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Leftist Protesters Crash Republican Rally, Create Mayhem

Rod Thomson

The radicalized American left gets more dangerous every day. We are treated daily to outrages against administration appointments in public areas, to attacks on people wearing MAGA hats or Trump shirts, to people taking pickaxes to the Trump Hollywood star to an actress and copycats holding a severed Trump head to virtual calls for violence against any Trump supporters.

A huge GOP rally in Florida over the weekend saw the same dangers. Two years ago, this particular rally on Florida’s West Coast south of Tampa Bay had just a handful of security and police. This year, there were about 30 police officers and private security members — and they were needed.

About 1,200 Republicans showed up to hear 41 candidates, including Gov. Rick Scott and gubernatorial contenders Ron DiSantis and Adam Putnam, plus take part in a straw poll.

It was a lively and positive three-hour event with speeches and apple pies. Literally. There were hundreds of free pies. The mood was energetic and upbeat with Salem Radio broadcasting live at it and a dozen media outlets represented. The candidates moved among the GOP crowd comfortably while a couple hundred protesters waved their signs outside along a busy seven-lane roadway. For two and a half hours, it was just great, red white and blue Americana patriotism.

Then Gov. Rick Scott began speaking and everything broke loose. Leftist extremists had infiltrated the event and been waiting for Scott to speak. The first group stood up and began chanting from the front center of the floor until police could break it up and remove them.

Scott began speaking and two minutes later another group rose and began throwing things toward the stage. Another person jumped on a table and tried to jump the barrier toward the stage. Another group unfurled a banner in the stadium seating. About six times these disruptions happened.

Please Help Me Fight For American Values

The angry and violent leftist protesters were taken out, with some resisting police.

No harm was done to any of the protesters by the 1,200 Republicans on the floor of the arena, and police professionally escorted all of them out of the building.

The disruptive attack was orchestrated by a group called Dream Defenders, which transported disrupters from Tampa, St. Pete and Orlando. The self-styled criminal justice reform group issued a press release after the event criticizing Florida’s privatization of prison operations and Gov. Scott personally for taking a campaign donation from the CEO of a private prison operator.

That was their beef. That’s what spun up their dangerous actions.

But it’s hard not to see the driving motivation behind these leftist actions over the weekend, and all the rest going on daily, being visceral hatred of Donald Trump — and of any who dare to support the President of the United States. That means that every Republican event must now pay for considerably increased security and police presence — just like conservative commentators must now do. Democratic events need the same level of security they always have, because Republicans largely are not demonstrators, protesters or wont to disrupt other people’s events.

In a word, civilized.

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This will continue. President Trump will be in Tampa Tuesday night for what promises to be a rip-roaring rally in support of early supporter DiSantis. Of course, the security required for that will be enormously expensive.

That is the current state of the American left. And it’s deteriorating. When the supposed adults of the Democratic Party, such as congressional leaders, egg on such dangerous actors, we can expect much worse eventually.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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9 replies on “Leftist Protesters Crash Republican Rally, Create Mayhem”

In all seriousness we need to start gunning these evil bastards down! They are vermin. Had they tried this in Missouri we would already have their bodies buried!

Agreed. If I attended a rally like that on, it would be in the company of my .45ACP Commander, and I would seek a reason to use it.

GUYS, guys, and LADIES….
If they are NOT wearing masks and NOT (obviously) carrying any type of rebar, shove, 2×4, hammer or long BLUNT OBJECT of any sort. YOU CANT SHOOT THEM! It’s as simple as THAT.
YES…I KNOW “they” want to start the 2nd Civil War that “they” THINK they will win. WE (as CONSERVATIVES) KNOW BETTER, WE HAVE MORE CLASS than “they” do. WE have MORE PEOPLE and YES MORE FIREARMS than “they” do. The MAN “upstairs” IS on OUR SIDE.
However should ANY of them show up dressed in BLACK in DIY RIOTGEAR with MASKS on, BRANDISHING LONG BLUNT OBJECTS. and start getting PHYSICAL with you and your fellow CONSERVATIVES. By Any Means Necessary FIGHT BACK!
Which means IF the only way YOU can DEFEND yourselves OR YOUR COLLEAGUES is with a FIRE ARM….Then by all means SHOOT to KILL. Tis better to be JUDGED by 11 than be CARRIED out by 6
The anarchists/antifa HAVE BEEN DESIGNATED as a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION by the CURRENT administration!
As of EARLY this YEAR. Apparently, they have YET TO GET THE MEMO.

I am in a Constitutional Carry state and a left supported protest (no permit was issued for the rally/protest) was recently scheduled and then failed to materialize. Some participants were found and asked by local media why they didn’t show up and they all responded the same way; they heard that the police would use force to break up the event and arrest anyone found with outstanding warrants and anyone breaking the law in any way; and they were afraid that the local business owners would engage in violence towards them. They were correct on both counts and the protest never materialized.
They bring a knife, we bring a gun.

I am always curious why no one “follows the money” and finds the source of funding these events. Who paid for their transportation from various cities, who paid for signs, etc.? You are right about the liberal left, they accomplish nothing but hate and division with their foolishness, and their rampant unbridled negativity will come back to bite them in their rear ends. People are siding with Trump more and more with this egregious behavior from the left.

Being “civil” to these unruly folks is the same as a single mother trying to control her unruly son with logic.

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