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Our Institutions Are Failing Us Again — Hunter Edition

By Rod Thomson

The biggest issue regarding the Hunter Biden laptop imbroglio may not be the actual contents  and their meaning — as dangerous and potentially criminal as those are. Instead, it may be ongoing misconduct at the top levels of the FBI — an enormous threat — and the abandonment of the American people by institutions such as the media and some of America’s largest corporations.

If the contents on the laptop are true, in any normal time Joe Biden would have to drop out under the cloud of a criminal investigation and raging controversy. And the thing is, we should know if they are true, and I’m certain the FBI already does. Here’s why:

• The FBI has had the computer since December. They could have and probably did look at the receipt at the computer store to see when it was dropped off for repair to determine if the computer tech is credible. That would be 101.

• They could have, and probably did, ask the manufacturer who registered the laptop’s serial number when it was originally bought.

• They could have, and probably did, determine which retailer the manufacturer shipped the computer to and then asked the retailer for the sales receipt and the credit card, if one was used.

• They could have, and probably did, check fingerprints and DNA samples on the laptop, to determine whose they are. 

• On the contents of the laptop, the FBI has sophisticated computer forensics — far more than they would need for something not wiped — and could determine in hours the source of the emails to see if they are legit. They probably did.

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None of those bullets should be in the least way controversial. Basic FBI investigative work.

Those steps will show if Hunter bought it and used it and if the information is real. The FBI could accomplish all of this in less than a week. Possibly in 24 hours. They’ve had the laptop since December. Either they did none of this, even knowing why it was delivered to them, or they did it and have told no one. Either of those scenarios is unacceptable and suggests there is a whole lot more house-cleaning that needs to go on at the FBI.

The only way around those two options is if a grand jury has been impaneled regarding the contents that we do not know about. But that seems likely to have been concluded by now, also.

AG Barr should demand the information if he does not have it already and make it public to end all the mystery. If it is not legit, tell Americans. If it is, tell Americans and tell us where the investigation stands. Otherwise, it gives the very strong appearance that the FBI is once again trying to tamper with an election by either going after one candidate on baseless charges as in the Trump-Russia probe, or covering up for a different candidate on what could be a historic scandal. Again, if it is not solid, the FBI could end this whole thing.

If the laptop’s contents, specifically the emails, are genuine, then Joe Biden is hopelessly compromised. And provably so, unlike all the Trump-Russia non-story. However, if it is all Russian disinformation, or Chinese blackmailing, Americans should know that, too. This is so easy. I just want to know the truth. But boy, in Orwell’s 1984, it’s really hard.

Joe Biden was relatively poor financially when he was first elected. He’s now a very, very wealthy man with multiple luxury homes. He did not do that on the government salaries he earned. Did his wife come from wealth? Is there any known legitimate source of revenue that could account for his wealth? The FBI could conduct financial forensics to trace, at least recently, the source of the flow of money into Joe Biden accounts — particularly if the laptop contents prove to be legitimate.

Coronalessons cover

So in my mind, this whole scenario swamps the problems of a compromised Joe Biden, which are serious and substantial. This goes to the potential for even more corruption spread deeper in the FBI, the media’s total abandonment of its role in holding powerful people accountable and social media’s black-out of the well-sourced New York Post stories and censoring or locking accounts of those who try to share it.

Unlike that other thing that is always being called systemic today, this really is a systemic breakdown of necessary institutions in a free country.

My greatest concern is that, once again, we may never find out the truth and no one will be brought to justice. Former, brief Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is sitting in jail right now for not disclosing income and for not registering as an agent for a foreign entity — both of which seem to apply to Hunter Biden, and possibly even to Joe Biden. Will this just be another example of two-tiered justice, where General Michael Flynn is financially ruined and would have gone to jail for actually doing nothing wrong, but those initiating spying on the duly elected President are making millions writing books and being contributors on national news outlets?

The systems appear to be functioning in support of the systems, not the American people. And that is truly a threat.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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The Ominous Prosecutorial Misconduct Pattern Emerging In America

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

There is a growing pattern here, and its deeper than you think.

Last week we learned from a published plea deal with prosecutors from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) that American Media, Inc. (AMI), the National Enquirer‘s parent company, admitted to “making a contribution and expenditure. . . to the campaign of a candidate for President of the United States.” In exchange for this admission, the SDNY agreed not to prosecute AMI for any crimes related to this contribution with the exception of any criminal tax violations that may have arisen.

Although the admission allows AMI to avoid prosecution for its campaign contribution, a neutral review of the facts laid out in the addendum to the September 30th plea deal calls to question whether a contribution to any campaign even occurred.

According to the plea deal arrangement published by SDNY, AMI made a contribution to the Trump campaign when it paid $150,000 to Playboy model Karen McDougal in order to procure the rights to her story regarding her extra-marital affair with Donald Trump. Prosecutors claim that the money paid to McDougal by AMI represented a campaign contribution because it was made with the intent of influencing the results of the election and in coordination with Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and unnamed “members or agents of the Trump campaign.”

The payment was allegedly made to McDougal after AMI CEO David Pecker received assurances from Cohen that he would reimburse Pecker for the transaction, and after Cohen created a shell corporation housing the money to be used to reimburse Pecker and AMI.

However, despite the execution of the deal between McDougal and AMI, Pecker later called Cohen to tell him “that the deal was off and that Cohen should tear up the assignment agreement.”  The addendum does not explain why Pecker called off the deal with Cohen, but it does say that AMI subsequently published articles and pictures of McDougal on many of its magazines “to keep the model from commenting publicly about her story and her agreement with AMI.”

Consequently, neither Cohen, Trump, nor the Trump campaign ever gave the money to AMI (the parent company of the National Enquirer).

Under these circumstances it is debatable whether the actions by Pecker were contributions to the Trump campaign or a business transaction voluntarily undertaken by Pecker and independent of any political campaign. Moreover, even if there was a deal with Cohen, pending the identification of the “members and agents of the campaign” and their participation in the transaction, it appears Cohen was acting as Trump’s personal attorney and not as an agent of the campaign.

