Speaking Truth

These are times that call for telling the truth. Foundational, well-defended, grounded truth. Truth that has been a part of America’s greatness. Truth that isn’t always red, white and blue, but it is always grounded.

It should not be revolutionary to speak the truth. But today it is.

As George Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Only bad happens when truth is hidden or obfuscated, when it is shouted down or shamed. With unprecedented forces array to block truth with the cudgel of political correctness, we accept and live with the lie. Lies oppress. Truth frees.  Our time of universal, soul-crushing lies calls for the Orwellian revolutionary act.

Truth. Grounded, well-defended truth.

Laboring for decades in the liberal orthodoxy of mainstream newsrooms, Rod Thomson’s political conservatism and evangelical Christianity stood out like a marvelous new zoo arrival. Most journalists are so isolated in their liberal circles, that not only finding a political conservative among them, but an evangelical Christian one no less, sent them into spasms of wonderment.

It was not unusual for colleagues to stop by Rod’ desk and pepper him with questions, as though they finally found a real person they could talk to — not the toothless hillbilly married to his cousin caricature that they had created for Christian conservatives. But an educated colleague right in the newsroom! “Do you really believe…” was followed by questions from the Bible to tax cuts to abortion to affirmative action to any other issue of the day.

Those years were a crucible.

Rod was either going to be cowed into silence (others were, and still others just left the profession) or he was going to learn how to defend what he believed against mainstream liberal thinking. Sometimes the debates resulted in modifications of belief. But most of the time they honed Rod’s skills for what he believes, why he believes it and how it can be defended against liberal/progressive/anti-Christian arguments. And it so often came down to rational, consistent principles applied to life — and lived by. Since his colleagues were rarely challenged in such a way, it strengthened his positions and ability to defend them over time.

And deep down in the foundations of those principles is that there is a uniquely deceptive, often irrational core of the liberal/progressive/anti-Christian triad, driven by some of our most base instincts. It is a deception, that pushes off further and further from the basic truths that made the United States of America such a historically exceptional nation.

There is only one way to drive back against those deceptions rooting deeper into our culture: Telling the truth. It’s really the only antidote. Verifiable truths, proven over time and the subject of applied rational thought.

That is The Revolutionary Act.


About Rod

rod-on-abc-7-1-copyRod has 30 years of newspaper experience, working for newspapers in Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Florida. He has been published nationally in the New York Times, People Magazine, Focus on the Family and Newsmax, plus many state, regional and industry publications. He has been a guest on the Hugh Hewitt Show and the Michael Medved Show.

He became Executive Editor of the Gulf Coast Business Review in January 2006 and oversaw an expansion in circulation, geography and size of the weekly publication, covering from Tampa Bay south to Naples. He now runs The Thomson Group, a communications and public relations firm headquartered in Sarasota, Fla.

He has two books published: Living Water: Hudson Taylor and the Call of Inland China, which Christian Literature Crusade put out in 2001 and is now in its second printing; and Living Threads: The unbroken connections of God’s people through the ages, published in 2013. Both are available on

Rod was born and raised in Flint, Mich., and graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and minor in economics.

He has been married to Kim Thomson for 36 years. They have eight children ranging from homemakers to entrepreneurs to service professionals. They also have four grandchildren.

Contact him at

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