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If Minnesota Falls To Trump, It’s A Landslide

By Rod Thomson

For my entire adult life, Minnesota has been a blue state, not even voting for President Ronald Reagan in 1984 when he won reelection in an electoral landslide. It’s the state that has given us Rep. Ilhan Omar and former Saturday Night Live diaper baby Sen. Al Franken, amongst other radical and weirdo leftists.

Barack Obama won Minnesota by more than 10 points in 2008 against John McCain and nearly 9 points in 2012 against Mitt Romney. Donald Trump surprisingly closed that margin to 2 points in 2016 when he swept through the Northern tier of states including winning Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In all of those states, Trump continues to close the gap in the polls. But Minnesota stands out.

The right-leaning Trafalgar Group two weeks ago released a poll showing a tie in Minnesota and an Emerson Poll has him within 3 points — with all polls showing Trump momentum. How could blue Minnesota that even Reagan couldn’t win be in play after four years of relentlessly negative media and government attacks on President Trump? The Democrat Party’s total disconnect with normal Americans as imagined by the George Floyd riots, or what New York Times starlet and apparent acting editor Nikole Hannah-Jones proudly  calls “the 1619 riots.”

Indeed, she is right. Her fictional account of American history coming to a school near you is emblematic of the Democrat Party’s general disdain for America and willingness to put up with, even encourage, rampaging lawlessness in American cities in the name of some sort of justice for somebody. They give every indication of welcoming the chaos as a fulcrum to leverage a hapless Joe Biden into the White House.

But this is exquisitely the case in Minnesota, and her largest city, Minneapolis, where the death of George Floyd touched off the fancifully-named “mostly peaceful protests” three months ago that destroyed large swaths of the neighborhood where the death occurred — a heavily minority neighborhood. In response, the mayor and governor of Minnesota sat idly by and watched, even abandoning a police precinct to the rioters. Democrat leaders held back the police and the National Guard for weeks.

Joe Biden, or whoever is running the show for him, embraced the suddenly revived Black Lives Matter movement, going so far as to contribute money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was designed to bail Minnesota rioters, er, protestors, out of jail. Kamala Harris went to Twitter to urge people to donate to it. That fund gobbled up $35 million in donations to pay the bail of rioters. More chaos ensued.

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Among those bailed out by the Minnesota Freedom Fund is a man who allegedly shot at police, a woman accused of killing a friend and a twice convicted rapist. These were giant bails. The rapists’ was $350,000. All freed, along with hundreds of destructive rioters who went right back to burning, looting and mayhem. 

More than a dozen members of Biden’s campaign staff contributed to the fund and Biden himself opposes requiring cash bail as a “modern day debtors prison” — echoing the radical far left. So he favors the catch-and-release of criminals, apparently even dangerous ones.

Again naturally, the communities most hurt by these Democrat antics were black communities. Law-abiding, business-owning, hard-working, non-rioting blacks saw their neighborhoods either destroyed or infested and reinfested with criminals. That has been duplicated around the nation, explaining in no small part Trump’s growing support among black Americans.

And now, six Democrat mayors in northern Minnesota just announced that they are formally endorsing President Donald Trump and will be voting for him. They agreed that after decades of voting Democrat, they believe Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has shown a lack of support for America’s working class.

Coronalessons cover

While the Democratic mayors’ defection to Trump seems to be more on economic and trade grounds, it adds to the reactionary groundswell against the riots by normal Americans and the reddening of Minnesota. Like Hillary Clinton’s lackluster campaign in the Midwest states, neither Biden nor running mate Sen. Kamala Harris has even visited Minnesota. Trump has. Repeatedly.

The Biden campaign has awakened to the realization that they do not have a lock on Minnesota, as it appeared just a few months ago. So Politico is reporting that today Biden will begin airing his first television ads in the state, in the major Twin Cities market as well as the secondary Duluth and Rochester markets. Further, Biden is now including Minnesota in a list of “battleground” states he said he wants to visit.

Labeling Minnesota a “battleground” state says everything you need to know about the presidential race at this moment. Even if Trump does not win, the fact that Biden is spending money and time on Minnesota reveals a campaign on the defense.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Trump’s Most Important 2020 Re-Election Proposal

Rod Thomson

It’s not in the news at all with Impeachment, Coronavirus and The Latest Fictional Hysteria drawing all the airtime. But it impacts the country as much as the economy — which continues to roar along for all Americans.

And it’s Trump’s signature issue: Reform the U.S. immigration system in a way that includes securing our southern border while dealing with the overstays issue and changing the makeup of legal immigration.

This is not only in Trump’s re-election wheelhouse, but with the economy so strong and already in his pocket, it creates an issue the Democrats must oppose, and in doing so they chase away more of their frittering working class base, particularly blue collar workers.

It aligns with his efforts to break through to black American voters and polls show it does no harm with actual voting Hispanics. It’s win-win for Trump and lose-lose for Democrats.

Former Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan told Fox News after Friday’s Democratic debate: “Most of the people on that stage have failed as a congressman, senator, vice president on this very issue for the last two decades. The only one who has won on this issue is the president…His actions alone got this crisis back in May down 72 percent…” Referring to the Democrats’ ignoring the issue now, he said, “It’s a loser for them.” 