And finally, being that AMI never consummated the deal with Cohen, doesn’t that obviate whatever association AMI may have had with Cohen and therefore the campaign? Regardless, it certainly seems unpalatable that a campaign finance statute would be written so broadly as to capture any activity that any person undertook in support of a candidate in the absence of any participation on the part of the campaign. Such a statute would be impossible to enforce and an open affront to the protections enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

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So if AMI never consummated a deal with Cohen or the Trump campaign, was it really a campaign contribution? And if it was not, then why would AMI make a deal with prosecutors in exchange for immunity?

The answer is simple: economic and legal expediency.

Pecker knows that a legal defense of this matter would likely run in the scores of thousands of dollars regardless of whether or not he prevails. Additionally, although this transaction may be defendable, there’s no telling what other things prosecutors may turn up about AMI independent of the Trump dealings that may place it in real legal turmoil. So in the end, it pays for AMI, which has no unbreakable interest in Trump, to just agree to the deal and tell prosecutors whatever they know. After all, the admission of an illegal campaign contribution on the part of the National Enquirer will neither hurt its public standing nor its sales. AMI gets its immunity, and the prosecutors get a cooperative witness with which to pursue its case against the President. And the world moves on.

Indeed, if the AMI matter had taken place in isolation there would be little impetus for a story here. But consider the events involving Jerome Corsi.

Mr. Corsi is a journalist and an author notable for his book Obama Nation. Corsi was approached by Special Counsel Robert Mueller regarding his alleged interactions with Candidate Trump adviser Roger Stone and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. These contacts resulted from Corsi’s investigations of the Wikileaks July 22, 2016, publication of Hillary Clinton’s emails where he noted the absence of a batch of emails between Clinton and her former campaign manager, John Podesta. According to the later-filed complaint by Corsi’s lawyers, that observation led Corsi to contact Assange regarding Assange’s possible possession of the Podesta emails and their potential publication.

As a result of this contact, Mueller suspected Corsi of possibly aiding Russia in colluding with the Trump campaign through Assange. According to Corsi’s complaint, Mueller and his team then attempted to coerce Corsi into admitting that he was colluding with the Russians on behalf of Candidate Trump. In this case, however, Corsi refused to admit engaging in activity in which he was not involved and fought back by filing a lawsuit against Mueller.

But the Corsi and AMI affairs are not the only two examples of potential prosecutorial coercion in the Trump affair.

General Michael Flynn is a soldier and public servant with an impeccable reputation dating back over 30 years. In 2017, Flynn served as President Trump’s first National Security Advisor. In December 2016, Flynn had two conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. On January 24, 2017, four days into his tenure as NSA, FBI agents approached Flynn regarding those contacts. Among the FBI agents conducting the interview was Peter Strzock, the same agent who was later disgraced because of personal texts where he openly expressed his intense bias against President Donald Trump.

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Apparently, during that interview, General Flynn was asked whether he had ever spoken to Kislyak. Flynn denied such a conversation. When confronted about this discrepancy, Flynn said that he did not initially recall the contacts. And in point of fact, Flynn had reason to not be as defensive and careful as he would have been had he known the prosecutorial peril under which he had been placed.

First, even though the law specifically prohibits knowingly and willfully lying to the FBI, Flynn was never placed under oath nor told that anything he said could and would be held against him; a basic tenet of prosecutorial conduct and fair play. Second, when Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe approached Flynn via a telephone conversation, he billed the interview as being for the purpose of pursuing information regarding media coverage of the leaked memos. Even more damning was McCabe’s reassurances to Flynn that the latter did not need his attorney to be present.

This latter fact is perhaps the most implicative of a concerted entrapment on the part of the FBI even before one considers that then FBI Director James Comey recently observed that that he knowingly broke protocol in this case because the Trump administration was a mere three days into its tenure and “disorganized.”

Based on these coercive and unethical, and likely unconstitutional circumstances, Flynn would be threatened with prosecution unless he admitted to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Kislyak and cooperated with the Mueller investigation of President Trump.  After losing his house to the overwhelming legal bills and seeing his son similarly threatened by prosecutors, Flynn acquiesced.  The case is presently under judicial review for possible prosecutorial malfeasance. A decision on this matter is expected this Tuesday as part of Flynn’s sentencing hearing.

Then there’s President Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, admittedly a category onto himself. Cohen was recently sentenced to three years imprisonment on charges of campaign finance violations stemming from payments he made to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her from speaking regarding her affair with Trump prior to his becoming President.

Once again, the legal premise under which prosecutors sought to indict Cohen was controversial. There is significant disagreement over whether Cohen was engaging in campaign activities when he made the arrangements with Stormy Daniels. His actions, although shady, could have reasonably been found to have taken place on behalf of Trump’s personal capacity and outside the purview of Trump’s presidential campaign. But once again, coercive prosecutorial activities come into play, and Cohen worked out a deal so to not have to defend himself in court.

In the end, Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail, largely based on his less than total candor with prosecutors. However, still unresolved is the question of whether his actions were truly illegal. Regardless, prosecutors now can use a possibly erroneous admission of guilt as another brick in their efforts to take down a sitting president.

And just this week, we learned that Dennis Nathan Cain’s home was raided by the FBI, a protected whistleblower regarding the troubled Clinton Foundation’s Uranium One dealings; a raid that may in fact be illegal.

The implications of these activities are immensely troubling.  The tendencies towards the abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct that these cases demonstrate represent clear affronts to our democratic system of government and a testament to the dreadful state of affairs into which our nation will devolve should they not be checked.

There’s no question that any tendency towards politically based prosecutorial misconduct must be shut down. The problem is that doing so may place any resistor or whistleblower at legal and personal risk simply for calling it out. And that is the greatest danger of all.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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Media Buries Bombshell On Clinton Investigation In Comey Book

Rod Thomson

There is almost no news in the James Comey book. It’s a self-absorbed diatribe by a petty man who botched virtually everything he touched in the past two years; full of known innuendo, known misconceptions, known deceits and known untruths. As Nate Silver, a man of the left, suggested, it’s title should more accurately be “A Higher Royalty.”

