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Inside The SPLC/Media Matters/MSM Machine Smearing Republicans

Rod Thomson

There is a new, well-financed, well-oiled smear machine that is spinning up mud and using the media to spread it as though it is legitimate news.

It goes like this: The Southern Poverty Law Center uses its anti-conservative, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-illegal immigration, pro-LGBTQ metrics to identify “hate groups.” The result: It has managed to label as hate groups such organizations as the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Center for Family and Human Rights, social scientist and researcher Charles Murray, Muslim analyst Frank Gaffney, the non-profit Center for Immigration Studies and its leader Mark Krikorian and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born critic of Islamic extremism.

A biblical stance on homosexuality or marriage (or even theology!) can be enough to get one on their hate list. The SPLC then lumps these Christian groups and non-PC people in with the KKK and neo-Nazis and the New Black Panthers, true hate groups, making the lists look legitimate.

It’s not. The SPLC is closer to a hate group than many of the organizations on its list. Evidence for this is that the FBI, the U.S. Army and the charity clearinghouse Guidestar used to partner with the SPLC to identify hate groups. But all of them and more have severed their partnerships with the SPLC as it has become more obviously a scammy partisan group.

The SPLC has huge financing from leftist organizations and has become a mammothly wealthy organization.  According to the Washington Free Beacon, the “organization reported $477 million in total assets and $132 million in contributions on its most recent tax forms, which cover Nov. 1, 2016 to Oct. 31, 2017. That represents an increase of $140 million in its total assets from the previous year.” It fundraises directly on emotional appeal from discriminations past, and then uses it on partisan political causes.

Unfortunately, the media still has not seen the light. The SPLC is fully trusted and used as an objective source by the mainstream media, which is a fellow traveler along the same general path of biases. So this is step one in the smear: the SPLC labels someone or some group as haters and the media trusts that designation, citing it as a source.

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Step two enters with Media Matters, a hyper leftist organization funded by George Soros, among many others. Media Matters list of founding funders is like a Who’s Who in funding American progressives. The leftist, activist Tides Foundation put in $4.4 million, George Soros’ Open Society Institutes kicked in more than $1 million the Schumann Fund for Media and Democracy, run by longtime PBS host Bill Moyers chipped in $600,000.

Media Matters makes extensive use of the SPLC’s terrible list by seeking connections between Republican officeholders and anyone or any organization on the list, then attempts to vilify that Republican by association.

Since Media Matters is an obvious leftist slander machine even to many in the media, the smears are pushed out with the imprimatur of the SPLC undergirding them for “credibility,” and like the sun rising in the east, many in the media then use it as a basis to run their own stories and thereby mainstream the smear as legitimate news.

This machine was already in place, but in this election cycle it was clicked up a level by Democrat operatives who apparently discovered they could target the slime attacks against specific candidates, and inserted themselves into the machine (which was already attacking conservatives and Republicans in general.) The Democratic operative, or perhaps at times candidates themselves, sought connections between GOP candidates and the SPLC list — no matter how tenuous — and then fed that information to Media Matters to maintain a public distance from such obvious dirty tactics.

Media Matters would then run the hit pieces and those operatives/candidates would alert local media to the smear jobs, using the supposed legitimacy of the SPLC, and most of the media bit and ran stories smearing GOP candidates in what appear to be targeted races.

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It’s basically Democratic story plants, which the media happily ran.

The Revolutionary Act refuses to repeat the smears, so here’s an example of one we are intimately familiar with, but with the names of the innocent removed.

A Christian Republican who had been involved in national political presidential campaigns offered to hold a fundraiser for a Republican running for a state legislative seat. The candidate naturally accepted this common offer, as virtually every candidate in either party does.

But the man who held the fundraiser is on the SPLC’s list because he was part of a group some 20 years ago that later became a white nationalist group (after he left it) and because alt right groups have re-published some of his writings, which he has no control over and which were not racist, and because an errant media report one time identified him as an officer of a racist group, which he never was. He wrote extensively explaining each of these passing connections and mistakes, and that he was never part of anything that was racist when he was part of the organization.

The SPLC didn’t care and refused to remove him from the hate list. That smear was bad enough, but the truly atrocious one was that Media Matters then ran its typical hit piece — almost assuredly planted by the candidate’s Democratic opponent. (The Republican candidate was running in his first race for a state legislative seat. Media Matters would never have been researching or even come across such a unknown person on its own.)

Remember, the candidate had only met the unfairly tainted fundraiser once before attending the event at his home. Of course, he knew nothing of the 20-year-old character assassination by the SPLC. He is a retired military JAG and his wife is Dominican! Hardly the material of white nationalist or white supremacist.

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Nonetheless, not only did Media Matters defame him — which is to be expected — so did the local newspaper, whose political reporter did a huge story on the fundraiser and his relationship with the candidate in the most horrible way.

And this, after all the explanations were given regarding the fundraiser’s innocence, and the fact that the fundraiser held another event for a female Hispanic candidate in the same election cycle. Not at all what a white supremacist does.

Didn’t matter, the smear was on and the media was complicit with the SPLC, Democrat operatives and Media Matters.

This pattern with different details has been repeated in the Florida governor’s race, in two state legislative races and in a Florida congressional race, along with other races around the country.

This is the problem with a media that ranges from compliant to co-conspirator with Democrats, starting with treating the far leftist hate group SPLC as an objective arbiter of hate groups.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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