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Democrats Caught In Vile Attack On Wife Of Trump’s Florida Co-Chair

Rod Thomson

The deteriorating state of the American left and the Democratic Party was on vivid display again in a recent, ugly controversy in Florida that Democrats initiated, then tried to shrug off and finally back-tracked on after media coverage exposed it.

A Democrat running for local government office posted on Facebook about an issue facing voters in November. Joe Gruters, the chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota, a state representative and the co-chairman of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in Florida, responded to the issue. One of the first responses to his comment was this:

“ never did answer my question about when and where I can grab your wife by her pu**y. Get back to me on this.”

Obviously this vile piece of nastiness was a reference to Trump’s old statement from the Access Live video several years ago, which Trump apologized for and for which he rightly received considerable condemnation from Republicans at the time.

Alone, it was just a one-off from a nasty individual. But this repugnant comment was “liked” many times, including by a local Democratic candidate running for the School Board. This candidate was subsequently forced to apologize when the local ABC affiliate did a story on it — which came only after the Republican Party of Sarasota put out a statement condemning the comment, the “like” by the School Board candidate and the willingness of the original Democratic author of the post to keep it up. The statement called on the Democratic Party to disavow the statement and its candidates’ involvement in it.

The Democratic Party did neither. But after the media exposure and public fallout became clear, the vile comment was taken down the next day. Of course, that could have happened immediately. It could have happened after Gruters brought it to the attention of the initial Democrats’ posting. It could have happened when the Republican Party issued its statement. But it did not happen until it was exposed in the media and the Democratic Party measured the response in this red part of Florida.

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As bad as all of that was, the really telling part is that the Sarasota County Democratic Party issued an official statement saying that while the comment was inappropriate…“make no mistake that this fake outrage by the Republican Party of Sarasota about a ‘like’ of a comment on a Facebook page is a clear attempt to distract the voters and to score political points.”

Fake outrage?

It seems pretty likely that if anyone suggested they wanted to know when they could grab the private female parts of one of the Democrats’ wives or daughters or mothers, their outrage would be most sincere. Too many Democrats have learned nothing from the lessons of the 2016 election. Instead of understanding how they disconnected from so many Americans, the lesson they took is that because Trump said something vile, they can therefor say anything with impunity. Wrong lesson — for them and the country.

It’s also clear that if Republicans had not highlighted the nastiness to the local media, the Democrats were fine with leaving the comment and its supporting approvals up. Most people recognized that the outrage over this was real and legitimate, particularly for candidates asking voters to put them in office. 

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Perhaps Democrats need to step back and rethink spending the past 18 months in a daily cyclone of ginned up, hate-based outrage over every act of the Trump administration. It has impaired their ability to distill genuine outrage from the fake.

And its impaired the ability of the nation to participate in any sort of issues-based, civil debate.

Rod Thomson is an author, former journalist and current TV talking head, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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7 replies on “Democrats Caught In Vile Attack On Wife Of Trump’s Florida Co-Chair”

its obvious democrats are either too stupid to learn from the 2016 campaign or they are complicit with the actions employed by the democrat leadership. the constant ‘hate Trump’ rant is the entirety of the democrat platform for the mid terms, from the House hopefuls and incumbents all the way down to the grunts in the local elections. its both amazing and depressing that we have a political party that has evolved into a ‘hate’ group and still has people that vote for them.

rational democrat voters need to ask themselves if this is truly the future they want for this country. a future with people telling you how to live, what to think and what to say! and god forbid if you disagree with those people!! so rational democrats, and I know there are some out there, is this the future you wish for your children?

They use Trump as the target, but their hatred is actually aimed at us. Their leaders now tell them that violence against those who support traditional American culture is approved.

There will be riots is November after they find out that their repugnant behavior has actually strengthened Trump.

We all need to know that this is now fascism on display. The haters, the democrats, are our enemies. They have declared personal war on anyone who disagrees with what they dictate and demand. They are asking for violence in return so they can complain. FYI recipients of lethal responses to personal assaults usually just collect maggots.

Such BS… as yours is what is FUELING HATRED!! — NOT DEMOCRATS!

FYI… in case you’ve missed it the past 10 years, Democrats want to move our nation forward… Medicare for all …. NO IT WON’T COST YOU MORE ON YOUR TAXES… UNLESS SOME REPUBLICANS GET IN CHARGE!!!


Democrats believe a woman “has the right to choose” … No one is making everyone get an abortion, as many Republicans want their followers to believe!

Locally, the Republican candidate for Congress has taken tons of money from the US government under questionable circumstances.

While Democrats want EVERYONE WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO BE ABLE TO VOTE SAFELY AND EASILY… Republicans are expert gerry-manderers!!! (so similar to murderers… murderers of the right to vote!)

So yes we may seem a bit jaundiced… but we only got that way living with that idiot at the top of the Republican pile, and watching as time after time after time, women’s reports of sexual assault go unheeded… and now we have a WARPED SUPREME COURT, too!
Many Republicans — both men and women — ALREADY DETEST what has happened to our country and are joining the ranks of Democrats, privately and publicly.

So get off it already!

When the frack will the Democrat Party be declared a RICO organization and shut down? They have caused more harm to this country and the world than Stalin and Mao put together.

I am still registered as a democrat…..FOR A REASON! it gives me great pleasure to SCREW up their plans when I VOTE in the decision of WHO is going to run…. I VOTE FOR THE STUPIDEST OF THE STUPID in the democrap selection and then VOTE FOR TRUMP every time….. HA HA HA HA! One must understand when dealing with the LESS EXPERIENCED “CHILDREN” of the dumbocrat party… must think above and beyond their childish behavior.

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