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Democrats’ Exploitive Use Of “Racism” Is Repressing Black Americans’

Rod Thomson

The Democratic Party has come to rely so heavily on the ubiquitous use of the word-weapon “racism” that not only has it lost all meaning for many Americans, but it’s abuse for decades has undoubtedly kept black Americans at the bottom of the culture and increasingly reliant on the government largesse.

It’s hard not to conclude that this is exactly what the Democratic Party desires. Not all rank-and-file Democrats, not by a long shot. But the politicians, pundits, operatives and media members using it daily against every Republican opponent has branded that party with a fabrication. As the El Paso shooter’s incoherent manifesto shows him to be a white nationalist and an enviro-terrorist, Democrats (and their media) have rushed to pour gasoline on that fire, because they have weaponized race relations, using American blacks as their political pawns.

The political effect is wondrous for Democrat politicians, who scare blacks biennially into voting for them at 90 percent or higher rates. This is universally unrivaled in any other racial, ethnic or gender group. The results for blacks, however, of this one-party devotion are seen quite clearly in Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Flint, Oakland, Memphis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Little Rock, Cleveland and the rest.

In a word: Disastrous. 

It is ironic that the very reason that using the word-weapon “racism” is so effective is that Americans en masse recoil at the very idea of it. We are aware of our history, have desperately tried to move past it, and despise being called a racist even when we know it to be untrue. We are so not a racist country that being called a racist stings like few other insults. In a truly racist country, this would not be the case.

How do I know? Because it was never used during the ugly age of the Jim Crow South. When racism was blatant and obvious, when many whites accepted themselves as superior to blacks, the word “racism” was not used because it carried no clout. It would be akin to calling me white as an insult, or that I sleep at night as an insult. Right, that’s just the norm.

Joseph Epstein, who grew up in Arkansas during Jim Crow, wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “The word racism wasn’t much in vogue in that place, or anywhere else, at that time. The majority of people who could rightly be called racist would not know what you were talking about if you accused them of racism.”

Now it has power though because we are not a racist nation. Due to the efforts of people like Martin Luther King Jr., A. Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, James Farmer, Roy Wilkins Sr. and many others, legal and systemic racism with any support base outside of dreary 4-Chan chat rooms has long been eradicated. But what would Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and, now the entire Democratic establishment, do without it?

Broad swaths of talking points by Democratic presidential contenders, Democratic Congressional leaders, the Squad, and their endless braying allies in the media would simply vanish. They would have nothing to say. And they would have no way of locking up the black vote.

Epstein wrote: “The power of the word racism—always cocked, aimed and ready to fire—makes it impossible to say anything, outside the most obeisant praise, about black culture, black politicians, black entertainers or black anything. The entire subject is out of bounds to anyone who isn’t black, and many black intellectuals and writers are themselves in peril if they step outside the racial party line. This can’t be healthy, for blacks or for the country at large.”

Of course not. But it does get votes.

It’s ironic, again, but a sign of the ill-health of this strategy is that it now not just applies to every Republican and conservative, but to everyone to the “right” of whoever is saying it. That is how Sen. Kamala Harris can attack former Vice President Joe Biden as a racist (when Biden himself used it in more conventional fashion against Mitt Romney with “put ya’ll back in chains”) and the Squad can use it against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also uses it relentlessly against Republicans. Talk about hoisted on your own petard!

For all the damage this continues to do, it could at least be given the veneer of a defense if indeed Democrat policies had been improving the lives of black Americans. But by virtually every measurement — education, crime, family structure, religion — their actual policies and cultural philosophies have made the majority of blacks worse off.

Again, just look at cities that have been governed by Democrats for decades. Look at Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore district, which for decades also has had a Democrat mayor and a Democrat city council. He uses the race card quite freely, but after nearly three decades in Washington calling his Republican opponents racists, how have blacks in his district faired? They live in rat-ravaged, high-crime, downward spiraling communities with families and church institutions in tatters. 

