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Jeff Flake Sets The U.S. Senate On Treacherous Path This Week

By Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

In 1982, Greg Watson turned in a thesis to his professor at Texas Christian University. In it, he argued that an unratified constitutional amendment first proposed by Madison as part of the Bill of Rights could still become law. His efforts earned him a C. Not because of poor writing skills or shoddy workmanship, but because his professor thought his contention was in error.

So upset was Watson over his grade that he wrote every state legislator in the country about having his or her state ratify Madison’s constitutional amendment. The letter caught the attention of a state legislator in Maine who moved it in his state, and shortly thereafter, Maine became the first state in modern American history to ratify one of James Madison’s amendments. Others followed, and by 1992, the Twenty Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibiting congressional salaries from being altered without an intervening election became law, just as Watson had predicted.

Watson’s story is a wonderful example of the greatness of the power of one. It is a testament of what happens when a single individual, motivated by the vision of new reality, mobilizes and convinces others that his is the correct way to proceed.  

Yes, Sen. Jeff Flake moved a mountain on Friday, or at least the United States Senate, when he announced that he would be voting Judge Kavanaugh out of committee but demanding an FBI investigation be performed prior to his casting a favorable vote on the floor of the Senate. His actions, however, did not rise to the level of a Watsonian performance.

Flake’s motivation was based on fear and submission to intimidation tactics, or personal gain, not the promotion of a unique insight. On Friday morning, shortly after announcing that he would be voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, Flake was accosted by a group of rabid feminists who reproachfully and illogically insisted that a vote for Kavanaugh was equivalent to an assertion by Flake of his disbelief of those women’s stories regarding their own alleged sexual assaults.  

Of course, the claim of any association between Jeff Flake’s vote on the confirmation of a competent judge and any opinion on a totally unrelated sexual assault upon another party is patently absurd. And the fact that a senator would be allowed to be accosted by a group of very aggressive advocates, regardless of the issue being espoused, within the capitol grounds is equally as unbelievable. But whatever the pressures upon Flake to capitulate, he did, and he did so in deference to fear, guilt, or personal ambition.

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Moreover, the contention that Democrats are searching for some greater truth or guidance before making their decision is untenable. Between Sen. Diane Feinstein’s six-week suppression of an anonymous complaint, to the concealment of the complaint from the nominee, to the circus environment the Democratic caucus developed during the nomination process, to the numerous, ridiculous comments made by individual senators in the Judiciary Committee during and after the proceedings, it is evident that theirs was an all out effort to embarrass and subvert the nominee. The search for truth does not figure into the Democrats’ plan.

But still, one may ask, what’s the harm in just doing yet another FBI investigation? If he’s innocent as he says he is, then what’s the harm? The questions drip with hypocrisy in the face of the damage that has already transpired. All that this delay is causing is to allow more time for the forces of evil in this country to continue their unabashed and shameless assault on a nominee with an impeccable record of service to his country, his family, and his community.  

No, despite what the media is saying, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is not a credible witness. Yes, her testimony was compelling, and it was emotional, but there were more holes in it than in a block of Swiss cheese, and that’s without the benefit of a cross-examination. Honestly, if Dr. Ford, who is no psychologist despite her claim, were subjected to a cross examination, I believe she would not have even been able to finish her testimony.  

Additionally, there is absolutely no good that will come from an FBI probe. It is an investigation based on events that allegedly took place thirty-five years earlier, brought by a seriously flawed informant with ulterior motives, without time certain, nor location, and where there is no possibility for the collection of forensic or physical evidence to support or dispel the allegation.  The FBI’s efforts are dead before they even started.

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Clearly, the only thing the delay will accomplish is to allow more time for the further salacious destruction of Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation and the degradation of the Senate by a bunch of reckless Senate Democrats. And it will allow more time for those nefarious detractors to conjure up more false stories about the judge and to further throw the process into disarray.  

