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The fundamental transformation of America roars forward with a pen and phone

By Rod Thomson

Democrats’ ongoing fundamental transformation of America continues. What they cannot get through Congress — which are the most radical, anti-American ideas they can conjure — they just use the pen and phone as the godfather of radically changing America taught them.

The latest on this front is that the Sock Puppet administration continues to castrate immigration enforcement once the illegals they invited are here. One way or another, they seem determined to turn America into just another, run-of-the-mill, freedom-crushing, big-state nation on the decline.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday ordered immigration officers not to arrest illegal immigrants at even more places, trying to maintain the pretense they are actually still conducting homeland security that isn’t aimed at parents attending School Board meetings.

Mayorkas said “sensitive locations” or “protected areas” — which in practice are just more sanctuary locations that no one voted for — will be places where Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are now barred from detaining people who broke the law to enter or stay in America. So lawbreakers are “protected” from law enforcement, which as we see with defunding the police is just terrific for the law-abiding community.

Protected areas now include social services facilities such as homeless shelters, anywhere disaster or emergency relief is being provided, and places where children gather, including playgrounds, childcare centers, and school bus stops. These are in addition to the previous safe spaces of churches, hospitals and schools.

It sounds so compassionate on the surface. But legal Americans can be arrested in any of those locations. Guaranteed that the January 6 trespassers and “paraders” would be.

Of course this comes during an historic overwhelming of our southern border at the direct invitation of the Sock Puppet. 

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The Border Patrol apprehended a total of 1.7 million illegal immigrants along the southwest border in fiscal 2021, breaking every record since the agency was formed in 1925. Another 300,000 people were stopped after trying to enter at a port of entry without legal papers. Estimated “gotaways” — the number of which the agency does not maintain for some reason — hit at least 400,000 in the past year, according to former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan. That means that nearly 2.5 million people are now in the country illegally, almost all since the Sock Puppet was sworn in. The monthly numbers continue at about 200,000, so the change in our communities is rapid.

Mayorkas said: “We can accomplish our enforcement mission without denying or limiting individuals’ access to needed medical care, children access to their schools, the displaced access to food and shelter, people of faith access to their places of worship, and more. Adherence to this principle is one bedrock of our stature as public servants.”

A few thoughts on his justification. First, it seems like a bedrock principle of public servants who are tasked with law enforcement should be, well, enforcing the law. Second, they are not “their” schools. Those folks are not Americans nor in the country legally. Illegal aliens don’t get squatters rights because they just crossed the Rio Grande and put their kid in a school. They didn’t pay for the school or vote for the School Board. But now the rest of us have to pay for their kids’ education and the law enforcement we already pay for won’t enforce the law. 

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Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said of ICE: “The agency still exists, but it has been stripped of all of its functions with regard to the enforcement of immigration laws. Nearly all illegal aliens are already off-limits to enforcement due to a Sept. 30 memo, and as a result of Mayorkas’ ‘expanded and non-exhaustive list of protected areas,’ where ICE agents are permitted to do their work, the secretary has essentially nullified an entire body of constitutionally enacted laws.”

But all of this goes to the Democratic Party now run by radical leftists who see up as down, good as bad, racism as anti-racism, parents as domestic terrorists, laws as obstacles, a border as immoral and America as irredeemably evil — even as the evidence of millions of people trying to get in openly disproves.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist, past Salem radio host and ABC TV commentator and Founder of The Revolutionary Act and The Thomson Group. Twice banned on TikTok. Follow him on Instagram. Like Rod on Facebook.

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Elections Immigration Truth

Trump’s Most Important 2020 Re-Election Proposal

Rod Thomson

It’s not in the news at all with Impeachment, Coronavirus and The Latest Fictional Hysteria drawing all the airtime. But it impacts the country as much as the economy — which continues to roar along for all Americans.

And it’s Trump’s signature issue: Reform the U.S. immigration system in a way that includes securing our southern border while dealing with the overstays issue and changing the makeup of legal immigration.

This is not only in Trump’s re-election wheelhouse, but with the economy so strong and already in his pocket, it creates an issue the Democrats must oppose, and in doing so they chase away more of their frittering working class base, particularly blue collar workers.

It aligns with his efforts to break through to black American voters and polls show it does no harm with actual voting Hispanics. It’s win-win for Trump and lose-lose for Democrats.

Former Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan told Fox News after Friday’s Democratic debate: “Most of the people on that stage have failed as a congressman, senator, vice president on this very issue for the last two decades. The only one who has won on this issue is the president…His actions alone got this crisis back in May down 72 percent…” Referring to the Democrats’ ignoring the issue now, he said, “It’s a loser for them.” 

It is. And it’s a re-election winner for Trump, piling on top of his successful economic and foreign policies.

Here’s the key point that is almost impossible to argue with:

• Reform the American immigration system so it is skills-based — not location-based, not family-based, not race-based and certainly not by illegally crossing the border.

This benefits blue collar Americans by allowing in more high skilled workers and fewer low skilled workers, thereby reducing the supply of low skilled ones which in turn will create more upward pressure on those wages through basic market mechanisms.

This benefits the overall economy by allowing in more immigrants that generate more GDP per immigrant and tend towards a more creative class. 

This benefits the budget by bringing in a higher percentage of immigrants who will be less likely to be on welfare and more likely to earn higher wages and therefore pay more in taxes. Pay more in taxes and cost less in benefits.