It is. And it’s a re-election winner for Trump, piling on top of his successful economic and foreign policies.

Here’s the key point that is almost impossible to argue with:

• Reform the American immigration system so it is skills-based — not location-based, not family-based, not race-based and certainly not by illegally crossing the border.

This benefits blue collar Americans by allowing in more high skilled workers and fewer low skilled workers, thereby reducing the supply of low skilled ones which in turn will create more upward pressure on those wages through basic market mechanisms.

This benefits the overall economy by allowing in more immigrants that generate more GDP per immigrant and tend towards a more creative class. 

This benefits the budget by bringing in a higher percentage of immigrants who will be less likely to be on welfare and more likely to earn higher wages and therefore pay more in taxes. Pay more in taxes and cost less in benefits.

Harvard economist George Borjas has studied this impact extensively and the numbers are pretty conclusive when contrasted with the anecdotal emotionalism of the Democrats.

Australia and Canada both have skills-based immigration systems that are rising in the economic and pay rankings because they are attracting more skilled immigrants and limiting the less skilled immigrants. By 2034, Australia is expected to have the 13th largest economy in the world and Canada is projected to have the eighth largest economy.

A skills-based immigration program like Canada’s and Australia’s would change the labor dynamic of the U.S. economy by providing a boost to a permanently higher floor and ceiling.

Naturally, Democrats will fight this. In fact, Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders is considering executive orders that would stop all border work, reduce ICE, eliminate the cap on “refugees” and a series of other moves that would essentially create an open border and swamp the country with low-skilled, uneducated illegal immigrants who cannot speak the language.

The contrast is sharp and Americans — including the vaunted suburban moms — will see it.

They may not like how Trump conducts himself (not that Sanders is a shining example of virtue either) but they very much like his policies. This one keeps Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin in Trump’s column, and may move states such as Minnesota over to it. 

Which state do the Democrats pick up with an open borders policy? Answer: None.

This is a winner for Trump and for Republicans. And given that the Trump Department of Justice just announced it is taking several new actions against sanctuary jurisdictions, he is clearly not changing his position.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Elections Florida Truth

Democrats’ Dream Of Turning Florida Blue Is Fading To Red

Rod Thomson

There has been a considerable amount of gleeful, even hopeful, reporting nationally that Florida is about to become a blue state, shedding the status of the largest swing state and sliding into the blue column.  

A few events were pointed to hungrily as evidence for this inevitability: the wave of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida after the devastation of Hurricane Maria was going to balloon the Democrat voter count by hundreds of thousands as they are American citizens and can vote; Amendment 4, the felon voting amendment passed by voters that automatically reinstates voting rights for those who served their time would also adds thousands to Democrats because everyone knows criminals vote for Democrats in much higher percentages; and of course President Trump’s unpopularity was tainting the GOP brand far into the future.

Well not so fast. It appears that, like clockwork, the media mistook their fondest hopes for actual reality.

The 2019 voter data is in, and it doesn’t look good for the Democrats or their media. More than 663,000 voters have registered since the 2018 midterms, and they broke evenly between Republicans and Democrats. That includes the felons and the Puerto Ricans. But, when you factor in voters who switched parties or who are no longer active on the rolls, Republicans actually gained a modest 22,000 voters on Democrats. In a state with such tight statewide elections regularly, it matters.

This actually continues a trend. After the 2014 midterms, Republicans gained 129,000 voters on the Democrats. And after the 2010 midterms, they gained 74,000 voters.

This is all the more significant in that Republicans vote in higher percentages than Democrats. This is why Florida is a swing state in presidential elections, but has a majority of Republicans in Congress and the state Legislature — despite the fact that about 37 percent of voters are registered as Democrats, while 35 percent as Republicans. 

Republicans have been closing the gap for many years now. As the Jacksonville Times-Union reports: “Democrats’ voter registration advantage over Republicans is slimmer than it was in 2018 or 2016, when Republicans won the state, and it’s significantly slimmer than in 2012 and 2008.”

The only wild card in this data pool is that No-Party Affiliation candidates in Florida continue to grow the fastest, outpacing both Republicans and Democrats.

But again, because of voter turnout — highest among GOP voters — the trend is positive for 2020 and beyond at this point.

So while Democrats and the media dream of creating another giant blue state to go with California and New York, it looks more like Florida may be becoming a red state, or red-purple.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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What Happens On November 4, 2020?

Rod Thomson

I asked this question on social media, where I interact with people across the political spectrum: What happens on Nov. 4, 2020, the day after the election?

It’s a legitimate worry. Based on what happened after November 2016, the day after this next election will tell us where our democracy stands. Because we’re setting the stage where whichever side loses they may feel justified in claiming it was rigged or illegal, and the 2020 winner is illegitimate. 

This is hardly unfounded considering both what we know and what we are seeing coming. First, on the Left.