But the media — oh the media! — they just cannot stop giddily reporting on how Comey calls Trump “unethical” and “untethered from the truth” and acting like a Mafia “boss.” This is essentially name-calling from a guy who has made it quite clear on Twitter that he hates Trump. But this is the focus of the news coverage led by NPR, CNN and the New York Times. That and Russian pee-pee that almost assuredly never happened. It just become more obvious with every news cycle that in the Age of Trump, mainstream journalism has loosed its last moorings from objective, fair news reporting and is now adrift in the sea of the Leftist/Democrat/Trump-Hatred.

However, amongst all the non-news in the Comey book comes this ka-boom of very interesting information we did not previously know, and it explains Comey’s perplexing decision to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation weeks before the election: He calculated it would not politically cost her the election because of her large lead in the polls.

Comey openly admits he was deciding the entire Hillary Clinton email coverup and scandal “in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president.” So any thought of hiding the fact that emails containing potential national secrets were found on disgraced Anthony Weiner’s computer “bore greater weight than it would have if the election had appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in all the polls.” [emphasis mine]

If there was a news headline it would be this: Comey Admits Politically Calculating Decision To Re-Open Clinton Email Investigation. That is not a headline you will see anywhere because the media is a dishonest broker of news. But Comey admits he released the information when he did figuring Clinton was a lock to win election, and he would not have done so if he thought it would endanger her election. Undoubtedly doing it then would clear away the scandal for when she became president.

Now that is some pretty big news, but not for media zealots zeroed in on Trump only. So let’s take a look at a couple of nothing tacos that the Media-Comey complex is hawking.

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⇒ Comey on Trump the mobster: “As I found myself thrust into the Trump orbit, I once again was having flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the Mob. The silent circle of assent. The boss in complete control. The loyalty oaths. The us-versus-them worldview. The lying about all things.”

In a broad sense, how does this in any way differ from the Obama Administration, where Attorney Eric Holder called himself Obama’s wingman (loyal protector) and the next AG, Loretta Lynch, acted in the same way? Or Obama lying about one public policy after another, far too long to list? Or George W. Bush’s circle of friends and associates, where loyalty was stated as an important principle? Or Bill Clinton’s silent circle of friends inside and outside the White House who protected him from every sexual assault and predatory accusation? Or Bill Clinton’s claim he did not have sexual relations with Lewinsky, when of course he did.

All presidents have a loyal circle that supports them, and many just lie constantly. And for the record, yes, the President is the boss in the White House. Every President is. This is just such nonsense from the self-puffed Comey.

⇒ “I don’t know if the current president of the United States had prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow,” Comey told George Stephanopoulos, ABC chief anchor and former political operative and Clinton White House communications director and strategy advisor. (These contexts should never be forgotten.)

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No, he didn’t. There is no evidence whatsoever. That came directly from the dossier provided by Russian informants for the Steele dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It was a fictional hit job that is totally out of line with known Trump actions and totally in line with how the Russians have long tried to blackmail Americans. This is made all the more ridiculous given that Trump is a germaphobe. Unbelievable that it is treated as both news and credible. And not surprising that Stephanopoulos did not follow up with any of those points.

⇒ In the list of things CNN and others found very important was this that Comey included in his book: “[Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly] said he was sick about my firing and that he intended to quit in protest. He said he didn’t want to work for dishonorable people who would treat someone like me in such a manner. I urged Kelly not to do that, arguing that the country needed principled people around this president. Especially this president.” [emphasis mine]

This is classic Comey. Praise himself through the mouth of other people without corroboration, then show his own brilliantly glowing ethics saying Kelly needed to stay on for the good of the country. Of course, Kelly did not leave. So either Comey is making stuff up to stroke his ego out to the public, or the discredited and bungling FBI director persuaded the former General to stay on. The reader can decide which is more likely.

Yet taxpayer-supported NPR verily glows over Comey’s book: “Self-critical at times, high-minded throughout, Comey holds himself to a superior standard.” They write: “Values — like truth, integrity, and respect for others, to name just a few — serve as external reference points for ethical leaders to make decisions,” Comey writes. “Ethical leaders choose a higher loyalty to those core values over their own personal gain.”

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Here is a great example of his lack of self-awareness in a book where he lectures the President on introspection. Comey roundly congratulates himself for not exercising accepted FBI director prerogative and cutting to the front of the cafeteria line. “Even when I was in a hurry. . . . I thought it was very important to show people that I’m not better than anyone else.”

Yes, Comey is a 6’8” tower of integrity, ethics and humility. Except his own book reveals him to be an arrogant, self-absorbed member of Washington’s swamp who is now happily peddling a petty, salacious book to make money and feed his self-absorption. Also, to slam a man he hates — the President of the United States.

But the media only has googley eyes for Comey and the Trump hatred and buries the actual news in the book that explained Comey’s surprising revelation two weeks before the election.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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“Let It Play Out” Advice Regarding Mueller Investigation May Be Wrong

Rod Thomson

As far as the American people are concerned, the country seems to be in an almost no-win situation when it comes to the nation’s future. This is driven not by President Trump’s style so much as the dangerous response to his style by the liberal establishment and what is known as the “Deep State.”

The advice to not fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but let his investigation “play out” has long seemed the prudent path, and has been encouraged by many conservatives and Trump supporters. After all, firing Mueller is guaranteed to set off a series of events that will be politically problematic for Republicans in November and the President in 2020. And to the point of the specific Mueller investigation and the reason for appointing him, there appears to be no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and certainly not with Trump.

However, the raid on the offices, home and hotel room of the President’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, changes the calculus by opening up an entirely new realm of threat to the democratically elected president of the United States. Yes, the raid itself and the line it crosses that has never been crossed regarding an American president is very treacherous territory. Never has such a raid been conducted on a sitting president’s lawyer. The FBI better have rock-solid reasons for this raid — not just more of a fishing expedition based on thin evidence — or there will be hell to pay.