Democratic policies have kept blacks seeing themselves as victims unable to rise in America, and the pervasive lie that America is racist against them doubles down on that victimhood. There is nothing that blacks can do because “America is racist!,” they are told over and over and over.

So vote Democrat.

The revolution for blacks will come when they stop seeing themselves as victims — which means they will need to listen to different voices than they have been listening to — and recognize they are fully equal with white people both under the law and in abilities. They will need to realize that they have real opportunities, they have real freedoms, and they have real responsibilities in conjunction with those freedoms.

Black Americans can become a fully thriving element of America, but not by doing what they have been doing the past 30 years. If there were any actually responsible Democratic leaders who cared about the welfare of American blacks, this is what they would be saying and doing.

I don’t hear any.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Newest Diversity Twaddle…There’s No Young CEOs!

Rod Thomson

The “old, white men” problem has been rolling down crooked rails for a long time now, driven by progressive feminist radicals. In newsrooms in the 1990s, I regularly heard how a City Council or County Commission or group of Legislators were just a bunch of “old, white men” invariably from female reporters.

“White males” have long been the target of the left and their media allies in the now fully formed and mainstreamed identity politics of diversity. And now the last element has been demonstrated clearly in no less a publication than the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ Headline: “CEOs Under 50 Are a Rare Find in the S&P 500”

(Common sense: Right, because it takes a long time and experience and proof over decades to show you can run a major company.)

Drophead: “The number of S&P 500 CEOs in their 40s has declined in the past decade, leaving Gen X relatively underrepresented among corporate leaders”

(Common sense: Gen X always will be “underrepresented” because they are a particularly small generation. Duh. To the bigger point, the Greatest Generation and Gen Z are also “underrepresented.” So what? Who gives a flip?)

It’s hard to get past the vacuous headline and drophead, but doing so reveals even more of the head-shaking, worship of PC diversity, as though it is some sort of magical wand and inalienable right rolled into one. Why the Journal is doing this story is a mystery.

From the story:

At America’s largest companies, chief executives under 50 are still a relative rarity. A Wall Street Journal analysis of S&P 500 companies that filed corporate proxy statements by May 1 shows 28 of 493 CEOs, or 6%, are under 50.

While corporate-governance experts have pushed companies to appoint more diverse — and, at times, younger — directors to boards, the leaders of big companies largely remain baby boomers. The median age of a chief executive in the S&P 500 is 58, the Journal analysis of proxy data from MyLogIQ shows.

Perhaps “corporate-governance experts” — which sounds a lot like the grievance police — didn’t take math in school. The baby boomer generation is the largest generation in the nation’s history and, and, it is in its peak earning and leadership years. Of course it will be “overrepresented” (a clever little term used to determine future diversity grievance remonstrances.) Baby boomers will also be overrepresented on Social Security and Medicare. They have also been overrepresented among people paying taxes.

Do these reporters actually understand the job that a CEO does? Perhaps they picture them sitting in big corner offices, drinking cognac and smoking stogies, going for three-hour lunches and just making a few decisions with a wave of big, fat, white male fingers while everyone else actually does the work.

They sure don’t seem to understand that to be a good CEO at a mammoth firm, you need years of experience climbing the ladder so that you will understand all the rungs of the ladder and understand how to operate a giant organization. And, with few exceptions, that only happens with time. Lots of time. And lots and lots of hours and sacrifice.

Oddly enough, nearly everyone quoted in the story understands this.

For instance, here:

Many corporations pick older CEOs because those executives are seen as battle-tested, while younger executives are still considered a bit of a risk, said Charles Elson, director of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware.

“There is something to be said for managerial experience, and you gain that through a long time of putting in the hours,” Mr. Elson said.

