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Fact-Checkers Of Trump’s Orlando Speech Show AOC-Level Ineptitude

Rod Thomson A PolitiFact fact-check of President Trump’s campaign launch last week in Orlando that was run in newspapers nationwide went horribly, embarrassingly, laughably wrong on the one count in which they ruled Trump was “wrong.” PolitiFact did their usual number after Trump’s speech, supposedly fact-checking the President. In it, there are assumptions made that […]


Elites Said The Trump Tax Cuts Would Hurt Charities. It Was The Opposite

Another shibboleth of the smart crowd opposing the Trump-GOP tax cuts — namely, that the doubling of the standard deduction would result in a decline in charitable giving by Americans — is now proven wrong. A study of charitable giving in the United States after a full-year of the new tax code being in effect […]

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Analysis: Republicans Have A Strong Shot At Holding the House

Rod Thomson While the media is gaga over the possibility of a blue wave and polls at the macro level all seem to indicate that, there are three points the national media is largely ignoring that could cut deeply into that wave. First is a poll done by WAPi for the Club for Growth, which […]

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The Unreported Story Of America’s Booming Small Businesses

Rod Thomson The untold story — the story the media refuses to tell — is that American small businesses are just banging it under the tax reform package the GOP Congress passed, every Democrat voted against, and Trump signed into law. American economic strength as measured by unemployment, employment growth, GDP growth and other common […]

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Why Democrats Aren’t Running Against “Evil” Tax Cuts

Rod Thomson Back in December and January, Democrats and their fellow-travelers in the media were ebullient over the idea of running against the “tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent” tax reform package Congress had passed on a straight party-line vote, and President Trump subsequently signed into law. It’s worth a quick and entertaining look […]

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Trump Presidency Proving It Is A One-Time Only Paradigm Shift

Rod Thomson Enjoy it while you can. Or weather it, depending on your Trumpian disposition. The undeniable reality is that President Donald Trump is doing what no other politician could do. Indeed, the very reality of some of his most off-putting, “unpresidential,” unconventional methods are exactly what are making him so effective. And what probably […]

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Leading Economist Now Says Trump Policies Are Restoring America’s Economy

Rod Thomson Sean Snaith is not a household name but he is one of the nation’s top economists and highly regarded in economic circles for the depth and accuracy of his projections. So much so that he is on multiple national economic forecasting panels, including The Wall Street Journal’s Economic Forecasting Survey, the Associated Press’ […]

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Conservative, Pro-American Policies Are Winning

Rod Thomson President Trump’s approval ratings are at their highest level ever, and Republicans have totally erased the 15-point lead in the generic congressional ballot Democrats held just two months ago. This is telling on a couple of levels, and I hope Republicans are paying attention. Democrats may continue on their merry intersectional way. First, […]

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The Beginning of the End of the Progressive Democratic Party?

Rod Thomson The government shutdown by Democrats was a desperation move. And they lost. Even with mostly friendly media cover, they were in such an untenable position that Sen. Chuck Schumer had to cave. And yet they #Resist! — with the Women’s March for Democracy, or some such nonsense; social media censorship of conservative outlets, […]

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America’s Most Amazing Year — Not Fake News Edition

Rod Thomson Every newspaper and TV network will be doing their year-in-review issues around now. Considering they will primarily be re-hashing their own partisan attacks and intentional undermining of a duly elected American president, they’re not worth consuming. But America and the American people actually had a much, much better year than the deeply discredited […]