Given that the Left and most Democrats have lived at Defcon One since the day after the 2016 election; given that they have called Trump a white supremacist, a racist, a Russian agent, an existential threat to the Republic, and have run from the beginning with the hashtag NotMyPresident; given that Antifa is allowed to grow and even control at times a major U.S. city and other violence has been common; given that Russia will interfere again (which can be assumed because they have for generations); then what can we expect on the day after the election if Trump is victorious?

Will the Left’s fury just be spent and they will attempt an inward evaluation of the Democratic Party as the GOP did in 2012? That doesn’t seem to be the tenor of the revolutionaries and those playing to them.

It seems more likely that there could well be a far worse response from the Left than there has been since 2016. Maybe not just mass demonstrations, but actual riots. After all, four more years of an existential threat, a foreign agent in the White House? Many would feel fully justified in taking extreme actions.

How about on the right?

If over the next 16 months the media continues to act in a blatantly partisan way; if social media increasingly bans, de-platforms and generally cuts off access to Republicans (under the guise of hate speech) while tilting the field to Democrats; if tech companies take conservative websites offline (not just the extremist fringe sites); if Democrats in Congress, no less, continue to dox and put a physical target on the back of Trump and GOP donors; if mainstream media outlets block effective Republican advertisements (essentially, the left greatly reducing Trump and Republicans’ ability to communicate with voters); and then Trump loses, how will the right respond? 

There may be a sense of justification for extreme action. It seems less likely, because generally, other than the rather subdued Tea Party movement, conservatives rarely take to the streets and never refuse to accept election results. (Remember, Democrats already have twice this century.)

But we are in somewhat uncharted water. There would arise a fringe element on the right that could react in extra-legal ways. The frustration level would be sky-high if most of the above conditions are in place.

If neither side will accept 2020, then we actually do have an existential threat. 

This situation is even more dangerous than a socialist winning the presidency, as horrible as that would  be. We have seen over and over how the Framers’ genius has spared us from terrible leadership. However, if the American public does not accept election results, that genius is for naught. 

Democrats were right in saying ahead of 2016 — when they were sure Hillary would win — that Republicans and Trump need to accept the results (which was always going to happen) but then unfortunately those Democrats chose not to accept them when Hillary lost. Remember, Hillary still travels around saying she won, just as Democrat Stacey Abrams does after losing the Georgia governor’s race by a handy amount.)

On my social media, everyone on the right said they would accept the results, but almost none of them thought that Democrats would. Most on the left, but given that my connections are not the radical side of the Democratic Party, said they would essentially cry all night and move on. They were not so sure what the right and Trump supporters would do.

My guess, and it is only that, is that if Sen. Kamala Harris or Sen. Elizabeth Warren win the election, the right will essentially accept it, even with all those elements stacked against us. But it’s only a guess.

On the other side, I can barely imagine what the left and Democrats will do if Trump is re-elected, because I could never have imagined the hysteria and violence that has followed his initial election.

What happens Nov. 4, 2020 will tell us where our democracy stands.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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Florida Stiffens Election Security In Run-Up To 2020

Rod Thomson

As President Trump kicks off his reelection campaign tonight in Orlando with somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 people, Gov. Ron DeSantis is announcing that Florida is spending more money on securing its voting systems across 67 counties.

As the largest swing state, and one which twice now decided the presidency in very close elections with questionable voting systems — including those ripe for tampering in places like Broward and Palm Beach counties — DeSantis is moving $2.3 million toward election security. The money comes from a large federal grant of $19 million that was provided last year to protect from cyber security attacks.

DeSantis met with FBI officials last month and they confirmed that Russian hackers had broken in and gained access to voter data in two Florida counties during the 2016 election, but that the results had not been manipulated.

“As I’ve said previously, the issue of cyber is not going away,” DeSantis said. “We want to make sure they have resources, so we’re taking the issue seriously … we’ve got 67 different elections that are run and not every county has the same amount of resources.”

Further, Florida lawmakers also approved $2.8 million for more election security in the state budget that DeSantis will likely sign this week — bringing the total to more than $5 million before the 2020 presidential votes are cast.

This is relevant for many reasons. Conservatives always fear shenanigans in the big, Democrat-run counties of Southeastern Florida because it has happened repeatedly. But also, the reality is that Russia, China and Iran have incentives to meddle in the election to defeat Trump.

His Make America Great Again, America First doctrine has clearly resulted in substantial pushback on the ambitions of Russia, China and Iran in regional and global hegemony. Any Democrat in the field will go much easier on all three of them, just as President Obama did. They are fully aware of that.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report earlier this year on Russian interference identified “spearfishing” emails that were sent to more than 120 email accounts connected to Florida election officials, plus employees of election technology vendors, before the 2016 election. The goal of those is to gain access by getting just one person to click on an attachment, which can then plant software that allows a backdoor for hackers.

It’s no surprise that of all the states, it was Florida’s election system targeted and successfully hacked. While there is no partisanship in DeSantis’ moves to beef up security, it undoubtedly redounds to Trump’s benefit as he has the most to lose in an election hacked by foreign entities or diddled with by local election officials.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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Chameleon Man Vs Trump. Genuineness In The Age Of Fakery

Rod Thomson

A lot of Americans do not like President Trump’s vulgarities, the name-calling, petty Twitter feuds and previous adulteries. But they love the flag-hugging, make-America-great-again, straight-talking President Trump that is presiding over an awful lot of good in the country and clearly puts American interests first.