Harvard economist George Borjas has studied this impact extensively and the numbers are pretty conclusive when contrasted with the anecdotal emotionalism of the Democrats.

Australia and Canada both have skills-based immigration systems that are rising in the economic and pay rankings because they are attracting more skilled immigrants and limiting the less skilled immigrants. By 2034, Australia is expected to have the 13th largest economy in the world and Canada is projected to have the eighth largest economy.

A skills-based immigration program like Canada’s and Australia’s would change the labor dynamic of the U.S. economy by providing a boost to a permanently higher floor and ceiling.

Naturally, Democrats will fight this. In fact, Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders is considering executive orders that would stop all border work, reduce ICE, eliminate the cap on “refugees” and a series of other moves that would essentially create an open border and swamp the country with low-skilled, uneducated illegal immigrants who cannot speak the language.

The contrast is sharp and Americans — including the vaunted suburban moms — will see it.

They may not like how Trump conducts himself (not that Sanders is a shining example of virtue either) but they very much like his policies. This one keeps Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin in Trump’s column, and may move states such as Minnesota over to it. 

Which state do the Democrats pick up with an open borders policy? Answer: None.

This is a winner for Trump and for Republicans. And given that the Trump Department of Justice just announced it is taking several new actions against sanctuary jurisdictions, he is clearly not changing his position.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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ICE Immigration Sanctuary Cities Truth

Florida Passes Toughest Sanctuary City Ban In The Nation

Rod Thomson

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed into law the toughest sanctuary cities bill ban in the nation, keeping a campaign promise despite apoplectic, snarky media coverage.

DeSantis today signed Senate Bill 168 requiring Florida law enforcement officials and governmental entities to honor federal “immigration detainer” requests that ask a law enforcement agency to detain someone on probable cause that they can be removed from the country under federal immigration laws. That is, they are here illegally and will be sent home. Because law enforcement is holding them, that means they either have or are accused of committing crimes beyond illegal entry into the U.S.

In sanctuary cities around the nation, law officers cannot hold them for Immigration officials, but must release them back into the population.

The new law prohibits local officials from implementing any sort of “sanctuary” policies, which problematically had previously not been defined in state law, and gives the governor the authority to remove officials from office if they do not comply with the law.

That is a powerful strong law.

Despite the media talking about how the law is “controversial” — mostly in newsrooms and Democratic headquarters — DeSantis and team created a huge, public signing ceremony, live-streamed it on Facebook and had a lot of those involved present. U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, who represents Okaloosa County, where the bill-signing took place, and bill sponsor state Sen. Joe Gruters, of Sarasota, also the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, joined at the event.

Apparently these guys don’t feel it is too “controversial.”

DeSantis told a packed Okaloosa County Commission Chambers that the bill “is about the rule of law” and emphasized the issue of “public safety.”

“I said we were going to do certain things, and I’m happy to report after having just one legislative session under our belt we’re delivering on the promises we made to the people of Florida,” he said.

Sanctuary cities are popular in liberal states and in some cities in red states. But they are also havens for criminals who obviously flock to those areas where they will be protected from the feds.

DeSantis called them “law-free zones” where people who are here illegally can commit crimes, and then “just walk out the door and continue to do it.”

The media is running their normal PR campaign for Democrats. The Tampa Bay Times’ snarky headline is: “Gov. DeSantis signs ‘sanctuary cities’ ban into law. There aren’t any in Florida.”

Well yes, because there had not been a definition before and this is designed to make sure there won’t be any in the future.

Here’s the lead right below it.

“Fulfilling a key, controversial campaign promise popular with his party’s base, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Friday that will ban so-called “sanctuary cities” in Florida, though the policy is expected to draw a legal skirmish over its constitutionality as it goes into effect next month.”

See, it’s just about playing to the base. But is it? The Hill reported:

“A survey from Harvard–Harris Poll provided exclusively to The Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with the law by reporting to federal agents the illegal immigrants they come into contact with.”

So maybe not all that controversial among Americans after all. Mostly journalists.

Considering the chaotic and tragic crisis at the southern border that President Trump and some Republicans have been trying to fix — and being blocked at every turn by activist judges and Democrats in Congress — this issue will remain a winner for Republicans in 2020.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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Immigration Mexico Truth

Let’s Be Real: Mexico Is A Bad Neighbor

Rod Thomson

President Trump’s threat to close the southern border indefinitely because of the growing crisis is another reminder that despite the fluffy official rhetoric over the years, Mexico remains a bad neighbor — and getting worse. Honesty would go a long way in building good policy here.

Of course, there won’t be an honest discussion, because such a pronouncement as the above — even followed by all of the actual data and evidence below — will inevitably result in charges of racism, white nationalism, fear of others and more nonsense because rational thinking is directly under attack.

Let’s make this point perfectly clear: Mexicans as individual humans are not the problem. Trying to escape crushing poverty on top of crime-ridden regions and government corruption is natural enough — particularly when the bright, shining city on a hill is right next door. In the Christian worldview, Mexicans like every human on earth are made in the image of God and have desires and drives for a better life for themselves and their progeny. That should be just acceptable as reality for decent people. From the traditional American view, they have inalienable rights from God.

But their government, and the culture that produces that problematic government, does not recognize such a dynamic as individual inalienable rights because man is made in God’s image. And so it causes no end of headaches and threats to the United States for precious little in return.

