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Freed: Independent IGs Are Being UnShackled From Obama’s Muzzling

Rod Thomson

In light of Thursday’s bombshell IG report on the corruption, malfeasance and incompetence in the FBI and Department of Justice, it’s worth remembering what was largely ignored during the Obama years:

President Obama’s administration actively muzzled the independent Inspectors General in multiple federal agencies. In fact, it became so bad that six years into the Obama administration, more than half of the 73 federal IGs — the majority of whom were Obama appointees — signed a letter stating that the Obama administration had stonewalled the IGs “ability to conduct our work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”

The IGs cited a long list of examples of the Obama administration refusing to turn over incriminating documents necessary for the IG to conduct fair investigations — from the EPA to Amtrak to OMB to the TARP bank bailout. These were not classified or secret documents, simply held in the trust of various Obama department heads.

This meant that the Obama administration was systematically putting up walls around its actions to keep the independent federal watchdogs from seeing what it was actually doing. Of course, this is not what honest, “scandal-free” administrations do.

The frustrated nonpartisan IGs cited systematic Obama administration refusals to turn over what was likely incriminating evidence and basic documents that were central to their investigations. When 47 Inspectors General sign a letter complaining of a pattern of roadblocks and obstruction in their efforts to do their job, there’s a pretty good chance bad things were being done.

That is an astonishing level of condemnation from generally staid and nonpartisan IGs, and one almost no one knows about because of the media’s chronically soft and protective coverage of President Obama. That both IG Michael Horowitz and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have been allowed to pursue their investigations with largely unfettered cooperation from the White House is particularly refreshing.

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If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, considering the laundry list of scandals and corruption in her past, it seems likely we would never have had this investigation or seen any such report. Nor would we have had the IG’s previous report that ended up being a criminal referral for fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. At least six other FBI employees retired, resigned or were fired resulting from that report — which also likely would not have seen the light of day under a President Hillary Clinton.

Ironically considering the unfounded charges of Trump and fascism and threat to the Republic nonsense, his administration is allowing all of the investigations and light to be shone on them. And that is a substantial departure from the Obama years and is a step toward saving the Republic.

Rod Thomson is an author, TV talking head and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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6 replies on “Freed: Independent IGs Are Being UnShackled From Obama’s Muzzling”

Superb analysis as usual, Rod. Note also that the language of the IG report is clearly descriptive in nature, emerging from inductive evidence that is designed to stand up to questioning. The downside is that it does not go the next step and deductively connective the dots. For example, phrases and words like “less than candid” or “biased” are used in the place of “perjury” and “politically-driven.” In short, if true health is to be restored, the IG report should be the factual stepping stone from which a true criminal investigation–with prosecutions–is conducted. As it stands now, the language is descriptive and vague enough that Democrats and the liberal media are cherry-picking statements in order to spin the narrative. That kind of activity is what enabled this whole problem in the first place. It is hard to spin a Comey & Company indictment and prosecution.

To whom was that letter sent (or delivered)? Where is that letter (or a copy) archived? When do we the people get to read it?

For clarification, my question (previous) is with respect to the letter allegedly signed by “47 Inspectors General.” Are you going to tell us Rod?

It was an open letter and it was sent to Congress as part of its oversight duties. I can’t see that Congress did much of anything. None of the news accounts linked to the letter itself, which suggests it may have been made public only in printed form. Here’s a link to the WaPo story.

Thanks Rod. Too bad congress is a toothless tiger. One letter, then a shrug… “oh well that didn’t work” and they drop the ball. Their failure to follow through complicates a thorough clean-up of the droppings Obama left behind.

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