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Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite

Rod Thomson

This is an article I never anticipated writing. It is so deeply violative of American values. But given the growing nature of the American, or un-American, leftist violence, it’s impossible to avoid.

The disruption, violence and intimidation tactics of the left have been increasing dramatically since the American people chose Donald Trump as President. And they’ve jumped forward again in the Kavanaugh character assassination hearings.

It’s imperative to remember the level of violence and disruption by leftists since November 2016 (although it began before that with Trump supporters being pummelled and chased and bloodied repeatedly.) I won’t reiterate all of the examples now, but there are several sites devoted to tracking the near-daily flood of leftist attacks and support for such attacks, including in the media. Breitbart News keeps a rolling list here, currently at 583 and counting. Catholic Online has another extensive list here. And here’s a Youtube channel that has a partial list of filmed attacks. (These lists document attacks the mainstream media ignores, dismisses or at the very best, downplays.)

But the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the 11th hour accusations that ended up being baseless, sent things further overboard. And it’s telling that someone like Kavanaugh was the target. Other than graduating at the top of his class at Yale and being a Supreme Court nominee (and now confirmed) Kavanaugh is a pretty normal American guy. He goes to church every week or more often. He volunteers for charities. He coaches his kids’ teams. He likes a beer.

Not really the epitome of an evil gang rapist who must be stopped at all costs. Nonetheless, the Democrats went all in with the aid of an irresponsible, compliant, allied media that breathlessly reported every nonsensical, lurid whisper against Kavanaugh as though the concept of news judgment was never heard of.

The attacks started with pre-planned protests in the hearings themselves, where leftist protesters invited in by Democratic Senators jumped up and began shouting. Within the first hour, Kavanaugh’s wife and children — in what should have been a proud moment — had to be escorted from the chamber because it was no longer considered safe or an appropriate environment for the girls. Just shameful.

Of course, it all went gravely downhill with the uncorroborated accusations by Christine Blasey Ford, and even more baseless others. Democrats and their allies sullied Kavanaugh in every way, led by the disgraceful Sen. Dianne Feinstein not only concealing the Ford accusations for weeks and then outing Ford when the woman wanted anonymity, but also actually asking Kavanaugh about the gang rape accusations — which were obvious fiction through a porn star lawyer.

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And the ongoing, endless leftist demonstrations, protests and attacks. For the first time, United States Senators (Republicans, anyway) needed security escorts when walking between offices within the Capitol building. So much shame.

The reality that has been sinking in well outside very conservative, or very Trumpian circles, is that the vile assault on Kavanaugh was an assault on every conservative, every Republican, every Trumpian — everyone not on the woke progressive plantation of anti-Americanism that is driving the left and the Democratic Party.

The attacks on Trump cabinet members, on U.S. Senators, on judicial nominees, on kids in a fast-food joint with a MAGA hat…are also attacks on all the rest of us.

At the political level, conservatives fought back. For many, it was gratifying to see.

First, of course, came Kavanaugh’s spirited, full-throated defense of himself that heartened many conservatives watching it. Then came Sen. Lindsey Graham, long a frustrating moderate to conservatives, who unleashed a totally accurate tirade against his Democrat colleagues the likes of which is rarely if ever seen in the Senate. For a moment, he became conservatives’ favorite Republican.

But the expansion is continuing to grow. Even arch never-Trumpers such as Bret Stephens are warming to the idea that Republicans, and even Trump, are not actually the problem and may be the only defensive line against the tyranny of the left.

The middle of the country was repulsed at the spectacle wrought by Democrats, revealed in a crushing wave of new polls showing the Democratic Party in a free fall. What is further heartening is that these polls across the spectrum show that Americans are unwilling to accept such vile behavior.

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But alas, and totally predictably, the left is turning to violence again after the Kavanaugh vote over the weekend. Not really “turning” because they never really stopped. Here’s just a tiny taste of the ongoing disruption and violence that exists almost solely on the left over the past few days:

  • Two people were hospitalized after exposure to a powdery substance suspected of being ricin at Cruz’s Houston campaign office.
  • A group of “protesters” following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell out of a restaurant in Kentucky shouted “we know where you live, bitch.”
  • Republican Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland was assaulted by protesters after they busted through his Capitol office.
  • Antifa (which certainly acts like a domestic terrorist organization) has taken over streets of Portland and chased down people who don’t obey their traffic directions. Portland police just watched, obviously under orders.
  • A liberal Minneapolis teacher Tweeted: “So who’s gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?”

A search for any sort of list from any sites that counter this narrative comes up empty. There apparently are just so few attacks on the left from the right that a list does not make sense.

The question is, however: For how long? How long will conservatives and Trump supporters stand around and be abused, attacked, vilified and doxxed before there is an in-kind response? I oppose any in-kind responses on the lowest level of violence and doxxing, of physically endangering anyone.