There may be anyway.

Because the deeper problem is that the Mueller investigation is metastasizing into an investigation of the life and times of Donald Trump and everyone ever associated with him. And that is an existential threat to democracy and the rule of law and order in this country.

Mueller did not conduct the raid or order the raid. But in the course of his very wide-ranging investigation into all things Trump, he apparently came across information regarding Trump’s attorney, Cohen, that could be criminal. Apparently, Mueller “referred” that information to prosecuting attorneys in New York, who then used it to obtain the search warrant and conduct the raid.

So this is how a fishing expedition expands, and how another level of the Deep State, for lack of a better term, can work against a president who is perceived as a threat to it. The Deep State in this case might be described as those benefitting or otherwise supporting the Washington status quo. Donald Trump most certainly does not represent the status quo way of doing business.

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Mueller is someone who seems to have benefitted and supports the status quo in D.C. The range of his investigation until the Cohen raids was already well beyond the outlines set by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s original appointment of him. But now sharing, involving and encouraging the expanded circle of federal prosecutors around the country to target Trump associates represents a dangerously broadened scope.

Further, what those prosecutors find in their investigations can be referred to or shared with Mueller’s team. So in a sense, Mueller doesn’t just have the team of Democratic investigators and a compromised FBI at the top, he has the entire national law enforcement apparatus of the United States at his disposal to damage and bring down the President.

So “letting it play out” is looking like a recipe for investigations that will last as long as Trump remains in office. In the short-term, this is more ammunition for Democrats in 2018. In the longer term, this is aimed at Trump being politically crippled for 2020.

But in the longest term, this is a cannonball across the bow of any future President of the United States who dares to go after the beneficiaries of the Deep State status quo in Washington.

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And it is all done outside the confines of the United States Constitution, which makes no allowances for an independent prosecutor answerable to no one, is unaccountable to any branch of the federal government and completely out of the reach of the American people.

And that is a threat that perhaps cannot be allowed to “play out.”

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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How The Media Buries The Real Collusion Scandals

Rod Thomson

This is pretty simple from a journalistic perspective. But it’s important, even to those who get their news from non-mainstream media sources because it goes to the growing “two worlds” divide in the nation over what people think is really going on.

The broad arc of the story is fairly well known now — well, to conservative readers who consume news sources outside the mainstream media: The Trump-Russian collusion story continues to disintegrate, being replaced with a competing narrative that turns the original story on its head.

That’s tricky business for the people, including most of the Washington media corps, who have totally vested themselves in the original narrative of Trump-Russia.

What we have are investigations by five congressional committees into apparently irregular, unprofessional and possibly criminal actions by federal investigators in probably the two most sensitive political inquests since Watergate: Hillary Clinton’s dangerous and probably illegal handling of classified information while Secretary of State, along her 30,000 missing emails; and now the probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russian bad guys to influence the election, which is netting a second narrative.

Further, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice has been running its own investigation of these alleged improprieties within the FBI and DOJ and has come out with more incriminating evidence.

The result so far has been the reassignment, demotion and firing of at least six mid- to high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials. All of these relate to the second narrative of collusion against Trump.

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In recent weeks, well-sourced, named documents have been released that are condemning of the FBI and dramatically build the narrative that far from being the perpetrator of Russian collusion, the Trump campaign may well have been the victim of it.

At the same time, Trump-Russia collusion has gone virtually dormant even in the media that will take any anonymous source to run stories and reactions for 48 hours.

Now, see what happens in this atmosphere when two blockbuster stories on apparent FBI malfeasance come up in the same day that further expands the narrative of government officials working to overtly undermine President Trump, possibly with Russian help.

One of the leading, experienced, careful voices analyzing this issue, former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy, wrote in National Review:

“The Grassley-Graham memo corroborates the claims in the Nunes memo: The Obama Justice Department and FBI used anonymously sourced, Clinton-campaign generated innuendo to convince the FISA court to issue surveillance warrants against Carter Page, and in doing so, they concealed the Clinton campaign’s role. Though the Trump campaign had cut ties with Page shortly before the first warrant was issued in October 2016, the warrant application was based on wild allegations of a corrupt conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Moreover, the warrant meant the FBI could seize not only Page’s forward-going communications but any past emails and texts he may have stored — i.e., his Trump campaign communications.

With its verification by the Grassley-Graham memo, the Nunes memo now has about a thousand times more corroboration than the Steele dossier, the basis of the heinous allegations used by the Justice Department and FBI to get the FISA warrants.”

The Nunes memo and the Grassley-Graham memo with its boatload of information are one set of major explosions inside the FBI pointing to high-level collusion. Mammoth stories by any standards — and in this case, the standards are much higher, and met, than the tenuous and fleeting possibility of Trump-Russia collusion. Grassley and Graham (both of them long-time, play-by-the-rules Senators) had to fight tooth and nail to get the FBI to allow the release of the information. And for obvious reasons. The FBI looks terrible in these reports.

So, as a former long-time journalist, I could see tons of juicy news angles on top of the banner stories. Award-winning material to be digging into and investigating. The Grassley-Graham memo is particularly blockbuster-heavy.

Well, let’s look at the big three in national political coverage on the collusion angle where Trump is the victim.

The “all the news that’s fit to print” New York Times did manage to fit one story to print on Page 19A of the newspaper under the snoozy headline, “2 Senators Issue Letter To Support House Memo.” It mostly focused on the Democrats’ response, while glossing over the actually meat of the memo.

The Washington Post never ran a story on it. A Post blogger partisanly mischaracterized the memo, calling it “an effort to breathe life into the deflating Nunes effort.” It was literally a Democratic talking point.

Politico didn’t even bother to have a blogger write something partisan. Just nothing. It’s not news if it’s not reported. (Which is why alternative news sources are just so critically important. Maybe the best aggregator of those sources for conservatives is, an excellent alternative to Drudge.)

