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The Death Of The Obama Wing Of The Democratic Party

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

The past few weeks have been devastating for the Democratic Party, its reputation and its standing among the American people.

As a result of an endless stream of news reports and congressional actions, the American people have learned that the Democratic Party, in collusion with Hillary Clinton and Russian operatives, fabricated a dossier as a guarantee to keep an American citizen from being elected President of the United States. They learned that the FBI and the Department of Justice, while under the leadership of President Obama, promoted those fabricated misrepresentations while simultaneously protecting Clinton from prosecution of her gross violations of federal secrecy laws in her mishandling of classified electronic information.  

And as the milieu of corruption and malfeasance revealed itself, no evidence of the collusion Democrats claimed to have taken place between Russian operatives and the Trump Campaign appeared. On the contrary, the deeper Congress peeled into the issue, the more it appeared that the Democrats were colluding with the Russians to defeat Trump rather than the obverse.

On another front, Democrats worked to oppose a tax cut that would place millions of dollars back into the pockets of average Americans and their businesses. More offensively, they recurrently minimized the importance of those newly found cash savings. Even as the Democrats foolishly decried the effects of the tax package as inconsequential, or painful to America’s middle class, the nation’s largest employers announced bonuses and increases in entry level wages. In response, Democrats took to the airwaves and social media, decrying the magnitude of those bonuses as “crumbs,” while the middle class they so adamantly claimed to defend considered those crumbs hugely significant.

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The Democrats did not have to take such contrarian positions on any of these issues. In so doing, however, they positioned themselves as defenders of the Deep State and of its corruption. Worse yet for the Democrats, they showed themselves to be the very elitist ultra-rich against whom they claim to be advocating.

The fact is that the positions recently taken by Democrats are the result of a faction that has taken control of the Party’s direction and has steered it well away from the views of mainstream America; the Obama Wing of the Democrat Party. And what we are witnessing with every misguided Democratic argument, every attempt at stopping corruption because of its own protectionism, and every demeaning slight at the intelligence of the American people is the slow, protracted, and howling death cries of that Obama Wing.

The Obama Wing of the Democratic Party is a decidedly anti-American faction that has conflated its calls for workers’ rights and social mobility with a rabid anti-capitalistic position that disparages self reliance. It is a Wing claiming that nothing you can do is achievable on your own, (“It takes a village”), but rather is facilitated and made possible only by the presence of government. It is a faction that effortlessly moves beyond the constraints of the law to suit its own self-propagation, doing so for two reasons. First because the law ought not apply to them since they know what’s best for the rest of us, and second, because above all, it is important that they protect themselves against attacks from their political enemies.  

You say these views are antithetical to the United States Constitution and to those foundational principles giving rise to the most exceptional nation in the history of earth? Why, yes! But since when are those documents and principles more important than the self-righteousness of the positions espoused by Obama Democrats?  

From this attitude, we get a President who believes it is within his authority to decide when the Senate is or is not in session just so he can make a recess appointment. We get a President who shamelessly says that if Congress doesn’t solve a particular policy problem, he will — even though the Constitution never gave the President of the United States the authority to pass this nation’s laws. And we get a faction believing it is okay for the federal government to force people to purchase a product, even if the people don’t want it or believe they need it.

So far, the Obama Wing of the Democratic Party merely sounds like a typical liberal faction. But there’s more! This faction believes the United States is the source of great evils in the world rather than its most hopeful solution. In its Orwellian stance, it believes there is such a thing as leading from behind, and that such a thing ought not to be construed as cowardice. And it believes it is okay to abandon America’s allies in an attempt to appease its most rabid enemies.

It is also a faction believing that every social strife ought to be properly seen through the lens of blacks versus white. There can be no justice, says the Obama Wing of the Democratic Party, unless “white people” are struck down at the expense of “people of color” — concepts irreconcilably antithetical to human rights and civil justice.

Strangely, ever since the rise of the Obama Wing of the Democratic Party, the rank and file Democrat has felt it necessary to defend these espoused concepts. Instead of acknowledging the misguided and inherently hateful positions of this terrible epoch in American politics, they instead continue to defend it, hastening their descent into the quicksand of their amorality.

There is only one outcome for this wing and the path it has charted. But as long as the Democrats continue to defend it, we will continue to see its demise as a party of influence in the United States.  Oh yes, it may make some progress in a midterm election here and there, and it will continue to make noise. But overall, its sphere of influence will continue to shrink, and its voice will become increasingly shrill.  

The only question is, how painful and protracted will this stubborn and egoistic demise be. Maybe we can ask Congressman Gutierrez.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and serves in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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Obama? Why he always did suck and still does and always will because he thought nothing of us, only thought of himself. As many times as he always said “I,” President said “we!” That tells me all I need to know of both presidents. Obama does truly suck!

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