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As D.C. Corruption Mounts, Here’s How The American People Can Get Justice

Rod Thomson

Unfolding events in Washington, D.C. are leaving a lot of Americans wondering where they can turn in such a deeply corrupted, self-absorbed government to get justice and protect the republic. There are actually a few options in these new and uncharted times, and at least one would be groundbreaking.

But first, here’s the corruption we now know was going on in the Obama Administration and during the presidential election:

➜ The Obama Administration clearly weaponized the most fearsome of government agencies, the Internal Revenue Service, against individual Americans and American companies who were political opponents of President Obama. The targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups by the politicized Internal Revenue Service was an explosive scandal that somehow most of the media dozed through, disinterested in pursuing. Democrats worked to obfuscate and dilute the scandal and at that point, the media woke up and helped in reporting the talking points. And all this began after a top IRS official admitting exactly what they had done. And yet, no consequences. Not one person lost their job or a penny of income.

➜ The Fast and Furious gun-running scandal to Mexican cartels was bad enough. But then Obama Attorney General Eric Holder took another step in corruption by so completely refusing to cooperate with Congress, that he was found in criminal contempt. Holder was the first member of a president’s cabinet in history to be held in contempt. Democrats of course circled the wagons and protected him while the media played it as nothing more than partisan “political theater” — helpfully using Holder’s phrase. Nothing ever happened to Holder as the White House played defense for him.

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➜ There are half a dozen other major corruption scandals during the Obama years that would warrant mention but have already been meticulously covered by the conservative media. The mainstream media is happy to blather about the most scandal-free presidency in history. The point is made that during those eight years, there were several scandals for which there was never an accounting. And of course, there is no oversight (and cannot be any oversight) of the media, even a dishonestly partisan media. That’s the First Amendment.

➜ In December, Politico published a strong piece of investigative journalism that was not only astonishing in the news it broke, but was robust with sources. The story exposed how the Obama administration had secretly dumped U.S. law enforcement efforts to nail a drug-trafficking ring run by the terrorist group Hezbollah. Hezbollah is an ally of Iran and one of the reasons the country is considered a terrorist nation. Killing the American action was done to placate the Iranians to help get the awful nuclear deal in place. But the same formula applied. Democrats played defense and the remainder of the media ignored. Like, really ignored. Several days after the Politico story, neither ABC News, CBS News or NBC News had done one second on the story. Major newspapers ignored it, also. Good for Politico, but a pox on the rest of them. Of course, no consequences from this horrible betrayal of us and our ally, Israel.

➜ This brings us to the most recent breathtaking revelations of high-level FBI corruption during the 2016 presidential campaign and after President Trump’s inauguration through coordinated actions with the DNC, a British spy and Russians to deceive a FISA judge repeatedly to obtain eavesdropping warrants on members of the Trump campaign. This one continues to unfold, but even considering how bad some of the others are, this is the worst and most dangerous if it is as it looks to be. And it looks very much like leading portions of the FBI, we know some but we may not know all, were actively working with one political party and a foreign power, through a Washington opposition research firm, to influence an American election and later undermine the winner of that election.

This level of corruption is a direct assault on our democratic republic, on the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and on the American people.

Based on the ongoing revelations in the growing dirty laundry list, and on Americans’ dwindling sense of trust in our own government, a basic question arises:

Where do the American people go to get justice?

This is actually really difficult to answer. The frontline agency that should be tasked with the investigations is the FBI, which is part of the Department of Justice within the presidential executive branch. But the FBI, or some parts of the FBI, are compromised and so entrusting the agency with an investigation that includes and centers on investigating itself, seems like a non-starter.

• The obvious possibility is appointing one or more Special Counsels to investigate the investigators. This has the inherent downside of relying on the FBI as the investigative arm, plus they are constitutionally dubious and it would be cast as just Trump politics. Still, it is a possibility.

• Another possibility is that perhaps a special task force from the federal government’s various Inspector Generals’ offices could be created and augmented by private investigators who obtain the proper security clearances. Or Congress could create a task force itself using private investigators in the same way.

Or, perhaps there is at least one more option.

• A consortium of states. This goes old-school Constitution, but originally, the idea was that the federal government would be kept in check by the various states, to whom it was beholden.

In Federalist 39, James Madison wrote regarding the approving the Constitution:

“It is to be the assent and ratification of the several States, derived from the supreme authority in each State, the authority of the people themselves. The act therefore establishing the Constitution, will not be a national but a federal act.”

This view, representative of the founders, was that the states had the authority and responsibility to check the federal government. Of course, it has been turned on its head, but compared to most countries, the individual states making up the United States still hold considerable autonomy and authority.

If multiple federal agencies, including the leading investigative federal agency, are corruptly infested, then really the only outside solution lies with the states. They could create a unified investigative task force, obtain security clearances through the White House, conduct in-depth, investigations using their own and Congressional subpoena powers and bring charges to the Department of Justice to decide if indictments were warranted. There could potentially be dozens of states with the political gumption to undertake this.

This is way outside the box. But probably not unconstitutional. We are in uncharted territory and the house needs to be cleaned. It might be just the solution needed.

But regardless of the direction taken, the American people can no longer stand to the side and watch the country be undone by a mischievous, nefarious deep state working against the nation’s interests. Such corruption cannot stand.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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