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2 Simple Reasons Why The American Left Instinctively Seeks Censorship

Rod Thomson

It’s pretty obvious to every conservative in the country by now that the American Left is where virtually all censorship resides. Not every liberal is a censor, but modern liberalism promotes censorship. Of course, you only know this if you get news and information from more outlets than the old, traditional media.

Whether it is college campuses run by the Left and instituting liberal-approved speech codes and tiny free speech zones on campus, their practical goal is censorship;

Or it is demonstrators and marchers who shout down conservative political opponents, refusing to allow them to speak and often threatening the institution that dared even allow them;

Or it is the violent, progressive, Communist, anarchist Antifa that roams the streets of our most liberal cities to attack conservatives or Trump supporters for being conservatives or Trump supporters;

Or it is the social media giants such as Youtube demonetizing conservatives for saying conservative things (Prager U is the most egregious example) or Twitter suspending conservative accounts for tweeting conservative ideas or Facebook blocking posts that are politically incorrect based on the recommendations of liberal organizations such as Snopes determining they are “fake news;

Or it is our public schools indoctrinating students with progressive ideals and punishing those who deviate, such as the New Prague Minnesota High School kid who came out during the national school walkout with a sign that said guns don’t kill people, people do, and the principle forcing him away — this was a consistent theme around the nation, no deviation from the progressive message at many schools;

Or it is the ever-expanding universe of political correctness determining things you cannot say without dire personal consequences, i.e. if a person has XY chromosomes and a penis, that person is a man.

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Each of these areas stem from the American Left, and we can all come up with more. Every one is dominated by progressive liberals and one of their consistencies is a sort of instinctive lurch to squash any speech with which they disagree. Their practical goal is censorship. We wrote about Boston’s liberal mayor shutting down free speech he disagreed with in August 2017.

One is hard-pressed to come up with a single example of an institution on the Right that seeks censorship, to shut down the speech of liberals.

So the question is why? What has happened where the very bastions fighting for free speech 60 years ago, such as universities and liberals in a general sense, are now the anti-free speech totalitarians?

There are at least two explanations.

• Government Knows Best. The instinct of liberals is that government is the best institution for solving societal woes. Not the family. Not the church. Not community organizations. Government. This, of course, is the antithesis of the thinking of the founders and framers of the nation, who saw the government as the single biggest threat to a society made up of individuals.

That’s why socialism is such a cozy fit for a progressive liberal: Benevolent government, run by the smartest among us, owning and distributing society’s wealth and making all the big decisions, is surely far better than selfish capitalists and ignorant masses making those decisions in chaos.

If you prefer central government decision-making over individual liberties — which is not the words, but most certainly the practice on the Left today — then of course you are hardly going to be in favor of uncontrolled speech by the masses.

• Liberal Ideas Don’t Win Arguments. This is going to trip some triggers — so perhaps a trigger warning is in order — but liberalism generally builds its belief structure on emotions, not on rational, data-driven, science-grounded arguments. This is why contradictions and inconsistencies are so common, and why liberals are so quick to resort to demonstrations and protests with signs and placards — those can capture emotional sentiments much better than reasoned arguments.

Consider these hackneyed banalities:

> A baby before the birth canal may be terminated at the mother’s whim, because it is her individual “choice” whether that is a human or not — despite science screaming the baby’s measurable humanity by 4-6 weeks, and what ultrasounds show is going on the whole pregnancy. Moments later when it is out of the birth canal, she cannot because the exact same act would be murder. Inside, can kill. Outside, murder. Same baby, just seperated by moments.

> Two dads or two moms — gay couples as parents — are just as good at parenting as traditional husbands and wives — despite the weight of fully available studies showing just the opposite.

> A man can believe he is a woman and not only is that acceptable and not a mental condition — which it obviously is — but we must contort our society down to school restrooms, showers and sports teams to accommodate gender-confused people. They obviously need compassion and help. That is not it.

> There are 63 genders. So far. Enough said.