In the same day last week, there was the little incident of more texts being discovered and released between the disgraced top FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing” in regards to the Clinton email investigation. This, despite Obama, on the record on video, saying he never asked the FBI about the investigation.

This is another huge story in the unfolding narrative of corruption in the Obama administration, providing more evidence that the President himself was not just aware of the unethical and illegal activities, but perhaps actively a part of them.

But again, it was snoozeville for the media. A few national political reporters tweeted about the “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing” text. And those were mostly questioning the validity of the report or using what sure sounded like more Democrat talking points.

Virtually no coverage by the old media of Obama clearly caught lying on what the old media itself considers the biggest story of 2017.

A good way anyone can gauge the media coverage quickly is by doing a Google search of the relative news terms. In this case, a quote of the text shows every news story in the first pages are conservative sites. One exception, NBC News did a minimal story for online, but not on the air. Conversely, a story furthering the slim-picking Trump-Russia narrative will be a flip on coverage. All of the old media outlets will show up in a Google search, but few conservative ones.

This is driving the two worlds narrative. And more than anything, it rests on the old mainstream media by dishonestly telling their consumers they are providing fair and objective news. Most of us on the right understand there are two sets of competing news options and if we choose the conservative ones, we aren’t getting the other. But those consuming only the old media, think they are getting the full truth.

And we end up with Americans living side by side but in two worlds.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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As D.C. Corruption Mounts, Here’s How The American People Can Get Justice

Rod Thomson

Unfolding events in Washington, D.C. are leaving a lot of Americans wondering where they can turn in such a deeply corrupted, self-absorbed government to get justice and protect the republic. There are actually a few options in these new and uncharted times, and at least one would be groundbreaking.

But first, here’s the corruption we now know was going on in the Obama Administration and during the presidential election:

➜ The Obama Administration clearly weaponized the most fearsome of government agencies, the Internal Revenue Service, against individual Americans and American companies who were political opponents of President Obama. The targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups by the politicized Internal Revenue Service was an explosive scandal that somehow most of the media dozed through, disinterested in pursuing. Democrats worked to obfuscate and dilute the scandal and at that point, the media woke up and helped in reporting the talking points. And all this began after a top IRS official admitting exactly what they had done. And yet, no consequences. Not one person lost their job or a penny of income.

➜ The Fast and Furious gun-running scandal to Mexican cartels was bad enough. But then Obama Attorney General Eric Holder took another step in corruption by so completely refusing to cooperate with Congress, that he was found in criminal contempt. Holder was the first member of a president’s cabinet in history to be held in contempt. Democrats of course circled the wagons and protected him while the media played it as nothing more than partisan “political theater” — helpfully using Holder’s phrase. Nothing ever happened to Holder as the White House played defense for him.

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➜ There are half a dozen other major corruption scandals during the Obama years that would warrant mention but have already been meticulously covered by the conservative media. The mainstream media is happy to blather about the most scandal-free presidency in history. The point is made that during those eight years, there were several scandals for which there was never an accounting. And of course, there is no oversight (and cannot be any oversight) of the media, even a dishonestly partisan media. That’s the First Amendment.

➜ In December, Politico published a strong piece of investigative journalism that was not only astonishing in the news it broke, but was robust with sources. The story exposed how the Obama administration had secretly dumped U.S. law enforcement efforts to nail a drug-trafficking ring run by the terrorist group Hezbollah. Hezbollah is an ally of Iran and one of the reasons the country is considered a terrorist nation. Killing the American action was done to placate the Iranians to help get the awful nuclear deal in place. But the same formula applied. Democrats played defense and the remainder of the media ignored. Like, really ignored. Several days after the Politico story, neither ABC News, CBS News or NBC News had done one second on the story. Major newspapers ignored it, also. Good for Politico, but a pox on the rest of them. Of course, no consequences from this horrible betrayal of us and our ally, Israel.

➜ This brings us to the most recent breathtaking revelations of high-level FBI corruption during the 2016 presidential campaign and after President Trump’s inauguration through coordinated actions with the DNC, a British spy and Russians to deceive a FISA judge repeatedly to obtain eavesdropping warrants on members of the Trump campaign. This one continues to unfold, but even considering how bad some of the others are, this is the worst and most dangerous if it is as it looks to be. And it looks very much like leading portions of the FBI, we know some but we may not know all, were actively working with one political party and a foreign power, through a Washington opposition research firm, to influence an American election and later undermine the winner of that election.

This level of corruption is a direct assault on our democratic republic, on the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and on the American people.

Based on the ongoing revelations in the growing dirty laundry list, and on Americans’ dwindling sense of trust in our own government, a basic question arises:

Where do the American people go to get justice?

This is actually really difficult to answer. The frontline agency that should be tasked with the investigations is the FBI, which is part of the Department of Justice within the presidential executive branch. But the FBI, or some parts of the FBI, are compromised and so entrusting the agency with an investigation that includes and centers on investigating itself, seems like a non-starter.

• The obvious possibility is appointing one or more Special Counsels to investigate the investigators. This has the inherent downside of relying on the FBI as the investigative arm, plus they are constitutionally dubious and it would be cast as just Trump politics. Still, it is a possibility.

• Another possibility is that perhaps a special task force from the federal government’s various Inspector Generals’ offices could be created and augmented by private investigators who obtain the proper security clearances. Or Congress could create a task force itself using private investigators in the same way.

Or, perhaps there is at least one more option.

• A consortium of states. This goes old-school Constitution, but originally, the idea was that the federal government would be kept in check by the various states, to whom it was beholden.

In Federalist 39, James Madison wrote regarding the approving the Constitution:

“It is to be the assent and ratification of the several States, derived from the supreme authority in each State, the authority of the people themselves. The act therefore establishing the Constitution, will not be a national but a federal act.”

This view, representative of the founders, was that the states had the authority and responsibility to check the federal government. Of course, it has been turned on its head, but compared to most countries, the individual states making up the United States still hold considerable autonomy and authority.

