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Top Former Obama Official Praises Trump. Twice.

Rod Thomson The top State Department official under Barack Obama who negotiated the Iran deal has praised President Trump on two foreign policy points — both of which should be easy for Democrats who are not obsessed with removing or damaging the President over supporting what is demonstrably good for America. But of course they […]

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REWIND: When Obama Created A Humanitarian Crisis

Rod Thomson When conservatarian talk show host Glenn Beck, accompanied by Sen. Ted Cruz, took soccer balls and teddy bears to the waves of children illegally swamping the southern U.S. border, conservatives were somewhat conflicted. Many appreciated the compassion but sharply criticized the move for potentially adding to the problem by making it more attractive […]

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Freed: Independent IGs Are Being UnShackled From Obama’s Muzzling

Rod Thomson In light of Thursday’s bombshell IG report on the corruption, malfeasance and incompetence in the FBI and Department of Justice, it’s worth remembering what was largely ignored during the Obama years: President Obama’s administration actively muzzled the independent Inspectors General in multiple federal agencies. In fact, it became so bad that six years […]

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Alienage Discrimination Is Now A Thing. And It’s Really Bad

Rod Thomson “Alienage discrimination” is exactly what is sounds like; the discrimination against people specifically based on them being in the country illegally. It’s little known, but it is fatally dangerous for America. Right up front, the threat here is that if alienage discrimination gains the same legal civil rights protections as, say, racial discrimination, […]

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The Calamity That Was Obama’s Foreign Policy Is On Full Display

Rod Thomson That President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was weak and destructive has been evident to most non-partisan observers for a long time. But with Israel’s bombshell announcement on Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program, the scale of the failure is coming into full light. Only his most ardent and blinded supporters can still be defending […]

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Trump Dismantling Terrible Obama Policy That Spiked School Violence

Rod Thomson The Trump Administration is methodically working its way through the reams of poor decisions, terrible policies and total failures haunting us from Obama’s eight years — from Syria, Iran, Russia and ISIS on the international front to crushing regulations, taxes and IRS/AG corruption on the domestic front. It’s a Herculean task. The most […]

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Kushner Clearance Pales Compared to Ben Rhodes’ Denied Clearance

Rod Thomson The media is intent on urgently reporting and discussing the importance of the temporarily reduced security clearance of Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner. But when Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes was actually denied security clearance in 2008, the media yawned. Actually, it never even reported something this newsworthy and, apparently, […]

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Forget Trump — Depose Obama, Rice, Clinton And The Rest

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. In an unusual development casting further shadows on the motives and dealings of the Obama Administration, Sen. Chuck Grassley released a partially redacted email written by President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and sent to herself, documenting a meeting with Obama where he allegedly stressed “his continued commitment […]

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Student Loan Crisis: Another Obama Legacy of Failure

Rod Thomson There is indeed a student loan crisis. And the numbers show it is entirely the doing of President Obama, with an assist from his supporting cast in the Democrat-run Congress. The crisis has its origins in 2010, when President Obama essentially nationalized the national student lending program by signing a law he had […]

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How The Media Buries The Real Collusion Scandals

Rod Thomson This is pretty simple from a journalistic perspective. But it’s important, even to those who get their news from non-mainstream media sources because it goes to the growing “two worlds” divide in the nation over what people think is really going on. The broad arc of the story is fairly well known now […]