Coronavirus Whistleblower

Disgruntled “Whistleblower” In Charge Of BARDA Failed America. Twice

By Cathi Chamberlain

The pattern is getting old. Yet, people continue to believe whistleblowers who have derogatory information about President Trump with little or no evidence. In the past three years, too many have popped up coincidentally just when it looks like he’s gaining in popularity. It’s time we learned how to distinguish real whistleblowers from those designed purely to destroy a duly-elected President. This shouldn’t happen in America, no matter which party a President represents.

As I explained on April 21, the media reported the reassignment of Dr. Rick Bright and in protest, Bright hit back by hiring the same law firm that defended Christine Blasey Ford.

That’s no accident. As the media riled up yet another angry mob of misinformed Americans, the facts trickled out. And, they don’t favor Dr. Bright. Still, the newest shiny object was created by the left.” 

It’s the same pattern the left has used repeatedly since Trump’s Day One in the Oval Office. 

First, a crisis affecting our country is targeted. It could be natural-born such as the pandemic, or manufactured as was the Trump-Russia collusion scam. 

Second, a left-leaning sympathizer like the Ukraine whistleblower is activated, preferably someone with a credible, high-level job who is in a position to cast aspersions on the Trump Administration. 

Third, their “complaint” is leaked to the press, specifically the anti-Trump “fake news” media who peppers the public with spurious headlines, giving the story “legs.”. 

Fourth, the Democrats feign outrage and set up an “investigation,” like impeachment, to focus the American people on Trump’s supposed failures.

Devastatingly for our country, most Americans are too busy, lazy, or naive to try to make sense of the original complaint. That’s because the charges are made intentionally convoluted by the left precisely to confuse us. It’s by design. But, it’s a pattern that we must recognize and break if our country is to survive its present politically-toxic condition. 

The left’s end goal in these hard-to-fathom plots is to transform America to socialism. That is their stepping stone to globalism. We know that because the left has told those of us paying attention, and via their actions in concert with the UN. It would lead to an elite class of wealthy rulers determined to diminish the American exceptionalism that has led to enriching the lives of people worldwide. The effects would be disastrous for humanity. We cannot let that happen.

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Dr. Bright had worked for BARDA, a key government agency influential in developing drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 and with massive funding power. His reassignment seemingly came out of nowhere. Or, did it? My research uncovered some interesting connect-the-dot scenarios. 

Days before Dr. Bright’s transfer, for example, a press release was posted on Moderna’s website announcing a super-sized grant from BARDA. Moderna was the first company to announce COVID-19 vaccine production back in January. It also happens to be heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a self-described globalist organization with a questionable vaccine safety record. A trusted source tells me that President Trump is no fan of Bill Gates, and vice versa. 

Was there a connection between BARDA’s grant to Moderna under Dr. Bright’s direction, Trump’s distrust of the Gates Foundation, and the subsequent reassignment of Bright? Only time will tell. But it’s interesting to note that Bright was appointed by Obama on Nov. 15, 2016 — less than a week after Trump’s election. Coincidence?

Either way, just as Trump was getting the pandemic response seemingly under control, up pops whistleblower Dr. Bright, the newest manufactured crisis.

Not surprisingly, Bright’s claim found “legs” in left-leaning Politico, giving the claim credibility. The headline reads, “Ousted vaccine expert battles with Trump team over his abrupt dismissal.” It was meant to question Trump’s wisdom at losing such an “expert” at so critical a time. And, it worked.

With many Americans outraged, Democrats began yet another endless, mind-controlling investigation at taxpayer expense. Trump is not dividing America, as anti-Trumpers like to claim, these constant fabricated attacks against him are doing the dividing.

Before you think this is conspiracy talk, you may want to keep reading.

There have been three similar major “crises” precisely following this exact pattern since Trump’s election: the phony Trump-Russia collusion witch-hunt, the unfounded complaint lodged against Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Ford, and the original whistleblower’s biased interpretation of the President’s Ukraine phone call. Each “crisis” turned out to be fake. How do we know? Because once the uproars subsided, no charges remained against Trump. But, to the left, that doesn’t matter. Damage caused by the chaos was already done.

Saul Alinsky’s Tactic #1, “power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have,” is used by Democrats to confuse us and instill fear in their opponents’ minds. They want us to believe that Dr. Bright, for example, has a legitimate warning. By accomplishing that, their opponents suddenly have something real to fear. Thus, the American people, whether we realize it or not, become accomplices in the Democrats’ schemes merely by buying into their scams. That feeds new, costly, time-consuming investigations.

