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Non-Covid-19 Patients Are Being Ignored

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

On Friday night on The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham reported her conversation with an unidentified doctor in Queens who shared his concern that non-Covid patients are being ignored in the United States as the medical community reacts to the surge of viral cases that are either overwhelming them or are predicted to do so in the near future.

The physician was ultimately restricted from openly sharing his opinion by his hospital so a live discussion was ultimately stymied.  And although Ingraham did not definitively answer the question on Friday night, the New York physician is absolutely correct.  

As a physician, I can confirm it. I see it happening to my patients. Non-Covid-19 patients are not getting the treatment they need.

Since the predictions made by the CDC and publicized by the likes of Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, our various governments, the medical community, and the general public have entered into a state of general quarters where the economy has been trounced and the usual conduct of medical care paralyzed.  

But the predictions foreseeing 2.5 million deaths in the United States as a result of inaction are nonsensical.  This is not to say that the United States is not faced with a serious challenge to the health, welfare, safety of the American people, but either the calculations or assumptions of these predictions are leading to indefensible results.  

Consider that at the time of this writing, over four months, in the whole world, there are 50,489 deaths.  So, after four months of free reign at the global population with infiltration into many underserved, third world, poverty-stricken countries, the Wuhan Pandemic has caused 50,489 deaths.  With this backdrop, it is inconceivable that 2.5 million Americans would die in April in the United States alone unless harsh and almost draconian mitigation efforts are undertaken.  

Although I review many cases of negative government interventions on healthcare in my book The Case for Free Market Healthcare, this present response overwhelms the magnitude and misguidedness of any other.  The reality is that any time an intervention is undertaken by fiat there will be negative repercussions.  Thus far, much of the nation’s attention has centered on the economic effects.  But it is true that the effects on the health of many non-Covid-19 patients are significant.  I know this because I see this personally throughout my community on a daily basis, and I am active in the implementation of this plan locally.  

Throughout the country, hospitals are no longer performing “non-essential” procedures.  People in need of pain-related surgery, low-grade cancers, many diagnostic procedures, orthopaedic interventions, prostate cancer, and hysterectomies, to name a few, are being prohibited from undergoing necessary interventions.  Note that just because a procedure is non-essential does not make it unnecessary. Despite this reality, patients are unable to access them regardless of whether their state has 185 reported cases like in Alaska, or 123,000 like in New York.

Meanwhile, hospitals throughout my community are actually laying off people because the ban on “non-essential” has caused a dramatic decrease in their patient loads while still treating relatively few Covid-19 patients.

The needs of non-Covid-19 patients are being placed on the backburner while the nation responds to what has become a massive pandemic.  Whether this is appropriate, and whether this prioritization ought to be undertaken in a blanket fashion or regionally tailored, is an analysis that needs to be completed.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and The Case for Free Market Healthcare.  He can be reached through or at [email protected]

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2 replies on “Non-Covid-19 Patients Are Being Ignored”

My niece’s fiance is very sick, he’s 50 and initially it was thought he might have C-19. The hospital (s) would not admit him because he had not been tested?? They claimed they couldn’t test him because even though he was very sick he didn’t meet the C-19 testing criteria and sent him home. (My niece is a flight attendant and flies regularly in and out of Seattle?) Hospitals, doctors turned him away MANY TIMES! This guy was diagnosed with melanoma in December, removed the mole and kept getting sicker. His doctor was too busy to pay any attention. This has been going on for six weeks. Finally, he had a chest xray from a doctor his mother appealed to on Facebook. He is now in the hospital, very ill but seemingly in good hands. He is still waiting on his C-19 test results, he’s had three test and no results. BTW, since he was admitted on Saturday, there was no staff to really help him- OMG, we have a pandemic going on (this is in So Cal) – three C-19 test and no one to assist in his care. Really? This is appalling.

The way I look at it is that if you don’t have Covid 19 you aren’t
important enough to receive medical help. So I guess the rest of the world can go to hell in a handbag and just die if you are not a covid 19. So now if you die because you can’t get real medical help then they will just rack their deaths as a covid 19 case when it was really medical neglect.for a different ailment that was considered as not important. This is a crock of shit. More people have died from the N1H1 , swine flu and all the other viruses that have been around. These epidemics didn’t get this much attention as this Viral pneumonia, and the others have killed more people. Just saying.

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