Nor will the further protraction do anything to heal the country, nor give comfort to those who would otherwise not have voted for the Judge. There is no Senate Democrat who will suddenly change his or her mind merely because of an inconclusive FBI investigation. Just the opposite.  When the FBI investigation fails to find anything new, the only thing that will come of it is the opportunity for Kavanaugh’s opponents to criticize the investigation for not finding anything!

No, Jeff Flake offered no improvement upon the horrible situation in which this country finds itself. Unlike Greg Watson who was able to bring insight and wisdom to light, all Flake accomplished was the opportunity for the Senate and the nomination process to sink to new lows with ne’er an opportunity for something good to come out of this mess.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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Here’s What Will Happen In This Week From Hell Brought To You By Jeff Flake

Rod Thomson

Here’s what’s going to happen this week. It does not require a Biblical-level prophet or a crystal ball. As a longtime mainstream media journalist and political consultant, I can see this as clearly as if I had it straight from Mount Sinai — minus the actual divine revelation. Seriously, just seeing forward by looking backward.

First and foremost, at least one other allegation of a woman or women being sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh will breathlessly emerge after extensive consultation with Democratic lawyers and operatives. This is all but guaranteed. Somehow, another one will come forward because the heirs to the Anita Hill and “bimbo eruptions” teams under Sen. Ted Kennedy and Bill and Hillary Clinton are always with us. Mark it down. It’s coming.

Next is just as clear: The FBI is conducting a background check of the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh that will change nothing. It will not be a criminal investigation. Based on the complete lack of investigatable details, evidence and witnesses — unless some others magically “emerge” — this will be inconclusive. It has to be, at least based on what we know, with every named witnesses to the alleged event denying it happened in sworn statements that carry felony charges if they lied. It’s the only outcome, and of course Democrats know that and knew that all along.

When the inconclusive report is issued next Friday or before, Democrats will howl that this changes nothing because the Republicans put an artificial time limit on the FBI. They were not allowed time to conduct an investigation, to do their job. Democrats will also charge, without evidence because that is obviously an old-fashion idea nowadays, that the Trump administration tied the FBI’s hands. They will continue to work on the empty husk of the one-time Sen. Jeff Flake and on GOP moderate Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

The FBI is also investigating the claims of Deborah Ramirez, even though she had told friends she was not even sure it was Kavanaugh — until Democratic lawyers helped her remember for sure that it was. There is also nothing to follow here unless Ramirez is coached to suddenly remember others who will “verify” her story. Yes, it is difficult not to be cynical that Democrats will create more fiction, and get away with it.

So barring some miraculous and convenient memory recall by “witnesses,” both of these investigations will determine nothing more than we already know.

The FBI apparently is not investigating the “gang train rape” nonsense by the porn lawyer huckster, or at least not the woman that claimed it. If not, late in the week there will be a call for that investigation as more women victims of the rape trains will “come forward” to extend things another week.

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The hundreds of women who have nothing but glowing praise for Judge Kavanaugh from the past 30 years will be totally ignored. Those women will not “be believed.” The women who clerked intimately for Kavanaugh who, to a woman, claim this is nothing like the man who mentored them, will not “be believed.”

Democrats such as Sens. Corey Booker and Kamala Harris will continue to run their 2020 presidential campaigns over the tattered remnants of the U.S. Senate, stomping forward to trample anything between them and a grandstand — the U.S. Constitution, fair-mindedness, morals, women and children.

Shrieking banshee activists, male and female, will continue shrieking raw emotional nonsense, but will be part and parcel with the hysterical mob that will attempt to disrupt and destroy the lives of the Kavanaughs, the GOP Senators, Trump appointees and anyone with a MAGA hat. Meanwhile, Democrats will operate in virtual peace and calm because conservatives don’t act like 1930s Brown Shirts.

More liberal organizations such as the American Bar Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, will come out opposed to Kavanaugh, spaced throughout the week to suggest a growing tide against the Judge. Watch for them, and for the timing of the release of their statements. It’s calculated. I know how this works.

