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Let’s Be Honest: Mexico Is A Bad Neighbor

Rod Thomson

This is not a shot at Mexicans. They are humans in the exact same way as Americans, Nigerians, Italians, Indonesians and every other people group. In the Christian view, they are made in the image of God. In the American Founders’ view, they like all men are created with inalienable rights granted by God.

But this is a shot at the Mexican government and, to a degree, the Mexican culture. And despite virtually every media story out there fretting and warning about America being a bad neighbor because of Trump’s policies, the actual evidence that Mexico is the bad actor in the relationship is pretty compelling.

We are treated to liberals and Democrats lecturing Americans on being bad neighbors for Mexico, and apologizing to Mexico and the world for being bad neighbors. If you google ‘Mexico is a bad neighbor’ all you get are endless stories about the U.S. being a bad neighbor. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is hogwash.

If these critics really cared about Mexico’s well-being — and the well-being of Mexicans — they would be more critical of the corruption and culture that has left a fertile land with a great climate, access to two oceans and next door to the greatest economic power in history, in impoverished misery. They would be calling on Mexicans’ better angels, calling them to change and actually become more like the United States with individual liberties and market economics and accountable government.

Trashing America is nothing more than political expediency and opponent demonization that causes yet more division.

So let’s look at Mexico and the United States as neighbors. Who is the better neighbor and worse neighbor?

• Would a good neighbor send their problems next door? Mexico has an undeniably de facto policy of illegally exporting their poorest citizens, and those of neighboring countries. The 11 to 20 million illegal aliens in the United States today almost universally came here poor, uneducated and untrained. The poorest in a country are always a burden, so Mexico encourages them to head north and does nothing — nothing — to stop them at the border. When we see the trains of migrants from Guatemala or Honduras or other Central American countries, that is being done with the active participation of Mexican authorities. They don’t want those poor people in their country — they have too many of their own — so they usher them on to America. How is that being a good neighbor? Canada doesn’t do any of this.

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• Would a good neighbor criticize you for locking your doors at night so they couldn’t break in? Well, Mexico does. President Trump ran on securing our border with Mexico (because the Northern Border does not require this level of security) and he won election as most Americans understand a sovereign nation needs borders and the ability to determine who comes in and out. Yet Mexican leaders were openly hostile, criticizing Trump, with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said the U.S. was returning to the “era of the ugly American” and repeatedly called a “useless wall”? Why useless? Because Mexican authorities will continue to find ways to ship the poorest, uneducated residents to their neighbor? They don’t want a wall because they don’t want those residents in Mexico, they want them in the United States sending $28 billion in remittances back to Mexico from America. How is that being a good neighbor? Canada doesn’t do any of this.

• Would a good neighbor take your generous donations to help them with such ingratitude? The U.S. gives Mexico $320 million in aid annually. Yet is there gratefulness for this generosity? Nothing apparent. They take the money and spend it.

• Would a good neighbor who has received so many benefits by living next to a generous neighbor openly criticize that neighbor? Absurd, yet that is exactly what Mexican authorities do regularly. Whether it is beefing up our Southern Border security, to increasing citizen IDs or deporting those we find to be here illegally, Mexican authorities criticize the U.S. No gratefulness for unburdening them from their poorest citizens. Just criticism.

No. The case is very strong that the Mexican government is the bad actor in this relationship.

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Here’s what America has been doing to be a good neighbor — oftentimes to our own detriment:

➞ Accepting some of Mexico’s poorest, providing them with healthcare, schooling and opportunities that they had no chance of getting in their home country. We even teach the children of families that break into our country — in their own language. Now that’s being an awfully good neighbor.

➞ Providing $320 million annually in direct financial aid to Mexico. The largest chunk goes to security issues and drug cartel fighting, but also to education and infrastructure. Obviously, a portion of it goes to the graft that is undeniably rampant in the Mexican government.

➞ Allowing people who sneak into America to transfer back to Mexico a whopping $28 billion out of our economy and into Mexico’s. We don’t tax it or take a portion of it. We just allow it to exit our country and economy and help the nation on our Southern Border. Of course remittances flow everywhere, but from the United States to Mexico is by far the biggest.

➞ Of course, Mexico does not really need to spend much money on a large military because they are an ally and because of their geographic location next to the United States. We essentially act as a deterrent for anyone who would be aggressive against Mexico.

