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Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite

Rod Thomson

This is an article I never anticipated writing. It is so deeply violative of American values. But given the growing nature of the American, or un-American, leftist violence, it’s impossible to avoid.

The disruption, violence and intimidation tactics of the left have been increasing dramatically since the American people chose Donald Trump as President. And they’ve jumped forward again in the Kavanaugh character assassination hearings.

It’s imperative to remember the level of violence and disruption by leftists since November 2016 (although it began before that with Trump supporters being pummelled and chased and bloodied repeatedly.) I won’t reiterate all of the examples now, but there are several sites devoted to tracking the near-daily flood of leftist attacks and support for such attacks, including in the media. Breitbart News keeps a rolling list here, currently at 583 and counting. Catholic Online has another extensive list here. And here’s a Youtube channel that has a partial list of filmed attacks. (These lists document attacks the mainstream media ignores, dismisses or at the very best, downplays.)

But the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the 11th hour accusations that ended up being baseless, sent things further overboard. And it’s telling that someone like Kavanaugh was the target. Other than graduating at the top of his class at Yale and being a Supreme Court nominee (and now confirmed) Kavanaugh is a pretty normal American guy. He goes to church every week or more often. He volunteers for charities. He coaches his kids’ teams. He likes a beer.

Not really the epitome of an evil gang rapist who must be stopped at all costs. Nonetheless, the Democrats went all in with the aid of an irresponsible, compliant, allied media that breathlessly reported every nonsensical, lurid whisper against Kavanaugh as though the concept of news judgment was never heard of.

The attacks started with pre-planned protests in the hearings themselves, where leftist protesters invited in by Democratic Senators jumped up and began shouting. Within the first hour, Kavanaugh’s wife and children — in what should have been a proud moment — had to be escorted from the chamber because it was no longer considered safe or an appropriate environment for the girls. Just shameful.

Of course, it all went gravely downhill with the uncorroborated accusations by Christine Blasey Ford, and even more baseless others. Democrats and their allies sullied Kavanaugh in every way, led by the disgraceful Sen. Dianne Feinstein not only concealing the Ford accusations for weeks and then outing Ford when the woman wanted anonymity, but also actually asking Kavanaugh about the gang rape accusations — which were obvious fiction through a porn star lawyer.

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And the ongoing, endless leftist demonstrations, protests and attacks. For the first time, United States Senators (Republicans, anyway) needed security escorts when walking between offices within the Capitol building. So much shame.

The reality that has been sinking in well outside very conservative, or very Trumpian circles, is that the vile assault on Kavanaugh was an assault on every conservative, every Republican, every Trumpian — everyone not on the woke progressive plantation of anti-Americanism that is driving the left and the Democratic Party.

The attacks on Trump cabinet members, on U.S. Senators, on judicial nominees, on kids in a fast-food joint with a MAGA hat…are also attacks on all the rest of us.

At the political level, conservatives fought back. For many, it was gratifying to see.

First, of course, came Kavanaugh’s spirited, full-throated defense of himself that heartened many conservatives watching it. Then came Sen. Lindsey Graham, long a frustrating moderate to conservatives, who unleashed a totally accurate tirade against his Democrat colleagues the likes of which is rarely if ever seen in the Senate. For a moment, he became conservatives’ favorite Republican.

But the expansion is continuing to grow. Even arch never-Trumpers such as Bret Stephens are warming to the idea that Republicans, and even Trump, are not actually the problem and may be the only defensive line against the tyranny of the left.

The middle of the country was repulsed at the spectacle wrought by Democrats, revealed in a crushing wave of new polls showing the Democratic Party in a free fall. What is further heartening is that these polls across the spectrum show that Americans are unwilling to accept such vile behavior.

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But alas, and totally predictably, the left is turning to violence again after the Kavanaugh vote over the weekend. Not really “turning” because they never really stopped. Here’s just a tiny taste of the ongoing disruption and violence that exists almost solely on the left over the past few days:

  • Two people were hospitalized after exposure to a powdery substance suspected of being ricin at Cruz’s Houston campaign office.
  • A group of “protesters” following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell out of a restaurant in Kentucky shouted “we know where you live, bitch.”
  • Republican Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland was assaulted by protesters after they busted through his Capitol office.
  • Antifa (which certainly acts like a domestic terrorist organization) has taken over streets of Portland and chased down people who don’t obey their traffic directions. Portland police just watched, obviously under orders.
  • A liberal Minneapolis teacher Tweeted: “So who’s gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”

A search for any sort of list from any sites that counter this narrative comes up empty. There apparently are just so few attacks on the left from the right that a list does not make sense.

