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VIDEO: Conservative-Liberal TV Gun Debate Finds Common Ground Fatherhood

A liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican walk into a TV studio to debate the latest mass shootings — and walk out agreeing that an overarching problem is the absence of fathers in the home. I was not going to post this as it got too far past — although the truths in the discussion remain true — but then there was this nutjob killer in Texas.

Acrimony then agreement.

The first segment went exactly the way you would expect after El Paso. White racism, too many guns, etc. But the second, longer segment opened up our agreement. My opponent, who is a very long-term Democrat politician, continued to find disagreements and make political hay, but we really were agreeing on the primary issue of fatherhood and mental health. He just naturally wants to restrict guns, too. Give a listen.

This is ground where a lot of normal Americans who disagree on guns — not politicians, they’re hopelessly entrenched in narratives — can probably agree.

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Rod Thomson On ABC: Trump Nails Speech, Democrats Pull Hair

I was on ABC after Trump’s launch speech last week and had a ball supporting the President’s content and policies against a Democrat who ran for Congress last fall.

Honestly, some defenses of the President are just so easy.

Taxes Truth Video

VIDEO: Rod Thomson Defends Tax Cuts Against Democratic Disinformation




Taxes Video

VIDEO: Tax cuts are morally and economically right

Rod Thomson on ABC 7 panel debates the GOP tax cut proposal with a liberal Democrat and economics professor.

GOP tax cuts needed, but too small





Obamacare Politics Trump Video

VIDEO: Rod on ABC talking Obamacare repeal, Norks and Trump

The ABC 7 panel on another failure of Obamacare repeal, Trump and Russia and the North Koreans.


Economics Video

VIDEO: Liberal Big Government Drives Low Wages, Income Inequality

During the past seven years, we’ve endured the worst U.S. economic recovery in the known history of recoveries. This is a plain and indisputable. The worst ever. Did this have something to do with President Barack Obama’s policies? Of course it did.

Rod Thomson goes through how on an ABC panel with a liberal Democrat professor and an economics professor.



VIDEO: Transgenders Hinder the Mission of the Military

The U.S. military’s sole mission is to destroy the enemy’s fighting power.

Transgender people in the military hinder that mission.

Trump was right to ban.






Media Explained in 2 Minutes

Veteran journalist Rod Thomson explains why a liberal worldview is engrained in mainstream journalism. In two minutes.


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Rod Thomson on ABC: Tax Reform a Must

Highlights of Rod Thomson’s debate on ABC about the need for tax reform, and the political difficulties of getting it.




Rod Thomson: Defund NPR and PBS

Here are highlights from the debate on ABC to defund public broadcasting, which is called for in Tump’s budget proposal.

Debating against two long-time members of the media.





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