And again here:

Executives in fast-changing fields like real estate say there can be value in having seen multiple economic cycles. Joseph Margolis, the 58-year-old chief executive of Extra Space Storage Inc., compares running a company with the 10,000 hours of mastery popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book “Outliers,” who suggests that those who excel in their fields typically put in that amount of practice.

“It’s a big bet to choose a CEO, and there’s a lot at stake,” Mr. Margolis said. “It’s frequently an easier choice to pick someone who’s had a little more experience.”

So where is this coming from? Why is it a big deal that most CEOs are over 50, which makes all the sense in the world? The Journal spells it out:

Any change in the ranks of CEOs would be prompted by corporate boards, because directors select who sits in the corner office. Organizations like the California State Teachers’ Retirement Systems (which invests billions and acts as activist investors) are pushing companies to bring directors with fresh perspective to boards. Still, the job requirements of a CEO are different than those of a director, and it “takes time to get to the C-level,” said Aeisha Mastagni, a portfolio manager at Calstrs.

And there it is.

Of course there are always the leftist activists to stir things up and used diversity as a cudgel. One, among many in this case, is the California teachers’ retirement system, which is an arm of the state of California. California, you may recall, passed a law requiring publicly held companies based in California to have at least one woman on their boards of directors by the end of 2019. By the end of July 2021, companies must have at least two women on boards of five members and at least three women on boards with six or more.

Surely they will require minorities next. And eventually, there will be age requirements, too.

So it all connects. Diversity is king. Merit is meh. Old white males…well, they’re problematic.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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Synagogue Shooting Is As Anti-American As It Gets

Rod Thomson

The Jewish people have suffered like no other peoples — from the mass Babylonian exodus to the Muslim slaughters in the Middle East to the deadly pogroms throughout Europe to finally the Holocaust. Still today, we see the rising anti-Semitism again in the Muslim world and in Europe, and we see the ongoing life of civilian bombings by Palestinian terrorists inside Israel.

The one country that has been the greatest refuge for Jews before the creation of the state of Israel has been the United States. We’ve had our issues. The legacy of slavery haunts us to this day by not living up to the grand ideas in the Constitution and founding. And we’ve had small, localized fits of anti-Semitism. But nothing systemic like the rest of the world where Jews settled in relatively large numbers.

Jews came here and have thrived like no other non-Jewish country because we have no substantial heritage of anti-Semitism.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Most of us understand that our exceptional country was built on a Judeo-Christian worldview. Judeo is from the Jews. We connect Jewish beliefs and teachings into our core. It’s why so many Bible-believing American Christians are such staunch supporters of the state of Israel.

We understand the history of the Jews. We understand the importance of Jewish heritage in our nation. And realize the state of Israel is such a necessity because of the ongoing (and in Europe, the rising tide of) anti-Semitism. That we are seeing this anti-Semitic instinct growing on college campuses is a terrible blot.

In this sense, the mass shooting of Jews in a Pittsburg synagogue is as anti-American as it gets. The shooter talked about “our country” and taking it back from the vast conspiracies that a few fringe nuts attribute to Jews. He doesn’t know his history, but he does know how to blame “the other guy” for his problems.

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As in so many other pogroms and the Holocaust itself, Jews became the scapegoat for any ills in the culture or in personal lives. In Russia, when the crops were bad or the Czar needed a distraction, Jews were blamed for causing the hardship. Russia was one of the worst, but fairly typical of most European countries.

In post World War I Germany, as the Weimar Republic crumbled, money became worthless and Germans were starving under the harsh conditions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, Jews again became the scapegoat. They ran banks and jewelers and lots of little shops. They are the problem. “Kill the Jews!” An entire political and cultural movement — Naziism — was built on blaming the Jews. This was the point of unity, from which the rest of Naziism was built. From harassing to bombing synagogues to mass slaughter.

The Nazis took it to the “ultimate solution,” but the concept had been used for centuries virtually anywhere the Jews lived in numbers. They were a handy little minority to be scapegoated. And at times, European Christianity got it horribly wrong by labeling them “Christ-killers” to foment religious opposition.

