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Senate Democrats Provide Taste Of Life If They Are In Charge. It’s Horrifying

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Yesterday, I saw the most disgusting display of political gamesmanship ever, if it can be called that. A full-fledged attack on a man’s character, his past, and even his soul. The display brought to mind those videos of frenzied sharks opportunistically swiping bites at their maimed prey. And in this case, the feeding frenzy was allowed to continue by a judicial nominee that, although impassioned by anger, frustration, and shear exhaustion, was at times too meek and respectful to abandon his temperament and call out the 800-pound gorilla in the room during the question and answer portion of his appearance: vile, destructive partisan politics for personal gain.

But when the smoke cleared, the Senate Judiciary Committee shed no new light upon the events from thirty-five years ago, and the only thing that lay in tatters was the reputation of the United States Senate.

Thank you, Senate Democrats.

There were a number of goals the Senate Democrats pursued today. The first was to put on display a credible witness with a credible story against a judicial nominee. That witness was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a Palo Alto professor who claimed that Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when he was 17 years old. What we saw was a meek woman with a weak voice and sheepish delivery who seemed to conveniently forget the most important and significant of details. Ford’s demeanor was simply too passive for a Ph.D professor.

And then there were the inconsistencies. First, the progression of the events had to be delayed because of Ford’s fear of flying, which she blamed on the supposed Kavanaugh attack that made her afraid to be in confined spaces. Yet we later find out that Ford actually flies all over. To Delaware to be with her family. To Polynesia for personal pursuits.To Costa Rica. To Hawaii. And she flew not for life altering important events, but for pleasure!

And then we learned that the neural receptors in Ford’s hippocampus were predisposed to her developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the events that took place 35 years ago. But when asked if there had been any possible environmental stressors that could have deteriorated her condition, she said there were none. Nothing else in her life had ever caused her any stress. Quite simply an incredible assertion.

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And then a little pearl. She would have been able to do the hearing earlier if the Senate had offered to go to her.

But they did. And when this was pointed out, her attorney was quick to object, cover the mic and coach her on what to say.

From before the hearing, we knew she couldn’t place the house. But during the hearing we learned that the house where the events took place was about a 15-minute drive from her home. So after establishing that she was driven there and back, she still couldn’t remember who drove her to the party and back.

Wouldn’t you think that the person who had driven her home from that party would have driven an absolutely mortified 15-year-old home? No 15-year-old can bluff so well so as to hide her emotions from the person driving her home that night, and even if she could, Ford should have been able to tell us what she did in preparation for what was likely the longest trip home of her life. How had she maintained her composure? Did she cry prior to getting in the car? How did she hide her emotions from her parents that night?

But there was none of that.

Ford also did not know who paid for the polygraph test, or who was paying for her attorneys.

When faced with a prosecuting attorney that treated her with kid gloves under five minute time constraints, none of the tough questions were asked. But even at this point, something seemed off about her testimony. For me, I just kept going back to not having ever seen a Ph.D. professor act so meekly.

Then came Judge Kavanaugh. Pardon my vernacular, but he was pissed, as upset as I have ever seen anyone at a legislative hearing. He was indignant. He was unwavering in his denial that the events described absolutely never happened. And the debacle of the Democrats’ vile scam began to unravel.

Which brings us to the Democrats’ second goal; delay the hearing at all costs through a call for another FBI investigation.

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The most obnoxious individual in promoting this agenda was Sen. Dick Durbin who kept insisting that Kavanaugh turn to the White House council, right there and then, and demand than an FBI hearing take place. Despite the intense, and unprofessional display from Durbin, Kavanaugh did not take the bait, recurrently exclaiming that he would do whatever the Committee wanted, but essentially leaving it to the Committee to call for an investigation.

And that’s when a rejuvenated and impassioned Lindsey Graham spoke.

He was the first Republican Senator to break ranks with the optional protocol the caucus had set up for itself of employing the services of an Arizona prosecuting attorney to ask the questions. Instead, Graham took the microphone himself and resoundingly called the proceedings a sham. His was a performance so riveting, so emotional, so raw and filled with honesty that it made Al Pacino’s performance in And Justice For All, look like child’s play. The Democrats don’t want an investigation, Graham exclaimed. If they did, they wouldn’t have sat on Ford’s complaint for weeks.

From Graham and others we learned that by the time Kavanaugh met with Feinstein, her staff and she had already assisted Ford in obtaining a lawyer, and she mentioned nothing to Kavanaugh at their private meeting! Nor did she say anything at the time of the hearing. Feinstein’s deceitful performance in her handling of this case was so despicable, that it brought the spurious call for an FBI investigation to a halt.

Additionally, in a case where there is nothing to pursue, no forensic evidence, no physical evidence, no DNA, no pictures, and no iron-clad testimonies, there is absolutely nothing the FBI could add.

