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“Hi, I’m a Democrat and I’m an impeachoholic.”

Rod Thomson

Democrats’ impeachoholism is out in the open. It’s a disease that needs to be treated. But they refuse to admit the addiction — which is a problem because it is deadly to democracy.

We have a nearly three-year history of the American left being operatively anti-democratic. The latest hit of impeachment over the Ukraine phone call is really just one more piece in a continuing string of evidence that they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election. And that is, indeed, anti-democracy.

Remember, for at least a year after the election, Democrats were proudly using the #NotMyPresident hashtag. It festooned bumper stickers and protest placards. It trended on social media. That is pretty boldly anti-democracy election results. They really weren’t hiding the ball.

And it wasn’t just the base and rank and file. It went up to the national leadership level. There were 66 Democrat members of Congress who boycotted Trump’s inauguration. 66!

Before Donald Trump was even inaugurated there were Democrats in Congress — not on Reddit, but members of Congress — along with Democrats in the media who were calling for a hit of impeachment. He was an illegitimate president. The million Democrat women march was the day after his inauguration. #NotMyPresident. This is all a pretty strong prima facie case that they were acting against democracy.

But in operation, the refusal to accept a duly elected President of the United States has continued unabated since then.

For more than two years, increasing numbers of Congress were calling for a hit of impeachment because of fictional Trump-Russia collusion, until that totally fell apart with the Mueller report earlier this year. There never was any Trump-Russia collusion. Democrats and the media dragged the nation through more than two years of division, angst, threats and dire warnings over something that never happened.

Democrats found themselves strung out without an impeachment hit available. They tried racism, but it just didn’t do it. Withdrawal was setting in.

One week ago, just one week ago, the media and Democrats found a hit of the impeachment drug after another partisan hit job masquerading as “journalism” against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Another vacuous charge of sexual escapades when he was in college — except the woman who was the supposed victim does remember it ever happening and won’t talk.

Because like the other charges against Kavanaugh, it never happened. Kavanaugh was just a leverage point against Trump, a non-human caricature to be ruined along with his family to try to take down the elected president. When you consider what his wife and daughters have been put through by really terrible people, it makes the blood boil.

Now comes Ukraine. Trump made a president-to-president phone call to the newly elected President of the Ukraine this summer to congratulate him and take his measure. Routine. But a so-called “whistleblower” claims that Trump threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless that country re-opened an investigation into Vice President Joe Biden. Biden is recorded regaling some folks of his threat to not release U.S. aid to Ukraine unless that country’s leaders fired the prosecutor investigating a company his son was involved with.

So Democrats saw a loaded syringe of impeachment and recklessly jabbed it in Tuesday, pursuing Trump over an alleged action they did not know the details of, but which if true is almost the exact same thing as Biden did to the same country. Astonishing! (As an aside, this impeachment hit is fatal to Biden’s presidential run, for obvious reasons. Might not be today or tomorrow, but it is over.)

Democrats demanded that Trump release the transcript of the Ukrainian call. Trump, who had the transcript, said OK and released it. Reading through the transcript, you have to really twist things to get the suggestion of a quid — but no quid pro quo. In fact, the Ukrainian president brought up both military aid and corruption and seemed eager to both ingratiate himself to Trump and to go after corrupt prosecution or lack of prosecution in his own country.

So now Democrats say we want the full whistleblower report. You see, if the transcript doesn’t show anything obviously incriminating, then maybe the whistleblower — who the Inspector General called partisan — said something they can use. Anything to keep the impeachment drug flowing through the system. But Trump said OK to releasing that as well. Sure doesn’t look like Trump is trying to hide anything.

Democrats are desperately trying to remove an elected president by non-democratic means — only one year before another election.

Ukraine is just another in the long string of evidence that the Democrats and their media allies refuse to accept the results of 2016. There is a preponderance of factual evidence that paints a picture that is coming into blindingly clear focus.

There are few larger threats to a democratic republic than when one of the two major parties develops an impeachment addiction because it won’t accept the results of an election. To save our democracy, Democrats need to enter a 12-step program. The first step is to admit to the problem: “Hi, I’m a Democrat and I’m an impeachoholic.”

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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2 replies on ““Hi, I’m a Democrat and I’m an impeachoholic.””

When Nancy Pelosi was speaking at an event ( something by the Atlantic publication “ earlier yesterday, her bottom line statement was that Trump could Not be elected in 2020!

The Corrupt Democrat Party DID nothing when it came to “Marxist Obama taking America down the tubes in his/Soros/Hillary’s agenda for a “Globalist/One World Order” and WE the People, voted for a man who would “Save this Republic from GOING DOWN THE DRAIN.”

Obama ‘put in the Fix for Hillary to waltz into the Whitehouse, but people did NOT want the “Money-Laundering thru her Fake Charity, her ‘Pay to Play she used when soliciting money from Any Nation, Anyone, willing to curry favor with her AFTER she became POTUS.”

Had POTUS Trump NOT won, Americans would NEVER know the corruption that the Democrats-Obama/Hillary/Comey/Clapper/Brennan/Mueller/Rosenstein/Rice/
Lynch, McCabe/Page/Weitzman/Strzok/etal. were planning, from the DAY he declared he’d run, and AFTER Trump became President….as Hillary “would have swept ALL their Scandals/Schemes/Spying on Americans/UNDER THE WHITEHOUSE RUGS.”

The American People deserve an HONEST Gov’t, and we have learned just how little we had PRIOR to POTUS Trump being elected. D.C. is a Cesspool of Corruption and we voted for Trump to DRAIN THAT SWAMP. The Corrupt Dems, are STILL trying to oust him from office, as they “CONTINUE TO COVER UP THEIR OWN CRIMINALITY”

The people who continue their “Fishing Expeditions, are NOT working for Americans, and keeping this Republic Safe, as they WASTE taxpayer’s Money and Time, with their Bogus
Impeachment Follies, that keep blowing up in their hateful faces. This is the party of the bullying, attacking others who do not vote like them, and threatening WE supporters of POTUS Trump. This is getting VERY TIRESOME, and we Await the Day that ALL the evidence comes OUT about Obama/and his Corrupt Regime and Justice is put FIRST!

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