The question is, however: For how long? How long will conservatives and Trump supporters stand around and be abused, attacked, vilified and doxxed before there is an in-kind response? I oppose any in-kind responses on the lowest level of violence and doxxing, of physically endangering anyone.

Frankly, the principles that make conservatives conservative tend to restrain us more than the bitter anger and drive for power that propels modern progressives, particularly modern feminists.

But human nature being what it is, eventually it could overtake the better nature of our principles. I don’t want it, and I don’t know what it might look like. It would be obvious if it ever starts happening, because those attacks and disruptions would receive enormous media coverage. Eventually, without a course change by Democrats, it will happen. Leftist Democrats can’t keep attacking people and expect them to just take it forever.

As the old quote goes (paraphrased): “I don’t like him. When he’s attacked, he defends himself.”

But let our defense be using the weapons of our ideas, our “noble words, rather than worthless ones” — as God called on Jeremiah to use — our principles, our appreciation of America. We should take these concepts and be engaged where we are: in family, in our neighborhood, at work. Personal relationships matter and are far more persuasive than Twitter or Facebook or protests.

Last but not least, we vote! Truly, if conservatives and Republicans will get out and vote — and we do vote in much higher percentages — then we will have better leadership at every level. It may trigger more leftist violence from the left if things go south for Democrats in November, but that will further sharpen the differences for Americans to see.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Florida Scuttles Legislation That Could Actually Stop School Shootings

Rod Thomson

Emotions and empty platitudes have long been the field on which the anti-Second Amendment gun control crowd plays. And with wicked murders last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., emotions are sky high — and that is usually bad for sound policy.

The emotions have brought out the predictable platitudes from the left-wing, including the insufferable John Kasich, about “common sense” gun legislation and “time to put aside our differences” and “standing up to the NRA.” Every one of those simply means: Do we what we say.

But now, the anti-gun agitators have taken the profound grief of young people and are using it as another tool for their agenda. The Parkland teens did not organize their protests on their own around the state and nation and their rally in Tallahassee as legislators were meeting. In fact, we now know that the same organizations behind the Women’s March are the ones organizing and funding these marches.

There is nothing grass roots there, just exploitative deep pockets from the left. Sheriff David Clarke sees on Twitter the destabilizing hand of George Soros in them, which would fit with the Women’s March.

And the media is broadcasting the times and dates of the marches like they are public service announcements, without an ounce of scrutiny.

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All of this political fallout from the evil murders at the high school came during the Florida Legislature’s annual nine-week session.

And so, bowing to the emotions, platitudes and timing, some of the most fearless defenders of gun rights and reasoned thinking on the issue have pulled the only legislation that might actually have an impact on saving lives.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube, a Sarasota Republican, has withdrawn legislation his committee was set to vote on that would have lifted the gun-free zones on schools and allowed school districts, with local discretion, to designate a concealed weapons permit holder to carry a gun on campus. Steube has worked tirelessly to allow similar gun laws on Florida colleges and in schools in previous years to help young people defend themselves from wicked rampagers. Generally, those did not make it out of committee.

This year was different with Steube chairing the committee and having apparent support for this legislation.

But the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Dennis Baxley, an Ocala Republican, said the timing was now wrong for holding a debate over what critics label an expansion of gun rights in Florida.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported:

“I don’t think we’re ready for that discussion right now,” Baxley said. “I’m trying to solve a problem. Having a school as a gun-free zone, while well intentioned, makes it a sterile target. That would change if there was armed resistance.”

Baxley has another bill set to go Wednesday before the full Senate that would allow people to carry their concealed weapons to church, even if there was a school on the grounds. He said Monday that was still scheduled for debate.

“But whether it is brought up, is going to be up to leadership,” Baxley said.

And thus died the most reasonable, Constitutional steps that government could take to limit these shootings, once again demonstrating the axiom that liberals end up damaging the most, the very people they claim to want to help.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.

