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Here’s How California’s Rebellion Could Lead To Dissolution Of The Union

Rod Thomson

This headline is most certainly not clickbait. The path from this point to dissolution of the Union or actual armed conflict between California authorities and federal authorities is not hard to map. Whether it happens depends largely on the actions of California.

Right now, California is the first and only state to pass a law making itself a “sanctuary state” where it forbids all state and local law enforcement officers — oddly named at this point — from cooperating with federal officials seeking to deport people who came to this country illegally. However, as California’s dangerous wantonness has not come with immediate costs, other states are considering the same move.

Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is marshalling the forces of the Department of Justice to sue California over its lawlessness in the same way that Obama’s DOJ sued Arizona for trying to uphold border law. It inevitably had to come to this.

In a speech announcing the action, Sessions took aim at both the awful policies and individual politicians, such as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Democrat, who publicly warned illegal immigrants in her city last month about an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents: “How dare you? How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open-borders agenda?”

Calling on vast reserves of disingenuity, the Washington Post called Sessions a states’ rights hypocrite while pretending to write a news story, by referring to invisible and unnamed “observers” and finding some yahoo at Sam Houston State to make the reporters’ argument:

“As a Republican senator from Alabama for 20 years, Sessions was known as an advocate for states’ rights. But, as attorney general, observers say, he is making an exception when state policies bump against his conservative agenda.

“As soon as Attorney General Sessions is able to craft federal policy that matches what he believes to be the interest and values of America, he is perfectly fine with strengthening the federal government and overcoming states’ rights,” said Benjamin E. Park, author of “American Nationalisms” and an assistant professor of history at Sam Houston State University. “States’ rights philosophies are always skin-deep and work until you want a strong federal government to support your policies.””

This case is nonsense because states’ rights is a long-time American ideal, tradition and constitutional issue — except in very few cases where there are “enumerated” rights for the federal government. The reporters and the professor may want to consider reading the document.

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In Section 1 Article 8 of the Constitution, these enumerated rights are spelled out and include naturalization of citizens and national security, which clearly requires border control. Californian cannot do that as it is a prescribed power of the federal government, which Sessions is supporting. Whereas the federal government has taken on all sorts of rights that are not prescribed for it, which Sessions opposed. See, guys? Read the Constitution.


California is Arizona, except opposite

It is easy to empathize with the plight of Arizona being overrun by illegals crossing the Mexican border and the federal government’s refusal to enforce existing federal law — like, you know, what the president promises to do when he places his hand on the Bible and is sworn into office. But the Supreme Court ruled correctly in favor of the corrupt Holder DOJ in saying that border enforcement is a federal responsibility and a state may not do it. That was a Constitutionally correct ruling, not the political kind we get too much of in the Ninth Circuit Court.

Precisely the same principle applies to California. The state is trying to usurp an area of clearly delineated federal authority in border control, naturalization and national security. Just like in Arizona, they are duty-bound to lose at the Supreme Court — almost assuredly the Ninth will issue a law-free political decision, and then will be overturned.

What’s not clear is what happens next. And this is where things get really dicey.

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No one serious worried that Arizona would revolt and threaten dissolution. The state acquiesced to order and law and backed down on enforcement. Will California?

Arizona was trying to enforce federal law and so as expected followed the ruling. California, which is increasingly run by truly radical progressives, was trying to break federal law. Will they follow the ruling of the Supreme Court and eliminate their sanctuary state status? Will they begin cooperating with federal ICE agents and not warn illegals of coming raids?

If you think they obviously will, you have not been paying attention. There are reasonable betting odds that the radicals running the state in Sacramento will simply continue to flout federal law. They will maintain their sanctuary status and they will continue to not cooperate with ICE. Further, probably more will do what the Oakland mayor did and actively work to undermine the efforts of the federal government to enforce federal law by siding with criminals — even very low-level criminals. It’s also not impossible that there are some California radical Democrats who actually want to see the state secede from the Union and the dissolution of the United States.


Dissolution, civil war or new leaders

So if California openly and publicly ignores a Supreme Court ruling, then what do the feds do? How does Washington respond to a rogue State in the Union?

It seems there would be three ultimate options — after exhausting several intermediary attempts to come to a resolution, such as withholding federal funding, which may or may not be found to be legal or effective.

One, the people of California could revolt electorally against the radical leadership and elect new leaders that are a little bit more pro-America, and rational. This is obviously the most desirable outcome. But it seems like a longshot.

The biggest reason for that is that California laws and judicial rulings are putting non-Americans in the voting booth, probably in very large numbers. As we reported in January:

“California is baking into its laws, regulations and governmental attitude the opportunity for literally millions of Mexican nationals and other non-American citizens to be voting in American elections. This has probably already happened at least in some small ways.”

Two, the federal government could do nothing and accept California’s rebellion. That will encourage even more lawlessness on the part of the Sacramento radicals and embolden other liberal states to take similar steps. At that point, we will have anarchy, or a form of Civil War, or the dissolution of the United States.

Three, the federal government could move troops into California to essentially occupy the state and put down the rebellion, preserving the Union.

Seeing what happens beyond that is difficult. Would California National Guard units actually fire on U.S. Army units? Probably not. Very few radicals of this stripe are militarily inclined. But would there be armed insurrection? Probably so. And exactly what role might Mexico play? That they have harbored desires for the dissolution of the United States and return of regions to Mexico is hardly a secret. 

California may yet relent, but it does not look likely. And barring that, it’s hard to see how this ends well for anyone, including California, considering the current leadership of California.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever, and a lot of sources are not trustworthy.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time from good sources.


