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Schumer Is Lying About Democrats’ Border Security

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

On Nov. 27, Sen. Chuck Schumer stood in the Capitol before a crowd of reporters and reassured them that Democrats favor border security. Sadly, the overwhelming evidence points to the contrary. And he knows it. But the obvious evidence is never brought out in media coverage.

Democrats have long been engaged in a battle to dismantle America’s border defenses. On Nov. 8, 1971, Berkeley, California became the first city in the United States to offer itself up as a sanctuary city. Many municipalities followed in the 1980s such that today, a host of local jurisdictions are refusing to cooperate with ICE.  (To access ICE’s list of sanctuary jurisdictions click here.)

To a tee, these municipalities are Democrat controlled, and in 2017, California, a Democratic stronghold, became the first and still only sanctuary state.

As we know, imparting sanctuary status upon a jurisdiction serves to protect the illegal inhabitant from detainment by ICE, as the jurisdiction will not cooperate with such detainers. Such a permissive policy serves as a magnet for illegal immigrants who stand a significantly lower chance of being turned over to federal authorities should they break the law.

Democrats have also proclaimed their support for open borders — the antithesis of a secure border. Ignorantly, Democrats have repeatedly argued that the unencumbered flow of people across the border, including that of the United States, is a human right and should be allowed as a matter of justice. They voice disdain at the Trump Administration’s reticence in cooperating with the United Nation’s global migration pact. Specifically, in 2017, when President Trump said he would not be sending American representatives to the United Nations’ conference on migration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Democrats attacked him over the decision.

It’s pretty self-evident, but a no-borders policy by the United States stands in direct opposition to efforts at securing America’s borders.

In 2018, when the caravan was headed north to America’s southern border, Democrat elements denied the caravan’s existence maintaining that it was a fabricated problem used by President Trump only for political expediency. Today, these are the same Democrats decrying the horrible conditions of these migrants in the hopes that they are given free passage into the United States.

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With few exceptions, the party leading the charge to maximize the standing for asylum seekers to gain legal entry into the United States is the Democratic Party. The party that dismisses the injustice of having those same asylum seekers enter the United States, remain here for over three years before their case is evaluated by an immigration judge, and then not show up for the hearing, is the Democrat Party.

The Democrats support catch and release and want to abolish ICE — literally our enforcement arm for border security. They oppose allocating $5.7 billion of the national, multi-trillion dollar budget to the construction of a wall at our southern borders despite the fact that the President has compromised on his initial ask of more than $20 billion and despite the fact that the difference between the two parties is $3.3 billion. And when Schumer repeatedly goes to the airwaves and says that the President will never get his wall despite risking a government shutdown, it is clear that Schumer could not care less about border security.

Adding to the evidence of their contempt for border security is the Democrats’ ire towards any attempt at keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States and their repeated misrepresentations of both the demographics of the problem and America’s justifiable response to it.

And let’s not forget, it is the Democrat Party that remains silent when an illegal immigrant guns down an American citizen while ignoring the grave and unpalatable injustice of having had that illegal immigrant previously released by a sanctuary jurisdiction.

No. Despite Schumer’s reassurances, the Democrats are not in the least bit interested in border security. They have never made it a driving issue for their party nor have they supported it actively in their daily undertakings. Schumer’s claim to the contrary represents a mere, disingenuous capitulation to the fact that the majority of Americans find controlling our borders fundamentally important to our security, our economy, and our safety.

Sadly, and despite the fact that every major American political party should be lock-step on this issue, if an American citizen values border security (and the rule of law for that matter) he or she cannot stand with the Democrats despite the Schumer’s fake assurances.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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Democrats Judges Racism Schumer Truth

The Racism Of Chuck Schumer And Democrats On Full Display

Rod Thomson

Democrats aren’t even pretending on race anymore. And the following example shows as much as any other why they cannot be the majority party again as long as they pursue such a racist agenda.

The race card has long been a keystone of Democratic electoral strategy. Divide by race. Label the other side racist. Claim they will protect minorities from the evil majority in the racist other party. And most recently, President Trump is definitely, definitely a racist and also a white supremacist.

But the real evidence of racism is on the Democratic side.

The recent opposition to President Trump’s judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum for a vacancy on the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina is solely based on skin color. Quattlebaum is white and Obama had nominated two blacks to replace the former white judge on the court.