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A Florida Legislator’s Steps To Blunt School Gun Violence

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

The Chamber of the Florida House of Representatives is an austere place. Upon entering, you feel the weight of your constituents urging you to work for the betterment of all Floridians. Despite its loftiness, during session it is also a place bustling with activity.

But on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, all of that came to a halt as the announcement was made that a terrible mass shooting incident was taking place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Miami, and a moment of silence was called in solidarity with those who were tragically affected by the day’s events. The work of the Florida House continued after that, but at a much more somber pace.  

As we know, 17 people paid the ultimate price for this senseless act of violence while countless others were left with a huge void in their lives and in their hearts. And those of us in the Florida House were left with a renewed call to do something to address this tragic problem.  

The question, of course, is what?

The easy but fruitless answer is to reach for gun control legislation. All sorts of ideas have been floated, ranging from a ban on assault weapons all the way to confiscation. The problem with these suggestions is that no matter how many of these laws are passed, the nefarious shooter will continue to obtain weapons and wreak havoc on the frail and unarmed. Although many are frustrated by the Congress’s inability to enact stricter gun control legislation, the ineffectiveness and futility of these measures is the very reason for the gridlock.  Unquestionably, if gun control measures truly worked, their passage would be unstoppable.

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So, absent these ineffective measures, what else can be done?

Well, there are actually some very promising solutions.

➜ For starters, school districts can enact programs designating individuals with familiarity in handling weapons (such as concealed weapon permit holders, military veterans, former law enforcement  officers, etc.) to carry them in schools for the purposes of protecting students in case of an active shooter or hostage situation. These programs may include training requirements, background checks and psychological testing in order to qualify to carry in a school. These individuals ought to be carrying in a concealed manner so that no student or stranger would know the identity or number of such designated carriers.

➜ Many states prohibit the carrying of any weapons at all in all schools, public or private, thus rendering even the members of churches with schools on church grounds powerless to respond in the case of an active shooter incident. Those restrictions need be lifted, particularly during times when the church’s school is not in session, such as Sundays, the same time that services are being held.  

➜ States ought to enact legislation requiring school districts to develop policies and response plans to active shooter situations, and drill them, so that all involved know how to respond.  

➜ States should coordinate simulation programs, such as the one run by the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, where field enactments are created requiring coordinated responses by local SWAT, EMS teams, and assigned weapons carriers. This will allow for better coordination amongst the different players needing to work together and for the identification of challenges before they are encountered in live events.

Like in other areas, prevention is the best policy and overreliance on the federal system is a prescription for failure. Consequently, state law enforcement must be tasked with the job of identifying high-risk individuals and with investigating them before a mass casualty event takes place. It follows that state legislatures must pass laws and appropriations providing these agencies the tools they need to hunt down these would-be killers and get them the interventions they need.

So why haven’t these very reasonable and logical steps been enacted?

In my experience, the number one reason legislation in this arena meets so much resistance is because of the conflations and misguidance provided by its opponents. Without fail, whenever these measures are presented, opponents turn the debate into a discussion about the expansion of guns in schools or the intrusion on gun-free zones when, in fact, these measures represent no such expansions or intrusions.  Additionally, fear mongering inevitably takes place as if the fear of the unknown were greater than the acknowledgment of the certainty of another deadly occurrence.  

Clearly, our country’s problem with violent behavior and murderous conduct is much greater than the mere existence of guns, and we should never have a discussion about gun violence and school safety without noting the need to improve the moral ills afflicting us.

More importantly, we cannot allow the paralysis that grips us regarding gun control to keep us from enacting useful and lifesaving measures. Doing so not only represents a terrible negligence on our part, but it will also lead to more tragic and needless loss of life.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod.  Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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Vegas Massacre: Americans At Their Best…Politicians At Their Worst

Rod Thomson

While the evil massacre of 59 people in Las Vegas was immediately politicized by those wanting more gun control legislation — despite the reality that everything the killer did was already illegal — average Americans continued to shine in the crisis.

Just as Americans did in killer hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Just as we always do.

As the psychopath continued to fire on the defenseless crowd from the nearby Mandalay Hotel high rise, dozens and dozens of stories have emerged about ordinary people turned heroes in the midst of the deadly chaos.

