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Freedoms Are Expanding Under President Trump

Rod Thomson There is an ongoing narrative in the media and by Democrats that President Trump is a threat to everything American, that he is fascistic and that our most basic freedoms are under assault. Therefor, all must #resist! But the opposite is true when set in juxtaposition to the Obama Administration. The actual facts […]

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President Trump: One Trillion. Leftists: Zero.

by Rep. Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D. Today, under the unrelenting pressure from the President of the United States, the Republican Congress accomplished what many, including me, thought would be unachievable: It passed a massive and historic tax reform package.   Under this legislation, the corporate tax rate is slashed to 21%, the abhorrent individual mandate […]

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America Requires Better Media. Here’s How.

Rod Thomson Americans are being materially damaged by a media that is stuck in a form of lazy pack journalism that runs on the thin fuel of a few superficial formulas. There is very little issue and policy reporting from the pack out of Washington — and this goes for the liberal outlets as well […]

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VIDEO: Rod on ABC talking Obamacare repeal, Norks and Trump

The ABC 7 panel on another failure of Obamacare repeal, Trump and Russia and the North Koreans.  

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Both Parties Want Federal Government Control of Healthcare

By KrisAnne Hall As the political drama over federally mandated and funded healthcare drags on and on, citizens are left scratching their collective heads, wondering why there seems to be little political energy or consensus even among Republicans to do what they said they would. They promised to repeal this massive piece of legislation that […]

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HEALTHCARE REFORM: Freedom Is Its Own Indispensable Goal

Rod Thomson The healthcare debate in D.C. is following predictable form: Miles off track with the media hyperfocused on the politics, rather than the substance. The coverage focuses heavily on the daily ins and outs of the political struggle, the D.C. winners and losers. Will Republicans be able to placate the Freedom Caucus and still keep […]

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Replace Obamacare with Free Market Principles

By Nate Davis The key to any open market is “price discovery” — sellers competing on price to attract customers. On price discovery hinges every free market economic principle. The problem with skyrocketing medical costs is simple. There is no price discovery. When was the last time you asked at your doctor’s office, “What will […]