That the Mexican government and leadership in general continues to operate as a quasi Third World corruptocratic country while living right next door to the most prosperous and free nation ever is disgraceful. The example for how it’s done has been staring them in the face for two centuries and yet they don’t change. Given that broad swaths are controlled by drug cartels and corrupt police, they may be even worse than they were. That’s on Mexico.

Of course, just the opposite is what Americans are treated to in virtually every media story fretting and warning about America being a bad neighbor because of Trump’s policies. America is racist, afraid of people who look different and overflowing with white nationalists. Along with the media pushing this narrative there are the large tech companies, which are of the same worldview as the Democratic Party and the media. If you google ‘Mexico is a bad neighbor’ all you get are endless stories about the U.S. being a bad neighbor.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is hogwash. Let’s revisit what I wrote almost a year ago.

“If these critics really cared about Mexico’s well-being — and the well-being of Mexicans — they would be more critical of the corruption and culture that has left a fertile land with a great climate, access to two oceans and next door to the greatest economic power in history, in impoverished misery. They would be calling on Mexicans’ better angels, calling them to change and actually become more like the United States with individual liberties and market economics and accountable government. Trashing America is nothing more than political expediency and opponent demonization that causes yet more division.”

Here’s the tale of the tape on who is the better neighbor.

• Do good neighbors or bad neighbors send their problems next door? Mexico has an undeniably de facto policy of illegally exporting their poorest citizens north to the United States to deal with. Additionally, they allow the poorest residents of neighboring countries to pass through in caravans, frequently aided by Mexico, to also be shipped to the United States. This is what is causing the crisis at the border today.

The 22 million illegal aliens in the United States today almost universally came here poor, uneducated and untrained — unwanted by Mexico’s leadership. The poorest in a country are always a burden, so Mexico encourages them to head north and does nothing — literally nothing — to stop them at the border. The trains of migrants from Guatemala or Honduras or other Central American countries overrunning our southern border cannot be successful without the active participation of Mexican authorities. These authorities don’t want the burden of those poor people in their country — their culture and government creates too many — so they usher them on to America.

How is this possibly being a good neighbor? Canada doesn’t do any of this.

• Do good neighbors or bad neighbors attack your moral character for locking your doors? A nation’s borders are like a family’s home exterior. Homeowners only let in people they want and keep out others. If someone breaks in it’s called breaking and entering and they are arrested. When America does this with its borders — like every other nation, including Mexico on its southern border, Mexico openly criticizes us for doing so. President Trump ran on securing our border with Mexico (because the northern Border does not require this level of security) and he won election as Americans understand a sovereign nation needs borders and the ability to determine who comes in and out. Yet Mexican leaders were publicly hostile, criticizing Trump.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said the U.S. was returning to the “era of the ugly American” and repeatedly called it a “useless wall”? Why useless? Because Mexican authorities will continue to find ways to ship the poorest, uneducated residents to their neighbor? They don’t want a wall because they don’t want those Mexicans in Mexico. They do want them in the United States where they are useful in sending $28 billion annually in remittances back to Mexico from America. How is that being a good neighbor? Canada doesn’t do any of this.

• Do good neighbors who have received so many benefits by living next to a generous neighbor openly criticize that neighbor? Absurd, yet that is exactly what Mexican authorities do regularly. Whether it is beefing up our southern border security, to increasing citizen IDs to deporting those we find to be here illegally who have broken more U.S. laws, Mexican authorities criticize the U.S. No gratefulness for unburdening them from their poorest citizens. Just criticism. Canada doesn’t do this.

• Do good neighbors take generous donations to help them with ingratitude, disdain and belittling your morals because you did not give even more? The U.S. gifts Mexico $320 million annually in aid. Yet there is not gratefulness for this generosity? Nothing apparent. Not a thank-you note. Nothing. They take the money and spend it and then criticize us. Canada receives $26 million, but that is all for joint environmental issues that affect both countries. We work together on habitats crossing the border — like good neighbors cooperating with each other.

No. The case is overwhelming that the Mexican government is the bad actor in this relationship. The U.S. is the good, generous, protective neighbor.

In fact, America has demonstrated repeatedly that it is the best neighbor.

A good neighbor accepts some of Mexico’s poorest people and provides them with healthcare, schooling and opportunities that they had no chance of getting in their home country. We even teach the children of families that break into our country — in their own language. Now that’s being a ridiculously good neighbor.

A good neighbor provides $320 million annually in direct financial aid to Mexico. The largest chunk goes to security issues and drug cartel fighting, but also to education and infrastructure.

An absurdly good neighbor allows people who broke in to transfer back to their country $28 billion, taken out of the American economy and put into Mexico’s, without taking one penny of it.

Just their proximity to such a great neighbor makes Mexico safer from foreign predators. Knowing they are at no risk from the gentle giant next door, the Mexican military can be used mostly for domestic use because they are a U.S. ally and neighbor. The U.S. essentially acts as a deterrent for anyone who would be aggressive against Mexico.

In this neighborhood, even this cursory look at who gives the most and who receives the most in the relationship demonstrates that the United States is a very good neighbor, and that Mexico is clearly not.

I would not do this story except it’s tiresome and counterproductive to hear the constant drumbeat by the American left and the media that America is the bad neighbor.

It would be refreshing if American politicians and their supporters could actually appreciate America more — a lot more — and stop painting an unrealistically romantic picture of Mexico and a near demonic picture of America.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Immigration Sanctuary Cities SPLC Truth

Florida Is Ground Zero In Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

Rod Thomson

Banning sanctuary cities has a very real chance of passing in Florida this year — and that’s creating an emotion-driven battle with Democrats and the open-borders lobby.

