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Cyber Jihadists Are Getting Christians Banned On Facebook

Rod Thomson

It’s not just high-profile anti-leftist political commentators such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer who are being banned from Facebook and de-platformed elsewhere.

Facebook has forced a well-known Christian apologist off their platform for things he posted years earlier — such as death and rape threats he received and even a famous anti-Nazi picture — after repeatedly being reported by online by Muslim activist group targeting Christians.

Apologist Dr. David Wood finally gave up Facebook because every time a suspension finished he was suspended again almost immediately, within hours, for older and older posts and for longer and longer periods. He was effectively banned through the use of rolling suspensions.

You can watch his explanation here on Youtube, at least until they boot him.

Let’s be clear, compared to the garbage fire of content on Facebook and Twitter, Wood’s criticisms are as soft and cuddly as the media’s coverage of President Obama, cute kitty cuddly.

Here are a few of the posts he was suspended for:

✞ Posting a threat from someone who wanted to rape his mother in front of him;

✞ Posting another threat from someone who wanted to rape his wife in front of him with the vilest of language throughout. Wood posted “Feel the love, the religion of peace” and a screenshot of the post and he was suspended;

✞ Posting another threat from someone who wanted to “chop chop chop” his head off;

✞ Posting a historical photo showing Hitler with one of his ideological allies — including the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a Muslim leader. This is a famous photo;

✞ Posting another old black and white historical photo of a lone man who famously stood in a crowd refusing to give the Nazi salute while everyone around him did. All he wrote was “Be this guy.” See the post below.

For each of these offenses, his posts were hidden from view, he was informed that “This post goes against our community standards” and was suspended. Community standards.

The theme in all of the threats was that they came from self-identified Muslims on Twitter or Facebook because Wood is critical of Islam. Those accounts seem to remain in good standing.

The group that has organized to get Wood and several other Christians banned is called Cyber Jihad, and they bragged about it on Youtube. The Islamic group openly targets and reports Christians who say anything negative about Islam (Wood tends to remind listeners that Mohammed married a 9-year-old girl, and this is still practiced in parts of the Muslim world.)

The Cyber Jihad group has also gone after other Christians, such as Sam Shamoun and Al Fadi, for posting about Islam.

Of course about anything can be said about Christianity because Christians do not seek to shut down the free speech of Muslims, atheists or anyone else critical. In fact, horrific things can be posted about Jesus Christ, and there will rarely be any response by Facebook or the other social media giants.

But if you post something negative about the Prophet Mohammed, expect to get a visit from the Facebook thought police, or Twitter censors.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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5 replies on “Cyber Jihadists Are Getting Christians Banned On Facebook”

America is for Americans, not terrorists.looking to take.over our country from within.

We have laws against what is happening…Use them, or LOSE THEM.

Zuckerberg is a Muslim Lover and a Pedophile of Children. Someone needs to take him down to the local Jail and give him to a couple of Guys named Sally for the weekend. Those who promote Hate and Death should be fed the same meals they’re dishing out.

In the past several days, I have received THOUSANDS of Facebook “friend” requests, from people I do not know. It is taking a great deal of time for me to process them. Also, I have carpal tunnel syndrome and hand tremors … I have traced many of the requests and found they are from Africa and the Middle East. Some are in Arabic. Has anyone else had this experience?

Muslims will continue to make such attempts at censorship because, like children who are encouraged to tattle on others in this Western snowflake society, they have learned that it works. Liberal platforms like Facebook have become the facilitators of this childish nonsense and many communities (whether Muslim, BLM or others) have taken advantage of such a soapbox to air any made up grievance .

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