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Wow. Vanity Fair Displays Astounding Ignorance About The Right

Rod Thomson

Most journalists live in insular bubbles of liberal LeftThink. But this was never more apparent than in a recent Vanity Fair article explaining the red-pilling of Kanye West.

That they seem utterly blind to their culturally provincial ignorance while writing with such grave authority is what makes it hilarious. Otherwise, it’s just tragic.

Of course it all starts because Kanye tweeted that he likes the way Candace Owens, a black conservative, thinks. Owens believes in personal responsibility and that blacks should not be stuck on the Democratic Party plantation. So naturally she is considered radical and controversial by the insular media.

Kanye has since gone on numerous tweet storms of independent thought, MAGA hats, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, liberal artist John Legend and all sorts of strange nonsense, i.e. sharing “dragon energy” with Trump. It’s not that Kanye is suddenly a conservative or even a big Trump supporter. He’s clearly not.

Kanye’s real sin  — or contribution to broadened thinking — was independent, non-Democratic-approved thought by a black man. As we pointed out here, that is philosophically and electorally not allowed.

There have been many attempts by the insular media to discredit, attack and explain away Kanye’s independent thinking. But none rise to the level of sheer detachment from any understanding of the right, Trump supporters or the alt right (which has very little to do with the conservative right) as Tina Nguyen’s Vanity Fair article, “He’s Never Been Happier: Inside The Red-Pilling of Kanye West.”

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For those who do not know, red pill and its less popular opposite, blue pill, are memes derived from the movie The Matrix. They represent choices. Red pill represents choosing knowledge, freedom and sometimes brutal reality. Blue pill represents choosing security, happiness and blissful ignorance. Red pill is used in various forms on the right, but got a big push on Reddit and the alt right. But it is an ultimately conservative view.

The article is illustrative of the total lack of association with conservatives by so many in the national media.

Tina writes in regards to the Kanye tweets, “West’s liberal fans wondered if he was having a public breakdown, or was merely misinformed.” See, those are the only two options. Kanye needs to be re-educated in the correct way a black man should think.

Tina nonsense:

“According to sources I spoke to, West is a fan of Jordan Peterson, the controversial Canadian professor who has attracted a cult following of disaffected young men, and whose self-help philosophy has become something of a gateway drug for those flirting with the far right.”

Throughout this article, Tina lumps together under the “far right” Peterson, anti-Trumper Jonah Goldberg, atheist, mostly liberal Sam Harris, libertarian Steve Forbes, white supremacist Richard Spencer, former Google engineer James Damore, alt-right Trumper Mike Cernovich, Conservative Ben Shapiro, flamingly gay Milo, talk radio host Dennis Prager and anti-Tumper Bret Stephens. Wow. Obviously Tina does not know conservatives or Trumpers or the alt right. They all look about the same from her isolated perch. She just never rubs shoulders with them. (Granted, this is an assumption, but a pretty safe one.) They are oddities skulking around the hinterlands and the dark web.

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Jordan, who is hardly a doctrinaire conservative, is a proponent of personal responsibility and self-help. So while Canadian, that is about as historically archetypically American as possible. And, by the way, good parenting too. But to insulated leftist journalists such as Tina Nguyen, that is a “gateway drug for those flirting with the far right.”

First, personal responsibility is only “far right” if you are very far left. She clearly means it pejoratively. Personal responsibility and self-help, as opposed to government handouts, is a bad thing to a modern progressive leftist because they have fully embraced socialism. (As a concept, that is, not something to practice personally.)

Most Americans not on the far left see personal responsibility as a positive, something noble and right to be taught and sought after. So this is not necessarily about “disaffected men” but about seeking a higher way of living than suckling at the teets of government largesse. The detachment in the hall of Vanity Fair — and the rest of media — on this point is stark. But it gets worse.

More Tina nonsense:

“…the dragon energy in the far right has been supplanted by a nebulous ‘intellectual dark web’ comprised of right-wing pundits, agnostic comedian podcasters, self-help gurus, and disgruntled ex-liberals united by their desire to ‘red pill’ new adherents—breaking the spell of political correctness, as Neo’s eyes are opened in The Matrix.”

She sees this as a rag-tag band of disaffected misfits. Another way of looking at it is a broad, forming coalition pushing back against smothering, one-box-fits-all political correctness. PC is antithetical to free speech and free association. It is anti-Constitutional, anti-Founders and profoundly anti-American.

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This nebulous intellectual dark web is just a scare phrase. They are all right out there in the bright sunlight, except where the PC police on the left seek to quash their voices on social media, in normal media, on college campuses, in Silicon Valley, throughout government and everywhere else they can. Leftists really just cannot brook any disagreement. Stifling and totalitarian.

More Tina nonsense:

“‘I take it all back rap is great now,’ conservative pundit Ben Shapiro tweeted last week, reveling in the absurdity of the reversal.”

Of course, Shapiro was referring to Kanye’s free-thinking tweets. Shapiro is pretty well-known for despising rap. And he is tweeting this while laughing out loud. Guarantee it. It’s a joke! But when you are totally insulated from conservatives, or even moderates, you miss a lot. A lot.

Hilarious Tina:

“What unifies these disparate voices on PragerU, my sources tell me, is a sense that P.C. politics are fundamentally divisive and restrictive.”

She needed sources? She could just check Twitter, or Facebook, or Youtube or, shoot, just Google. But she had to use her sources to figure out the haps with the right. Work the shoe leather. Work the phones. Get those sources to explain this situation. This further goes to the isolation. She can’t just talk to conservative friends, or acquaintances or colleagues, because she obviously doesn’t know any. She actually has to develop sources and then secretly meet with them deep-throat style in a Washington parking garage to get the skinny.


Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.

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