Repeatedly, concert-goers stopped to help others, went back into the field of fire from safety to aid the wounded — consistently risking their own lives to save others, often strangers.

“There were so many people out there that you wouldn’t think they would be helping others at a time like that, but it wasn’t an ‘every man for himself’ kind of situation,” said Tiffany Michelle, who witnessed the massacre. “Everybody just sort of grabbed somebody around them and tried to do everything they could to get others out.”

Off-duty California firefighter Steve Keys was bent over a shooting victim and performing CPR when he was shot in the back. He is expected to survive.

Retired teacher Mike Cronk told ABC 13 that many concert-goers with and without first-aid training, worked together to help victims get to first-responders — often carrying them. Cronk said he used his shirt to stop the bleeding after his friend was shot three times. He and another woman helped him push his friend under the stage to safety. “I’m no hero,” he said. “But there’s a lot of heroes out there.”

A 29-year-old nurse from Tennessee, Sunny Melton, was at the concert with his wife. When the shots began, Melton stood behind his wife, sheltering her as he guided her toward safety away from the gunfire. He was fatally shot in the back as they neared safety. His wife survived.

Off-duty firefighter Kurt Fowler from Arizona was also protecting his wife by using his body as a shield and was shot, but is expected to recover.

Los Angeles firefighter Mark McCurdy was at the concert with his wife and her sister when the sister was shot. McCurdy carried his sister-in-law to the safety of their hotel room, and once his wife was also safe, he turned around and went back out into the killing field to help others.

In the middle of the night, just a few hours before the politicians climbed out of bed to begin tweeting and issuing statements dividing Americans, regular Nevadans began flooding blood donation centers because of the critical need for blood with more than 500 people wounded.

Blood centers were jammed full by 4 a.m. Through the night, throughout the next day and the following, Nevadans kept giving blood.

A GoFundMe account was quickly established for the victims and within a day had gained more than $2 million. More than 30,000 people contributed, including the Oakland Raiders professional football team, which will be moving to Vegas.

And states jumped in to help, just as they did during the hurricanes.

Drawing on the hard lessons learned after the Pulse nightclub massacre last year in Orlando, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and members of her office are heading to Las Vegas at the request of the Nevada Attorney General to practically help victims of the nation’s latest mass killing.

“Sadly, (in) Florida we know what we’re doing after the Pulse nightclub,” Bondi said. “So many of the victims who died don’t live in Nevada, so help with burial and helping them get back to their respective states…We need to help them work through the legal process, connecting with their families and by getting them services.”

This is America. Not the sleazy, grandstanding politicians. Not the divisive National Anthem protests. Not Antifa or white supremacists. Not the rancor and division that is so prevalent now for political gain.

White, black, Hispanic, male, female were all at the concert, were all helping others and were all lined up at blood banks to help others. Let’s remember this America. 

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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A Conservative Response to the Scalise Shooting

By Rod Thomson

One of the bulwarks of conservatism is personal responsibility, and it is not to be set aside for political convenience. So let’s place the blame for today’s shooting squarely where it belongs: on the man who pulled the trigger 50 times.

A liberal Democrat from Illinois who volunteered for the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders and was a super fan of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, opened fire on Republican Congressmen who were practicing for the annual charity baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. The man apparently asked to make sure it was Republicans on the field, then pulled the triggered about 50 times on a long rifle before Capitol Police killed him. The shooter wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and injured four others. Scalise is in critical condition.

Too much talk radio was quick to blame the “toxic political environment” created by the extreme and irrational liberal response to the Trump presidential election — despite talk radio wrongly being the butt of blame in previous violent events.

Yes, we have a toxic political environment right now. It’s not the worst ever in our nation, but really bad.

Yes, people like Kathy Griffin holding President Trump’s bloody head feeds the toxicity. Actions like Shakespeare in the Park assassinating Trump; politicians like Democrat Vice President candidate Tim Kaine tweeting about “fighting them in the streets;” Maxine Waters’ general insufferable extremism; groups like Antifa with overt violence against Trump supporters; and the general state of overheated, too often dishonest journalism all feed the toxicity. But truthfully, so do some of Trump’s tweets and some talk show hosts who support Trump, like the loathsome Alex Jones. I hope some of these folks will re-think their level of vitriol.