This scapegoating of the “other” is why today’s identity politics is so dangerous.

Too many Americans again are turning to blaming some outside group — a different race, gender, ethnicity — for their personal problems or what they are unhappy about in life. This seems to be a part of the human condition, an ugly part. And so while the Jews have suffered from this over and over through the centuries, it can be turned as a weapon against any group.

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But it should never have a home in America. Dividing us by race, ethnicity and gender for political gain is the same core principle as what the Czars, Muslims, Monarchs and occasional Pope did against the Jews.

Why did the Jews flee here? Why do we have about the same number of Jews as the entire state of Israel? Because we do not have a broad history of scapegoating them for our ills — just as we should not for any group. This was, and remains, a relatively safe place and a synagogue was a safe place.

Our welcoming nature for immigrants and our lack of anti-Semitism as a nation made America natural refuge for the persecuted, including millions of Jews. It is irrefutable that America is better off for it. As are Jews.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Race-Based Diversity Is Creating More Trump Voters

Rod Thomson

The case of new New York Times editorial writer Sarah Jeong’s openly anti-white bigotry is perhaps the most telling example of how far the American left has sprinted from the legacy of Martin Luther King and towards a form of retro racist tribalism that is perhaps as far from the American middle as it is from the American right.

This will either spell the doom of the Democratic Party — or of the American Experiment. Because such concepts cannot survive in an America that resembles anything like the amazing nation that emerged in the second half of the 20th Century.

That America was not just a military and economic colossus, but also a colossus of individual liberties and great, striding steps toward total equality under the law. It drew tens of millions of immigrants from around the world because it was indeed a beacon of hope and opportunity and freedom from oppression.

That entire concept is rapidly becoming antithetical to the diversity-enthralled American left and by extension the Democratic Party. Equal rights? No. Melting pot? No. Law and order? No. Economic opportunity? No. Liberty? No. Individual pursuit of happiness? Well, if the government says it’s OK.

Jeong herself is inconsequential as an individual in all of this. But it’s both the bigoted stew of the increasingly disconnected American power-center elites that she swims in, stirred in with the media/Democratic/leftist defense of her vitriol, that is quite consequential.

As gay moderate Andrew Sullivan astutely observes in the liberal New York Magazine, responding to the defense of Jeong by The Verge:

“…any assertion of racism in Jeong’s tweets as “dishonest and outrageous,” [is] a function of bad faith and an attack on journalism itself. Scroll through left-Twitter and you find utter incredulity that demonizing white people could in any way be offensive. That’s the extent to which loathing of and contempt for “white people” is now background noise on the left. What many don’t seem to understand is that their view of racism isn’t shared by the public at large, and that the defense of it by institutions like the New York Times will only serve to deepen the kind of resentment that gave us Trump.”

Exactly right. And Democrats, the left and the media are so wed to diversity and so blinkered by their hatred of Trump that they cannot see how they are rushing headlong to the aid of the GOP in 2018 and Trump in 2020. By pushing themselves further and further from the vast American center that swings elections, they are providing hope to Republicans who should historically be in a hopeless situation in November.

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The Democrats are kindly serving up so many opportunities for Trump and Republicans, just on the racism front — to say nothing of the 73-gender front or socialism front.

The revelation that Obama policy blocked qualified airport control tower candidates who were white, in order to allow room for black candidates — even when positions were open and safety was threatened — got no play at the time in the Obama-cuddly media. And not much since. After all, diversity is king.

Obama’s decision, one of hundreds during his administration, was driven by the social justice platform of identity politics under the label of diversity. The idea is racial redress of past wrongs, but of course it is against people who have done nothing but have the “wrong” color skin — which the vast majority of Americans oppose. When this air control hiring was recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, it became clear that still no one on the left cared as no one on the left sees anything wrong.