The sanctuary bill sponsored by Sarasota Republican Sen. Joe Gruters — who is also Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida — has become the most contentious issue of the year in the seemingly always-contentious Florida Legislature.

While such legislation has not gone anywhere in past sessions, it is fast-tracked this year with the Republican leadership structure all onboard. Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose popularity has swelled since his narrow election in November, is a major supporter of President Trump’s immigration and border security policies while former Gov. Rick Scott’s support on the issue was somewhat tepid.

So legislators in the GOP-controlled Legislature are pushing legislation that would clearly define what constitutes sanctuary policies — one of the problems plaguing the issue — and would prohibit any state or local governments from adopting such policies, formally or informally.

Of course the importance of Florida in national elections as the largest swing state in the nation is well-known. But it can also be a bellwether state as far as what is acceptable to the broader American electorate. With its huge population of immigrated Midwesterners, Southerners and Northeasterners, no state is more representative of America than Florida.

If a strong sanctuary city ban can be passed in Florida, then it may have the politically broad support that it seems to have in the polls. And that makes it a winner in 2020 for Republicans.

All of which is bringing out the long knives of the Democrat Left.

First came the press conferences with the most sympathetic representatives opposing a ban on sanctuary cities — young adults who were brought illegally as young children and are now allowed to stay here legally through DACA…but their parents are not. These people tell the stories of how hard it was growing up and not being able to travel freely or do some of the other things that legal American children could do because their families were not supposed to be here — although they are allowed to do all those things now. (Speakers included Florida State University students, so not suffering too badly.) Gratitude is not usually much a part of these dog-and-pony shows.

Second, the slime machine known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is slowly but steadily being discredited even in parts of the media, is still used by too many gullible or biased reporters as a legitimate source. And so the SPLC launched an attack on the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Gruters, by trying to tie him to what they describe as a hate group — the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR.

Help the fight for American ideals

Here’s how Zac Anderson, the political reporter for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune put it, acting as a gullible tool for the SPLC as he has in the past against Republicans:

“Several people associated with the Federation for American Immigration Reform — an organization branded by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate group” — provided input to Sarasota state Sen. Joe Gruters and his staff as they worked to advance so-called “sanctuary city” immigration enforcement legislation.

An email obtained by the Herald-Tribune shows that David Jaroslav, the state and local legislative manager for FAIR, worked with Floridians for Immigration Enforcement to offer advice for Gruters’ staff on how to the defend the sanctuary bill against critics. Jaroslav emailed comments to Floridians for Immigration Enforcement President Kenneth Morrow Jr., who passed the comments on to Gruters’ staff.”

Notice the tenuousness of the connections. A person or people connected to FAIR (not a hate group) sent Gruter’s staff emails on how to defend against critics. But here’s the headline: “Members of alleged hate group linked to Sarasota legislator’s immigration bill.” Well that sounds a whole lot worse than was actually backed up in the article, which itself is a sham because it rests on the SPLC’s increasingly discredited hate list.

Of course, the branding of FAIR as a hate group when their policies are not hateful and their web site is very specifically opposed to any form of discrimination, is absurd. The SPLC takes two or three comments of the founder from 25-40 years ago, without context, and labels the group hateful to this day — exactly like they would never do with the far more extensive hateful and blatantly racist writings of, say, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

There continues to be this symbiotic relationship between the SPLC and willing dupes in the media. The SPLC has used both the Trump presidency to promote the misinformation that hate crimes are on the rise, and also success in media coverage hammering conservatives, as leverage for record amounts of fundraising — doubling funding since 2015. This, even while Politico, the Atlantic and others are increasingly questioning the SPLC’s legitimacy.

The bill’s definition of sanctuary cities is important. The primary reason there are officially no sanctuary cities or counties in Florida is because there is no agreed upon definition of what constitutes a sanctuary policy. But there are some communities who do not particularly cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials when the agency issues an immigration detainer asking police to hold someone who is suspected of being in the country illegally, along with other cooperative issues.

Expect more dirt and media complicity in the fight for the rule of law, and of order, in Florida — reflecting the rest of the country. And the front line of that fight is sanctuary cities.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Border Democrats Government Immigration Trump Truth

Bleeding Support In Shutdown Battle, Democrats Need Rebuttal Tonight

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Tonight, the President of the United States will be addressing the nation regarding the issue of border security.

It is expected that the President will provide a defense of his tough stance on his demands to fund the wall. He will likely paint a dire picture of conditions south of the border. He will share with the country the challenges faced due to inadequate resources and the lack of a physical barrier.

In all likelihood the President’s message will make sense and will resonate with the American people who, although squeamish on government shutdowns, overwhelmingly demand that the federal government enforce our borders and ensure our safety and welfare.

In response, Democrats have asked the networks for an opportunity to rebut; an opportunity they will surely be given. But their request brings up two issues; one an inductive conclusion and the other an inescapable paradox.

The conclusion is that Democrats worry they are losing the war of words regarding border security. With every week that passes, the Democrats lose what they have always deployed as their greatest weapon regarding government shutdowns: shock value. Theirs is the tactic of equating a government shutdown with the end of the world. They do this, not only to paint the Republicans as evil, uncaring, and irresponsible, but also because to Democrats, the role of government is indispensable to life in society. Even a partial shutdown, for them, is tantamount to a cataclysmic natural disaster.