How about making Kavanaugh look like a raging alcoholic? Here is where Kavanaugh was at his shakiest because he drank as a minor, (“everyone did”) and he liked beer and claimed to still like beer. He seemed a little frazzled as he asked the Senators, “Don’t you like beer, Senator?” To be sure, it’s what many wished to tell these arrogant senators, but it got the judge into the mud a little bit too much.

But once again, the Democrats stole defeat from the jaws of victory as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse broke one of the sacred rules of public interrogation, he asked questions of his witness to which he did not previously know the answer. Whitehouse thought he would be cute and display a huge blowup of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook page, and thinking that the cryptic entries dealt with sexual activity, sought to pursue them.

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What does “Renate alumnius” mean?

No, it did not mean that Kavanaugh had claimed to have sexual relations with Renata. (Here’s where Kavanaugh could have said, “No, Senator, I have no control over what your perverted brain may be thinking, but this reference is not to sexual activity,” but he didn’t.)

What does “Ralph” in “Beach Week Ralph Club” mean, and doesn’t that mean that you were a problem drinker?

Senator, it means vomiting, and no, I was not a problem drinker.

And then Whitehouse tried to cross the bridge too far.

And what about the word “boofed”?

Senator, it means flatulence. We were 16. We thought it was funny.

Everyone laughed. And all of a sudden, the absurdity of a Senator dissecting the high school yearbook page of a judicial nominee became painfully clear. And the Democrats’ efforts at discrediting the nominee came to an end.

In the end, we finished where we started. If anything, Kavanaugh appeared stronger than before the hearing. Ford looked weaker and less credible. And the Me Too movement continued its descent into the surreal.

So what did we gain from all of this? Substantively, we gained nothing.

But we got further confirmation of the disarray we would live in if this crop of Democrats ran the show. We got a taste of what its like when procedural rules are ignored and decorum abandoned. We learned how evil the left can be if left to its own devices. And once again, we learned of the importance of maintaining a man’s innocence until and unless there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate his guilt.

Today, I witnessed a horrible display of incivility and disrespect to the honor and life of another. I have nothing to say about Dr. Ford, as I do not understand what she was thinking and what motivated her to go this far after 35 years without any corroborating evidence; as a matter of fact, she brought only the opposite.

But I did see the attempted destruction of the United States Senate by those who reside within it. It was a despicable display that in the end, left our Republic that much weaker.

Thanks again, Senate Democrats.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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4 replies on “Senate Democrats Provide Taste Of Life If They Are In Charge. It’s Horrifying”

I don’t want to use the term “deplorable,” because I’ve embraced it as a compliment. But Democrat behavior has become worse than that of the despots who are CRUSHING the Third World (which, by the way, is where they want to take us as a country). At one time, they felt compelled to cloak their treachery from prying eyes. They coated the poisoned pill with a sweet candy shell. Now they just grab us by the nose and shove the pill down our throats. For HOW LONG will Patriots suffer this Democrat corruption? RIFE, BLATANT CORRUPTION!? At what point will we say “THIS FAR AND NO FARTHER!?”

I get so disgusted when women are portrayed as “Never lying about sexual assault.” Women have been lying for thousands of years. Read Genesis 39 and the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife.

As time marches on, technology expands exponentially, while human nature remains static. That axiom frightens me tremendously, as i compare what went down today in the Senate hearings to the events, horrific events, that transpired during the Bolshevik Revolution. (arguably) 80+ million were murdered and quite often thru prolonged torture, over political ideology. To attempt to comprehend the inimically evil driving force behind those events is to invite a slide into inexorable madness, heaven forbid that anyone tread there. A journey into hell is indeed one in which there is no return.

One has to wonder, in considering the technology at the immediate disposal of the anti-humans THEN, when carrying out the business of genocide, and what’s at the immediate disposal of the monsters in the ‘here’…. in the NOW.
“But I can’t think about that right now, I’ll go crazy if I do. I’ll think about that tomorrow. Yes. Yes, because after all, tomorrow IS another day.” –Scarlett O’Hara, GONE WITH THE WIND
………………………………………………………………………………………Timmy Seventy-five

If the demonrats get elected for any seat, we will turn into Venezuela and eat fresh killed stray dog . The Venezuelans already ate all the zoo animals. GET OUT AND VOTE ON NOV 6th. Vote for De Santis if you live in Fla. Gillum ruined Tallahassee and was investigated by the fbi for various criminal activity. Look it up yourselves. He wants No Borders, No ICE, Abolish the 2nd amendment…all the far left tripe you see every day. He won’t even campaign in Fla. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!! I am a proud unwashed deplorable evil sinful CONSERVATIVE, and Trump is doing a GREAT job. If the demonrats win in the midterms, you can kiss the country goodbye. I’m so sick of all of this I could scream my head off.

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