s be honest, a lot of Republicans do the same.)

Biden morphs into whatever his wet finger in the wind tells him voters want him to be.

It’s his sole superpower: He’s Chameleon Man!

Biden stuck with the Hyde Amendment that blocked direct federal funding of abortion for decades. It was not popular with the NARAL crowd, but many in the Democratic Party and certainly most of Americans agreed with the principle.

For 46 years he supported the very “principle,” or so he said, that taxpayers morally opposed to abortion should not be forced to pay for them. But the Democratic Party has been reactionarily radicalized in the age of Trump and now heavily supports dumping the Hyde Amendment. NBC News did a story on Biden’s long support of Hyde and reported staffers saying he still did. The base represented by Alyssa Milano erupted in horror and slammed him, as did his Democratic opponents.

Cue Chameleon Man! Within 24 hours of the non-issue becoming an issue, Biden flipped on his 46-year “principles” and abandoned Hyde.

The Hill reported:

“By the time he was preparing his remarks for a Democratic Party fundraising event that night, even Biden realized there was no plausible way forward beside switching his previous position.”

Poof! No principles, just the wet finger. This is of course totally expected of politicians. But it’s actually not something Trump does. In such a situation, he punches back and punches back. It can look ugly and petty, but he rarely flips, and certainly not on any of his big issues.

Biden had already donned his Chameleon Man outfit over the crime bill he helped champion during the Clinton administration. The bill, with its mandatory minimum sentences and other points was in response to crime spiralling out of control and Americans’ frustration with judges continually letting bad guys go with a slap on the wrists. It undoubtedly was a major contributor to the decline in the crime rate. More bad guys were locked up for longer, less crime was committed. Math. Biden used to be proud of it.

But to the current left and Democratic Party, it caused a “mass incarceration crisis” because a higher percentage of the more bad guys locked up were minority, specifically black. And blacks vote Democratic at 90 percent. So the crime bill that lowered crime is now seen as a bad thing.

Shazaam! Chameleon Man leaps to the mic and flip flops on his long support of his own crime bill. He now considers it well-intentioned, does not really want to admit the mass incarceration language, but says they should have done differently and he would not do it again. He’s like a fish on the boat floor, flipping and flopping everywhere.

And then there is the really slimy thing he did with Vice President Mike Pence. Biden called him a “decent guy” but then went on to criticize him on a number of issues. Well, the “decent guy” part got him hammered on social media because Pence is a Bible-believing Christian and actually believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman — like all of history until five minutes ago.

But to the heavily influential LGBTQ+ segment in the Democratic Party, Pence is Satan — if they believed in Satan. Chameleon Man to the rescue! Biden came out the next day and “clarified” that there is no room for bigotry regarding LGBTQ+ rights. No more talk of Pence being decent.

Reuters writes of Biden and his new climate change proposal, and flip on the Hyde Amendment, in the normal language of simply accepting this is reality among politicians: “(Biden) was courting the groups he needs to consolidate his grip on the nomination: the activists, progressives and millennials who right now have the louder voices in the party.”

No principles. No authenticity. Just a big, sloppy wet finger in the wind.

Biden has been an empty vessel for a long time. He was caught lying in the 1980s when he claimed he marched with Civil Rights protesters in the south. When he was caught in the lie, he said he meant marched in spirit with them. He also was caught heavily plagiarising a paper in law school, and also on stump speeches in his 1987 presidential campaign, while additionally actually lifting experiences from other people’s lives and using them as his own.

Far left Slate magazine wrote of Biden’s troubling problems with both the truth and flip-flopping:

“What remains concerning about that history is Biden’s tendency to enthusiastically claim life experiences that aren’t his own, whether because it’s politically advantageous or rhetorically exciting to do so. He didn’t just use hefty chunks from a published law review for a 15-page paper in law school. He didn’t just lift some phrases from Bobby Kennedy. In 1987, Biden started borrowing not just language but biographical details from U.K. Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, citing nonexistent coal-mining ancestors and wondering aloud why he was the first in his family to go to college (he wasn’t). Biden also lied—repeatedly, and despite being repeatedly corrected—about marching for civil rights.”

This is just who Biden is, and always has been. He is a principle-free empty vessel into which Washington politics has been poured. In this sense, Biden acts as a sort of stand-in for possibly everyone running in the Democratic Party right now, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders.

Trump is a totally different animal. You may not like what Trump says or his policies. But he won’t cave to various special interest groups or flip on issues because it will help him pick up a few votes.

When Trump walked on stage to give a speech at CPAC in March and spontaneously hugged the American flag with that big old grin on his face, everyone knew that was genuine. And they liked him for it — not just the core conservative crowd, but a lot of non-Democratic Party Americans. It wasn’t just that he obviously loves the flag and the country, which is a sharp departure from his predecessor, but that everyone knew he really meant it. This was no poll-tested flag hug.

There is a lot of “code” attributed to Trump. But that is obvious nonsense. Donald Trump is constitutionally incapable of being subtle, at least in the public arena. To the chagrin of some, he usually says exactly what he thinks. But that separates him from pretty much all of the political world.

And many middle Americans may well be placing greater value on authenticity than they used to.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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