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22 replies on “Here’s How California’s Rebellion Could Lead To Dissolution Of The Union”

If Californians want to secede, let them. First make them pay off their portion of the national debt. This includes any additional debt accrued during dissolution. Then they must agree that all federal lands are staying in the union. The only military equipment that can be taken, is equipment paid for solely with state funds. That amounts to uniforms and rifles. Last but not least, we hammer the big tech companies. If they wish to do business in the U.S. they must relocate their headquarters and primary points of presence into the U.S.

What about Port access? All the major Pacific ports other than Seattle are in California. That would be too much to let walk.

Lets not forget water issues. California dries up and blows away without Colorado River water and of course that snow pack up in the mountains is mostly on federal land along with many of the reservoirs.

There is also the issue of citizenship and dual citizenship. Would dual citizenship be allowed? Would Californians who did not want to give up US citizenship be forced to relocate? Would they be compensated for property they left behind?

What about offshore oil and gas and military installations. Does the US retain basing rights and those offshore assets? If not what compensation do we get? It is all very complicated. Makes Brexit look simple by comparison. I suspect the answer boils down to California is not going anywhere unless they can do what Maj. Gen. George Pickett couldn’t at Gettysburg.

The Author left out a major play, Arrest dems who are obstructing justice and committing felonies by aiding and abetting criminals. Put 100 libtards in jail for breaking the law. And if that doesn’t work prosecute 1000. After getting butt raped in prison they will all STFU

So you would throw the many loyal conservative Californians to the wolves because they are being outvoted by the insane and illegals? A mass arrest of those officials while they are in session would be a much more effective plan. Followed by a military government until the illegals are completely removed.

Nope. California was recognized as a very valuable territory and welcome to join the Union long before the states of the Mountain West were formed. The territory is still very valuable and the U.S. will not abandon it to the loving embrace of Mexico, Japan, China, or Russia.

If it becomes war California might be willing to fight violently enough to tire the rest of the country of the effort, but I don’t presently believe that there are enough people willing to die for progressive socialism.

The Sessions DoJ lawsuit is at least 3 or 4 years away from Supreme Court review and in the meantime they will doubtless lose in District court and in the 9th Circuit so this is going nowhere fast. Those federal courts are overwhelmingly liberal. A much quicker and more direct path would be to have some other state attorney general sue California. I am certainly no constitutional lawyer but if say Arizona could fashion a complaint that California’s obstruction was hurting Arizona then it could go straight to the Supreme Court bypassing the California federal courts. Barring that I suspect the Supreme Court would be in absolutely no rush to deal with this mess and with any luck could put off dealing with it until the Dems were back in charge in DC at which point the suit might be dropped.

California’s issuing drivers licenses to undocumented aliens who then drive through Arizona or another state would seem to be something ripe for a state on state lawsuit. Undocumented alien has accident out of state then how does the citizen of that state track him down? California is directly endangering the citizens of other states here by ignoring federal law.

To reclaim our nation, we must build the wall and then remove all illegals from American soil. To do this, a state of emergency would have to called and our nation would have to be placed under marshal law. In short, America would soon be, once again, engaged in a civil war.
Before this is over, it may well become necessary to invade and conquer Mexico. Mexico is a failed state and would have to be utterly destroyed.
The unintended consequences of liberalism, socialism, and globalism just keep on escalating into ever spreading disasters.

I disagree with the author that the court ruling AGAINST Arizona was a correct ruling.

Arizona KNEW that the federal laws on immigration were conveniently NOT being observed (a failure of the executive branch to ensure that the laws of the U.S. were faithfully executed)….and wanted to round up illegals and ensure that they were deported.

Bank robbery is a federal crime…and if the Feds put enforcement at a very very low priority, and decided to prevent states from tracking down and arresting bank robbers – it would be equally wrong to say …’hey – the state is NOT allowed to interfere with the prosecution (or lack of prosecution) of FEDERAL crimes.’.

I think that is their only options. I have been saying this since day one. Arrest and send to Gitmo. Collusion against the USA.

You’re missing a great opportunity; Allow California to succeed. The next day, send in the troops to annex California, and all of their politicians can be treated as enemy combatants.

If a state wants to leave the union, that does not necessarily mean the Federal Government needs to respond with guns. This Union used to be voluntary until Lincoln.
Also the authors understanding of Section 1 Article 8 of the Constitution is not correct.

Only the large coastal communities somewhat support all this nonsense; the interior and eastwards are way conservative. Separation from the country could equal dissolution of the state. The political nutjobs are merely creating a headache for everybody.

Lincoln was forced to suspend Habeas Corpus in order to impose martial law and preserve the union. Trump may well be faced with the same decision. If nothing is done, the United States, as a Republic, may well become a Confederation of States. Under new Articles of Confederation, the U.S. central government would be a voluntary association. Limited government at the national level, strong government at the state level. Although it sounds like a conservative’s dream, our military would no longer be able to preserve our sovereign integrity under a confederation. Best overall action would be to declare martial law in California, roundup outlaw politicians, try them in a military court and hang them. After the first thousand or so, things could begin to settle down.

I think Trump’s arrival in California on Tuesday will show the country how out of touch to reality California is, when the Illegals will be in the streets rioting like crazy. They may force his hand into declaring Martial Law.

They need to do to Brown and Beccara exactly what they did to George Wallace in Alabama.

AG Sessions will order federal troops into Sacramento ‘ s capital building, holding Brown and Becarra until a resolution is reached. If not, then cuff them and take them to the supermax in Colorado. AG Sessions will then appoint a new governor from some conservative state, who will then bring in his entire staff to throw out or arrest all the other rogue administration’s personnel. After that, you implement reconstruction policies in the whole state of California with federal troops everywhere.

Case solved. Most Californians won’t fight because they have no guns and are soft people.

Top down, heavy-handed federal action would probably backfire. Bottom-up, guerrilla-type tactics would be more effective.

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