He’s not a global community kind of guy. He’s America first.

And it points to a powerful but underestimated strength of President Trump: His genuineness. He doesn’t poll test and run focus groups to figure out which policies are popular and which phrases to use like so many politicians do.

He doesn’t (very much) kowtow to what is popular in his Republican Party to win points. If he did, he would not be waging tariff wars to get more fair trade agreements or going to the mat to secure our southern border — both of which are intrinsically part of MAGA and that genuine love for America, but make a lot of Republicans quiver.

He’s most definitely his own man. His unpopular personality traits and his authenticity all flow together to create a public man who is the same as the private man. People can actually relate to that.

Americans like straight-talkers and not two-faced political hacks who will say anything to get support.

Which brings us to the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race.

Joe Biden is the epitome of what Trump voters despise about politics, politicians and Washington, D.C. in general. In a word, he’s a phony. (In this sense, Biden acts as a sort of stand-in for everyone running in the Democratic Party right now, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders. And let’s be honest, a lot of Republicans do the same.)

Biden morphs into whatever his wet finger in the wind tells him voters want him to be.

It’s his sole superpower: He’s Chameleon Man!

Biden stuck with the Hyde Amendment that blocked direct federal funding of abortion for decades. It was not popular with the NARAL crowd, but many in the Democratic Party and certainly most of Americans agreed with the principle.

For 46 years he supported the very “principle,” or so he said, that taxpayers morally opposed to abortion should not be forced to pay for them. But the Democratic Party has been reactionarily radicalized in the age of Trump and now heavily supports dumping the Hyde Amendment. NBC News did a story on Biden’s long support of Hyde and reported staffers saying he still did. The base represented by Alyssa Milano erupted in horror and slammed him, as did his Democratic opponents.

Cue Chameleon Man! Within 24 hours of the non-issue becoming an issue, Biden flipped on his 46-year “principles” and abandoned Hyde.

The Hill reported:

“By the time he was preparing his remarks for a Democratic Party fundraising event that night, even Biden realized there was no plausible way forward beside switching his previous position.”

Poof! No principles, just the wet finger. This is of course totally expected of politicians. But it’s actually not something Trump does. In such a situation, he punches back and punches back. It can look ugly and petty, but he rarely flips, and certainly not on any of his big issues.

Biden had already donned his Chameleon Man outfit over the crime bill he helped champion during the Clinton administration. The bill, with its mandatory minimum sentences and other points was in response to crime spiralling out of control and Americans’ frustration with judges continually letting bad guys go with a slap on the wrists. It undoubtedly was a major contributor to the decline in the crime rate. More bad guys were locked up for longer, less crime was committed. Math. Biden used to be proud of it.

But to the current left and Democratic Party, it caused a “mass incarceration crisis” because a higher percentage of the more bad guys locked up were minority, specifically black. And blacks vote Democratic at 90 percent. So the crime bill that lowered crime is now seen as a bad thing.

Shazaam! Chameleon Man leaps to the mic and flip flops on his long support of his own crime bill. He now considers it well-intentioned, does not really want to admit the mass incarceration language, but says they should have done differently and he would not do it again. He’s like a fish on the boat floor, flipping and flopping everywhere.

And then there is the really slimy thing he did with Vice President Mike Pence. Biden called him a “decent guy” but then went on to criticize him on a number of issues. Well, the “decent guy” part got him hammered on social media because Pence is a Bible-believing Christian and actually believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman — like all of history until five minutes ago.

But to the heavily influential LGBTQ+ segment in the Democratic Party, Pence is Satan — if they believed in Satan. Chameleon Man to the rescue! Biden came out the next day and “clarified” that there is no room for bigotry regarding LGBTQ+ rights. No more talk of Pence being decent.

Reuters writes of Biden and his new climate change proposal, and flip on the Hyde Amendment, in the normal language of simply accepting this is reality among politicians: “(Biden) was courting the groups he needs to consolidate his grip on the nomination: the activists, progressives and millennials who right now have the louder voices in the party.”

No principles. No authenticity. Just a big, sloppy wet finger in the wind.

Biden has been an empty vessel for a long time. He was caught lying in the 1980s when he claimed he marched with Civil Rights protesters in the south. When he was caught in the lie, he said he meant marched in spirit with them. He also was caught heavily plagiarising a paper in law school, and also on stump speeches in his 1987 presidential campaign, while additionally actually lifting experiences from other people’s lives and using them as his own.

Far left Slate magazine wrote of Biden’s troubling problems with both the truth and flip-flopping:

“What remains concerning about that history is Biden’s tendency to enthusiastically claim life experiences that aren’t his own, whether because it’s politically advantageous or rhetorically exciting to do so. He didn’t just use hefty chunks from a published law review for a 15-page paper in law school. He didn’t just lift some phrases from Bobby Kennedy. In 1987, Biden started borrowing not just language but biographical details from U.K. Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, citing nonexistent coal-mining ancestors and wondering aloud why he was the first in his family to go to college (he wasn’t). Biden also lied—repeatedly, and despite being repeatedly corrected—about marching for civil rights.”

