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Breakdown: The World Is Measurably Better Since January 2017

Rod Thomson The largely unreported and to some ironic reality of the past two years is that the world overall is a better, safer, more prosperous place since the swearing in of Donald Trump as President of the United States in 2016. Better than it was under Barack Obama and better than it was under […]

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Judge Sullivan Must Recuse Himself From Flynn Case

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. When I was in sixth grade, I was chosen to be the defense attorney for a classmate. Evelyn was accused of passing an answer to a test question to a fellow student during an exam. She was accused of cheating. Evelyn was a great student, and she had never been accused […]

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Today’s Chaos Over Flynn Sentencing Is Result Of FBI Entrapment

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D., and Rod Thomson Every once in a while, you come across a set of circumstances that brings you great sadness about our country’s state of affairs. (Yes, it may be happening more frequently.)  The events surrounding the prosecution of General Michael Flynn and his treatment by the FBI and Special Counselor Robert Mueller is […]

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Reversing ‘Obama Judge’ Ruling On Asylum Seekers

Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. An Obama appointed federal judge ordered the Trump administration to resume accepting asylum claims from migrants regardless of the point of entry and how the entry occurred — in direction contradiction to both the immigration law and to the Supreme Court’s ruling this year. In dismissing the administration’s new policy requiring […]

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Once Again, Judges Insert Themselves Into Florida Political Campaign

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. In a move with significant implications to Florida’s gubernatorial election, the Florida Supreme Court granted an order sought by the League of Women Voters of Florida prohibiting Gov. Rick Scott from naming the successors to three Supreme Court justices scheduled to retire on the same day the Governor relinquishes power […]

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For Kagan, Only The Illusion Of Impartiality Is Important

By Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Let’s be clear. The Supreme Court is no more impartial or neutral a body than Congress itself. I have heard it said so many times that the Supreme Court’s opinion is the final word on a legal issue. The contention is that because justices are neutral arbiters of the law […]

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New Supreme Court Session Shows Need For Legislative Override

By Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. With the advent of October, comes the start of the Supreme Court’s session. As the Court enters the session with only eight members, there is no tiebreaker. If there is an equal vote, then the lower court’s decision will stand. And there is no shortage of cases awaiting it. […]

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Jeff Flake Sets The U.S. Senate On Treacherous Path This Week

By Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. In 1982, Greg Watson turned in a thesis to his professor at Texas Christian University. In it, he argued that an unratified constitutional amendment first proposed by Madison as part of the Bill of Rights could still become law. His efforts earned him a C. Not because of poor […]

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Here’s What Will Happen In This Week From Hell Brought To You By Jeff Flake

Rod Thomson Here’s what’s going to happen this week. It does not require a Biblical-level prophet or a crystal ball. As a longtime mainstream media journalist and political consultant, I can see this as clearly as if I had it straight from Mount Sinai — minus the actual divine revelation. Seriously, just seeing forward by […]

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Senate Democrats Provide Taste Of Life If They Are In Charge. It’s Horrifying

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Yesterday, I saw the most disgusting display of political gamesmanship ever, if it can be called that. A full-fledged attack on a man’s character, his past, and even his soul. The display brought to mind those videos of frenzied sharks opportunistically swiping bites at their maimed prey. And in this case, […]