If multiple federal agencies, including the leading investigative federal agency, are corruptly infested, then really the only outside solution lies with the states. They could create a unified investigative task force, obtain security clearances through the White House, conduct in-depth, investigations using their own and Congressional subpoena powers and bring charges to the Department of Justice to decide if indictments were warranted. There could potentially be dozens of states with the political gumption to undertake this.

This is way outside the box. But probably not unconstitutional. We are in uncharted territory and the house needs to be cleaned. It might be just the solution needed.

But regardless of the direction taken, the American people can no longer stand to the side and watch the country be undone by a mischievous, nefarious deep state working against the nation’s interests. Such corruption cannot stand.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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Media Spins Damning House Memo to Partisanship, Not Content

Rod Thomson

The media is framing the damning House intelligence memo on FBI and Department of Justice actions to undermine candidate and then President Trump on the familiar look-the-other-way grounds of just so much more partisanship. It’s all Republican partisanship to the media.

The story leads were universally along the lines of “Disputed Gop-Nunes memo released with Trump’s approval” and “Partisan fury as GOP releases Nunes memo over FBI objections” and “House Republicans Release Secret Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias.”

This is a familiar playbook to someone such as myself who was in the mainstream media for 25 year. And it is something that Democrats can so confidently rely on the media doing that they use it to cover every scandal in their party. Just start throwing up alternative storylines and focus on Republican partisanship. Since the media is almost entirely Democrats, the bait is easily taken.

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This is precisely how the media turned President Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory behavior and perjury under oath in 1998 into nothing more than partisanship. Rather than consistently saying what the accusations were against Clinton, story after story helpfully avoided what Clinton did in favor of framing it as a bunch of Republican partisan attacks.

This is also what the media did with the weaponization of the Obama IRS against conservative and Tea Party groups in the year leading up to his 2012 re-election. Rather than straight reporting based on the obvious evidence, the media cast it as Republicans making accusations. The media sat on their hands on the truly scandalous actions of IRS leaders — none of whom ever saw justice.

The same coverage came about on the Fast and Furious gun-running operation to Mexican gangs by the Obama administration. It is a constant pattern.

Compare the media’s handling of those scandals and any number of others with how they breathlessly report every anonymous — and obviously partisan — attack on President Trump, seldom deviating into the concept of partisan politics despite the clear and present agenda of Democrats and liberals.

So here is a taste of the major mainstream media coverage. Your local newspaper and television station will likely be in a similar vein. (Here is the full memo. If you want to read what the media should be covering, here’s a great, short take on the memo by John Hinderaker’s at Powerline.)



HEADLINE: Disputed GOP-Nunes memo released with Trump’s approval

House Republicans, with the approval of President Donald Trump, on Friday released a disputed GOP intelligence memo that alleges FBI abuses of its surveillance authority.

The highly controversial memo from the GOP and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes alleges that then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the committee that no surveillance warrant would have been sought for a Trump campaign aide without a disputed opposition research dossier on Trump and Russia.

The memo is the most explicit Republican effort yet to discredit the FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia, alleging that the investigation was infused with an anti-Trump bias under the Obama administration and supported with political opposition research.



HEADLINE: GOP memo released, after Trump declassifies it

The controversial four-page memo created by Republican staffers on the House Intelligence Committee alleging abuse of surveillance authority by the Justice Department and FBI has been released Friday after being declassified by the president. The memo is unredacted.



HEADLINE: Partisan fury as GOP releases Nunes memo over FBI objections

Republicans on Capitol Hill, backed by an angry President Donald Trump, defied pleas from the FBI and Democrats Friday and released a previously classified memo alleging misconduct by senior FBI officials investigating Trump’s presidential campaign.

The memo’s emergence marks a dramatic new stage in the political war around the federal investigations into Kremlin interference in the 2016 election. Republicans say the memo exposes anti-Trump bias among top law enforcement officials who helped launch a federal probe into whether the Kremlin infiltrated Trump’s campaign team. Democrats and former law enforcement and intelligence officials counter that the GOP is playing partisan politics with secret intelligence and distorting facts of the Trump-Russia investigation.


Washington Post

HEADLINE: Release of disputed GOP memo on FBI surveillance unleashes waves of recrimination

A GOP memo declassified on Friday charges senior law enforcement officials with manipulating a foreign intelligence court in order to surveil a former Trump campaign adviser — contested accusations that intensified an ongoing battle between the White House and Republican lawmakers on one side, and the FBI and the Justice Department on the other.

Democrats warned President Trump not to try to use the memo’s contents as a justification for firing Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein or other officials overseeing an ongoing probe into possible coordination between Trump associates and agents of the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.


New York Times

HEADLINE: House Republicans Release Secret Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias

House Republicans released a disputed memo on Friday compiled by congressional aides that accused the F.B.I. and Justice Department of abusing their surveillance powers to spy on a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

The memo, which has prompted a political firestorm, also criticizes information used by law enforcement officials in their application for a warrant to wiretap Mr. Page, and names the senior F.B.I. and Justice Department officials who approved the highly classified warrant.

But the memo falls well short of providing the material promised by some Republicans: namely, that the evidence it contained would cast doubt on the origins of the Russia investigation and possibly undermine the inquiry, which has been taken over by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.



HEADLINE: GOP memo alleges the FBI and DOJ abused government surveillance powers in its Russia investigation

Over strong objections from the intelligence community and law enforcement, President Donald Trump has declassified a controversial GOP memo alleging political bias and abuses of government surveillance powers at the FBI and Justice Department.


NBC News

(Probably the most fair among the mainstream media. Granted, a low bar.)

HEADLINE: GOP-Nunes memo released alleging FBI cover-up

The House Intelligence Committee on Friday made public a Republican memo that raises questions about the FBI surveillance of one of Donald Trump’s campaign aides, acting after the president declassified the entire document, which he says shows the law enforcement agency was biased against him.

The disclosure came despite the opposition of the FBI, which feared it would reveal investigative methods, and the Justice Department.

The three-and-a-half-page memo was prepared by the intelligence committee’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and is a critique of the FBI’s application for surveillance authority that was presented to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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The Beginning of the End of the Progressive Democratic Party?