This is just who Biden is, and always has been. He is a principle-free empty vessel into which Washington politics has been poured. In this sense, Biden acts as a sort of stand-in for possibly everyone running in the Democratic Party right now, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders.

Trump is a totally different animal. You may not like what Trump says or his policies. But he won’t cave to various special interest groups or flip on issues because it will help him pick up a few votes.

When Trump walked on stage to give a speech at CPAC in March and spontaneously hugged the American flag with that big old grin on his face, everyone knew that was genuine. And they liked him for it — not just the core conservative crowd, but a lot of non-Democratic Party Americans. It wasn’t just that he obviously loves the flag and the country, which is a sharp departure from his predecessor, but that everyone knew he really meant it. This was no poll-tested flag hug.

There is a lot of “code” attributed to Trump. But that is obvious nonsense. Donald Trump is constitutionally incapable of being subtle, at least in the public arena. To the chagrin of some, he usually says exactly what he thinks. But that separates him from pretty much all of the political world.

And many middle Americans may well be placing greater value on authenticity than they used to.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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The BIG LIST Of Ideas That Is Trump’s Reelection Path

Rod Thomson

If President Trump hibernated for the next 20 months he’d likely win reelection in a landslide. Of course it is not in his nature to do anything remotely like that, but that is how radical the Democratic Party has become in really just the past year.

Yes, it has been trending this direction for a long time. But Bill Clinton was nominated and elected in 1992 based on his promise to take the Democratic Party back to the center. Since that time, however, it has moved much further to the left.

In the past year, however, it has jumped to hyperdrive in its sprint even past the radical left and into a quasi fantasyland that is virtually unrecognizable to most Americans.

Most conservative Americans are aware of this, but still even those intricately involved with politics and public policy for decades — such as this humble writer — are left with mouths agape at what has happened. There is no way to make it more shockingly obvious than to simply list the topics that have become part of the Democratic Party’s unofficial platform — many of which are issues they cannot run from if they want to win the nomination, but they cannot publicly defend while running for President.

So here, in no particular order of unhinged, are the issues and position that have been taken in recents weeks by either Democratic presidential candidates, congressional leadership or the closet congressional leadership which might be labeled the Fresh Face Caucus. These are all documented and broader than just one person, frequently pursued by all of the Party structure.

Impeach the President for…anything. As the long-running scam that is the Trump-Russia collusion investigation winds down to slow-motion collapse, the new Democratic majority in the House is pursuing the President’s personal finances, investments, business and family members. The expressed goal is to go after every element of his life to destroy him — not something likely to play well to middle Americans.

Reparations. This fails morally, practically and sensibly. Less than 5 percent of white Americans have any generational connection to slave ownership, and even that is removed by 5-7 generations. And now with immigration over the decades (Africans actually love immigrating to the United States, that’s just how terribly racist we are) the majority of black Americans are not even the descendents of slaves. Without even getting into how it would work to take trillions of dollars from white people and hand it to black people, the reality is that it would be taking money from people who had nothing to do with slavery and giving to people who have never been enslaved. Total fail.

Abolishing the Electoral College. This is far more radical than is sometimes realized because it totally skews the two Americas and how we have always done it as Americans. It’s meant to empower the coasts and major metro areas. It’s only about gaining power for Democrats and further erases the value and differences of the states.

Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Vote. Consistent with the above, the Democrat-run House just voted last week along straight party lines in favor of illegals voting. Not in national elections, the media spins quickly for them, but we all know that won’t last long. Why fight to legalize them when their vote is all Democrats want anyway?

Mainstreaming anti-Semitism. With the excusing and obfuscation of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s overt anti-Semitism, Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s history of anti-Semitism and the general Congressional defense of this growing cancer, the Democratic Party has now accepted it, perhaps even embraced it.

Packing the courts by adding seats. Some congressional Democrats have been openly discussing the relative value of adding seats to the U.S. Supreme Court to counteract Trump appointees. The current nine seats are not proscribed Constitutionally. FDR wanted to do this to bypass the Court that was thwarting his anti-Constitutional agenda, but even his own party pushed back on it. If they added 4 seats when a Democrat is in the White House, they could fill all of those lifetime appointments for a generation of Court dominance.

Eliminate fossil fuels, air travel and cows. This, of course, was part of AOC’s embarrassingly junior high Green New Deal plan. Embarrassing, unaffordable, unattainable, silly. But every major Democratic presidential candidate endorsed it. So it cannot be discounted as some back-bencher nonsense. It’s mainstream Democrat nonsense.

Raise tax rates to 70-90 percent. This has been seriously discussed by the Fresh Face Caucus in the House and certainly fits with the Democratic desire in general to “tax the rich” and spend like drunken sailors.

“Free” healthcare for everyone. Nothing is free, most certainly not a budget-busting, healthcare-breaking $32 trillion biggest-government-program ever. It would blow out the budget and the deficit, while eliminating people’s private health insurance and crushing healthcare innovation.