> Hate speech is not free speech. No hate speech allowed!

These are laughable, and tragic, but hardly isolated.

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Let’s take a very recent example. The entire liberal establishment — from media to schools to activist organizations — used and propagandized students nationwide after the Parkland, Florida, shootings to push for gun bans even when it came out that the Broward County Sheriff, Broward County Schools, the state of Florida and the FBI all massively failed to do their jobs competently in this case.

A reasonable way to sum up their argument is that government failed at every level to protect us, we need to ban guns and have government protect us.

Conservatives can shoot a thousand holes in the arguments made about the need for gun control after Parkland.

But the reality remains: the more an institution is dominated by liberalism, the less that institution will brook any contrary speech. Alas it is true: Censorship is part and parcel with liberalism.

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Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.



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5 replies on “2 Simple Reasons Why The American Left Instinctively Seeks Censorship”

So true.
This is certainly dangerous.
But free speech is dangerous— for them and their ideals. This is why they do everything in their power to suppress free speech. The truth is libs had a complete hold of the media( newspapers, TV, radio) for decades. They also controlled the colleges and universities not to mention public elementary and high schools.
So we didn’t really notice…. that the conservative view was being repressed.
Now with social media ( even though Facebook and twitter are run by libs) conservatives have been able to voice their opinions (if only for a moment) and that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for them because conservatism makes sense.
So people like Ben Shapiro who have charisma and who explain subjects clearly armed with data to back him up are able to sway youth in the thousands towards the right. Thank God there are others as well.
And now with the election of President Trump many silent people have found their voices. This is a direct threat to the poweful liberal elitists.
Personally I don’t think the libs will be successful in the end….the truth always wins out. As long as our country has Faith. And as long as our people remember that their exceptionalism is based on individual liberty and freedom knowing that one can accomplish anything in our great country.

and God is watching….

This is one of the most outstanding analyses of liberalism, and the evil that drives it, that I have ever

By the way, the fact that liberals base 100 percent of their thinking and agenda on ’emotion’, rather than on logic and cold, hard facts and reality – is very significant. This means that liberalism, is, at it’s roots, a feminine based ideology, because this is exactly how women tend to think and behave. Which is why women almost always make very horrible political leaders.

Take Angela Merkel for one glaring example; this woman is literally destroying the nation of Germany with her female ‘compassion’ for the swarms of incompatible, largely parasitic, unassimilable, predatory and extremely dangerous ‘fake’ refugees who she is allowing to flood into Germany. These third world aliens are terrorizing German women – committing sexual assaults, and even gang rapes on a regular and consistent basis. Merkel’s response to any German citizen who complains about this is to pass laws which make it a ‘hate’ crime to dare to point out that these phony refugees are dangerous savages and have no business being allowed to be inside Germany – or, for that matter, into any historic White European nation – they belong in their own nations.

One other point to make about this twisted ‘trans-gender’ nonsense. It is not only liberals who have a major screw loose in their heads on this issue. There are significant numbers of politicians who have an ‘R’ next to their names who have bought into this freak show baloney, as well. One such guy is a guy named Scott Taylor, who is the 2nd House District Congressman in Virginia. Believe it or not, this cretin is supposedly a former Navy Seal and did a few tours in the Middle East – creds that one would assume would make the guy a conservative and someone who would understand the gender question.

But, nope. Taylor is on record as opposing Trump’s desire to prohibit these trans-gender mentally ill misfits from serving openly in the US Military. He is 100 percent on board with the Cultural Marxist social and sexual engineering experimentation being foisted upon our U.S. Military – which is being done for the express purposes of weakening the military disciple and military cohesion of our armed forces.

Thank you Mr. Thomson for such a great article, your other articles as well. I agree so much with everything stated. I agree so much with the comments as well. Yet I am frustrated. We are preaching to the choir. It is a great comfort to know the choir is growing and larger than we may realize. God Bless All..may others be ‘awakened’. We must win

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