Rod Thomson

The government shutdown by Democrats was a desperation move. And they lost. Even with mostly friendly media cover, they were in such an untenable position that Sen. Chuck Schumer had to cave.

And yet they #Resist! — with the Women’s March for Democracy, or some such nonsense; social media censorship of conservative outlets, endless late-night comedian propagandizing and hair-on-fire media allies.

While they imagine in their fantasy world they are resisting a mad King who is hell-bent on destroying the kingdom, they’re really resisting a ton of great things happening for Americans — and to some degree the world. And that’s becoming more obvious.

It’s really difficult for even the media to hide an economy going gangbusters — before the tax cuts even officially go into effect. More than 80 percent of Americans will get more money in their paychecks next month. Dozens of major companies have announced bonuses, pay raises, minimum $15-per-hour wages, and one company — Apple — is repatriating so much money to invest in the country that their taxes alone could fund nearly two walls on our southern border.

GDP is heading toward 4 percent, unemployment is dropping to what economists consider full employment levels (because there are always a few percentage points of people between jobs) and the unemployment level for black Americans is now at its lowest point since 1972.

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People are feeling so much better about the economy that a recent Quinnipiac University poll revealed record-high levels of economic optimism among Americans. Two-thirds of American voters described the state of the nation’s economy as excellent or good. Further, 73 percent of voters regard their own financial situations as excellent or good. And all this has boosted Trump’s low approvals despite endless negative media.

This is not at all what the Democrats wanted while trying to build momentum toward the midterms where, in their imaginary land, they expect to win back the House and the Senate and immediately begin impeachment hearings against Trump because they don’t like some stuff he says. So, a government shutdown, which the media always blame on Republicans and, if lasting a few weeks or longer, could cause material damage to the economy — which might be good for Democrats in November.

Yes. Things are that cold-hearted in progressive circles right now. The fact that such a shutdown for pure political gain would hurt Americans — and a higher portion of Democratic-voting Americans — was not a problematic means to gain an end for a major American party is disturbing. Schumer’s quick capitulation is pretty surprising. He either had polling or he understood the optics of reality.

But this is just the latest in an ongoing flow of progressive Democrat actions that get further and further from mainstream Americans — and mainstream American voters.

Consider: Since 2015, California gives anyone who asks for a driver’s license a driver’s license. Further, the law requires the state DMV to send all those records to the Secretary of State for voter registration, allowing non-Americans in the country illegally to register to vote in American elections. Insane, yes. But wait, there’s more! Liberal groups such as League of Women Voters and La Raza complained that requiring illegals to make two stops to get a license and to vote was too much hardship. So they sued and, naturally in California, a judge ruled in their favor.

So California already has thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions — no one knows — of non-Americans voting legally in the state, including in federal elections. Now, they don’t even need to go register — they’re automatically good to go. Just sneak into the country across the non-walled border, head to the California DMV for your driver’s license and vote in the midterms and the next presidential election. Don’t worry. The ballot is helpfully in Spanish for you.

And the state will protect you from law-abiding Californians. The state is not only protecting and promoting illegals as a sanctuary state, but threatening prosecution of anyone who actually helps federal officials with lawbreakers.

California is the tip of the spear of the modern progressive Democratic state. Where it leads, Democrats tend to follow. And while all the illegalities are going on in California, what they are really doing is driving the national Democratic party further from the political center of America.

On the other coast, it’s getting harder and harder for most Americans to look the other way from the sewer our nation’s capital has become, with astonishing corruption, unaccountable bureaucrats with their own agendas committing felonies with impunity to undermine a democratically elected president, apparent cover-ups by national law-enforcement and the dramatic decline in trust of the FBI — a once well-respected if not revered institution that now is found to be filled at the top with corruption.

This is known on the right as part of the Deep State, along with the weaponized IRS and the State Department, which is littered with lifers who willingly sabotage the president and leak information, and other portions of the federal labyrinth seeking to trap Trump. All of this is the apparatus and ally of the progressive Democratic Party. More allies include Antifa, the boys are girls are boys imbroglio crowd, BLM extremists, 

On the foreign front, within a year of Trump taking office and changing the rules of engagement for American forces, ISIS is essentially crushed as a land-holding caliphate. It may continue as a terrorist organization, but with far fewer resources to commit atrocities. This is good for all the peoples of the Middle East and world. Plus, somehow, North Korea and South Korea are actually talking to each other and Russia is not attempting anymore land grabs since Trump ordered a missile attack against their Syrian allies. A Trump red line will be enforced, and Putin likely understands that.

It’s hard to see how these Republican successes combined with California craziness and Washington corruption adds up to Democrats winning majorities in Congress because of Trump. Law-and-order Republicans and President Trump have a lot of cleaning up to do inside the federal government, and cannot put that off much longer.

And it’s possible the implosion of the men-in-women’s-bathrooms party is already underway.

Remember, since 2008, the Democratic Party has been electorally decimated. The Hill wrote this after the November 2016 election: “Republicans will control 4,170 state legislative seats after last week’s elections, while Democrats will control 3,129 seats in the nation’s 98 partisan legislative chambers.” That a complete flip from 2008. “Since Obama took office, Republicans have captured control of 27 state legislative chambers Democrats held after the 2008 elections. The GOP now controls the most legislative seats it has held since the founding of the party.” (ital added)

The only question there is whether those losses were the function of a popular but deeply incompetent president in Barak Obama, or a harbinger for the Democratic Party.

There will always be a Democratic Party. But just as the party had to move away from the progressive abyss and toward the center when a group including Bill Clinton formed the Democratic Leadership Council in the late 1980s, it may again need to adopt a more centrist, moderate, pro-American approach. Such an attempt would cause quite a crack up among the most extreme, loud and active grassroots members, but might be the only salvation to keep that party from going into the wilderness for a generation.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


FBI Russia Scandals Trump Truth

A Special Counsel Must Now be Appointed to Investigate the FBI

Rod Thomson

This is getting dicey. It is no longer clear that Americans can trust the FBI to conduct a professional, non-partisan, fair investigation — particularly as it concerns Washington politicians. In fact, it is becoming clear that when it comes to high federal officials, they can not or will not do so and may actually be undermining American democracy.