“Free” college for everyone. Again, nothing is free, although this one is a mere $7 trillion over 10 years. Of course all of these estimates will be much higher if they ever become reality.

Government-guaranteed jobs for everyone. This also is the brainchild of the authors of the Green New Deal. The federal government would institute Depression Era-like programs that gave busy-work jobs to everyone — even though at this very moment we have 7 million unfilled jobs and 5 million people unemployed. Can’t make this up.

Double the minimum wage. The $15 minimum wage is just the beginning. The radicals would most certainly want to drive it much higher than that as the strong economy and tight labor market is pushing starting wages at companies across the nation higher and higher. Because markets work.

Open borders. The refusal to fund the wall and necessary additional Border Patrol agents while record numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing our southern border have put feet to the idea that borders and walls are now evil and we should let in everyone who wants to come. So, free healthcare, free college, guaranteed jobs, plus unlimited numbers of non-Americans swarming the southern border sounds like a perfect plan — to collapse the nation.

Support American Values

From abortion to infanticide. The celebration by the New York legislature, the proposed bill and comments of the Governor of Virginia, and the actions of Congress make it perfectly clear that Democrats officially support abortion up to the moment of birth…and for some, even after birth. American public opinion continues to trend the opposite direction.

Abolishing ICE. There’s no hiding the ball on this one. Most Democrats in national public office have given voice to this either overtly or by implication. Of course, it fits completely with open borders.

Men can be women can be men, whatever. The party of economic nonsense is also the party of factual nonsense. Supporting, encouraging and celebrating the mental health condition that a man actually is a woman if he feels like a woman, regardless of physical realities, including DNA is a terrible abuse to people suffering from the condition.

Republicans are anti-science. Well obviously…

Lowering voting age to 16. Speaking of which, the National Institutes of Health explains the consensus of scientific studies that human brains do not fully develop until age 25. But Rep. Ayanna Pressley, part of the Fresh Face Caucus, wants to lower voting age to 16.16! This has been seriously considered in state of Washington.

America is not a good country. This has long been a poisonous lie of the left, but it now is at least tacitly accepted by the core of the Democratic Party. Not all Democrats, by a long shot, but an awful lot of Democratic leaders and much of the base. It’s not new. Barack and Michelle Obama openly said as much.

Socialism. Whether a majority of Democrats support full socialism or just much greater redistributive policies, it is only a matter of time before the full party embraces socialism based on their trajectory and young base. Despite the failed public school system and Hollywood propaganda machine, Americans are not there.

This will not be the whole list. It is all but impossible to predict just how much more radical Democrats will become, but it seems safe to assume they will continue their march. And that will be the script for Trump reelection.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Corruption Democrats Elections Truth

Turns Out California Democrats Used Illegals For Ballot Harvesting

Rod Thomson

Sometimes a clueless leftist media is a conservative’s best friend.

The Los Angeles Times published a big mushy kiss of a puff piece on New Year’s Day about how Dreamers got deeply involved in the 2018 midterm elections that turned so many red Congressional seats blue — particularly in the days after the election through ballot harvesting.

Nowhere were the Dreamers more active than in California, where the almost entirely Republican blue Orange County flipped to 100 percent Democrat red and where these DACA beneficiaries were very active.

Here’s the story’s lead:

“Gabriela Cruz, who was brought to the U.S. illegally when she was 1, couldn’t vote, but in the final hours before the Nov. 6 election, she was making one last run to get people to the polls.

The sun was setting in Modesto when she found Ronald Silva, 41, smoking a cigarette on a tattered old couch behind a group home. He politely tried to wave her off until she reminded him he had a right that she as an immigrant without citizenship didn’t have.

“It could really make a change for us,” said Cruz, 29.

Half an hour later, she was helping Silva look up candidates as he filled out his ballot by the light of her phone. “I’m glad you guys came,” he said. “I was going to leave it in my drawer.”” (Emphasis added)

The notion of an ethnic “us” in America has always been poisonous. It requires the opposite and equal reaction of a different ethnic “them.” Divisive poison that the LA Times flatters.

Stand with us!

So a foreigner, a non-citizen of the United States, was openly working to affect the outcome of our elections. In another context, this is a scandal of enormous proportions. In this context, it is a wonderful of example of immigrant civic involvement.

More from the L.A. Times’ story:

“In California, Dreamers like Cruz phoned voters, walked precincts and protested outside Republican lawmakers’ offices, reaching people who had not been called or visited by either party. Their efforts helped boost turnout among Latinos in this year’s midterm election — 29 million nationwide were eligible to vote, according to the Pew Research Center — which is projected to surpass levels higher than in past presidential election years, political analysts said.

An analysis of data from eight states by the Latino Policy and Politics Initiative at UCLA found the Latino vote grew by an estimated 96% from 2014 to 2018, compared with 37% among non-Latinos. The surge, researchers said, helped move 20 House districts held by Republicans to Democratic control in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, New Jersey and New York.

In another study, the political research firm Latino Decisions found that an increase in Latino voter turnout contributed to flipping six GOP-held congressional seats in California — four in the once conservative bastion of Orange County and two in the Central Valley that have long eluded Democrats.”

