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Governor Despots? Panic Is Stripping Americans Of Essential Liberties

Rod Thomson Ignored or buried in this global pandemic panic is the giant risk we have already taken not to the economy, as horrible as that is, but to our essential liberties. This is not theoretical anymore. Forget the President. Since when does every governor, mayor, county executive and dog catcher in the country have […]

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Are We Seeing The Emergence Of Greatness In A Crisis?

Rod Thomson Watching the evening press conferences that President Trump and his team are holding nightly during this crisis, I am seeing something I was not expecting — and now understand why some Democrats and many media members are pushing networks to cut the live coverage and make sure they get to” filter” everything. The […]

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The Way Out From Here Means Rethinking The Shutdown

Rod Thomson A lot of smart people are growing more concerned that we are overreacting to coronavirus in a way that could create dramatically more harm, including health effects, than the virus itself. So let’s look at the possible overreaction impact along with a method for stepping out of it. Please accept as a given, […]