But as the weeks grind on, the American people continue to see that the partial government shutdown, by and large, is not a threat to their daily existence. People are continuing to get their healthcare. Their banks are still doing business. The military is still operating, and yes, the IRS is working on delivering those precious refund checks.

But despite the fading, fake cataclysm of the shutdown, the permanent truth of the inadequacies of our border’s security continues to shine. The problems south of the border continue to exist, and the multi-thousand-member caravans preparing to attempt to stroll into the United States continue to form.

Help us keep fighting for truth

The net effect is a nasty, rancid, and tumultuous loss for the Democrats, and Democrats know it. Add to their losing effort a presidential address on the matter from the Oval Office, and the result is potentially catastrophic to their indefensible cause. It is for this reason that Democratic leaders wish to speak to the American people tonight, bringing us to the second issue: how can they speak when they won’t even listen?

Democratic leaders, chief amongst these are Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have engaged in the highly obnoxious and potentially destructive strategy of not listening to their political opponents, particularly to those may have developed an expertise on the field. When border security agents appeared at the White House Press Room and discussed their first-hand accounts regarding the indispensable importance of a barrier to border security, the Democrats’ dismissive answer was simply to say that the agents were wrong. No facts to back them up; just the assertion.

And when President Trump invited Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to a meeting with the President and leaders from both parties at the White House, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s response was to repeatedly interrupt her, and again, claim she was wrong.

So now, the two leaders who have recurrently demonstrated an unwillingness and incapacity to listen to opposing points of view want us to listen to them.

Why should we?

The fact is that I, as opposed to them, will listen to what they have to say. I will do this out of respect for our political process and because I recognize that our country has devolved to a state where we have refused to listen to each other, and Pelosi and Schumer have made themselves integral to the problem.

In the end, however, I am confident I and most Americans will side with the President for, amongst other reasons, his opponents’ demonstrated reluctance to learn from what the President and those charged with working directly on the issue of border security have to say.

Despite their appearance tonight to rebut the President, I and most Americans will likely conclude that Pelosi and Schumer are part of the problem; not the solution.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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Immigration Political Correctness Truth

Europe’s Christmas Attacks Aren’t Staying In Europe

Rod Thomson

The Grinch books and movies are beloved classics. But throughout the Western world, real-life Grinches don’t have hearts that grow three sizes. They have hearts filled with malice, hatred and the destruction of Christmas, Christianity and Western civilization.

We are seeing this on bloody display in Europe, and on more restrained display in the United States — restraint that is not likely to last indefinitely.

The culprit is not the secularizing culture. They prefer the courtroom means of erasing Christianity from the public square to the bombing, shooting and stabbing means.

No, this is about what happens when a country — any country — allows in a massive number of immigrants who have neither desire nor intent to assimilate into that country. In a consistent, this-is-unfortunate-human-nature category, they end up disdaining the country and culture which allowed them in. This is why wise, thoughtful policies are required over emotion-driven, utopian policies.

We’ve seen this play out long-term in France where they have opened the doors for a few decades to the younger, low-cost laborers they thought would save their socialistic cushiness in old age as they stopped having children. The closest such immigrants were from North Africa, and they were almost universally Muslim.

France has painfully learned to deal with a once-proud country in decline and large enclaves that are police no-go zones, virtually foreign countries. Turns out young Muslims don’t want to work to pay for the older French to live comfortably, and have been allowed to non-assimilate, creating the inevitable disdain for “them” — in this case, the native French.

There are similar cases of this in Belgium, England and other Eurozone countries, where Islamic non-assimilation is leading to national decline and disdain for the native population and culture.

Germany had been somewhat resistant to this trend until Prime Minister Angela Merkel decided to catch up overnight by throwing open the southern gates, allowing a million Muslim immigrants from Syria and elsewhere to pour in. Same for Sweden. There was a foolhardy good-heartedness to this action, but it has cost the countries severely because it was terrible policy.

Support The Fight For Truth!

The result is that throughout Europe, terrorism has become a way of life. From train bombs in London and Madrid to gun massacres in London, Paris and Brussels to trucks plowing over people in Nice and Berlin. The list is pretty extensive.

Writing last year in The Conversation, Richard Mahe, a Research Fellow of Global Governance Programme at European University Institute, sums up the causes:

“Since 2015, there has been a sharp increase in both the number of attacks and deaths caused by terrorism in Europe. As someone who studies European security issues, I see three key factors contributing to this development: Europe’s large and often poorly integrated Muslim population, proximity to unstable regions like the Middle East and North Africa, and terrorists’ new focus on highly vulnerable “soft” targets.”

As has become an annual Christmas rite in Europe, there was a Christmas market slaughter in Strasbourg, France a few days ago by a man crying out “Allahu Akbar!” Motive unclear. He killed five and injured 13 before police shot and killed him.

At Christmas 2016, an Islamist terrorist drove a truck through the Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 56. There have been consistent smaller attacks at Christmas festivals. Any large gathering of Europeans at holidays becomes a target, such as the Bastille Day truck slaughter in Nice or the Oktoberfest slaughter in Germany.

All of this has meant that Christmas markets throughout Europe are now held behind the ugly, decidedly non-festive security barriers — which did not prevent the most recent slaughter in Strasbourg.

