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Small Conservative Outlets Are Being Shadowbanned En Masse

Rod Thomson

The Revolutionary Act is a growing conservative news and commentary site, but it is still quite small compared to the big conservative players. That doesn’t mean, however, that the giant social media censors do not Hoover it up for squashing. The suppressive algorithms clearly cover the conservative spectrum and hit rightist content providers regardless of size, strangling conservative content from cradle to grave.

InfoWars being eradicated from multiple platforms within hours of each other was a draconian and possibly monopolistic measure against a site considered to be on the right but was really its own conspiratorial wing of the political spectrum.

Candace Owens “accidentally” being suspended for tweeting exactly what the bigot Sarah Jeong tweeted — but changing the races to make a point — really, really made her point with the help of Twitter. And that point is: the hate speech identified by the formula written by Twitter coders represents the extreme leftist position. That can be built into any identifying algorithm because a computer program does not know definitions until they are given by those coding the program. So blaming the computer software really doesn’t cut it; the algorithm reflects the algorithm writers.

The most common method we see at this stage in the evolution of the left’s flexing its speech-bleaching muscle is shadowbanning on Twitter and demonetizing on Youtube. There are the well-known targets, including PragerU, Steven Crowder, Mark Dice and others. But the targets are really all over the conservosphere, and all sizes are being shadowbanned.

A few of the smaller but growing sites that have been hit and damaged by social media censors include: Liberty Nation, Patriot Retort, Sparta Report, Canada Free Press and Whatfinger News. I’m sure there are many, many more. What’s interesting is that it seems that most of these sites continue to grow in views and readers, despite the efforts of the social media censors. The demand for alternative views that reflect traditional American philosophies remains strong. (If you know of a conservative site that has been shadowbanned or otherwise censored on social media, please send us that information.)

I have a personal Twitter account (@Rod_Thomson) because it was clear when we started The Revolutionary Act less than two years ago, that Twitter was already tipping the scales against conservatives. Spending time and resources building a Twitter feed for TRA did not make sense. My own small but growing account had about 4,000 followers. It grew to more than 8,000 with solid engagement depending on the tweet. Suddenly — like overnight suddenly — engagement plummeted a few months ago.

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The material was the same but tweets that would average maybe 8 retweets and 15 likes and a few comments suddenly got 0 and 0. No engagement at all. I’m getting a little engagement now, but followers have actually decreased and the engagement is maybe one-tenth what they were. There’s no reasonable conclusion other than that Twitter’s anti-conservative algorithm shadowbanned even my small Twitter account. No one or almost no one is seeing tweets.

The same thing happened on the TRA Youtube channel. It is very small, but each video garnered 400 to 800 views. And that was growing as we just started the channel when we launched the web site. But suddenly, again, views on videos dropped to 50 to 100. We saw precisely the same dynamic as on Twitter. When I tried to boost a video to see the reaction, the boost was rejected for violating community standards. So, it was just as suspected.

Youtube could not demonetize us because we were not big enough to be making any money on the channel. But of course we can still be shadowbanned, which will block the The Revolutionary Act from ever being able to monetize. And in truth, we have put on hold any efforts with Youtube as they have been the most aggressive recently in cutting the legs out from under conservatives.

So far, we have not seen any such tampering with our Facebook page as engagement remains strong and followers continue to grow. The difference between our Facebook engagement and our Twitter and Youtube engagement is fairly astonishing. But it feels like only a matter of time before the left’s hammer of censorship falls on Facebook, too.

But the Revolutionary Act will not stop putting forth truth. We will follow on the founding words of George Orwell: “Telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is the revolutionary act.”

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Drudge Got You Down? / Try WHATFINGER NEWS


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5 replies on “Small Conservative Outlets Are Being Shadowbanned En Masse”

These sites are growing because the readers are going right to them or using aggregator sites via bookmark. I read 200 Conservative articles a day and none of them through FB, Goolgle or Twitter or any other commie run company. Quit FB, never use any Google products, there are alternatives. and if all conservatives move to them they will get stronger and the censors will get weaker

We Need to Attack Sponsors and advertisers of Facebook, Google, You tube etc etc. Hit them in the pocket. Boycotts work wonders.

Never even heard of those sites or this one. I only found this one on Duck Duck Go. Google seems to only show extremist sites. If a Conservative site is full of extremists Google will show it. Why is that? Do they want everyone into different groups pitted against each other?

We need a Russian Revolution.

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