But as is the case in every situation such as this — from the massacres at Columbine and Sandy Hook, to the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, even to Kathy Griffin’s repulsive act — personal responsibility takes center stage. The “culture” or “environment” is not to blame for an individual’s actions. That’s a cheap escape card. Griffin tried to blame Trump. No. Griffin did it, and that’s on her.

Every man and woman stands on their own decisions. We make thousands and thousands of personal decisions in our lives and accept the consequences. Some children grow up in inner city poverty to a struggling single mom and rise to become brain surgeons and presidential candidates. Dr. Ben Carson. Some come out of the exact same situation and wind up in prison for life. Because it was not their environment, it was their personal choices.

I remember well when Democrat Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords was shot in 2011 in Tuscon, Arizona, and the immediate blame went to the “environment of hate” supposedly caused by conservative talk radio and Sarah Palin’s map targeting congressional districts with crosshairs. But of course, it turned out that the shooter was a drug abusing whackjob who had a personal fixation on Giffords. He also made personal choices.

Neither is it right to clump this evil man with “leftists” in general, as I heard too much today. I know many liberals and Democrats who I constantly disagree with and occasionally get irritated with (both parts mutual) — whose ideas are noxious to me and I believe to the nation — but they should not be tainted for the murderous actions of this man. Conservative ideas can defeat liberal ideas every time. That is where the battle is joined.

So while Bernie Sanders and other heroes of today’s shooter certainly add political toxicity — and each should reflect on their responsibility for doing so —they are not responsible for a shooters actions. Neither is the gun he used, which was immediately jumped on by the left.

The shooter alone is responsible. And he has apparently received his just reward.

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The Real Source of Political Violence and Hate

violence-against-trump-supporter trump-protest-tackle3-640x480

A Trump supporter being chased down and beaten by violent Democrat protestors


By Rod Thomson

The Left’s Culture Machine consisting of the fellow-traveling media, Hollywood, academia, and pop music has drilled deep into the American psyche.

But there comes a time to combine William F. Buckley and Gandalf and stand athwart this torrent of distortions and deceits and shout “This far and no further!”

Against a deluge of evidence flowing around and over the one-way media filter, the Culture Machine has determined that Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters are the source of all political violence. This violence not only is caused by Trump’s incendiary language, but reflects his violent, racist supporters.

An eddy in this torrent demands that Christians such as myself “speak out” against every act of political violence, perceived political violence and “KKK-like” actions that Trump has “empowered.”

But come on, everyone knows Trump has inspired racists and ultra nationalists, violence and shutting down “others.” Right? I mean look at the alt right. Terrifying! And this is unprecedented in modern American history. Right? It’s obvious from the violence at his campaign rallies. Right?

Absolutely, positively…wrong. That’s the Orwellian rewriting of history by the Culture Machine, which starts with dishonest media reporting and is amplified through bubble-gum popping celebrities.

Here’s how it works, via a few examples.

chnusaxwgaaleva lat-trumpsj-wre0038852369-20160602

More Trump supporters who could not get away from violent Democrat protestors, including eggings


Trump the racist

David Duke, always irrelevant but now more than ever with no source of support anywhere and a total pariah, sought another 15 minutes of fame by endorsing Donald Trump and the media squeezed as many news cycles out of that non-event as possible. Far worse, the KKK — all six of them or whatever rump is left of that rumpy group (it’s a few thousand, nationally) — endorsed Donald Trump and the hysteria is full-blown over the resurgent rise of white racism. This explains the violence!


Is there white racism? Duh. Stupid question. Is there black racism? Duh. Hispanic racism? Asian racism? Duh. Duh.

Just stop it with the hyperventilating chase after a white racist behind every Trump voter.

That was not and is not Trump’s support base because there just aren’t that many of them. The truth is that racism in the United States is pretty minimal, particularly considering our unique amount of racial diversity — unlike any other country. Despite our problems, compared to most all of the world and all of world history — not some utopian fantasy — we’ve actually done pretty well moving forward.

Until recently.

If the media wants to look at a rise of racism in the United States, it should not be looking at the election of Trump, but the election of Barak Obama. Race relations have undeniably deteriorated in the past eight years. Every metric shows it. But the media continued to report root causes of the increase in militant black racism as part of Black Lives Matters and others, which utterly swamp the rumpy KKK in numbers and mainstream support. But the media never pinned it on Obama, despite the president’s penchant for repeatedly jumping to racialist conclusions that were later shown to be in error.