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If there is any doubt as to the ACLU’s total subjugation of Americans’ civil liberties to leftist political orthodoxy, it is contained in the ACLU’s own resolution passed by its Board:

“The ACLU opposes the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. There are credible allegations that Judge Kavanaugh has engaged in serious misconduct that have not been adequately investigated by the Senate. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s credible testimony, subsequent allegations of sexual misconduct, the inadequate investigation, and Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony at the hearing lead us to doubt Judge Kavanaugh’s fitness to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

“This is not a decision taken lightly. We cannot remain silent under these extraordinary circumstances about a lifetime appointment to the highest court of the land. The standard for such an appointment should be high, and the burden is on the nominee. That burden is not met as long as there are unresolved questions regarding the credible allegations of sexual assault.”  

So the organization that has tasked itself with protecting Americans’ civil liberties will jettison innocent until proven guilty and due process to side with an evidence-free 36-year-old allegation that also happens to be impossible to disprove because the accuser cannot remember any details that could corroborate or exonerate other than the other four people she claims were there — who all deny it. This group claims to be defending civil liberties.

The media will continue with breathless, awful, partisan hackery on a daily basis, with wall to wall coverage and rehashing, and with Kavanaugh absorbing 96 percent of the negative reporting of the accusers’ side. Literally. And the pre-planned rollout of new revelations and liberal organizations opposing will get headline-blasting coverage. Jeff Flake will be ever ready if there is a mic or adulation to be had.

The vote, when it is taken, will be taken with no new information and the same three Republican Senators who were always the three that would decide the vote will still decide the vote. The farce will move forward.

The questions are: How does the Senate move forward after this? Unknown.

And how does the nation move forward? Like it always has when the politicians fail her. Because Americans are actually far better than what is going on in Washington, D.C.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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President Trump: Your Sworn Duty Includes Investigating Hillary Clinton

Dear President Trump,

With all respect and humility, I would like to remind you that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice work under you in the executive branch. Of course, any investigation involving you deserves the utmost respect and distance on your part. Morality and decency demands that. It is unfortunate that this same morality and decency is all but an extinct trait within the entire federal judicial system, to include the DOJ and the Supreme Court.

Although your separation in any matter described above is absolutely necessary, separation in other matters of the DOJ would equate to a travesty of justice and a failing of responsibility and duty bestowed upon the executive branch by the States and the people. I speak specifically in regards to the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton.  

The DOJ has a constitutional and, I will say, a moral obligation to investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her innumerable criminal acts. As the head of the executive branch, you must ensure this happens so justice is found for all Americans, and specifically the many victims of Hillary Clinton.

Sir, you met the Haitian people in Florida and across America. You have been informed of the crimes Hillary Clinton has perpetrated and continues to perpetrate upon the Haitian people. I can tell you it is likely the same offenses are being perpetrated on other peoples and their countries, i.e. the Congo. Her actions not only create national security problems, they present a perception of the American people to foreign countries that is completely unacceptable.

Hillary Clinton must finally be brought to justice for her role in the murder of Americans in Benghazi. She must be held accountable for her role in the murder of Americans as a result of the Fast and Furious gun-smuggling scheme to Mexican cartels. She must be investigated for her collusion in the theft of land belonging to the American people to be sold to foreign governments for her profit. Her well established cooperation and associations with the Muslim Brotherhood must be brought to light. And, sir, if you begin in these investigations, I am confident a floodgate of evidence of other criminality will open.

I also realize that these investigations will be difficult and you will meet with many obstacles.  First and foremost, the obstacles will come from many political accomplices that will be exposed in this light. You, sir, did promise to “drain the swamp.” These investigations will not only drain the swamp, but will dry it out completely. This will fulfill your promise to the American people.