Mark Steyn makes the obvious observation:

“Because we won’t put up security barriers where they count – at the nation’s border – we have to have ever more intrusive and constricting security on everything within the border…the men and women who govern us refuse to change the policies that enable Yuletide slaughter, and their citizens continue to vote for them. And so Strasbourg’s mayor Roland Ries says that “life must go on” – which fatuous bromide ensures that the killing of his citizens will go on. Because he and the rest of a depraved political class lack the will to do anything about it.”

Those political leaders are operating along the same principles of mass immigration, multiculturalism, diversity worship and political correctness as America’s Democratic Party and political left.

America does not have the tradition of open-air Christmas markets that Europe does, so the target of thousands of people in one spot is not as obvious around Christmas. And American Muslims are among the most assimilated in the Western World. But that there is radicalization going on is all too obvious from the number of terrorist attacks we’ve suffered under in recent decades.

It’s only a matter of time until a large Christmas celebration in America is struck, and it will be by those who hate Christmas, Christianity and America.

The only question is whether our political leaders will shrug their shoulders at it (in action, if not in words) and vehemently defend their politically correct diversity worship, demonizing anyone — such as this author — who suggests we have some foolish policies.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Immigration Truth

Growing Blame America First Crowd Rushes To The Border

Rod Thomson

In describing the 1984 San Francisco Democrats, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Jeane Kirkpatrick said, “They always blame America first.” She was referring of the fringe elements of the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, because of monopolistic control of the culture-moving powers, what is fringe in the Democratic Party becomes more mainstream over time, and we see that clearly in this era.

The Blame America Firsters have been enthralled at the chance to show how terrible America is at every turn, and the basic national sovereignty issue of having secure borders is just the perfect issue.

Of course Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cut her protesting chops by going down to the border during the manufactured crisis of separating children from their parents, which was done at the orders of the 9th Circuit Court ostensibly to protect the children and implemented by President Obama. The separating of children was painted as exemplar of Americans not caring about the plight of the poor, and of course being racist — despite the fact that America does more for the world’s poor by many factors than any other country, or most continents, and Africans don’t seem to think we are too racist as they choose America in droves.

Throughout the traipsing northward of the caravan of illegal immigrants (they broke their way into Mexico, so it is accurate to call them illegal immigrants even before trying to break their way into America) there has been a sort of delight at the prospect of being able to paint America as uncaring and racist for having so much and giving so little.

Every poor or dangerous decision made by a migrant on their way illegally across Mexico to America was portrayed as America’s fault.

But this came to a head when a seven-year-old Honduran girl died a few hours after her father knowingly and unlawfully took her across the border. The girl had apparently not eaten or drank for several days. She went into convulsions on the bus on which she was being transported to the nearest border crossing post (where her father should have been seeking to enter) and paramedics had been alerted and were waiting. From there she was emergency flown to a hospital but could not be saved.

Help Us Keep Fighting — ‘Merica

She went on a months long trek across deserts and dangerous terrain, was exhausted and clearly depleted of nutrition and water. But here were the headlines splashed everywhere by the Blame America First media:

USA Today’s headline: “Migrant girl, 7, dies in Border Patrol custody of dehydration, shock”

NBC News headline: “Girl who crossed border with dad died in Border Patrol custody”

KTLA headline: “7-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Dies After Being Arrested by Border Patrol”

CNN’ headline: “Thousands of miles away, grieving family wants to know how 7-year-old girl died in US custody”

The CNN story is particularly nauseating in it’s blame America first. Here’s the lead:

“Jakelin Caal Maquin jumped up and down when her father told her they’re leaving their impoverished Guatemalan village for the United States. When the rest of her family sent them off, nobody imagined the 7-year-old girl would not come back alive.

She died last week after Border Patrol agents detained her and her father in the New Mexico desert. Her death, which was only made public Thursday, has raised questions from members of Congress and advocates about how migrants are treated at the border.”

Just shameless. But more.

“The girl’s death comes months after a toddler died six weeks after being released from an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement facility in Dilley, Texas. The toddler’s mother and her attorneys alleged she contracted a respiratory infection after they arrived at the detention center and that ICE provided substandard medical care for the 19-month-old.”

See, an illegal immigrant dies hours after being arrested by American authorities and her dehydration and starvation are not to blame, it’s the American’s fault. But a toddler dies six weeks after leaving an American facility and…it’s the American’s fault. In the same story!

Like Us — ‘Merica

The purposeful juxtaposition of the girl’s arrest by the Border Patrol — which was obviously her best hope for survival — was meant to blame the Americans for her death. No other way to read it. (Yes, this all conflates with raging Trump hatred in the media.)

Even the girl’s father said the American agents did everything they could and he had no complaints about the care — which was probably a thousand times better than it would have been in rural Honduras. Apparently an ambulance chasing lawyer had not gotten to the father to explain he needed to blame America so the lawyer could get a fat check from taxpayers. That will come.

Speaking of lawyers, next in the congo line of Blame America First was the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization just spiraling down the partisan toilet (see Christine Ford and the collapse of civil rights protections for political correctness.)

Cynthia Pompa, advocacy manager for the ACLU Border Rights Center, said the Honduran girl’s death shows the “inhumane conditions” at border patrol facilities. (Ironically, again, so much irony, the facilities would be less overrun if we actually had a wall.)

“Lack of accountability, and a culture of cruelty within CBP have exacerbated policies that lead to migrant deaths,” Pompa said. Because there is no responsibility for anyone anywhere based on their own actions. It’s all America’s fault.