Of course, the media could also report that the California KKK, probably about three idiots, endorsed Hillary Clinton. Youtube it. But they did not report it. Filters.

trumpsupporter cj_4gebuuaatxie


And more Trump supporters attacked by violent Democrat protestors

Trump the violent

And political violence? Trump said once he’d like to punch some of the rabble rousers in the face. OK, that’s totally inappropriate. Understandable when someone is being a Class A jerk, but still in no way acceptable or presidential. Oh, and there is video of a man shouting during a Trump rally getting punched.

But that is so heavily filtered as to essentially represent a falsity — not in specific details but in context.

Here’s the real story — Orwell’s revolutionary act of telling the truth, if you will.

Youtube is filled with videos of Trump supporters being beaten by blacks in a parking garage, Hispanics in Hollywood, and whites in the general thuggish mob-like actions of gangs. It’s disgusting. And it is all emanating from the Left. Of course, this has been the case for many years.

In fact, there has been plenty of spontaneous violence by the Left against Trump. For instance, the Daily Wire reported on one Trump rally in California:

“On Thursday night, leftist protesters at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, chased down Donald Trump supporters and beat them bloody, spit in their faces, pelted a female Trump supporter with eggs, hurled rocks at police horses, and broke down metal barriers – all while burning American flags and screaming slogans like “America Was Never Great!” and “Make America Mexico Again!”

There’s a laundry list of other examples. Now note the origin of that story. Not the mainstream media, but the new media slowly but surely supplanting the dinosauric media that has let us all down with one-sided, agenda-driven reporting.


Campuses are not safe places for conservatives or Trump supporters


Trump the victim

In this election cycle not everything was spontaneous from the Left. It turns out that Democrat operatives were running an active, funded campaign to instigate violence at Trump rallies. We do not know this because of any mainstream media investigation — because that was simply never going to happen — but because James O’Keefe secretly videotaped top Democrats bragging about it.

The Democrat operatives hired union members, the homeless and the mentally ill, paying them out of Democrat funds to start violence at Trump rallies — which the fellow-traveling media dutifully attached to Trump’s rhetoric. That fed the rest of the Culture Machine so that the history books are now being written to explain how Trump incited political violence when largely it was the Left and Democrat operatives that did so.

Of course, a quick look at the past half century shows just how much political violence has come from the Left. It is the historic source of the majority of political violence in our country — something never reported and rarely taught in schools. Here’s just a smattering.

  • The 1960s featured the Weathermen and Black Panther domestic terrorists of the Left. (Remember, Barak Obama’s close ties to Bill Ayers, a leader of the Weathermen.) The Left gave us “Days of Rage” in the ‘60s.
  • In the 1970s, we had the Symbionese Liberation Army and many other groups with their kidnappings and assassinations. The Jonestown massacre came from a Marxist.
  • In the 1980s, we had the Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN, which was also self-described as Marxist.
  • In the 1990s, the Communist and anarchist riots against the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle and elsewhere revealed more political violence from the Left.
  • And the Left marched on with open violence and threats into this century, including left-wing New York playwrights writing and staging a play about killing President Bush and so much more.
  • That brings us to today’s spontaneous and pre-planned leftist violence against Trump supporters and conservatives in general. The North Carolina Republican headquarters was firebombed. And while the local Democrat Party actually helped with the repairs (excellent!) the media notably focused on the tenor set by the Trump campaign — hewing to the deception that is now set like cement in many minds.

It just goes on and on. But according to the Culture Machine, it’s Trump who is the source of political violence and hatred. That’s just wrong.

The Left has cultivated, fomented and paid for political violence for at least 50 years in this country.

And yet, 94 percent of the time the media portion of the Culture Machine blamed Trump for violence during the campaign when all the evidence is now showing that most of what was Democrat and liberal-instigated. It was an appalling display.

An apology for that errant reporting will not be forthcoming.

Democrats and the rest of the Left should stop pretending Trump has started something new here and own their movement’s disgraceful actions associated with political violence in the United States both historically and to this very day.

Below are a few more scenes of Democrat supporters outside Trump rallies during the campaign. This is not the truth that the media-driven Culture Machine wants you to see.






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