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Europe’s Christmas Attacks Aren’t Staying In Europe

Rod Thomson

The Grinch books and movies are beloved classics. But throughout the Western world, real-life Grinches don’t have hearts that grow three sizes. They have hearts filled with malice, hatred and the destruction of Christmas, Christianity and Western civilization.

We are seeing this on bloody display in Europe, and on more restrained display in the United States — restraint that is not likely to last indefinitely.

The culprit is not the secularizing culture. They prefer the courtroom means of erasing Christianity from the public square to the bombing, shooting and stabbing means.

No, this is about what happens when a country — any country — allows in a massive number of immigrants who have neither desire nor intent to assimilate into that country. In a consistent, this-is-unfortunate-human-nature category, they end up disdaining the country and culture which allowed them in. This is why wise, thoughtful policies are required over emotion-driven, utopian policies.

We’ve seen this play out long-term in France where they have opened the doors for a few decades to the younger, low-cost laborers they thought would save their socialistic cushiness in old age as they stopped having children. The closest such immigrants were from North Africa, and they were almost universally Muslim.

France has painfully learned to deal with a once-proud country in decline and large enclaves that are police no-go zones, virtually foreign countries. Turns out young Muslims don’t want to work to pay for the older French to live comfortably, and have been allowed to non-assimilate, creating the inevitable disdain for “them” — in this case, the native French.

There are similar cases of this in Belgium, England and other Eurozone countries, where Islamic non-assimilation is leading to national decline and disdain for the native population and culture.

Germany had been somewhat resistant to this trend until Prime Minister Angela Merkel decided to catch up overnight by throwing open the southern gates, allowing a million Muslim immigrants from Syria and elsewhere to pour in. Same for Sweden. There was a foolhardy good-heartedness to this action, but it has cost the countries severely because it was terrible policy.

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The result is that throughout Europe, terrorism has become a way of life. From train bombs in London and Madrid to gun massacres in London, Paris and Brussels to trucks plowing over people in Nice and Berlin. The list is pretty extensive.

Writing last year in The Conversation, Richard Mahe, a Research Fellow of Global Governance Programme at European University Institute, sums up the causes:

“Since 2015, there has been a sharp increase in both the number of attacks and deaths caused by terrorism in Europe. As someone who studies European security issues, I see three key factors contributing to this development: Europe’s large and often poorly integrated Muslim population, proximity to unstable regions like the Middle East and North Africa, and terrorists’ new focus on highly vulnerable “soft” targets.”

As has become an annual Christmas rite in Europe, there was a Christmas market slaughter in Strasbourg, France a few days ago by a man crying out “Allahu Akbar!” Motive unclear. He killed five and injured 13 before police shot and killed him.

At Christmas 2016, an Islamist terrorist drove a truck through the Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 56. There have been consistent smaller attacks at Christmas festivals. Any large gathering of Europeans at holidays becomes a target, such as the Bastille Day truck slaughter in Nice or the Oktoberfest slaughter in Germany.

All of this has meant that Christmas markets throughout Europe are now held behind the ugly, decidedly non-festive security barriers — which did not prevent the most recent slaughter in Strasbourg.

Mark Steyn makes the obvious observation:

“Because we won’t put up security barriers where they count – at the nation’s border – we have to have ever more intrusive and constricting security on everything within the border…the men and women who govern us refuse to change the policies that enable Yuletide slaughter, and their citizens continue to vote for them. And so Strasbourg’s mayor Roland Ries says that “life must go on” – which fatuous bromide ensures that the killing of his citizens will go on. Because he and the rest of a depraved political class lack the will to do anything about it.”

Those political leaders are operating along the same principles of mass immigration, multiculturalism, diversity worship and political correctness as America’s Democratic Party and political left.

America does not have the tradition of open-air Christmas markets that Europe does, so the target of thousands of people in one spot is not as obvious around Christmas. And American Muslims are among the most assimilated in the Western World. But that there is radicalization going on is all too obvious from the number of terrorist attacks we’ve suffered under in recent decades.

It’s only a matter of time until a large Christmas celebration in America is struck, and it will be by those who hate Christmas, Christianity and America.

The only question is whether our political leaders will shrug their shoulders at it (in action, if not in words) and vehemently defend their politically correct diversity worship, demonizing anyone — such as this author — who suggests we have some foolish policies.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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3 replies on “Europe’s Christmas Attacks Aren’t Staying In Europe”

The French should’ve known better. Have they forgotten the terrorism inflicted in Algeria back in the 1960s? Did they think the sons of these terrorists who once so despised France desire to emigrate because they now want to be French?

As for the Eurocrats who don’t think they’ll ever suffer the hardships of their indigenous populations, sooner or later some Moslem will set off a truck bomb outside the European parliament. I suspect then and only then we’ll see mass deportations and genuine border security.

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