Rallying all the disingenuity at his disposal, Schumer said:

“The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary…Quattlebaum replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American.”

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One of those voluntarily withdrew from consideration when it was discovered that she reduced bail for accused criminals who then went out and committed murder. Twice. The other nominee was late in the Obama presidency and was not voted on. No one doubts that Obama was appointing those based on their skin color. For Schumer, that’s all right as long as they are black. Because…votes.

Schumer went on: “As of February 14, 83 percent of President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white. That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades…It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experiences on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”

“I’ll be voting no on the Quattlebaum nomination.”

Schumer mustered no other opposition based on Quattlebaum’s legal expertise, experience or qualifications. The entire opposition was because Quattlebaum is white. That’s called racism.

All that should matter in a judge is that he or she is qualified and will rule based on the law. Using race as the determining factor is begging for judges and judicial rulings that are not based on law, but based on skin color. And that is more than dangerous. If it is the color of the judge’s skin and not the law that matters, then why should judges rule based on the law, and not in accordance with their skin color? If they are appointed to be a judge based on skin color, then why shouldn’t they judge based on skin color?

But in this, he is completely in line with the Democratic Party. An honest media would be calling out this bald stoking of racial tensions for political gain. But we don’t have an honest traditional media. We do have the Daily Caller and other alternative media outlets that are reporting these types of things.

Actually, the traditional media may well report the racial disparities that Schumer mentioned, because its primary goal today is to discredit the Trump presidency, help Democrats in the midterm elections and defeat Trump in 2020 if they cannot get him removed before then.

But there are actually good reasons for the apparent discrepancy. Like all Presidents, Trump is appointing judges in line with his legal thinking. Finding black jurists who are originalists in the form of Justice Clarence Thomas is not easy. Their numbers are just tiny.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline Blog did some basic math:

“Blacks make up about 4.5 percent of all lawyers in America. But because black admission to law school has increased in recent years, they are a smaller proportion of lawyers in the age group from which the federal judiciary is drawn.

Trump has nominated 87 federal judges. One is black. Based on black representation among lawyers in the reasonably eligible age group, we would expect Trump to have nominated around three blacks. The shortfall (two judges) is insignificant.”

So Schumer and a majority of other Democrats who voted against Quattlebaum are saying that he was the wrong skin color. There’s no real expectation of a contextual, reasonable discussion. It’s all division. All politics. All get Trump.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


Democrats FBI Politics Republicans Schumer Taxes Truth

The Beginning of the End of the Progressive Democratic Party?

Rod Thomson

The government shutdown by Democrats was a desperation move. And they lost. Even with mostly friendly media cover, they were in such an untenable position that Sen. Chuck Schumer had to cave.

And yet they #Resist! — with the Women’s March for Democracy, or some such nonsense; social media censorship of conservative outlets, endless late-night comedian propagandizing and hair-on-fire media allies.

While they imagine in their fantasy world they are resisting a mad King who is hell-bent on destroying the kingdom, they’re really resisting a ton of great things happening for Americans — and to some degree the world. And that’s becoming more obvious.

It’s really difficult for even the media to hide an economy going gangbusters — before the tax cuts even officially go into effect. More than 80 percent of Americans will get more money in their paychecks next month. Dozens of major companies have announced bonuses, pay raises, minimum $15-per-hour wages, and one company — Apple — is repatriating so much money to invest in the country that their taxes alone could fund nearly two walls on our southern border.

GDP is heading toward 4 percent, unemployment is dropping to what economists consider full employment levels (because there are always a few percentage points of people between jobs) and the unemployment level for black Americans is now at its lowest point since 1972.

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People are feeling so much better about the economy that a recent Quinnipiac University poll revealed record-high levels of economic optimism among Americans. Two-thirds of American voters described the state of the nation’s economy as excellent or good. Further, 73 percent of voters regard their own financial situations as excellent or good. And all this has boosted Trump’s low approvals despite endless negative media.

This is not at all what the Democrats wanted while trying to build momentum toward the midterms where, in their imaginary land, they expect to win back the House and the Senate and immediately begin impeachment hearings against Trump because they don’t like some stuff he says. So, a government shutdown, which the media always blame on Republicans and, if lasting a few weeks or longer, could cause material damage to the economy — which might be good for Democrats in November.