Then came the lowest forms of Blame America First — the politicians, slithering below even the lawyers to slap America.

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted: “There are no words to capture the horror of a seven-year-old girl dying of dehydration in U.S. custody. What’s happening at our borders is a humanitarian crisis.”

Grandstander Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, said Homeland Security officials would face questions on the matter in a hearing scheduled for Thursday. We “will be demanding immediate answers to this tragedy,” Nadler said.

Lost in all of this rush to blame America first is the actual tragedy of a 7-year-old girl who is dead and a father who is grieving — neither of which would have happened if the father had not made a series of choices that put her in such a dangerous situation. The only role America played was being the most attractive country in the world in which to live.

We probably shouldn’t apologize for that.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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Immigration Politics Truth

Sailing With Tucker Carlson On The Ruling Class’ Ship Of Fools

By Peter B. Gemma

Pundit Tucker Carlson has all the pedigree to be comfortably sitting among the America’s ruling aristocracy. Born Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, his stepmother, Patricia Swanson, is an heiress to the Swanson frozen-food fortune and the niece of Senator J. William Fulbright. His father, Richard Warner Carlson, served as U.S. Ambassador to the Seychelles and was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of Voice of America in the Reagan administration.

Carlson’s new book, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, lays out his political views as populist and unpredictable, far from “mainstream” conservatism and its power brokers. And unlike the usual media conservatives — who quickly dash off books lambasting Democrats and liberals — he can write.

In an article about Carlson in the Columbia Journalism Review, one of his former editors, Vanity Fair’s Tina Brown, was quoted as saying: “Tucker is a tremendously good writer and I always thought it was a real shame that he kind of like got sucked into this TV mania thing.” Mark Warren, who edited Carlson at Esquire, says, “He is an extremely talented writer. [Tucker’s] writing was done with such energy and vitality.”

The author has stated, “The premise of the book is really simple: Why did Trump get elected?” In Ship of Fools Carlson writes, “Trump’s election wasn’t about Trump. It was a throbbing middle finger in the face of America’s ruling class. It was a gesture of contempt, a howl of rage, the end result of decades of selfish and unwise decisions made by selfish and unwise leaders. Happy countries don’t elect Donald Trump president. Desperate ones do. In retrospect, the lesson seemed obvious: Ignore voters for long enough and you get Donald Trump.”

He notes: Various experts tried to explain [what happened]. Was it sexism? Russian propaganda? Hillary’s failure to campaign in the upper Midwest? Almost nobody suggested the obvious: if voters think you hate them for how they were born, they won’t vote for you. 

Carlson points out, wagging his finger, that, “Instead of pausing, listening, thinking, and changing, America’s ruling class withdrew into a defensive crouch.” He goes on to say, “Countries can survive war and famines and disease. They cannot survive leaders who despise their own people.” 

In Ship of Fools, Carlson highlights the fact that America has dissolved into a bi-partisan oligarchy that pretends to practice democracy, and that these moneyed elites “view America the way a private equity firm sizes up an aging conglomerate as something outdated, they can profit from. When it fails, they’re gone.”

As a commentator and critic, Tucker Carlson has impressive credentials and few peers. His “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” on Fox News, was the third highest-rated cable TV news show as of March 2018. As of October, with 3.2 million nightly viewers, it clocks in as second-highest after Sean Hannity show.

Help Us Keep Fighting

Carlson, a Fox News political analyst since 2009, has hosted other TV and radio shows on MSNBC, PBS, and CNN. He has written National Magazine Award-nominated articles for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and Reader’s Digest. He co-founded and served as editor-in-chief of the popular conservative opinion website (12 million unique hits per month) The Daily Caller (full disclosure: articles by this writer are published on that site.)

One of his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” broadcasts reviewed a National Geographic article, “As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind,” which centered on Hazleton, Pa. Carlson commented on the growth of Hazleton’s Hispanic population, which has increased exponentially since 2000, signifying a change that “makes societies volatile.” Carlson asserted that “our leaders … caused all this,” and that they live in neighborhoods which “are basically unchanged — they look like it’s 1960. No demographic change in their zip code.” Carlson continued, “Our leaders are for diversity, just not where they live.”

In Ship of Fools, he argues, “Right now, the fault line is between whites and nonwhites. But as America grows more racially diverse, rifts will inevitably open between more groups. In a tribal system, every group finds itself at war with every other group. It’s the perfect perversion of the American ideal: ‘Out of many, one’ becomes ‘Out of one, many.’ This is the unhappy, blood-soaked story of countless civilizations around the world. It never ends well.”

Carlson also remarks, “But it does make for effective electoral politics, and that’s the point. There’s no faster way to mobilize voters than to stoke their racial fears, while promising to deliver for their particular tribe. It’s irresistible. At the moment, the coalition of identity groups has held together because it is united against white male power. But rapid demographic change makes this unsustainable. When the traditional scapegoat becomes insufficient, various factions will turn on one another. Chaos will ensue.”

Although Carlson’s writing style is breezy and funny, Ship of Fools says things that polite people don’t bring up at the dinner table these days:

In a country where, virtually, every nonwhite group reaps advantages from being racially conscious and politically organized, how long before someone asks the obvious question: why can’t white people organize and agitate along racial lines, too?

On television, Carlson signs-off every night saying thanks for watching “the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.” That is a big target. For example, he writes that the definitive statement of the Democratic position on immigration was made by President Bill Clinton in his 1995 State of the Union address: “All Americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by U.S. citizens or immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.” Carlson says, “Pat Buchanan never put it more succinctly.”