Democrats know if they can focus enough attention on Trump’s so-called failures, they’ve won merely by making him appear guilty. Plus, they divert attention from their own transgressions. It’s an illusion, but effective. Is it fair? To the left, this is war and they must win by any means necessary. It’s Alinsky-logic. They’ve been at it for decades.

Bright’s protestations that he is simply an altruistically-concerned, dedicated scientist just wanting to help humanity fall flat. We’ve learned now that instead of showing up at his new position to work on the emerging coronavirus fast-response team called “Operation Warp Speed,” he called in sick. Presumably he had a spike in blood pressure while dealing with the stress of it all. Yet, he continues to collect his $285,000 per year salary while “on vacation as he tries to straighten out his work situation.”

Listening to Bright’s testimony, one could easily be convinced that the world is coming to an end, and it’s all Trump’s fault. Terms like “dark winter,” “lost lives,” “no master plan,” and “ignored warnings” are meant to scare the American public and turn us against the President.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar has publicly and repeatedly denounced Bright’s complaints saying that everyone involved at HHS voiced similar well-known concerns, they just didn’t waste taxpayer money on what they could not change now. Rather, they’ve been busy working on solutions.

So, who is right?

In researching BARDA’s website to find out what their mission actually is, I found a “Message from the Director” page. It hasn’t, by the way, been updated since 2011 when it projected its goals for the coming five years. The then-Director claimed great success in the previous five years having developed “a robust product development pipeline for nearly all threats.”

Until Americans of both parties understand the game being played by the left and are willing to be honest, whistleblowers like Dr. Bright will continue to thrive, Trump will continue to be targeted, and the American people will be the biggest losers of all.

According to the message, great strides had been made. BARDA’s Strategic Plan for 2011-2016, at least, projected that their “mission over the next five years and beyond [is] to develop and provide medical countermeasures for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear threats, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases. The implementation measures to achieve these strategic goals include support of product advanced development, stockpile acquisition, manufacturing surge capacity infrastructure building, and product innovation. These medical countermeasures include vaccines, biological and small molecule therapeutics, antiviral drugs and antibiotics, diagnostics, respiratory devices, and other medical supplies.” If they could achieve all that, I’d say $285,000 is money well-spent for a Director.

If BARDA’s mission was to prepare the nation for “emerging infectious diseases” and the group was to develop and provide countermeasures such as “diagnostics,” “respiratory devices,” “medical supplies,” “stockpile acquisition,” and “manufacturing surge capacity infrastructures,” where the hell was Dr. Rick Bright, exactly, for the two years prior to the pandemic? More importantly, could this be the real reason Trump’s team got rid of him? He did nothing, and now is merely a disgruntled employee?

Conservatives say the left is always projecting what they’ve actually done wrong onto their opponents, blaming them for ineptness that doesn’t exist. It’s a deflection that works fairly well. 

Was Dr. Bright himself responsible for incompetence leading to our country’s lack of pandemic preparedness? Given the facts now known, it certainly seems logical. Indeed, it appears that Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force has done more to accomplish BARDA’s “mission” in the past two months than Dr. Bright has accomplished in two years.

Trump’s tweet on the same day as Bright’s testimony demonstrates that, once again, our President is way ahead of the game. He wrote, “I don’t know the so-called Whistleblower Rick Bright, never met him or even heard of him, but to me he is a disgruntled employee, not liked or respected by people I spoke to and who, with his attitude, should no longer be working for our government!” 

Judging from BARDA’s obvious failures under Dr. Bright’s watch, the President is probably right.

We should be grateful that Trump fights back without sugar-coated, politically-correct nuances. Our country is on the brink of collapse and the only way for certain people on both sides of the aisle to accept that is by cold, hard truth.

It is we, the people, who must break the pattern repeated over and over again by the left to shift blame onto President Trump for transgressions they themselves have committed. Their phony plots are exactly the reason our country is divided one against the other. And, it’s the left’s mission to keep it that way until Election Day 2020.

Until Americans of both parties understand the game being played by the left and are willing to be honest, whistleblowers like Dr. Bright will continue to thrive, Trump will continue to be targeted, and the American people will be the biggest losers of all.

Cathi Chamberlain, aka The Deplorable Author and founder of The Deplorable Report, is a four-time start-up business owner, published author of a self-help book featured on CNN worldwide and owner of the nation’s first all-female construction company. She is a sought-after political speaker and has been a regular contributor on the Salem Media Radio Network. In her book, “Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism,” Cathi heavily references Saul Alinsky’s 1970’s blockbuster book, “Rules for Radicals.” She is currently on her “Florida Deplorable Book Tour.” Contact her for your next speaking event at [email protected].

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