Yes. Things are that cold-hearted in progressive circles right now. The fact that such a shutdown for pure political gain would hurt Americans — and a higher portion of Democratic-voting Americans — was not a problematic means to gain an end for a major American party is disturbing. Schumer’s quick capitulation is pretty surprising. He either had polling or he understood the optics of reality.

But this is just the latest in an ongoing flow of progressive Democrat actions that get further and further from mainstream Americans — and mainstream American voters.

Consider: Since 2015, California gives anyone who asks for a driver’s license a driver’s license. Further, the law requires the state DMV to send all those records to the Secretary of State for voter registration, allowing non-Americans in the country illegally to register to vote in American elections. Insane, yes. But wait, there’s more! Liberal groups such as League of Women Voters and La Raza complained that requiring illegals to make two stops to get a license and to vote was too much hardship. So they sued and, naturally in California, a judge ruled in their favor.

So California already has thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions — no one knows — of non-Americans voting legally in the state, including in federal elections. Now, they don’t even need to go register — they’re automatically good to go. Just sneak into the country across the non-walled border, head to the California DMV for your driver’s license and vote in the midterms and the next presidential election. Don’t worry. The ballot is helpfully in Spanish for you.

And the state will protect you from law-abiding Californians. The state is not only protecting and promoting illegals as a sanctuary state, but threatening prosecution of anyone who actually helps federal officials with lawbreakers.

California is the tip of the spear of the modern progressive Democratic state. Where it leads, Democrats tend to follow. And while all the illegalities are going on in California, what they are really doing is driving the national Democratic party further from the political center of America.

On the other coast, it’s getting harder and harder for most Americans to look the other way from the sewer our nation’s capital has become, with astonishing corruption, unaccountable bureaucrats with their own agendas committing felonies with impunity to undermine a democratically elected president, apparent cover-ups by national law-enforcement and the dramatic decline in trust of the FBI — a once well-respected if not revered institution that now is found to be filled at the top with corruption.

This is known on the right as part of the Deep State, along with the weaponized IRS and the State Department, which is littered with lifers who willingly sabotage the president and leak information, and other portions of the federal labyrinth seeking to trap Trump. All of this is the apparatus and ally of the progressive Democratic Party. More allies include Antifa, the boys are girls are boys imbroglio crowd, BLM extremists, 

On the foreign front, within a year of Trump taking office and changing the rules of engagement for American forces, ISIS is essentially crushed as a land-holding caliphate. It may continue as a terrorist organization, but with far fewer resources to commit atrocities. This is good for all the peoples of the Middle East and world. Plus, somehow, North Korea and South Korea are actually talking to each other and Russia is not attempting anymore land grabs since Trump ordered a missile attack against their Syrian allies. A Trump red line will be enforced, and Putin likely understands that.

It’s hard to see how these Republican successes combined with California craziness and Washington corruption adds up to Democrats winning majorities in Congress because of Trump. Law-and-order Republicans and President Trump have a lot of cleaning up to do inside the federal government, and cannot put that off much longer.

And it’s possible the implosion of the men-in-women’s-bathrooms party is already underway.

Remember, since 2008, the Democratic Party has been electorally decimated. The Hill wrote this after the November 2016 election: “Republicans will control 4,170 state legislative seats after last week’s elections, while Democrats will control 3,129 seats in the nation’s 98 partisan legislative chambers.” That a complete flip from 2008. “Since Obama took office, Republicans have captured control of 27 state legislative chambers Democrats held after the 2008 elections. The GOP now controls the most legislative seats it has held since the founding of the party.” (ital added)

The only question there is whether those losses were the function of a popular but deeply incompetent president in Barak Obama, or a harbinger for the Democratic Party.

There will always be a Democratic Party. But just as the party had to move away from the progressive abyss and toward the center when a group including Bill Clinton formed the Democratic Leadership Council in the late 1980s, it may again need to adopt a more centrist, moderate, pro-American approach. Such an attempt would cause quite a crack up among the most extreme, loud and active grassroots members, but might be the only salvation to keep that party from going into the wilderness for a generation.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


Democrats Economy Government Republicans Schumer Truth

Democrats’ Shutdown A Desperate Diversion from Economic Success

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Whenever the federal government shutdown ends, there is one inescapable conclusion concerning it’s cause: Democrats’ thirst for a diversion from the series of recent Republican victories in the public forum, specifically in the economy.