In fact, it is part of the groundwork that has been laid for people like Jeong to be despicable bigots and still land a prestige job at the New York Times and be roundly defended by Democrats and the media.

Melinda Gates, who earned her great fortune by saying “I do” to Bill Gates at the altar, decided to start a venture capital fund with the sole purpose of funding minorities and women. No white guys need apply. Further, she declared the reasoning is to promote diversity, and correct racism and sexism in tech companies because white men — “white guy in a hoodie,” in her words — cannot provide products adequately for minorities. Presumably she did not mean her white guy husband, not that guy.

She was applauded by leftist and tech publications. Which is the point.

As Joy Pullman wrote in the Federalist of Gates’ thinking, which is reflected in the broader left:

“…punishing people for the “sins” of their “class” is, quite frankly, of a piece with the ideology that ultimately led to the slaughters of the Bolshevik and French revolutions…”

There is a veritable bottomless pit of these stories. As Trump was trying to reign in the slow-motion disaster of our open borders policies and government’s unwillingness to define who can come into our country, the Washington Post publishes a story under the headline: “Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years.”

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This “analysis” had one clear objective: Paint immigration in racial terms and color Trump’s immigration policy changes as a way to keep white people in the majority longer. Most Americans, pretty sure including Trump, would never have even considered that element of immigration limitations. They are thinking economic opportunity for low-income Americans, plus national and personal safety for everyone. But the left automatically goes race. It’s the lens through which they see all American life.

Where does all this leave us politically? In the one place that many in the political middle would rather not gravitate to but must: Donald Trump. The President has shown a steadfast willingness to fight back against identity politics, speech censoring political correctness and race-baiting. He’s done it poorly at times and marvelously at times.

If Americans are presented with the choice between traditional Americanism, constitutional rights, individual liberties and a strong economy or anti-white bigotry, anti-Americanism, collectivist hive culture and a feeble economy, it seems like the choice becomes pretty clear. A call to diversity does not win that day when Jeong’s hardcore bigotry is defended by the left and even celebrated by some.

The truth is that Trump and the GOP are the only things standing in the way of a headlong lurch into the violence and slaughterhouse of the Jacobins. Is it really hard to see Maxine Waters as the precursor to Robespierre? If that becomes the choice, the GOP wins. And if that happens in November, it’s truly impossible to predict how the left will react.

But the country might be saved for a little longer.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America on the Salem Radio Network.

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The Media’s Full-Throated Defense Of NYT’s Hiring An Anti-White Bigot

Rod Thomson

As the story surrounding Sarah Jeong’s anti-white shamefulness unfolds it only gets worse, and it goes directly to the bifurcation of our country that comes from the stew of leftist hierarchy identity politics, anti-Americanism and a now openly dishonest and partisan media.

The progressive defense of the Times’ hiring a bigot, particularly by the media, is an awesome display of the power and terror unleashed through the hierarchy of identity politics, because a different writer hired by the Times in February found to be using gay slurs was fired within hours. But not only is Jeong not being fired, the wagons have tightly circled across the media landscape.

Yes, because in the poisonous identity hierarchy, lesbians are far more aggrieved and therefore have greater rights and power than whites, which are at the bottom of the hierarchy — seriously, this has been taught on college campuses around the country for years — there is a built-in, intended and defended double-standard. Want to know the reason for the rise of the Alt Right and white nationalism? Read on.

As is now well-known, the New York Times this week announced the hiring of Sarah Jeong to sit on their editorial board and write editorials. This board forms the newspaper’s daily opinions. About 30 seconds after the announcement, Twitter exploded with some of Jeong’s breathtakingly hateful and bigoted tweets against whites and white males. She is Korean-born and the Times must have known of these.

We have to have a quick and ugly sampling, from roughly 2014-2015, so hardly ancient writings:

“Dumba** f***ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants”

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins”

“oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men”

“White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This was my plan all along.”

