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The Deep State’s Path to Destroying America From The Inside

Rod Thomson

One great and amazing constant in American history is that we have a peaceful handover of power every four to eight years.

King George was shocked by it, as was Napoleon later. We follow the Constitution, the laws, and our national heritage even if the losing side seriously does not like or agree with the new president; even if the campaign was brutal and close. Our willingness to always rally around the new president has even been named the “honeymoon” period when all Americans united behind him. It runs the gambit from average Americans to top federal officials.

We on the political right did that with President Obama. Twice. And it was painful. We believed him to be a hugely damaging leader seeking to “fundamentally change” our nation for the worse — something he accomplished to the national detriment. We are far worse off, as is the world, for the presidency of Barack Obama. But we did not seek his removal or actively undermine him at the federal agency level — although those are dominated by Democrats.

(Don’t anyone start on me with the Trump Russian collusion garbage. Obama was caught on a live mic telling Russia in front of the world what he thought he was saying in secret: “Tell Vladimir (Putin) I’ll have more flexibility after the election,” he said to Putin’s right hand man. Obama then allowed Russia to run wild in eastern Europe, overrunning and occupying Crimea, taking eastern Ukraine, ensconcing himself in Syria and gaining a major ownership stake in our uranium, all while he dismantled our missile defenses that Russia hated. You want to talk about Russian collusion, that is worth investigating.)

But the long and great American tradition of accepting the new president by the losing side is being destroyed by the political left in this country. This is not just the radical left like Antifa or college campuses. This is Democratic Congressional leadership and virtually every element of the media that is supposed to be an objective watchdog but is clearly acting as an arm of the Democratic Party. This includes former President Obama’s team apparently seeding the federal government with confidential information that was “leaked” over months to damage the new President — a portion of the Deep State of bureaucrats within the federal monolith that act on their own agendas outside the will of the American people.

The left is charting a new course in response to a duly elected president — not just the normal congressional obstruction from the opposition party, but challenging virtually everything in court, and illegally and sometimes violently trying to undermine the new president.

This is unprecedented outside the election of Abraham Lincoln. However, what is new is a massive government that is chock full of political activist enemies known as the Deep State. More is being found out about this disease all the time.


Another Deep State element revealed

The latest threat to be revealed to our cherished tradition of a peaceful transfer of power comes through the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, yet another expansion of the federal government under Obama that should never have existed in the first place and is probably unconstitutional. Trump installed his Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as the interim director after the Obama director resigned. Naturally, true to their destructive course, Democrats challenged this simple act in the courts but were slapped down by a judge.

Recently, the New York Times buried a small item in a longer story on the CFPB story but Hotair reporters picked it up. It seems there is a cohort of employees within that rogue agency that is actively fighting against Mulvaney and Trump and bypassing the approved channels for communicating to keep their plotting secret. (These are federal employees within the executive branch and their ultimate boss is the President.)

They call themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” because apparently they are juveniles whose reading level is Harry Potter novels — or maybe just the movies. Here’s the takeaway from Hotair.

“‘Dumbledore’s Army’ is attempting the exact same thing (as their resigned boss attempted) — the creation of unelected bureaucrats as their own authority, without any accountability to voters or the people they elect to govern. It’s a palace revolt by self-important functionaries…”

Indeed. Hopefully Trump will clean house. Ruthlessly. It would be even better to shut down the CFPB. But the problem is this disease is rampant throughout the federal government. We’ve seen the State Department actively working against Trump (as it did President Bush) along with multiple other federal agencies that are part of the executive branch.

One wonders at what level this palace revolt is going on in the FBI — and truly, what can be done about it if the top investigative agency in the nation is compromised — which is another post.

Elections have consequences, as Obama arrogantly lectured Americans, putting everyone on notice he would do as he pleased. OK. But apparently that is no longer true when a Republican is elected that liberals don’t like. Remember #notmypresident? And now #resist. These are not in the great American tradition. They are antithetical to it. And it is deeply embedded in federal government agencies as we continually see.

The Deep State is setting the stage for an ugly future. Because it is quite unlikely that many Republicans and certainly Trump supporters will quietly accept the next Democratic president. As is the human nature of these things, it may spiral even worse with each election. That is not a pretty picture.

Without a return to the American norm of accepting the results of presidential elections, and a peaceful, orderly handover of power, it’s hard to see how we sustain the nation long term.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act.

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