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Our Institutions Are Failing Us Again — Hunter Edition

By Rod Thomson

The biggest issue regarding the Hunter Biden laptop imbroglio may not be the actual contents  and their meaning — as dangerous and potentially criminal as those are. Instead, it may be ongoing misconduct at the top levels of the FBI — an enormous threat — and the abandonment of the American people by institutions such as the media and some of America’s largest corporations.

If the contents on the laptop are true, in any normal time Joe Biden would have to drop out under the cloud of a criminal investigation and raging controversy. And the thing is, we should know if they are true, and I’m certain the FBI already does. Here’s why:

• The FBI has had the computer since December. They could have and probably did look at the receipt at the computer store to see when it was dropped off for repair to determine if the computer tech is credible. That would be 101.

• They could have, and probably did, ask the manufacturer who registered the laptop’s serial number when it was originally bought.

• They could have, and probably did, determine which retailer the manufacturer shipped the computer to and then asked the retailer for the sales receipt and the credit card, if one was used.

• They could have, and probably did, check fingerprints and DNA samples on the laptop, to determine whose they are. 

• On the contents of the laptop, the FBI has sophisticated computer forensics — far more than they would need for something not wiped — and could determine in hours the source of the emails to see if they are legit. They probably did.

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None of those bullets should be in the least way controversial. Basic FBI investigative work.

Those steps will show if Hunter bought it and used it and if the information is real. The FBI could accomplish all of this in less than a week. Possibly in 24 hours. They’ve had the laptop since December. Either they did none of this, even knowing why it was delivered to them, or they did it and have told no one. Either of those scenarios is unacceptable and suggests there is a whole lot more house-cleaning that needs to go on at the FBI.

The only way around those two options is if a grand jury has been impaneled regarding the contents that we do not know about. But that seems likely to have been concluded by now, also.

AG Barr should demand the information if he does not have it already and make it public to end all the mystery. If it is not legit, tell Americans. If it is, tell Americans and tell us where the investigation stands. Otherwise, it gives the very strong appearance that the FBI is once again trying to tamper with an election by either going after one candidate on baseless charges as in the Trump-Russia probe, or covering up for a different candidate on what could be a historic scandal. Again, if it is not solid, the FBI could end this whole thing.

If the laptop’s contents, specifically the emails, are genuine, then Joe Biden is hopelessly compromised. And provably so, unlike all the Trump-Russia non-story. However, if it is all Russian disinformation, or Chinese blackmailing, Americans should know that, too. This is so easy. I just want to know the truth. But boy, in Orwell’s 1984, it’s really hard.

Joe Biden was relatively poor financially when he was first elected. He’s now a very, very wealthy man with multiple luxury homes. He did not do that on the government salaries he earned. Did his wife come from wealth? Is there any known legitimate source of revenue that could account for his wealth? The FBI could conduct financial forensics to trace, at least recently, the source of the flow of money into Joe Biden accounts — particularly if the laptop contents prove to be legitimate.

Coronalessons cover

So in my mind, this whole scenario swamps the problems of a compromised Joe Biden, which are serious and substantial. This goes to the potential for even more corruption spread deeper in the FBI, the media’s total abandonment of its role in holding powerful people accountable and social media’s black-out of the well-sourced New York Post stories and censoring or locking accounts of those who try to share it.

Unlike that other thing that is always being called systemic today, this really is a systemic breakdown of necessary institutions in a free country.

My greatest concern is that, once again, we may never find out the truth and no one will be brought to justice. Former, brief Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is sitting in jail right now for not disclosing income and for not registering as an agent for a foreign entity — both of which seem to apply to Hunter Biden, and possibly even to Joe Biden. Will this just be another example of two-tiered justice, where General Michael Flynn is financially ruined and would have gone to jail for actually doing nothing wrong, but those initiating spying on the duly elected President are making millions writing books and being contributors on national news outlets?

The systems appear to be functioning in support of the systems, not the American people. And that is truly a threat.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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7 replies on “Our Institutions Are Failing Us Again — Hunter Edition”

How is this at all surprising? The FBI has proven to be corrupt–despite Barr’s best efforts to cover it up. We’ve known for at least 4 years that the FBI/DOJ are dirty and we’ve done nothing at all to correct it. How can we be surprised that they’re still corrupt? If you find your milk is spoiled and you simply put it back in the fridge…when you taste it again in 3 days it will only have gotten worse!

So what are The American People to do with the corruption in Washington, D.C.? The People elect those electable, but what do We The People do to those appointed to positions by those that are corrupt? What the hell can WE THE PEOPLE do about James Comey, Chrstopher Wrey, John Brennan, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch and who else I may have forgotten to list?

Rod–I moved to the DC area in 2004, and soon met the wife of an FBI special agent. I barely knew her, but she had to spill her guts as to how the morale at the agency was in the toilet, and had been for years.

To put it mildly, the actual agents despise the brass, but to move up, you have to sell your soul and become one of “them.” This is likely true at the CIA as well, but generally those folks don’t speak out of turn as much. That someone like a John Brennan could become CIA director is all you need to know.

The swamp has been left alone since the days of FDR, and the main reason that Trump is mostly hated in this town is that he comes from outside and actually wants to clean it up.

I personally know a member of Congress who left in disgust after three terms because he just could not stand it anymore. But, of course, the rest hang on and on.

This has everything to do with the New World Order and nothing to do with salvaging what is left of the United States of America. There are many in Washington who need to be duck walked out to the nearest tree and hung for treason!

On Point Rod. I could go on and on about the nature of bureaucracies and how challenging it is to reform them. So no surprise to me.

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