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Democrats Blow Up Future Confirmations, #MeToo Is Collateral Damage

Rod Thomson

The current strategy being employed by Democrats to stop President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court has already probably damaged the #MeToo movement.

But worse, if successful the strategy will make future Supreme Court confirmations nastier and uglier and turn them into brief, brute force actions by the party in power. The merit of the candidate will become irrelevant.

The #MeToo movement at one point had so much potential to return male-female relationships to a safer, more responsible, less promiscuous condition than what has been trending since the 1960s. That has probably been lost now by Democrat’s use of a tactic that almost worked with Anita Hill’s unfounded 1991 accusations in the “high-tech lynching” attempt against Justice Clarence Thomas.

These are big prices to pay to try to stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President’s Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court. This is particularly true because the allegations are deeply suspicious — almost unbelievable. Here’s why:

The source is transparently partisan. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is highly partisan, opposed to Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Court and the subject of her own scandals. She is caught up in her own China-gate controversy as apparently a long-time staffer close to her was a Chinese spy for decades, during which time she and her husband made millions of dollars through Chinese investments. She’s also lied about gun background checks and school shootings and so much more. So she lies for political advantage.

The timing is transparently political. Even though the accusations were given to Feinstein in July, and she spent hours publicly and privately grilling Kavanaugh in the past two months, she did not go public with the information and forward it to the FBI until one week before the vote — after it was clear that Kavanaugh had the votes.

The accuser is transparently political. Christine Blasey Ford is a leftist California professor, registered Democrat and anti-Trump ‘resistance activist.’ Despite scrubbing her social media accounts, her activism is well-known and documented. She hired (or more likely, someone hired for her) left-wing attorney Debra Katz to represent her political interests, produced some dubious supportive material including a supposed lie-detector test, and set everything in order before going public. That’s political staging.

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The allegation is transparently contrived. First, of course, it’s always possible the accusation is true. But there is a lot counter to that possibility. The claim is that 35 years ago, as 17 year olds in high school, Kavanaugh and Ford were at a party with lots of drinking and that he sexually harassed her and assaulted her. She filed no criminal report at the time or since. She has not persuaded anyone — yet — that she told another person at the time about the supposed attack. She “can’t remember” whose house the party was at. She “can’t remember” the date or reason for the party. She “can’t remember” any specifics that could be actually documented and investigated. The one person she says was in the room, a friend of Kavanaugh’s, says her tale never happened.

Further, 65 women who have worked with Kavanaugh over decades signed a letter saying this sounds nothing like him, or anything they have ever seen from him.

So this appears transparently set up as a trigger to bring in the “Me Too” activists, now that the Code Pink antics did not work. The strategy is clear. Borking has not worked. So Thomasing will be tried.

This may have some impact on Kavanaugh’s confirmation with only a one-vote Republican majority in the Senate — particularly when very small people such as Sen. Jeff Flake are still in the Senate for a few more months. He seems bent on doing anything to hurt Trump, regardless of what is best for the nation. (What is in the cactus in Arizona, anyway?)

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But the big picture is two-fold.

First, if this works, Supreme Court nominations will become more brutal, more ugly, more smearing and nasty. The Democrats are much better at this than Republicans, who have continued to not play the same game and generally allowed Democratic presidents their nominees. But that will likely change, and that is terrible for the country and the Supreme Court.

Expect nominations to be pushed through or blocked by brute force. There will be shortened committee hearings and quick confirmations by the party in power. Or never a hearing for the party out of power. Everything will be party-line.

Second, the #MeToo movement had hit leaders of the political left particularly hard, from Hollywood to the mainstream media. It opened the door to returning to a time when men respected women more and women were less sexualized. That would have been a healthy direction for both men and women.

But instead, it is more likely to start dying away now, just used as a political tool when convenient, and the Harvey Weinsteins and Matt Lauers of the world will slowly return to their ugly ways.

This is all a big price to pay to stop a qualified, constitutionalist judge from being seated on the Supreme Court.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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3 replies on “Democrats Blow Up Future Confirmations, #MeToo Is Collateral Damage”

I’ll answer a young woman’s question. You apparently confuse hearsay with evidence. There is no probative evidence this alleged crime ever took place, only a 35 year old memory, possibly mistaken, possibly a perjury, and hearsay. Her therapist was not a witness to the alleged crime, nor to the identity of the four, or two, individuals accused. Her husband was not a witness to the alleged crime, only to her hearsay, if in fact he is not lying. The hearsay has only one source. What is the credibility of the accuser, could she honestly be mistaken, does she have motive to lie, is she part of a conspiracy?
In America, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. However, let’s not forget, Socrates was convicted using perjured testimony. Jesus was convicted using perjured testimony. Judge Bork was convicted, and Justice Thomas was almost convicted, using perjured testimony. Did we want Judge Kavanaugh to be convicted using mistaken or perjured testimony? Does it really matter to you?
If Kavanaugh is completely innocent, perhaps only a victim of mistaken identity, or perjured testimony unsupported by evidence, wouldn’t it be a egregious crime if he were denied a place on the Supreme Court?
Even if you suspect, in the absence of forensic or credible evidence, Judge Kavanaugh might have engaged in inappropriate actions at a teen-age party 35 years ago, which one are you going to convict, the boy or the man? Is it better to let a guilty teenager go free than to hang an innocent man? I suspect there is no Justice in the here and now other than the justice we humans create. How you answer the above questions says a lot about the kind of person you are.

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