Another difficulty you may encounter will be the overwhelming taxing of the federal witness protection program. You will have to go to great measures to ensure the safety and lives of any witnesses willing to testify. After all, there is some indication, through past experience, that those who speak against the Clintons come to mysterious ends.

I suspect there are many trying to tell you that any investigation of Hillary Clinton would be politically motivated and therefore inappropriate. Morality and decency say the opposite. To not investigate Hillary Clinton because of her political affiliations is absolutely inappropriate, as we can allow no one can be above investigation and still maintain a just society. Hillary Clinton can no longer be permitted to hide her guilt through her political aspirations. A just society demands your attention to these matters.

President Trump, you may be the only person who is willing to bring justice back to America.  The American people are losing faith in their government and they need to know that people like Hillary Clinton can be brought to justice.

Thank you for your time. I pray you will take this solemn obligation with great sincerity. Many are looking for you to prove that American government can, once again, be dedicated to Liberty, Justice, and Morality.

May God, in his divine providence, give you strength and boldness in these troubling times.


KrisAnne Hall, JD

Founder of Liberty First University

KrisAnne Hall is a former biochemist, Russian linguist for the US Army, and former prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent Florida non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne now travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has an internationally popular radio and television show and her books and classes have been featured on C-SPAN TV. KrisAnne can be found at

(For further reading on Hillary Clinton’s actions, click here and here.)

Justice Truth

Ending Illegal Justice Department Shakedowns

By KrisAnne Hall, JD

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ended the practice of the Department of Justice slush funding, for now. But will we take time to look at the real problem so we can ensure a permanent solution?

During the Obama Administration it was the practice of the DOJ to make corporations under indictment by the DOJ to pay millions of dollars to non-related nonprofit organizations as part of their settlements with the DOJ. These nonprofits were not victims, they were not even related parties to the cases. The DOJ was engaging in a “forced charity” (otherwise known as extortion) of their choosing.

Were they enriching their friends? What do you think? (Sarcasm intended.)

This practice is blatantly unethical and illegal.

On Wednesday, June 7, Jeff Sessions sent a memo to his offices telling prosecutors they are no longer allowed to do this. A good thing, right? Perhaps in the short term, but in the long run, what is the big picture?


Here is the real problem

The DOJ engaged in this practice for at least eight years, unchecked. How were they able to conduct illegal and unethical settlements?

Because your Congressman did nothing about it. Your Congressman is the essential check and balance on the executive branch.

Article 2 section 4 of the U.S. Constitution requires that Congress impeach all civil officers engaged in illegal activity. Your Congressman had a legal, Constitutional, and ethical responsibility to take this step and stop this.

Out of 535 people, why didn’t one single politician make any known attempt to perform their constitutional duty during the eight years of illegal DOJ operations? Why isn’t anyone in Congress talking about impeachment? Perhaps they were enriching their friends, too? What do you think?

So blame Obama, blame Holder all you like. The absolute #Truth is that it was, and still is, the ultimate responsibility and duty of your Congressman to do something about it.

I am not talking about passing a new law. Why do we need a new piece of legislation to declare that government agents and agencies cannot engage in activity that is already illegal for civilians?

Who is being impeached? Any judge that signed these settlements must be impeached.  Any federal attorney requesting these settlements must be impeached.

Who is being prosecuted for these crimes? Which federal prosecutor is being disbarred for these unethical and illegal activities?

Your Congressman must start criminal prosecution and impeachment of every federal prosecutor and judge that engaged in this activity. Law, ethics, and the Constitution demand it.

If either Congress or Jeff Sessions refuse to enact real consequences for this illegal activity, they are not only condoning it, they are ensuring that this practice will begin again, once there is a new Attorney General in office.

KrisAnne Hall is a former bio-chemist, Russian linguist for the US Army, and former prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent Florida non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne now travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has an internationally popular radio and television show and her books and classes have been featured on C-SPAN TV. KrisAnne can be found at