“White people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants”


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There’s more from the Times’ new bigot. For normal Americans, these tweets are a gasp, and surely spelled her doom. When the Times announced the hiring of Quinn Norton in February, it was discovered that she had used the gay slur “fag” and “faggot” repeatedly. She herself is a lesbian and gay rights activist, and was using the term toward other gays on Twitter in the same way that blacks use the N word with other blacks. It’s all quite despicable. The Times high moral code forced it to fire Norton within hours of announcing the hiring.

But a funny thing happened with Jeong’s anti-white bigotry tweets. The Times’ high moral code is not kicking in to fire her, and much of the media, all of the left-wing media, is defending the Times’ keeping Jeong onboard. In fact, publication after publication is attacking the “organized conservative Twitter trolls” and urging the Times to stand firm.

The Washington Post blames conservative media — not Jeong:

“Without evidence that they had any bearing on Jeong’s extensive body of work, which includes a book she wrote about online harassment, these statements could have perhaps been unceremoniously dismissed as insignificant. But after conservative media seized on the story Thursday, they ignited a firestorm of debate…Jeong’s episode has also raised complicated questions about the stubborn nature of harassment that women of color face online.”

I’m waiting for the Post to write about what Michelle Malkin endures daily. She’s Filipino. Or maybe Candace Owens. She’s black. But they’re conservative, so again…meh.

The Huffington Post called on the Times to just ignore the critics:

“The proper way to respond to a bad-faith troll campaign like the one the right-wing internet is waging on Sarah Jeong, the newest member of The New York Times editorial board, is to not respond at all, to not even listen in the first place…But ignore the trolls you must. This includes the gleeful, snickering chuds who strip old tweets of their context and send them back out into the world. And this also includes the establishment figures like Ari Fleischer and publications like the National Review, the folks wailing about an Asian woman’s “anti-white racism,” as if there were such a thing.”

There’s more of the identity politics. Racism isn’t racism. Only whites can be racist. Minorities by this new definition, cannot be. Because whites are at the bottom of the aggrievement scale. This is how the new bigot thinks.

The huge tech site The Verge, encouraged newsrooms everywhere to stand against the hate — not Jeong’s, mind you, but the hate of those who are calling out her tweets and the Times’ hiring of her.

“…as the editors of The Verge, we want to be clear: this abusive backlash is dishonest and outrageous…journalists have been increasingly targeted by people acting in bad faith who do not care about the work they do, the challenges they face, or the actual context of their statements…it’s time other newsrooms learn to spot these hateful campaigns for what they are: attempts to discredit and undo the vital work of journalists who report on the most toxic communities on the internet.”

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Jezebel magazine was ticked the Times responded at all, thinking they should have ignored the outcry as other media outlets encouraged:

The trolls have largely concerned themselves with Jeong’s fairly innocuous tweets about white people.”

Their meaning of “innocuous” is different from mine.

The Cut considered her tweets harmless:

Many of Jeong’s tweets that the right dug up dated back five years, and were harmless jokes about conservative white people.”

But “fag” used by a gay person toward other gay people was so harmful as to be a firing offense? Yes. Identity politics. She was the wrong kind of bigot — if one at all. Jeong is the right kind of bigot.

The list of defenders goes on and on. Jeong will not only keep her job and take her place in the pantheon of modern progressive regressives on the Times’ editorial board, she will become a hero on the Left. Worse, though, is that more people will be emboldened to think and talk hatefully like her — as long as their bigotry is correctly targeted. That is the lesson between Norton and Jeong.

And I’m sorry to say that “correctly targeted” means at white people.

Hence the rise of the alt right and white nationalism — two small but dangerous movements — is actually just more identity politics driven by the left. Bigotry begets bigotry. A few short decades ago, we were trending away from the day of the bigot.

