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Message of Normandy: Our Nation Conquers Evil

By Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Once again, the time arrives for us to pause and recall the Herculean efforts made by our soldiers, our country, and our European allies on the beaches of Normandy in 1944. This time, however, we come to June 6 under the most sobering of circumstances, and the need to remember who we are as a people.  

Like with our predecessors, we find our European friends in Great Britain, France and elsewhere under assault by the darkest and most sinister forces imaginable. The war being waged upon western society and our way of life is existential in its proportions, and those seeking the slaughter of innocents and the elimination of entire societies will not stop until they have accomplished their mission of exterminating the infidels and killing anyone who disagrees with their deranged perception of their religion.  

But on June 6, 1944, we fought back against evil with unwavering resolve and a fighting force of over 326,547 Allied fighters. We did this because we, the American people, with our friends in Europe, recognized that humanity was encountering evil, and when confronted with such wickedness there was no other choice than to exterminate it.

So, today, in light of the scores of attacks upon our allies, upon our interests, and upon our soil we are faced with the inescapable question of whether there exists a difference between the evil we faced on June 6, 1944, and the one we face today. And if our forefathers made the decision to confront such an evil as resolutely and uncompromisingly as their wills would allow, then aren’t we equally as obligated to stamp out the threat to our peace and security today?  

The fact is, that just as in World War II, whether we admit it or not, the United States and its European allies have already been dragged into a war. What President Trump has understood, that many still do not, is the existential nature of this latest confrontation.


Realities of the homefront battle

The war in which we find ourselves is wholly different from others we have previously waged. This is not a territorial war. It is not a war for access to a year-round port, nor is it for the control of a precious mineral. This war is waged simply for the soul of western civilization and for the permanent control of its posterity. And like any other war, if we are to prevail, we must take the offensive.

And how do we do this?

We must begin with a concerted effort to root out terrorist sympathizers wherever they hide.

• Let no uncivil agitator or potential terrorist rest easily for fear of being raided amidst planning his plot.

• We must build our southern wall and enforce our immigration laws so that anyone crossing our borders does so only with our blessings and after submitting to our scrutiny.

• We must ensure that those entering our country remain here only for as long as they have been given permission and no longer.

Towards this end, the U.S. Supreme Court must accelerate its reversal of the lower courts’ opinions regarding President Trump’s travel order and recognize the innately obvious — the United States does have the right to selectively close its borders, particularly under the threat of an attack coming from abroad.


Realities of the offshore battle

On the foreign front, we must engage with our allies in a concerted and overwhelming effort to root out all elements of evil and terrorism quickly and decisively. And let anyone who stands in our way do so under the fear of complete annihilation.

Each of us must accept the real notion that some of us may have to die in defense of those things we hold so dear and that such a death is a worthy and noble investment so that our progeny may live in freedom and in a state of unoppressed service to God.  

These are, at the very least, the measures we must take merely to begin to successfully prosecute this war.

The battles in Normandy saw more than 209,000 allied casualties with 16,714 confirmed deaths. Like our brethren of the Greatest Generation, we must remove all doubt as to our resolve and be confident that in this battle like those that preceded it

We fight for righteousness and peace — a peace that sometimes demands we reluctantly but resolutely pick up a weapon.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and serves in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through

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