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Trump’s Most Important 2020 Re-Election Proposal

Rod Thomson It’s not in the news at all with Impeachment, Coronavirus and The Latest Fictional Hysteria drawing all the airtime. But it impacts the country as much as the economy — which continues to roar along for all Americans. And it’s Trump’s signature issue: Reform the U.S. immigration system in a way that includes […]

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Florida Passes Toughest Sanctuary City Ban In The Nation

Rod Thomson Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed into law the toughest sanctuary cities bill ban in the nation, keeping a campaign promise despite apoplectic, snarky media coverage. DeSantis today signed Senate Bill 168 requiring Florida law enforcement officials and governmental entities to honor federal “immigration detainer” requests that ask a law enforcement agency to […]

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Let’s Be Real: Mexico Is A Bad Neighbor

Rod Thomson President Trump’s threat to close the southern border indefinitely because of the growing crisis is another reminder that despite the fluffy official rhetoric over the years, Mexico remains a bad neighbor — and getting worse. Honesty would go a long way in building good policy here. Of course, there won’t be an honest […]

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Florida Is Ground Zero In Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

Rod Thomson Banning sanctuary cities has a very real chance of passing in Florida this year — and that’s creating an emotion-driven battle with Democrats and the open-borders lobby. The sanctuary bill sponsored by Sarasota Republican Sen. Joe Gruters — who is also Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida — has become the most […]

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Bleeding Support In Shutdown Battle, Democrats Need Rebuttal Tonight

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Tonight, the President of the United States will be addressing the nation regarding the issue of border security. It is expected that the President will provide a defense of his tough stance on his demands to fund the wall. He will likely paint a dire picture of conditions south of the […]

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Europe’s Christmas Attacks Aren’t Staying In Europe

Rod Thomson The Grinch books and movies are beloved classics. But throughout the Western world, real-life Grinches don’t have hearts that grow three sizes. They have hearts filled with malice, hatred and the destruction of Christmas, Christianity and Western civilization. We are seeing this on bloody display in Europe, and on more restrained display in […]

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Growing Blame America First Crowd Rushes To The Border

Rod Thomson In describing the 1984 San Francisco Democrats, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Jeane Kirkpatrick said, “They always blame America first.” She was referring of the fringe elements of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, because of monopolistic control of the culture-moving powers, what is fringe in the Democratic Party becomes more mainstream over time, and […]

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Sailing With Tucker Carlson On The Ruling Class’ Ship Of Fools

By Peter B. Gemma Pundit Tucker Carlson has all the pedigree to be comfortably sitting among the America’s ruling aristocracy. Born Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, his stepmother, Patricia Swanson, is an heiress to the Swanson frozen-food fortune and the niece of Senator J. William Fulbright. His father, Richard Warner Carlson, served as U.S. Ambassador to […]

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President Trump: Get Wall Funding Or Shut Down That Government!

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of a political game of chicken between competing views for the future of our country. And once again, the ones who are stuck in the middle are the American people. This time, the battle of wills is over the funding of the […]

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California’s Existential Threat: Ballot Harvesting Compounded By Illegals And Sanctuaries

Rod Thomson Almost a year ago, I wrote an article under the headline, “California: A Growing Threat to the American Republic” which some people thought to be a bit of hyperbole, a bit over the top. It was neither hyperbole nor over the top. As is becoming all too clear on a regular basis, the […]