As explained below, there is no imminent threat to DACA immigrants’ legal status, and no urgency to the CHIP children’s health care program as Republicans had proposed funding for six years. There was, therefore no need for Democrats to force a government shutdown.

Except for politics. That leaves us with one undeniable truth as to the motivation for Democrats to aspire to shut down the government: Disrupt the good things happening to Americans under Republicans and, worse, President Trump.

The leftist Democrats cannot stand that the Republicans’ adherence to classical macroeconomic principles in governance has lead to a robust economic growth spurt of over 3% GPD growth in the last three quarters. They cannot tolerate that the tax package Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called “the worst bill in the history of Congress” has led to companies voluntarily raising level entry wages for its employees and the provision of bonuses based on the moneys they are saving from the massive decrease in the corporate tax rates brought to them thanks to the Republicans. They cannot stand that the unemployment rate has reached a 43-year low and that African Americans are seeing the lowest unemployment rate since 1972.

Congressional Democrats know their message is collapsing under the weight of the nation’s economic reality. They can ill afford to allow the American people to continue to speak about these successes and how favorably they are being impacted by the predictable results of conservative fiscal policy. And most importantly, they cannot allow President Trump to bask in the glory of his newfound momentum at the one-year anniversary of his inauguration.

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So what do congressional Democrats do?

They shut down the government hoping the conversation will shift to the Republicans’ inability to govern and the recklessness of a party shutting down the government despite having control of all three branches of government. (It’s possible the shutdown could even have a positive, if unintended, affect by revealing how little Americans’ notice these portions of government disappearing.)

Except there is no crisis, no disagreement, for the minority party to base such a fickle and evil act as shutting down our government, and the Republicans could not possibly pass a budget bill through the Senate without the cooperation of the Democrats because 60 votes are needed to pass funding measures.

In a move heralding their selfishness and disruptive stance on issues affecting all Americans, congressional Democrats opted to obstruct the passage of a budget, even a temporary one, ostensibly to demand some guarantee for DACA recipients and to advocate improvements for America’s CHIP program.

To be clear, DACA recipients are not immediately threatened in any way.  Their present status is guaranteed by a Presidential Order expiring, not next week, but in March. Additionally, their position is doubly protected, at least for now, by a legally unsubstantiated ruling delivered by an activist judge from San Francisco, such that, even if March were to roll around without a solution regarding the legal status of children of illegal immigrants, their position would still be protected by the injunctive relief obtained for them by plaintiffs like the state of California.

So, where is the imminent threat to DACA recipients demanding that government services be shut down for immigrants legally residing in the United States and, worse yet, for American citizens?

There is none.

As to the CHIP program, the Republican proposal includes a provision that would continue funding the program delivering care to millions of children for the next six years, yet the Democrats would have you believe that but for their aggressive stance on disrupting the federal government’s function, the program would be severely threatened. Of course, this is a messaging lie being delivered by congressional Democrats to help support their untenable position

So where is the need to shut down the government in support our pediatric health care recipients?

Just like with DACA, there is none.

Despite the ill-founded wishes of congressional Democrats, the responsibility for this callus and grossly irresponsible act will fall squarely on them, and the longer they let this situation fester, the greater the level of Democratic dysfunction will appear to be.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and serves in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

Politics Schumer Truth

PHONY: Chuck Schumer’s Fraudulent Opposition to Neil Gorsuch

Rod Thomson

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer — who has feasted in Washington political office for 37 years — is the poster child for what Americans hate about fraudulent D.C. politics, and what is slowly draining our country of its vitality.

The New York Democrat is in blustery high dudgeon about maintaining the Senate tradition of 60 votes for a Supreme Court nominee and the “terrible” idea of changing Senate rules.

Except there is no such tradition.

As recently as 2006, Justice Samuel Alito was approved to the Supreme Court 58-42. Another current member of the Court, Justice Clarence Thomas, was barely approved 52-48. Both were nominated by Republican presidents. Republicans contributed to Obama’s picks being approved by large margins — even though they were hardened ideologues.

Further, Sen. Harry Reid, also a Democrat, changed the Senate rules in 2013 with a slim majority to bypass the filibuster and stacked the D.C. Court of Appeals. And Schumer supported Reid blowing up the Senate rules.