Those are strong words. But this actually is a crisis — not the fake crisis the news comes up with daily, like snowstorms in January or a Trump tweet — but a crisis that affects the fundamental operations and nature of our Republic.

Special Counsels are an ugly and dangerous business and have shown their threat at every opportunity. They are exta-constitutional and answerable to no one, including the American public. But frankly, it’s not clear there are enough Congressional committees to even begin to unwind all of the corruption of the Obama Administration — even if there were the will. And there is not.

That’s why, despite the dangers inherent — and our personal opposition to even the idea of a special counsel that is answerable to no one — multiple special counsels may now be needed to seriously look into the mischief that apparently has been ripe through the federal government under Obama and before that.

But for now, the real and immediate crisis is with the FBI, and that is beginning to look like it requires urgent attention.


The FBI’s credibility storm

Multiple FBI agents and Department of Justice officials appear complicit in using the now largely debunked Fusion GPS Steele dossier to get an investigation rolling on Trump-Russia collusion. This salacious piece of fiction may even have been used to get wire-taps on Trump campaign officials, picking up the president himself at times. And it apparently has formed the basis for the media’s partisanship-driven hysteria over Trump-Russia collusion — about which nothing we know of has been found by the grinding Mueller investigation. There may be nothing to the entire Trump-Russia collusion frenzy.

But there may be very real collusion elsewhere.

The Steele dossier, paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to dig up or make up dirt on Trump, made its way to the FBI by means unknown and agents jumped on it, traveling to Rome to interview former British spy Christopher Steele in the weeks before the election. The FBI was so keen on this discredited and partisan dossier that the Washington Post reports they went as far as to plan a few weeks before the 2016 election to pay Steele to continue his work.

And now we have ongoing obstruction by the FBI in refusing to turn over documents relating to this whole affair after — no other way to put it — lying to Congress that they did not have them.

The Justice Department has proffered a litany of excuses for not producing the documents, but Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is having none of it. He sent a letter Thursday to the Justice Department demanding it comply with Congressional subpoenas issued for information on how the department and the FBI handled the Russia investigation: “As it turns out, not only did documents exist that were directly responsive to the committee’s subpoenas, but they involved senior DOJ and FBI officials who were swiftly reassigned when their roles in matters under the committee’s investigation were brought to light.”

That smells like a coverup in process.

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Those Justice officials implicated include former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who was recently demoted because of his unauthorized contacts with DNC-paid Fusion GPS. Ohr’s wife worked at Fusion GPS at the time. The implicated FBI officials include James Baker, the bureau’s general counsel in 2016, and Peter Strzok, the number two counterintelligence official.

Strzok was the energy driving the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign, and was also part of the team that found no criminal wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton’s deletion of 33,000 emails that Congress had subpeoned. And he was assigned to Mueller’s special counsel staff investigating Trump. However, it turns out that Strzok is not just a virulent anti-Trumper, he is a careless one as he exchanged 375 nasty anti-Trump text messages with fellow FBI agent and girlfriend Lisa Page — another member of Mueller’s increasingly compromised team.

Strzok was reportedly at meetings in the office of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe strategizing how to stop Trump and discussing having an “insurance policy” in the unlikely event Trump won. For his part, McCabe’s wife was paid $700,000 from close Clinton allies when she ran for the Virginia state legislature in 2015, creating a clear conflict of interest.

Now, with the others being re-assigned, it was announced that McCabe will soon be retiring to his generous government pension.


Nunes and Graham lead the charge

With all of this that has been going on — and this is only what we know so far — Congress’ requests seem more than reasonable. They are necessary. Yet the FBI refuses to comply.

Nunes outlines a ream of evasive maneuvers and obfuscations by the Justice Department to avoid handing over the documents Congress demanded and with which the department is legally required to comply. Most of these documents relate to the dossier.

If this stonewalling continues, the House can and maybe will proceed with contempt charges. But so what? Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents and exactly nothing happened to him. He just ignored it and continued on.

Nunes said, “at this point it seems the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves.”

But that is a non-starter as no one will trust such an investigation with the FBI under such a credibility cloud.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham was a bitter critic of Trump as a candidate and remains one as president. But Graham understands what’s at stake. He told Fox News that a special counsel should be appointed to investigate the entire Steele dossier issue.

“I’ve spent some time in the last couple of days, after a lot of fighting with the Department of Justice, to get the background on the dossier, and here’s what I can tell your viewers,” Graham said. “I’m very disturbed about what the Department of Justice did with this dossier, and we need a special counsel to look into that, because that’s not in Mueller’s charter.”

Further: “What I’ve gathered in the last couple of days bothers me a lot, and I’d like somebody outside DOJ to look into how this dossier was handled and what they did with it…After having looked at the history of the dossier, and how it was used by the Department of Justice, I’m really very concerned, and this cannot be the new normal.”

“New normal” is to be highlighted. What he’s saying is that our highest and most powerful investigative agency cannot be be allowed to be actively working to undermine a duly elected American president. Ever. Regardless of the president. That is one mere step from an actual coup and it cannot stand. Graham is exactly right.


Congress should appoint the Special Counsel

While traditionally these Special Counsels or Special Prosecutors have been appointed by the President or Attorney General, the politics of Trump doing it are awesomely bad while the likelihood of Sessions doing it is remote as he is part of the stonewalling now.

There is, however, precedent for Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor. A joint resolution of the House and Senate resulted in the appointment of one to investigate the Teapot Dome scandal in 1923 — called the “greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics” before Watergate.

The only way to get to the bottom of this scandal and root out the rot that is infesting the FBI, is through a Special Counsel, using non FBI and Department of Justice investigators. It’s a mess. But it cannot remain. If it is as it appears, it could be worse than Watergate. Either President Trump or Congress must step up.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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