As “America The Great” Fights; Trump-Hatred Soars

Rod Thomson

It’s often said by conservative voices that Trump hatred is not about Trump, it’s about you! (Meaning Trump supporters.) That’s partially true. Trump haters certainly do hate his supporters, too. But it goes much deeper than that.

Trump haters despise an America that sits atop the world economically, militarily and morally — particularly morally. They scoff at the idea of a bright shining city on a hill. And that means that this battle right now, today, is far bigger than Donald Trump, although he is an avatar for it. This battle is about whether America remains America — or the world becomes a leaderless cauldron of tyrannical chaos and misery.

Trump clearly loves and believes in America, quite unlike his predecessor. Leftist Trump-haters despise America the Great and prefer an America the Bleh.

It is why they refuse to say America is an exceptional nation, when by every historic metric it is. Recall that Barack Obama, when asked directly, said that he thought America was exceptional in the same way that the French think France is exceptional and other nationalities think the same about their own countries — i.e. it’s just so much nationalistic cheerleading, but no real truth to it.

Is it any surprise that Obama’s dislike for America, its racists “roots” and its colonizing (an absurd characterization) makes him the most popular leftist figure in a generation? He glibly insulted Americans and American history on a regular basis, traveling the world and apologizing for America, and the left applauded — the same left that hates Trump.

The left continually tears down American history by rewriting it and claiming that America began in Jamestown in 1619 when the first slaves were brought over. Slavery was a disgraceful part of America, but it was eradicated nearly 160 years ago and the last vestiges of legal racial discrimination were erased more than 50 years ago. The driving force of America that began at Plymouth with the freedom-loving Puritans and their desire for individual liberty is ignored or just lied about.

It is why so many leftists, in response to Make America Great Again, angrily say “America never was great.” They pretend to triangulate above the nationalistic, so-called pseudo patriotic impulse in the same way Obama did. But what they really reveal is they don’t particularly like America.

This explains why so much of the mainstream media have sold their souls professionally to take down Trump. He represents an America the Great philosophy that they simply abhor and don’t believe is true. So the New York Times, the single most influential media organ in the country, continues to recreate its newsroom around the next ginned up faux Trump scandal, acting in the precise way that a political opponent would act. Many of their stories are nothing short of campaign ads for Democrats.

It’s why the Washington Post will write extensively about a book by Anonymous, using anonymous sources to anonymously tell the world what a terrible administration Trump is running. Pure fiction as far as any reader or the Post knows. But their professional soul is sold to stop Trump’s…crudity? No, his vision.

Again, sure they hate Trump and they hate his supporters, but they mostly hate what both believe and are striving for: America the Great.

Why was there an instantaneous and self-described Resistance movement against Trump? Because of crude language or adulteries? Please, the left has delighted in introducing more and more crudity into our culture at every level — and they loved JFK, who reportedly brought prostitutes into the White House and had interns perform sex acts on friends. No. Was it Trump’s unorthodox style? That would hardly create a full-scale resistance starting with the million-woman march the day following his inauguration.

No, it was his vision for returning America to greatness and not settling for also-ran status. And it was his promise to clean out the Swamp of Washington, D.C. that drives so much of the American decline.

The Trump haters despise that vision that puts individual freedom over a conceptual collective good; that places solutions in the private sector and not giant government; that values hard work with grimy hands as equal to advanced college degrees; that values faith and family above any government institution or program; that assess common sense as more desirable than gobs of book-learning; that recognizes that America is truly exceptional in the history of all nations.

And most critically, it’s about a muscular pro-Americanism, an Eisenhower-Reagan Americanism where the one exceptional country in history continues its imperfect quest for protecting and extending individual liberty to the oppressed. It’s revealed in the diverging treatments of brutal Communist China and freedom-loving Chinese in Hong Kong.

Trump came into office with an agenda of Make America Great Again, which included a lot of things that American leftists hate. Victor Davis Hanson makes this point in the negative:

“Had Donald Trump in his first month as president declared that he was a centrist Republican —as many suspicious Never Trumpers predicted that he would, true to past form—and promoted cap-and-trade and solar and wind federal subsidies, tabled pipeline construction and abated federal leasing for gas and oil production, stayed in the Iran nuclear deal and Paris Climate Accord, appointed judges in the tradition of John Paul Stevens and David Souter, praised the “responsible” Palestinian leaders, pursued “comprehensive immigration reform” as a euphemism for blanket amnesties, then Trump would be treated largely as a George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush: hated, of course, but not obsessively so.”

He goes on:

“Had Trump kept within the media and cultural sidelines by giving interviews to “60 Minutes,” speaking at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, bringing in a few old Republican hands to run the staff or handle media relations like a David Gergen or Andrew Card, Trump would have been written off as a nice enough dunce.”

VDH is correct. Which goes to the point that it is not really Trump and his crude language and public feuds, nor is it his supporters. It’s his actual agenda of “America the Great.” They don’t believe it and they don’t want it.

This deeper reality makes the stakes of the fight all the larger. This is about more than the 2020 election, about Donald Trump, about the Republican Party, about conservatism. This is about an ascendent America vibrant with freedoms for all and acting as a shining city, or a declining America stagnating in European Union style bureaucratic control untouchable by the people.

Remember, the #resistance is deeply embedded in the State Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA and even the White House — where Anonymous supposedly lurks. The permanent bureaucracy that actively works to undermine an elected President is a threat to America and the shining city.

Trump haters don’t really hate Trump and his supporters as much as they hate what Trump and his supporters believe and are fighting for. And that’s why we see everything at Defcon 1.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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