Again, all of this ends really, really badly if there is not a sea change in the culture.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Democrats Identity Politics Race Race relations Republicans

Black Leaders Put Trump Hatred Ahead Of Black Lives

Rod Thomson

Once again, it appears that many black leaders — at least those safely ensconced in wealth and fame — prioritize racial identity politics and virulent Trump hatred over actual black lives. This hurts the country, but fundamentally damages black Americans.

That’s a tough charge. But how else to read the most recent example other than maintaining the image of President Trump as a racist is more important than tackling some of the black community’s most intractable problems? If the President starts meeting with a bunch of blacks, including non-conservative blacks, to talk about prison reform of all things, the media will have a much harder time continuing to cast him as racist. And if he is not a racist, then why should blacks vote against him considering his accomplishments have measurably improved their standard of living?

So we encounter the sad situation where mega-rich rapper and producer Jay-Z persuaded rapper Meek Mill to dump a meeting with Trump because it might make Trump look like a real person, a real non-racist person. The president had invited Mill because the rapper, recently released from prison, has a unique take on what reforms within the prison system could benefit blacks reintegrating into society. Further, New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft befriended Mill after visiting him in prison. Kraft is a big Trump supporter (another rich, white racist?) and is the likely conduit for Trump inviting Mill.

Jay-Z is that paragon of wisdom and insight who, along with Black Panther-promoting wife Beyonce, yucks it up with the brutal dictators in Cuba while Cubans (including black Cubans) are imprisoned for political views or impoverished because they don’t toe the dictatorial line. Mill listened to the wrong friend.

It’s too bad. He walked away from a one-time opportunity to influence national policy on prison reform by listening to the foolish counsel of Jay-Z. (The cynic might suggest watching to see if Mill now comes out with an album on Jay-Z’s label.)

Trump sought to meet with black leaders, both conservative and liberal, so they could find some type of broad consensus on what might need to be done with criminal justice reform. That is exactly the type of leadership that would have been rightly lauded if President Obama had ever tried it. But he didn’t. He kept the incarceration issue and racial division alive and stoked and ruled by pure partisanship. Republicans in Washington will tell you there was no serious reaching across the aisle during Obama’s eight years.

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Now, it’s not at all clear that criminal justice reform is the primary solution. The evidence strongly points to the dramatic decline of the family and the church. But Trump does think there should be reform and in this aligns himself with Black Lives Matter, Jay-Z, Van Jones and others on the left. Unfortunately, Meek Mills followed the Jay-Z and BLM prescription of anti-Trump before pro-black.

Doubtful Mill will get a second chance. A Republican president and a Republican Congress open to criminal justice reform was the best opportunity to get something done.

Indeed, a start is already on the table with the U.S House of Representatives expected to vote within a week on a Trump-backed bill going after some prison reforms. The bill provides $50 million of funding for prisons to implement job training and education in an effort to reduce recidivism. Naturally, some have criticized the bill as not going far enough. But it’s certainly a start and perhaps with more input from someone like Meek Mill could have offered effective refinements.

Trump is really onboard: “For this effort, we are not just absolving prisoners of their central role in their own rehabilitation; there is no substitute for personal accountability and there is no tolerance for those who take advantage of society’s generosity to prey upon the innocent,” Trump said. “However, if we want more prisoners to take charge of their own lives then we should work to give them the tools to stand on their own two feet.”

This was the opportunity Mill walked away from. Not all did. Hardened leftist Obama acolyte and CNN personality Van Jones, Jr. attended the meeting and spoke very positively about it afterward.

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But Mill scuttled it. It’s all too easy to believe that Democrats in Congress would do the same because they, like Jay-Z and others, are more interested in beating Trump and winning races in November than seeking actual solutions to the criminality plaguing the black community. Sadly, they have been for a long time.

This all is why Kanye West matters. He just flat out said he’s going to do what he wants to do, he’s going to be defined as an individual before a racial group. He was pilloried by Jay-Z, John Legend, Maxine Waters and the rest of the blackthink crowd, but stuck to it. Apparently Meek Mill is no Kanye West.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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