Frankly, the principles that make conservatives conservative tend to restrain us more than the bitter anger and drive for power that propels modern progressives, particularly modern feminists.

But human nature being what it is, eventually it could overtake the better nature of our principles. I don’t want it, and I don’t know what it might look like. It would be obvious if it ever starts happening, because those attacks and disruptions would receive enormous media coverage. Eventually, without a course change by Democrats, it will happen. Leftist Democrats can’t keep attacking people and expect them to just take it forever.

As the old quote goes (paraphrased): “I don’t like him. When he’s attacked, he defends himself.”

But let our defense be using the weapons of our ideas, our “noble words, rather than worthless ones” — as God called on Jeremiah to use — our principles, our appreciation of America. We should take these concepts and be engaged where we are: in family, in our neighborhood, at work. Personal relationships matter and are far more persuasive than Twitter or Facebook or protests.

Last but not least, we vote! Truly, if conservatives and Republicans will get out and vote — and we do vote in much higher percentages — then we will have better leadership at every level. It may trigger more leftist violence from the left if things go south for Democrats in November, but that will further sharpen the differences for Americans to see.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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12 replies on “Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite”

God bless you for bringing out the truth! It is only a matter of time before someone is going to get killed. It is absolutely disgraceful what the Democrats are doing and getting away with!! Where is Sessions?

I can’t stand Willie Wet Leg.
I can’t stand him at any price.
He’s resigned, and when you hit him,
He let’s you hit him twice.
(“Willie Wet Leg” by David Herbert Lawrence)

If the police refuse to protect us (Portland), then we must protect ourselves.

Most veterans are conservatives. Nearly all combat vets are conservative.

If the police won’t protect us, we must protect ourselves.

Great article. I find that most of this stuff happens in liberal cities anyway. And if folks from those areas, liberals, independents and conservatives put up with it…well, you get what you vote for. But if liberals pull that kind of mess in a conservative area…uh…they might find out real quick the true meaning of “Country Boys Can Survive.”

Liberals are taking a huge chance with this mess…come November, we’ll see if they were right…or wrong! Let’s hope WRONG!

Great article indeed.
And your points are indeed valid and true.

But I’m a type of guy, when I see a problem, I think about ways to avoid a repeat. I think the highest priority after the election when the Republicans win is doing something about this freak show. If they do, this will not happen again. The people in America live in a country where there is still law and order and currently the anarchists are dominating without fear of that law and order. That must be the highest priority of all.

With all due respect to your opinion, I will no longer turn the other cheek. Confrontation to me and mine will result in a self defense escalation that is unexpected. I believe the days of talking are passed.

“Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite”
WRONG! By their very nature, conservatives are far more non-confrontational than liberals. So unless and until liberals become an actual serious threat – and I mean literally, like islamic terrorists going around killing people en masse, etc. – there will never be enough justification for conservatives to actually “take care of business” and put an end to all this insanity. So it will continue, on and on and on. There will be no “civil war,” because liberals are too cowardly to push conservatives to the point where massive violence against them is ‘warranted.’

I do believe you’ve had entirely too much soy in your diet as of late. True, conservatives are far more non-confrontational than liberals. In believing in a power higher than ourselves & our government & recognizing that good & evil are real & not relative, conservatives have an ’emergency hand brake’ on our behavior for the most part that liberals don’t. However, my patience is spent, & although I wouldn’t dream of initiating anything, so much as lay a finger on me or my family & you will quickly find yourself comatose or coma-dead! Doxxing, calling employers & other such nonsense will receive a response as well – it might not involve violence, but rest assured I’ll have my pound of flesh. Stand there, bend over & take it if you want, but you’re only inviting more – that’s not how you deal with a bully. I think there are many working-class, right leaning Americans that feel the same way …. they can protest all they want, but should be really careful in how they actually treat people they disagree with. There are plenty of us out there who are cocked, locked & ready to rock. Be safe & check six!

Way to go alienating a potential ally. “Soy”? Really? Russian Bot is just telling the truth. You can brag all you want about your machismo from behind a keyboard, but you aren’t actually “ready to rock”, as long as “conservatives” refuse to enforce the law of the land. Show me a prosecution of ANTIFA or DSA or George Soros, and then I may believe you.

You obviously do not belong to any gun club or hunting club or visit hunting and shooting forums. If you did, you’re views would be invalidated in short order. Historically, conservatives are the hunters, shooters, reloaders and bullet casters. And, supportive of those activities, the buyers of guns, ammunition, hunting and reloading supplies. The shooting industry in this country is bigger than all pro sports combined. And it’s the conservatives funding those activities.

Great opinion and spot on. I believe the left/socialist/democrat party is begging us to physically fight back so they can highlight that with their media cohorts.
That is their plan all along to goad us into acting like them.
We will vote in volumes from here on out.
Trump 2020.
We have had enough.
Silent no more.

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