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Contrast Between Pence Family Wisdom And Left Ugliness Is Stark

Rod Thomson The Pence family is an amazing portrait of wisdom and grace under unrelenting, ugly attacks by leftist activists. Vice President Mike Pence has been assailed repeatedly for his traditional Christian faith, from believing in God’s involvement in people’s lives to not accepting homosexuality as an equivalent lifestyle worthy of extra protections that heterosexuals […]

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Why I Finally Joined The NRA

Rod Thomson I’ve never been interested in guns. I grew up with guns. I went hunting. I own a gun. But I have no real interest in them as many of my friends and family do, who will talk my ears off about guns in much the same way many talk about cars or fishing […]

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Another Youtube Purge Now Terminating Non-Leftist Political Channels

Rod Thomson Another major Youtube algorithm change is resulting in mass account terminations, video flagging and further demonetization of popular political Youtube channels. And yes, you guessed it, they are almost all on the political right. This purge is rolling out now just one year after the ‘adpocolypse” censorial wave hit where Youtube began mass […]