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The Left’s War Against Christianity Enters Final Stages

Rod Thomson The disturbing, coordinated attack on the Covington Catholic School kids, and the school itself, is yet another salvo in the ongoing war against Christians. It pours the footers for what is coming next — an all out attack to cripple Christian schools. That, in turn, will lay the cultural and legal foundation for […]

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Dramatic Display Of Bipartisan, Racial Unity Over “In God We Trust” Law

Rod Thomson For everyone wringing their hands about the lack of unity in our country, there was a shocking display of it this year — largely ignored by the media — on an issue of critical importance going forward: Exposing school children to our religious heritage Back in March, in the waning days of the […]

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Supreme Court’s Christian Baker Opinion Is No Win For Freedom Of Religion

By KrisAnne Hall, JD The U.S. Supreme Court rendered its opinion on a highly anticipated case regarding the right of a baker to refuse to design and create a wedding cake for a gay marriage ceremony based upon his religious convictions. However, for the SCOTUS, this appears not to be a case of religious freedom, […]

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Unmasking The Error Of The Never-Trump Evangelicals

Rod Thomson When did we who are Christians decide that we could not support a politician who was not holy enough? When did we arrive at the point where we would not support an apparent unrepentant sinner — perhaps, say, a non-Christian — even if his policies are overtly and measurably returning us at least […]

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St. Ambrose College’s Segregated Muslim Prayer Room Is A Chilling Reality

by Rod Thomson That St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa has opened a sex-segregated prayer room for Muslim students requires an explanation. On the surface, it seems totally bizarre. Why exactly do Muslims want to go to an explicitly Catholic college and why is that now-progressive Catholic college proudly violating normative standards of equal treatment […]

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Bible Professor Knocks Down David French’s Attack On Evangelical Trump Supporters

By Darrel Cox Writing in National Review, David French launched another attack on evangelical Christians who support President Trump, calling them out as sinful compromisers denying the supreme purpose of God in their lives. I wholeheartedly reject French’s rebuke as valid. It is wrong biblically, philosophically and, by extension, politically. By way of context, I […]

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Leftists Own Every Propaganda Tool — Yet Cannot Win Over Americans

Rod Thomson It’s stunning how thoroughly the American Left dominates every lever that moves the American culture, that shapes the broad narrative and forms public opinion — and yet it does not dominate in either the elections or in polls on self-identification. While it is amazing Republicans can ever win in such an environment of […]

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VIDEO: Defending Support for Trump’s Presidency as a Christian

The Revolutionary Act’s Rod Thomson recently appeared on an ABC panel to discuss his column on how a Bible-believing Christian can support the Trump presidency. The panel included a liberal activist theologian and a liberal professor, so time was limited and of course difficult to stay on point. It was a good if somewhat frustrating […]

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Why a Bible-Believing Christian Supports Trump

Rod Thomson People frequently ask me how, as a committed, Bible-believing Christian, I can support President Trump. This often comes from my liberal Democrat friends — who have suddenly located a puritanical moral streak for this president after misplacing it for others — and who are just looking for a “gotcha!” But sometimes it comes […]

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An Otherwise Uneventful Desert Evening

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. It was an evening like any other in Bethlehem. The desert was enveloped in a quiet darkness characteristic of any other night.   But this particular evening was colossally different. Yes, there was a uniquely bright star that had settled to the east, a celestial body that was likely a […]