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GOP Secret Weapon: Two Years Of Democrats’ Exposing Their Radicalism

Rod Thomson

For the next 22 months, Americans will be treated to possibly the most wildly different worldviews between the major parties in American history. And it is going to be ugly.

One side, the Democrats, are trapped in an ever-increasing race to the bottom, and away from traditional America — sprinting away even the Democrats of a mere 20 years ago. They are, and will be, incapable of loudly and proudly proclaiming their radicalism in a way even the media will not be able to shield them from.

If they will cheer during a public legislative session for the most extremist abortion law in American history, they will be uncontainable.

Here’s what looks to be shaping up as their platform, and it’s a doozy:

➞➞⃗true socialism/communism

➞➞⃗cheering of infanticide

➞➞⃗open and blatant class envy warfare

➞➞⃗ugly racial/racists policies

➞➞⃗wide-open-border policies, abolish ICE

➞➞⃗”free” health care for all

➞➞⃗”free” college for all

➞➞⃗green policies that wreck the standard of living

➞➞⃗protecting illegals who are felons in sanctuary cities/states

➞➞⃗a hard turn toward anti-semitism, and anti-Christianity

➞➞⃗the corruption of voting through ballot harvesting and allowing illegals to vote

➞➞⃗eye-popping tax hikes

➞ elimination of all billionaires

➞➞⃗ever more America bashing

➞➞⃗127 genders

As a platform for the Democratic nominee for president and the next Congress to run on, this looks dicey — to put it mildly.

Meanwhile, the Republicans will likely have a personally unpopular and unpredictable president at the top of the ticket, but one whose policies are quite popular. The GOP will be “trapped” in protecting traditional American values, traditional American families, traditional American freedoms — all of which may not look like much of a trap to American voters.

This is going to be highlighted at two levels that not even the media will be able to smother out of existence — though they will try mightily, including by making up the fakiest of fake news, i.e. smirking boy, Cohen’s lies and Russian collusions.

First is that the U.S. House is divided from the U.S. Senate, with Democrats running the House and Republicans running the Senate. This creates a really powerful contrast between the radicalized Democratic Party and the traditionalist Republican Party.
And most importantly, in the White House, there is the wild card. But critical for this analysis, we have a president that Julio Gonzalez over at The Federalist Pages points out does not back down. Because the president does not back down, that will tend to keep Democrats leaning more into their radicalism — at least if the past two years are any indication of the next two.

Help the fight for truth

The key for President Trump and Republicans is to hyperfocus on the Democrats’ radical and sometimes just sick policies, continually coming at them asking how an open border and Medicare-for-all can possibly work; why a woman and her doctor should be able to kill a born baby; how much they will raise taxes on Americans to pay for all of the trillions of new giveaways they are supporting.

The national media will run constant interference by deflecting, obfuscating and focusing on non-news, i.e. smirky, Cohen, Russia. But there are enough alternatives sources of information to make this a real problem for Democrats. In local congressional races, this radicalness will have even more traction because local media covers their congressional races a little differently.

And nationally, the media’s fawning over the most extremist elements of the Democratic Party only helps Republicans.

These dynamics, and the Democrats own general derangement, give the Republicans a major lift they otherwise would not have.

Rod Thomson is an author, host of Tampa Bay Business with Rod Thomson on the Salem Radio Network, TV commentator and former journalist, and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. Rod also is co-host of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod on the Salem Radio Network.

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