If you look at the relationship, and who benefits the most by far and who gives the most by far, there can be no doubt that the United States is the far better neighbor than Mexico. So maybe American politicians and those supporting them should step back and try to appreciate their own country more, and not paint some romantic and unrealistic picture of Mexico.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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12 replies on “Let’s Be Honest: Mexico Is A Bad Neighbor”

Perhaps we should seal the border with Mexico, until such time as Mexico cooperates with regard to border security.

First let’s address the elephant in the room. Are we just going to “Forget” that the US INVADED AND STOLE nearly half Mexico’s territory and pretend that it was absolutely legal since the US papered the cracks by tossing a couple million dollars to Mexico. Are we going to sweep this MASSIVE event under the carpet and act as if this is NOT the base for any precedents in today’s US/Mexico relations?? Are we going to “FORGET” this just because it happened nearly 180 years ago?? Do good neighbors try to acquire your property and upon decline turn your kids against you, hires thugs to rob your house at night and falsifies evidence that the wife is cheating on the husband to make you divorce your wife and make both of you move out of there and sell your house to them for cheap??Riddle me that!!! I really do feel that people like you are toxic to any improvement in US/Mexico relations. And stop comparing Mexico to Canada, the US has not been a threat to Canada’s national security like they have to Mexico nearly 180 years ago.

It really is sad that these countries blessed with so many resources and geo graphical advantages can’t seem to even manage a decent morning constitutional! Are they just too ignorant, corrupt, and petty to figure it out? I always tell my children that the USA is blessed in so many ways, because the founders (and so many of our forefathers,) built, and dedicated this country to God. It seems true morality, and prosperity, comes only from a love for, and fear of ….God.

You are spot on! They are all of the above…ignorant, corrupt, petty & may I add Cowards. Countries like Mexico & the like, are like the Liberals in America, no self control, no self drive, immorally destitute and idiotic beyond where their brain activity should be in this day & age. According to their own belief, they are still not too old for us to abort them!

You are CORRECT in your assessment except I do beg to differ slightly. Mexicans are NOT our friends. Sure there are some nice Mexican folks, no doubt but the reality is, these low IQ Mexicans who have infested our country have actually been a huge detriment to the American born (3rd generation or longer such as myself) Hispanic community. I’m ethnically “Hispanic” born and raised on the democrat plantation in San Antonio, you know the Tex Mex capital? Great food in San Antone and I’m a Texan through and through. However I woke in 2008 and escaped the plantation with just the clothes I had on my back.

The black community is waking up because they are not being dumbed down further like the “Latino” community, I personally despise the word Latino as to me I think illegal alien. It’s about time people here the REAL opinion of again, I will throw the label out there, a “Hispanic” person. I have lived this narrative, so I know darn well what I am speaking of. Mexicans think this is their land and it was stolen, this is the honest truth. They are not here to integrate, I am speaking as a collective mindset. They are here to make this Mexico again and the democrats have pounced on their uneducated minds. Watch the news in Spanish with closed captioning for 5 minutes. It’s all there right under your noses.

I will say that I don’t think the intent is based on maliciousness. It’s more of the herd mentality and being manipulated however Mexicans have their chest thumping mind set no matter where they go. They are easily led astray because they operate under the lower vibrational mindset that comes with a lack of education.

At the end of the day, NO other Latin country likes Mexicans, this is what people need to understand. Everyone hates Mexicans for the reasons I tell you above, they are arrogant and ignorant not a good combo and that mindset permeates their government. Jorge Ramos is a fantastic example of the contempt that the “elite” Mexican has for the “gringo” or the US. It’s them who have the strangle hold on Mexico due to greed, they are evil people.

And I am personally deeply offended if I get called a Mexican because I am an American. I’m sick of the labels.

“In the American Founders’ view, they like all men are created with inalienable rights granted by God.”

Someone’s historical illiteracy is on full display. Honestly, have you ever studied the Founder’ or… any of their works… none of which would corroborate the above claim, some of which would outright shut it down?

Maybe their founding immigration policy would be a good place to start, since it contains the actual definition of ‘American’ and established who can actually become one.

According to the 1790 Naturalization Act, Americans are “Free whites of good character”. Full stop.

You might notice they used no uncertain terminology there. You might have also noticed that Mexicans are decidedly not white. Granted, their definition of white was based on assimilability, so some of the white (non-latino) hispanics still count, provided they were capable of looking and acting the part. That’s what was important. No incompatible cultures. Which was something our race realist founders were already WELL AWARE of. Just read what they had to say about watching blacks try to function in white society.