It was not just the “nuclear option” that the media loves to drone on about — blowing out the filibuster with a simple majority vote — but as talk radio host and law professor Hugh Hewitt has pointed out, the Reid Rule was actually more about the Senate being able to change any of its rules with a simple majority — when that traditionally required a supermajority of 60 votes.

Reid’s short-term power play, supported by Schumer just four years ago, is now coming back to bite Democrats just as Sen. Mitch McConnell said it would when he pleaded with Reid not to do it.

Schumer, true to form as a lifelong partisan D.C. denizen, now blames Republicans. But don’t think his chutzpah stops there.


Meet the truth, Senator

Schumer was on Meet the Press Sunday, and host Chuck Todd did yeoman’s work trying to point out Schumer’s colossal hypocrisy over such a short span of time.

Schumer made his talking point to Todd: “That’s how you get a mainstream justice. Mitch (McConnell) calls it a filibuster, we call it the 60-vote standard. Most Americans believe in the 60-vote standard.”

First, of course, that is nonsense, constitutionally speaking. And thinking that most Americans even know what the 60 votes is referring to, and that it was ever a standard is just more nonsense piled upon nonsense.

But this one wild prevarication during the interview, and attempt to re-write reality is simply astonishing.

Todd points out the two justices on the Court who received less than 60 votes to get confirmed. Schumer’s answer is pure mind-numbing swamp-speak:

“Well, actually Clarence Thomas is the only one, because when the filibuster came up with Alito, there were 72 votes to go forward. So there’s just one, just about every nominee gets 60 votes because in the past, presidents have actually consulted the other side before picking someone.”

Here’s how this works in the D.C. establishment mind of a Democrat leader:

Sure, sure Thomas only got 52 votes and not 60 — exactly like Chuck Todd said. But see, Schumer and others had wanted to filibuster the Thomas vote so it would never even happen. The Senate, however, including several Democrats, voted against the filibuster with 72 votes. So Schumer counts those votes to close the filibuster as as Thomas getting more than 60 votes — not the actual 52 votes he did get.

It’s just leaves one almost speechless.


Goes around, comes around

In the second part of that breathtaking quote is the idea that past presidents consulted the other side before picking a nominee. Maybe some did. But President Obama did not. In fact, his haughty quote that elections have consequences is directly on point to getting judges and justices he wanted on the bench.

Cases in point are Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Both of these justices are liberal ideologues, but Sotomayor is virtually a radical leftist.

The New York Times reports that Sonia Sotomayor is to the left of even liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg based on her voting record and opinions. “Justice Sotomayor, Mr. Obama’s first nominee to the court, surpassed Justice Ginsburg as the court’s most liberal justice.” Yet she was confirmed 68-31, with many Republicans voting for her.

Obama never consulted Republicans or conservatives on the Kagan and Sotomayor nominations. Schumer is just making stuff up, saying it on national television, and expecting to get away with it. But his team was the rule-breaker, so now there is precedent.

Elections have consequences, Obama said. Yup. They sure do.

The data points are clear. It is the Democrats who have continued to politicize the courts. So when Schumer does his shtick on Meet the Press or any gaggle of microphones, remember, it’s all a big fraud. He’s a gold level supporter and beneficiary of the Swamp.


Swamp does not want draining

Living organisms typically attack threats.

Washington, D.C.’s sprawling government industrial complex, from politicians to an army of entrenched bureaucrats and lobbyists enriched by leviathan government to a powerful and self-insulated media establishment — all with self interests — is in a sense a living organism. It is a bit akin to a swamp parasite attached to the body of the American public, drawing sustenance in the form of taxes and power and driven always to grow. When it is attacked, it fights back viciously.


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Trump, for all his faults — and some doubts that he will truly carry through — is still acting like he may try to make major changes in Washington that would benefit the American people — minus the parasitic class. Because of those efforts, from deregulation to tax reform to bypassing the media, the organism is fighting back.

Schumer disseminating, government functionaries leaking, reporters protecting the status quo, are all part and parcel of the beast lashing out at those threatening its sustenance.

The question is: Will President Trump really try to drain the swamp and destroy the menacing and formidable parasite as best he can, or was it just campaign talk. If it is the latter, he will turn out to be just another politician and a major disappointment to his supporters.

So far, however, he has been working to keep campaign promises right and left, rousing the parasite. If he continues, the organism will lash out with more virulence. But its attacks will also become more obvious for what they are.

And maybe it will be a chance for the body to expel it.

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