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The Stimulus Package That Will Not Stimulate

Rod Thomson President Trump just announced a $1 trillion stimulus package. Democrats will greatly lard it up in Congress. I have severe reservations. Given everything we have ever known about how Congress and D.C. works, a “stimulus” package that would chuck $1 trillion at industries and people over the next month or so sounds like […]

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The Trump Stealth Engine Fueling The Economic Boom

Rod Thomson Deregulation is about the most wonky, least click-baity topic there is. It also may be the single biggest reason for the ongoing economic successes of the Trump administration — probably even more than the tax reform package, valuable as that was. But almost nobody knows about this stealth economic engine and only a […]

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Breakdown: The World Is Measurably Better Since January 2017

Rod Thomson The largely unreported and to some ironic reality of the past two years is that the world overall is a better, safer, more prosperous place since the swearing in of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016. Better than it was under Barack Obama and better than it was under […]

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Economic Impact Of Super Bowl Dwarfs That Of Government Shutdown

Rod Thomson It does sometimes feel as though many Americans actually think the success of the American economy is due to the behemoth in Washington, D.C., rather than in spite of it. When Friday’s job’s numbers came out, they gobsmacked the media and economic experts, who were expecting 170,000 at the top end and were […]

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Market Fluctuations Are A Media Sideshow, The Reality Is The Amazing Economy

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. October is traditionally a scary month on Wall Street, and this October is no exception as the markets took a tumble to the tune of more than 1,000 points last week, or about 4%. More specifically, the Dow dropped from 26,340.57 on Oct. 9 to 25,025.07 on Oct. 11 with […]

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The Unreported Story Of America’s Booming Small Businesses

Rod Thomson The untold story — the story the media refuses to tell — is that American small businesses are just banging it under the tax reform package the GOP Congress passed, every Democrat voted against, and Trump signed into law. American economic strength as measured by unemployment, employment growth, GDP growth and other common […]

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Why Democrats Aren’t Running Against “Evil” Tax Cuts

Rod Thomson Back in December and January, Democrats and their fellow-travelers in the media were ebullient over the idea of running against the “tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent” tax reform package Congress had passed on a straight party-line vote, and President Trump subsequently signed into law. It’s worth a quick and entertaining look […]

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Trump Presidency Proving It Is A One-Time Only Paradigm Shift

Rod Thomson Enjoy it while you can. Or weather it, depending on your Trumpian disposition. The undeniable reality is that President Donald Trump is doing what no other politician could do. Indeed, the very reality of some of his most off-putting, “unpresidential,” unconventional methods are exactly what are making him so effective. And what probably […]

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Leading Economist Now Says Trump Policies Are Restoring America’s Economy

Rod Thomson Sean Snaith is not a household name but he is one of the nation’s top economists and highly regarded in economic circles for the depth and accuracy of his projections. So much so that he is on multiple national economic forecasting panels, including The Wall Street Journal’s Economic Forecasting Survey, the Associated Press’ […]

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Democrats’ Shutdown A Desperate Diversion from Economic Success

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Whenever the federal government shutdown ends, there is one inescapable conclusion concerning it’s cause: Democrats’ thirst for a diversion from the series of recent Republican victories in the public forum, specifically in the economy. As explained below, there is no imminent threat to DACA immigrants’ legal status, and no urgency […]