The Revolutionary Act

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GOP lesson: DeSantis deployed states’ rights, and his popularity soared
By Rod Thomson Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won in 2018 over Andrew Gillum by 32,000 votes, or four-tenths of one percentage point. Very, very close in …
Biden Will Eventually Cancel College Debt, And So Enrich The Squad
By Rod Thomson Tax-sucking Congressional socialists continue to pressure kinda sorta President Biden to cancel at least $50,000 in student debt via executive order. Despite the …
The Geneva Conventions War With Forced Vaccines
By Cathi Chamberlain Combining various international treaties since its inception in 1864, the Geneva Conventions were originally intended for, and still stand as, protections for soldiers …
How the Nuremberg Code Applies to the Vaccine
By Cathi Chamberlain  The first mandate listed in the “Permissible Medical Experiments” section of volume II of the Trials of War Criminals reads: “[t]he voluntary consent …
Durham’s Timing Could Not Have Been Worse
By Cathi Chamberlain  Headlines over the past couple days seem to have shocked the collective conscience. But, that’s only because most Americans were following lame stream, …
BLM and MAGA form Extraordinary Backlash against Democrats
By Cathi Chamberlain On a recent weekend in New York City, thousands of protesters gathered in Times Square. But the number of protesters wasn’t the headline. …

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