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The BIG LIST Of Ideas That Is Trump’s Reelection Path

Rod Thomson

If President Trump hibernated for the next 20 months he’d likely win reelection in a landslide. Of course it is not in his nature to do anything remotely like that, but that is how radical the Democratic Party has become in really just the past year.

Yes, it has been trending this direction for a long time. But Bill Clinton was nominated and elected in 1992 based on his promise to take the Democratic Party back to the center. Since that time, however, it has moved much further to the left.

In the past year, however, it has jumped to hyperdrive in its sprint even past the radical left and into a quasi fantasyland that is virtually unrecognizable to most Americans.

Most conservative Americans are aware of this, but still even those intricately involved with politics and public policy for decades — such as this humble writer — are left with mouths agape at what has happened. There is no way to make it more shockingly obvious than to simply list the topics that have become part of the Democratic Party’s unofficial platform — many of which are issues they cannot run from if they want to win the nomination, but they cannot publicly defend while running for President.

So here, in no particular order of unhinged, are the issues and position that have been taken in recents weeks by either Democratic presidential candidates, congressional leadership or the closet congressional leadership which might be labeled the Fresh Face Caucus. These are all documented and broader than just one person, frequently pursued by all of the Party structure.

Impeach the President for…anything. As the long-running scam that is the Trump-Russia collusion investigation winds down to slow-motion collapse, the new Democratic majority in the House is pursuing the President’s personal finances, investments, business and family members. The expressed goal is to go after every element of his life to destroy him — not something likely to play well to middle Americans.

Reparations. This fails morally, practically and sensibly. Less than 5 percent of white Americans have any generational connection to slave ownership, and even that is removed by 5-7 generations. And now with immigration over the decades (Africans actually love immigrating to the United States, that’s just how terribly racist we are) the majority of black Americans are not even the descendents of slaves. Without even getting into how it would work to take trillions of dollars from white people and hand it to black people, the reality is that it would be taking money from people who had nothing to do with slavery and giving to people who have never been enslaved. Total fail.

Abolishing the Electoral College. This is far more radical than is sometimes realized because it totally skews the two Americas and how we have always done it as Americans. It’s meant to empower the coasts and major metro areas. It’s only about gaining power for Democrats and further erases the value and differences of the states.

Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Vote. Consistent with the above, the Democrat-run House just voted last week along straight party lines in favor of illegals voting. Not in national elections, the media spins quickly for them, but we all know that won’t last long. Why fight to legalize them when their vote is all Democrats want anyway?

Mainstreaming anti-Semitism. With the excusing and obfuscation of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s overt anti-Semitism, Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s history of anti-Semitism and the general Congressional defense of this growing cancer, the Democratic Party has now accepted it, perhaps even embraced it.

Packing the courts by adding seats. Some congressional Democrats have been openly discussing the relative value of adding seats to the U.S. Supreme Court to counteract Trump appointees. The current nine seats are not proscribed Constitutionally. FDR wanted to do this to bypass the Court that was thwarting his anti-Constitutional agenda, but even his own party pushed back on it. If they added 4 seats when a Democrat is in the White House, they could fill all of those lifetime appointments for a generation of Court dominance.

Eliminate fossil fuels, air travel and cows. This, of course, was part of AOC’s embarrassingly junior high Green New Deal plan. Embarrassing, unaffordable, unattainable, silly. But every major Democratic presidential candidate endorsed it. So it cannot be discounted as some back-bencher nonsense. It’s mainstream Democrat nonsense.

Raise tax rates to 70-90 percent. This has been seriously discussed by the Fresh Face Caucus in the House and certainly fits with the Democratic desire in general to “tax the rich” and spend like drunken sailors.

“Free” healthcare for everyone. Nothing is free, most certainly not a budget-busting, healthcare-breaking $32 trillion biggest-government-program ever. It would blow out the budget and the deficit, while eliminating people’s private health insurance and crushing healthcare innovation.

“Free” college for everyone. Again, nothing is free, although this one is a mere $7 trillion over 10 years. Of course all of these estimates will be much higher if they ever become reality.

Government-guaranteed jobs for everyone. This also is the brainchild of the authors of the Green New Deal. The federal government would institute Depression Era-like programs that gave busy-work jobs to everyone — even though at this very moment we have 7 million unfilled jobs and 5 million people unemployed. Can’t make this up.

Double the minimum wage. The $15 minimum wage is just the beginning. The radicals would most certainly want to drive it much higher than that as the strong economy and tight labor market is pushing starting wages at companies across the nation higher and higher. Because markets work.

Open borders. The refusal to fund the wall and necessary additional Border Patrol agents while record numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing our southern border have put feet to the idea that borders and walls are now evil and we should let in everyone who wants to come. So, free healthcare, free college, guaranteed jobs, plus unlimited numbers of non-Americans swarming the southern border sounds like a perfect plan — to collapse the nation.

Support American Values

From abortion to infanticide. The celebration by the New York legislature, the proposed bill and comments of the Governor of Virginia, and the actions of Congress make it perfectly clear that Democrats officially support abortion up to the moment of birth…and for some, even after birth. American public opinion continues to trend the opposite direction.

Abolishing ICE. There’s no hiding the ball on this one. Most Democrats in national public office have given voice to this either overtly or by implication. Of course, it fits completely with open borders.