In eight states, the Hispanic vote doubled in four years? Does that in any way seem legitimate, in a real sense?

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party employed the manpower of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of foreigners living in the United States to effect the outcome of an election. And the media applauds. Further, there were no controls on the actions of those involved with ballot harvesting — whether legal or illegal — in how they handle ballots.

Is there really any doubt that the Time’s example, Gabriela Cruz, or other Democrat ballot harvesters, would be highly incentivized to “help” these indifferent and obviously politically ignorant “voters” in how they should vote? Remember her comment about “us.” She was pursuing Hispanics to vote in Democrats to help other Hispanics like her in the country illegally become legalized.

In most states, laws require political activity at polling places to be a certain distance from where voters are actually voting to limit undo political pressure.

But in ballot harvesting, there is no such thing. Quite the opposite, with people hunting down registered voters who had not voted because they want specific votes to be cast. They are not looking to simply turn out voters. They are turning out Democrat votes by people too indifferent to know the issues, the candidates or even vote until someone knocks on their door and essentially does it for them.

And in 2018, in California, a lot of the people doing that were not even American citizens.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Census Points To A More Conservative Florida For 2020 And Beyond

Rod Thomson

Florida gained more residents, i.e. voters, than any other state in the Union, continuing a trend of Florida growing as fast or faster than the two states larger than it — California and Texas.

Florida was the fourth fastest growing by percentage, but the three states ahead of it are much smaller (Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.) Florida gained 133,000 new residents last year, putting its population at 21.3 million, leaving New York in the dust with 19.5 million — losing 48,000 residents last year.

More importantly, however, is who these people are: primarily older, white voters from high-tax, high-regulation states such as Illinois and New York, but most heavily weighted from the conservative Midwest. That trend greatly favors Republicans in Florida and overwhelmed the influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

In fact, this new element suggests the demographic trends may have made a difference in the close 2018 midterms where Republicans squeaked out another victory for Governor and actually flipped the U.S. Senate seat during an election that saw an otherwise pretty blue wave for Democrats.

Not surprisingly, most of the mainstream media got the Census analysis totally wrong for Florida, because they could only view it through get-Trump animosity. Newsweek, for instance, wrote this tellingly dumb sentence in a piece entitled “Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election hopes may be threatened by population surges in key states, census data suggests.”

“Florida trails both Arizona and Nevada in terms of population growth, but it did have more U.S. residents move there than any other state over the past year.”

Of course the most elemental understanding of math and elections tells you that percentages do not matter in this case. Raw numbers are what constitute votes, and more importantly in presidential elections, electoral votes.

Politico reporter Marc Caputo, formerly of the Miami Herald and no conservative but pretty astute on Florida politics, tweeted out this insightful series of analyses:

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“More US residents moved to Florida (133k) than to any other state in the past year. To the degree they were white retirees (esp from high-tax/high-regulation states) , the influx helped the FL GOP win Nov. 6 and could help Trump in 2020 repeat his 2nd win in his 2nd home state

Lol. The same types of folks who said Florida Dems were sure to win in 2018 because of the Boricua Wave of Hurricane Maria evacuees are now sure of a new silver bullet: the passage of Amendment 4!

Former felons will save the day!

But the reality is FL’s Dem coalition (registered Ds & young, black, Hispanic & poor voters) have bad turnout rates compared to the GOP base, which is largely white & old. It’s why the GOP (which has fewer registered voters than Ds) ultimately dominates here: their voters vote @ higher rates.”

Outgoing Florida GOP Chairman Blaise Ingoglia told Politico, “The more older, whiter voters who move here from higher-tax, higher-regulation states, the more we win.”

Matt Isbell, a Florida Democratic analyst, basically agreed with Ingoglia: “We’ve been getting a ton of migration from the Midwest especially, and a lot of them fit the profile of Republican voters.”

Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida over the past year either did not register or did not vote, as their numbers didn’t show up in the midterms. Isbell said the trend of older, white Midwestern voters is “balancing out the growth with Democrats.”

It gets even more interesting moving forward.

Florida is by far the largest battleground state, flipping back and forth from going for Bush to going for Obama to going for Trump (obvious trend here: whence goes Florida goes the national election) with 29 electoral votes. California has 55 electoral votes and Texas has 38, but those are largely uncontested states.

A new Census will be conducted in 2020 that will reapportion electoral votes for the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election. And analyses are generally finding that Florida will pick up at least one and possibly two electoral votes, bringing its total to 31. Texas could get two more also. Oregon, Colorado and Arizona could pick up a seat.

Meanwhile, it looks like uncontested blue states such as New York, Illinois and Minnesota, plus normally blue states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, along with swing state Ohio, could all end losing electoral votes after 2020. Even California may lose a seat in Congress for the first time in its history.

All of this means the electoral challenge will be different in 2020 than in 2016, and very different in 2024. But Florida, the key state for either party, looks like it will be leaning more red.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Mueller No Closer To Case Against Trump Than A Year Ago

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

On Friday afternoon, the Mueller team and the Special Prosecutors Office for the Southern District of New York submitted a series of memos dealing with their investigation on Russian collusion, obstruction, and campaign illegalities. In response, the left wing media went abuzz citing the damning implications of the release.

