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9 Predictions That Will Come True. Guaranteed.

By Rod Thomson If there’s anything we learned from 2016 it’s that we simply cannot predict the future in such uncertain times. With that, The Revolutionary Act now predicts the future. OK, actually these are more extrapolations of the surreal reality we have been living in for decades. No guesswork. No crystal ball. No polling. Much […]

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House Joint Resolution 121: Amending Florida’s Constitution to Restore the Balance of Power

By Representative Julio Gonzalez Today, I introduced House Joint Resolution 121 calling for the submission of a proposed constitutional amendment to Florida’s voters that would allow the Legislature, within a period of five years, to override a ruling of the Florida Supreme Court.  I am also filing an accompanying communication to Congress that asks that […]

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The “Mandates” That Never Were

By David G. Johnson If I were in possession of a time machine, the top of my destination list would be the Constitutional Convention. Maybe the First Continental Congress. Or really any of the seminal gatherings at which our Founding Fathers hotly debated the ideas leading to the formation of the United States. Among the topics […]

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Thanksgiving to God is Our American Heritage

By Representative Julio Gonzalez Thanksgiving always reminds us of the inseparable juxtaposition between the American people’s fervent faith in God and the nation’s birth. Few documents serve as a greater testament to that close relationship than George Washington’s “General Thanksgiving Proclamation.” An unapologetic appeal for God’s good favor on the new government, the “Proclamation” was […]

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Replace Obamacare with Free Market Principles

By Nate Davis The key to any open market is “price discovery” — sellers competing on price to attract customers. On price discovery hinges every free market economic principle. The problem with skyrocketing medical costs is simple. There is no price discovery. When was the last time you asked at your doctor’s office, “What will […]

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Will the Outcome of the Election Matter as Much as We Think?

By David G. Johnson Public reaction to last week’s election results has been startling, from rioting on the left to Washington power-brokers on the right cozying up to the incoming President. But will the outcome of this election really matter in the long term? I’m certainly aware of the long-lasting import of SCOTUS appointments and similar decisions made […]

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The States Have Spoken

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez Thankfully, the 2016 election is over. The states have instructed the national government about the direction in which they want it to go, and their directive is as clear as it is resounding: Get the heck out of our business! Yes. It was the states that delivered the message on election […]

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The Brilliance of the Electoral College

By Rod Thomson As it appears that for the second time this century the United States will elect a president who did not win the popular vote, there are the predictable calls for killing the Electoral College. The same thing occurred in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote but George W. Bush won […]

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Comey Decision Clarifies Our Sacred Duty on Election Day

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez Clearly, handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House under these circumstances flies in the face of the disdain the Founders had against abusive power by a ruling aristocracy. In the latest action by a seemingly schizophrenic Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on […]

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4 Reasons the Government Cannot Run the Economy

We continually see the relative failure of government actions to manipulate the economy to function at just the right, optimal level. There is a reason. Even if government was peopled by actual experts with a deep and wise understanding of economics, such actions would remain doomed to failure. It’s not that an economy as powerful […]