Men can be women can be men, whatever. The party of economic nonsense is also the party of factual nonsense. Supporting, encouraging and celebrating the mental health condition that a man actually is a woman if he feels like a woman, regardless of physical realities, including DNA is a terrible abuse to people suffering from the condition.

Republicans are anti-science. Well obviously…

Lowering voting age to 16. Speaking of which, the National Institutes of Health explains the consensus of scientific studies that human brains do not fully develop until age 25. But Rep. Ayanna Pressley, part of the Fresh Face Caucus, wants to lower voting age to 16.16! This has been seriously considered in state of Washington.

America is not a good country. This has long been a poisonous lie of the left, but it now is at least tacitly accepted by the core of the Democratic Party. Not all Democrats, by a long shot, but an awful lot of Democratic leaders and much of the base. It’s not new. Barack and Michelle Obama openly said as much.

Socialism. Whether a majority of Democrats support full socialism or just much greater redistributive policies, it is only a matter of time before the full party embraces socialism based on their trajectory and young base. Despite the failed public school system and Hollywood propaganda machine, Americans are not there.

This will not be the whole list. It is all but impossible to predict just how much more radical Democrats will become, but it seems safe to assume they will continue their march. And that will be the script for Trump reelection.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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8 replies on “The BIG LIST Of Ideas That Is Trump’s Reelection Path”

The most discriminated against person, on the planet, is the Christian White Heterosexual Male…The Democratic Party is alienating all of them…Because, to the Dems, their opinions don’t matter…If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is…All of us, must vote for President Trump, and a Republican Congress, in 2020…It is the only way to save our beloved country for the Radical Left, that has taken over the Democratic Party…

‘the Christian White Heterosexual Male’

I read your comment and agree 100%. But I also saw a conservative who like myself and many others, fell into the D identity screening scam.

They’ve been so persuasive via the media going ‘well, let’s see – you’re white, early middle aged, apparently – oh, biologically! – male, no facial hair, why you’re practically a prototype American white guy!’ thinking. I unconsciously see through that identity group filter constantly too. It really would be better if we rejected that construct, I think.

But where to start, and where to stop? A modern day petard waiting to be hoisted for us all.


They are sitting on his wall giving him and us the middle finger, taunting us and Trump for the ineffectual failure he has turned out to be. Pond scum from Central America are being allowed to over run America to come in to live with our children, among our families, given access to our schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, jails and prisons because it makes the globalists more money and Trump is too timid to do anything to stop it. His promises are worthless. Where are our men? Why hasn’t anyone shot those criminal invaders right off that wall? Why do we bother to arm our soldiers and police, border patrol. Maybe we should be issuing them women’s underwear instead? It would be cheaper.

President Trump cannot continue to hide behind this fake excuse of a wall, or Congress either for that matter. Mr. President, do your duty. Protect the homeland as you promised when you were campaigning and asking for our vote. You are suppose to be the commander and chief. Instead, you have turned into a faker playing games with the American people’s trust and good will, a side show autographing bibles. The more I see, the more I realize how very little you really understand. What is it exactly, you do stand for and, why did you even bother to become President, if you don’t intend to preserve America? Ann Coulter is right and I hope she challenges you in the GOP primary. You don’t deserve to be called our leader.

Grow some spine and a pair of testicles too Mr. President. Send the armed forces to the border and lock it down. Establish a DMZ with your otherwise worthless declaration of a State of Emergency. Close all the ports of entry. Shut it down completely. There’s no trick required, no genius, or stroke of inspiration to this decision. What lunacy is this business of subsidizing Mexico to house caravans? What will it take to replace this Homeland Security Secretary? How dense and dull are these people you surround yourself with? Don’t you realize the officials steal all the money. You have given them an incentive to bring more to the border. They laugh at us, but I’m sure you have a wonderful relationship with them all.

The very same interests that gave us NAFTA, gave us open borders. Seal the border and these interests immediately begin to lose billions of dollars a day. Hello? Make your problem their problem and we will have a solution soon enough. I am not a self made multi billionaire and you sir, are not stupid. If I can see what any blind man can see, why can’t you? Are you then simply a fraud, still another faker hoisted upon the American people?

Know this. America can not long survive this onslaught and while this may come as something of a surprise to you and your billionaire buddies, America just happens to be more than a platform for business deals. Some of us actually live here, raise our families, tend the graves and shrines of our ancestors and worship our God as allowed under a contractual constitution, which you swore an oath to defend. We have no obligation to defend, or support this filthy cesspool of corruption, this federal government you now preside over. Nor do we have any desire to see it continue as it.

Anyone who hates this country needs to be forced to leave. AOC from the brain trust called it “garbage.” Omar is not a citizen and married her brother while still being married to her Somali husband. Pelosi has problems with her brain and has tardive dyskinesia. Her arrogance and cowardice is breathtaking. There is no way the democrats will win. …even though the prisoners can vote…never mind the clemency board and the laws we already have.
I know it’s frustrating mlopez, but Trump is already building the wall. Why don’t you look at his many accomplishments instead of trashing him outright? He’s the best president we’ve ever had and has done more in such a short time than any other president in Our House. Do you really want a democrat president? if so say goodbye to America and hello to a bloody civil war.

Our Founding Fathers warned us of the fragility of what they had created. We conservatives must not cower or acquiesce to the radical left. I don’t think this will ultimately end well for liberals.

I agree with you 1000%. I pray that they’re NEVER on government again…no matter what the occupation.

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