Like Us

Those who think the book will bash only the Clintons, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats will be sorely disappointed.

Ship of Fools is no apology for Trumpism. In fact, in his book Carlson calls Trump “vulgar and ignorant.” However, he correctly points out that Trump “didn’t invade Iraq or bail out Wall Street. He didn’t open the borders or sit silently by as the manufacturing sector collapsed and the middle class died.”

Carlson, like his comrade-in-arms, commentator and author Ann Coulter, has run out of patience with President Trump, pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. Carlson explained in a recent interview with a Swiss newspaper that “I don’t think he understands the system.” Carlson contends that Trump “knows very little about the legislative process, hasn’t learned anything, [and] hasn’t surrounded himself with people that can get it done.”

Carlson sets a new paradigm for measuring politicians and public policy: “The rift is between those who benefit from the status quo, and those who don’t.” Just as many Republicans fit that definition as do Democrats.

Carlson focuses little light on how to turn around the Ship of Fools, but can be credited as the best navigator to expose where America shouldn’t be headed.

The Heritage Foundation just awarded its 2018 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship to Carlson: “At a time when the press has become doctrinaire and is afraid to discuss what really ails America, Tucker Carlson is one of the very few prominent journalists who hosts genuine debates and who challenges the pieties of both the Left and the Right,” said the powerhouse conservative think tank. “Thanks to his courage and insightful probing, citizens of our republic can still find a public forum where the most serious questions confronting the country can be discussed thoughtfully.”

Ship of Fools will certainly make the reader think outside the conservative-liberal box, which makes it refreshingly new and different. This reader is looking forward to volume two, perhaps entitled, “The Right Course to Smooth Sailing.”

Peter B. Gemma is an award-winning freelance writer whose articles have appeared in, the Washington Examiner, and USA Today.

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Border Congress Immigration Trump Truth

President Trump: Get Wall Funding Or Shut Down That Government!

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of a political game of chicken between competing views for the future of our country. And once again, the ones who are stuck in the middle are the American people.

This time, the battle of wills is over the funding of the wall to our southern border. President Trump wants $5 billion allocated to the wall’s construction. The Democrats, on the other hand, have said they are willing to commit $1.6 billion to the wall, and not a penny more.

In the meantime, the nation is being exposed to the reality of an immigration crisis Democrats and the mainstream media said before the election did not exist, and now vainly argue is due to the President’s new policies on immigration.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; the only reason we find ourselves in the midst of an immigration crisis of this magnitude is because of the decades of ineptitude and incompetence by Congress in not providing the resources and personnel needed to definitively seal the border.

Enter President Donald J. Trump. President Trump has been one of the few ferocious advocates for border control. One of his central and most important planks to his platform is building the border wall and the definitive eradication of illegal immigration. In fact, a Harvard/Harris poll from Aug. 1 showed that 76% of the American people want border security, and with the impact of the images and goings-on related to the Central American caravan, that number has likely crept up even higher.

Amazingly, the Republican members of Congress who are now entering the waning days of their control of all three steeples of power do not seem to have the resolve to push a $5 billion allocation for border wall funding to the president’s desk. The purported reasons are as varied as they are hollow. We can’t afford it they say. Walls are a terrible way to maintain security, and there are other, more effective ways of securing our border.

No one is saying that the border wall should be built at the expense of not funding other complementary measures of promoting border security. Quite the opposite. Congress should be funding every possible avenue designed to help ensure the security and safety of America’s borders. Why the Republican-led Congress cannot get a bill to the president’s desk designing and funding a permanent, virtually impenetrable solution for our border security inclusive of the construction of an effective wall against southern migrants defies reality.

Help Us Keep Telling The Truth

In the meantime, President Trump, who is one of the few who understands the gravity of this situation, has demonstrated his resolve to see the implementation of effective border security policy by expressing his willingness shutdown the government if the wall is not funded. The response by some has been to dare him to do it.

Just like during the Obama administration, opponents and members of the swamp have predicted that the earth will end and the skies will rain down fire and fury if a portion of the federal government is allowed to go unfunded even for 10 minutes. Unfortunately for the doomsayers, we have already seen that the negative effects of shutting down the federal government are not that terrible. As a matter of fact, about the most visible consequence of the last shutdown was President Obama’s vengeful closure of the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C., at the same time that a group of Honor Flight participants arrived to be honored for their incredible, patriotic service during World War II.

Recognizing that the consequences of a government shutdown are not as harrowing as the swamp and the mainstream media would like us to believe, the next fear-mongering argument to be made is the threat of a political meltdown. Here again, the doomsayers are wrong.

First, let us recall that the one who closed the government during the Obama era was the Republican Congress. If anything, even if we were to accept the doomsayers’ political fallout prediction, it was Congress that lost against the President, a fact that actually favors President Trump.

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Moreover, as opposed to the shutdown during the Obama administration where the issue was spending, the overwhelming majority of the American public side with the President on immigration reform — and enthusiastically so. No reasonable observer can cast aspersions on the President’s position on immigration and the urgency with which the issue needs to be definitively resolved. If a confrontation were to take place, it is the President who is in the position of strength on this issue and positioned to gain.

President Trump is right on immigration, and he should demand cooperation from the Congress, even if enforcing his demand results in a government shutdown. In the end, he will win, and more importantly, so will the American people.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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