One article by Erica Orden and Marshall Cohen of CNN claimed that “Federal prosecutors said for the first time Friday that Michael Cohen acted at the direction of Donald Trump when the former fixer committed two election-related crimes. . . ” It also claimed that the memos “exposed deeper entanglements than previously known between Trump, his campaign apparatus and the Russian government, . . .” including a claim of “‘political synergy'” between Moscow and Cohen.  Meanwhile, The New York Times headlined a prosecutorial charge that “Trump Directed Illegal Payments During Campaign.”

In fact, the memos contained little by way of new material, and some of the cited comments were actually mere corollary references to the President with little indication of illegality on his part.

The memos, available at The Federalist Pages Library, are part of the ongoing prosecutorial wrangling against Trump through his one-time associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. In Cohen’s case, the two memos represent sentencing recommendations by the prosecutors from the Southern District of New York and Robert Mueller.

The federal prosecutors recommended “a substantial term of imprisonment” for Cohen while Mueller was much more cryptic stating only that the sentence should “reflect the fact that lying to federal investigators has real consequences, especially where the defendant lied to investigators about critical facts, in an investigation of national importance.”

But of more interest to the media were the comments implicating Cohen in Russian collusion or campaign finance violations on behalf of, or in coordination with, the President of the United States. And although the press is doing its best to spin the published comments, in point of fact, no such allegations were made.  

First, any objective analysis of these memos must acknowledge that neither refers to the actions of President Trump. They specifically discuss and detail the actions of Michael Cohen. In those instances where Trump is mentioned, the references are made solely with regard to the Cohen’s actions.

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The prosecutor’s memo spends some time discussing potential campaign financing violations by Candidate Trump from the standpoint of Michael Cohen. The allegations made regarding the President, if any, are actually those made by Cohen. In other words, there is no independent evidence presented that President Trump actually did anything wrong. There are contemporaneous comments made by Cohen where he claimed he was acting on behalf of candidate Trump and that he was facilitating Trump’s campaign, but these are hearsay comments made by a discredited party sounding like nothing more than boastful and hollow fluffery.

The references to potential Cohen participation in illegal campaign activity present no new insights or information regarding any potential violations on the part of Candidate Trump.

The memos spend a considerable time detailing the previously disclosed events surrounding alleged payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. But the narrative provides no new details on the events nor does it provide any information regarding any orders from Candidate Trump. More importantly, the memo does nothing to address the issue of intent on the part of Candidate Trump, a necessary element in any case regarding campaign-finance violations.  Specifically, the memo does nothing to clarify whether Candidate Trump desired to silence the women to keep him from falling into a negative light with his wife and in his business dealings, or whether this was primarily a campaign concern as would be required in a successful prosecution of Trump.

The second issue discussed in the Mueller memo is Cohen’s involvement in Trump’s dealings with the Russians and the possibility of cooperation between the two in influencing the outcome of the presidential election. Here, the memos offered no evidence that such activities took place. As a matter of fact, they dealt only with Trump’s legal real estate dealings with Russian nationals.  

The Manafort memorandum is even less helpful to a potential case against President Trump because it is so heavily redacted. Just as in the Cohen memos, it does not provide allegations against Trump. Specifically, the memo makes the case that Manafort engaged in numerous lies after his plea agreement in 2018.

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Despite the paucity of information regarding the President and any wrongdoing on his part, the media are doing everything in their power to divine implications that simply do not exist.

CNN’s and The New York Times’ comments regarding the President having directed Cohen to commit election related crimes is simply not true. The claim comes from a sentence in the prosecutors’ memo detailing an admission by Cohen. Specifically, the memo says, “In Particular, and as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination and at the direction of Individual 1.” (Individual 1 in the memo is Candidate Trump.)  

As is clearly evident, this sentence provides no independent evidence that President Trump actually directed the payments in question. Rather, it is merely a recitation of the claim made by the already discredited Michael Cohen. And even if Candidate Trump did direct the payments in question, one cannot conclude based on the information gathered, that the payments were illegal as CNN prematurely asserts.

The comment of “political synergy” alluded to by CNN is even more deceitful. This one comes from the Mueller memo describing a Russian national repeatedly offering Cohen the opportunity to arrange for “‘political synergy’ and ‘synergy on a government level,'” an invitation that Mueller specifies Cohen “never follow[ed] up on.”

In the end, the media’s enthusiasm over the contents of these memos is overplayed, once again demonstrating their zeal to go after the President no matter how fictitious an allegation may be. Although Friday’s claim by the President that he had been completely vindicated by the contents of the memos is overly enthusiastic, to say the least, the media’s claim that these memos contained anything threatening against the President is downright unfounded.

Once again, we will have to wait for the production of further documents on the part of federal prosecutors before a definitive conclusion can be made. But this much can be gleaned. With the information available, Mueller is no closer to establishing a case against Trump today, than he was one year ago.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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