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Russia Wants Trump Over Sanders? No. Putin Wants Something Else

Rod Thomson

So now we’re back to Russia is going to interfere in the election to help Trump? Or perhaps it never really left us? Democrats just refuse to let this trope go.

And only one person can truly be smiling over this: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But there’s a gigantic flaw in the latest whip-up. Does anyone really think Putin wants Trump instead of Bernie Sanders? Anyone?

Trump has completely blocked Putin’s expansionist ambitions after Russian ran wild under Obama in Crimea, Ukraine and Syria, and undermined their oil economy with the success of fracking and natural gas. Meanwhile, Sanders is an unrepentant Communist (as is Putin) because he has never, ever disavowed his fawning support for the Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and holds to their underlying socialist principles. And for good measure, he wants to ban all fracking, which would be a huge benefit for Russia.

Here’s a guess what’s going on — but a guess that is completely plausible and in line with facts and history: Russia and the old Soviet Union have long interfered in American elections, and we know from the opened Soviet-era archives that the top goal was not always who won, but was to sow distrust in elections and discord among the American people.

I think we can agree they accomplished that goal in spades in 2016 with their useful idiots (an old Soviet term from the Lenin-Stalin era for Western leftist sympathisers, like Sanders) in the media and Democratic party.

And so now, if the goal is to sow distrust and discord, as an old Soviet KGB guy like Putin would want to do, then the best way to accomplish that after learning from the successes of 2016, would be make sure that American intelligence was aware that Russia was going to try to help Trump “again.” It would have to get out. The Russians may even try to plant the idea that Trump administration officials are working with them to further stir the pot of distrust from American to American.

This works on so many levels because the media and Democrats will run with it like foxes with their tails on fire and after 2020. They’ll spread it and spread it until the country is aflame again. And we will have four more years of investigations and accusations and “leaks” to the New York Times.

The only real problem is that no sane people — so we all know who that is ruling out — believes that Putin actually wants the guy that has armed his enemies in Ukraine and killed his troops in Syria to win in November. That would be Donald Trump, for those of you who only read the mainstream media. Putin would much rather have the full-on anti-American Communist sympathizer Bernie Sanders.

Of course all this is useful in setting the stage for impeachment and investigations if Trump wins re-election, which the odds are at this point that he will. Ironically, the same people who have worked to undo the 2016 election for more than three years and will do so again, managed to claim in the same breath that Trump is the one who is an existential threat to democracy.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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4 replies on “Russia Wants Trump Over Sanders? No. Putin Wants Something Else”

These viscous scared people who want to destroy our President, our Constitution and us have become rabid, they will do everything and anything to achieve their goal. In the meantime they are blind to the fact that they are destroying themselves, so be it.

The democrat communists just know anything real about Putin who is far smarter than any one of them and what he wants and thinks they can’t begin to fathom as they are concentrating on themselves and their greed. Putin is NOT a fool but you are. Are you aware that he has opened churches again in his country? No. Are you aware that the people have food and a life again? No. Are you aware of the great universities in Russia? No. Odd you don’t because I have studied with those from Russia and frankly you are way far dumber than even one of them! Putin may not be the worst Leader in the world but he is far ahead of any democrat communist.

Based on the debates last night (19 February 2020), there is really no-one in the DNC field that can beat Trump. The thing is that we must become complacent. If we fail to turn out in November, the Left could win by default, as result that would be catastrophic. Make sure that you and your friends vote, even if you must drag them to the polls.

Communists like Putin want their fellow anti-American leftists (i.e. Democrats) to control America. Putin want another Carter or Obama. Bernie, Warren and other Democrats running would work. The guy Putin doesn’t want is pro-American, anti-leftist like Trump. The bogus “story” is nothing buy defamatory projection propaganda from Democrat Propaganda Factories like NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSN to try to flip reality. Of course, only morons believe it.

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