So from what divine authority does anyone derive the justification to undermine and COMPLETELY INVERT that definition? Much less to the current point, where the current definition has initiated the BLATANT genocide by demographic replacement of that very same White demographic specified as “ourselves and our posterity” in the US constitution? The one for whom America was created in the first place?

Abandoning the 1790 Naturalization Act is the only reason the USA even has ANY of the problems it faces today. That single document was more important to America and the preservation thereof than the Constitution itself.

The 1965 immigration act was treason. It wasn’t voted on. It directly sought to change Americas political landscape by directly changing it’s demographic landscape. Upholding the ‘civic nationalist’ narrative, as this article tacitly does, that is ANTITHETICAL to the founding concept of American patriotism.

IF you defend the 1965 immigration act, IF you defend or promote civic nationalism, multiculturalism, diversity, feminism or any other Cultural Marxist initiative, then you are actively contributing to the DELIBERATE genocide of the very people America was specifically built to protect. And, as usual, many pave that road with their would-be good intentions.

Latin Americans belong in Latin nations. Africans in African ones. Asians in Asian ones. Whites in white ones. So on and so forth. As an analogy, animals don’t act like they do in the jungle when they’re all in their own respective exhibits. Same thing applies to humans. Strong fences make good neighbors.

You might notice that not a single one of any of these nations inundating America with their peasant class espouses any even vague kind of multicultural, open borders, demographic self-replacement ideology in their own nations. You might notice Mexico’s new leader unironically announcing plans for a new border enforcement agency and a new border wall to keep illegals out of Mexico.

That’s reality. Ethno nationalism is reality. America will either move back towards ethno nationalism, or it will fall like Rome…… for the same general reasons that Rome fell. Hedonistic masses being duped by corrupt politicians and power-hungry elitists into abandoning their duty to their ancestors and progeny alike to instead inundate their civilization with Barbarians.

It’s already happening. All those foolish nations in the West are now suddenly and collectively realizing that they were being duped into sacrificing their own children and people’s futures on the multicultural altar of globalism. And for nothing at all, but self congratulatory altruism. Some nations won’t be able to save themselves in time. Other’s will inevitably make Hitler blush with what they are willing to do to protect themselves. All you need to know is diversity, globalism, cultural marxism by any other name, is now dying by the very sword is swung at the western men for the better part of the last century.

You don’t have to like it. You can hate it, if you want. Lots of those decidedly self-entitled demographics in America will hate it. The gig IS up after all. But most will simply cut their losses and flee back to the nations they truly owe their allegiance to, at the first sign of trouble.

Trying to stop this snowball from rolling down hill is tantamount to delaying the inevitable. What’s happening is as natural and predictable as gravity. Tribalism is an evolutionary force. You might as well go punch a hurricane.

The only real question is how much worse things get before the inevitable happens. Will Rome have to fall once more for the West to renew itself again? Is it really a bad thing if it does? Survival of the fittest needs to apply itself to the apex species somehow. Maybe civilizational collapse = natural selection for humans. It certainly happens on a predictable enough timeline.

The cost of building Mr. Trump’s big beautiful wall has been calculated as $30 billion.
You here say that Mexicans remit to Mexico $28 billion annually.
Why, oh why, don’t we just impose a small 10% tax on remittances. That not too much of a tax to drive them away. In 10 or 12 years it would be enough to pay for the wall.

Leave it to government to find something else to also do with free money. But, hell, that solution to the problem is screaming for attention.

Until you understand that Christians and even the most remotely conservative others who live by Christian morality are the enemy of the Marxists, who you call the left, who are nothing more than frothing totalitarian Antichrist atheists whose sole purpose in life is for self and to oppress the righteous who stand in opposition to their evils you will never understand.

Mexico has a long history of Antichrist Marxist propaganda ruling the ignorant uneducated. They have a long history of oppression going back to the Spanish, who learned ALL of their evils from the Muslims who enslaved and interbred with them for centuries. That is correct, the Spanish are half breeds with Muslims in their bloodline. The half breed Muslims then invaded Latin America and interbred with the Aztec cult peoples and now they further their globalist evils as do all Antichrist groups.

This was all foretold in the Bible over 2000 years ago in the OT and NT in the last days would come a globalist Antichrist atheist power who WILL rule the world, and only a few refuge nations would ever have the guts to war against it. If you refuse to accept this truth you will never begin to understand why all the evils of the world are multiplying by the minute in the last 50 years ever since the preborn baby genocide begun and the Antichrist globalist destruction of all Christian civilization in the world begun.

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