Here’s Everything NOT Happening During Impeachment

Rod Thomson

Amid the unceasingly negative coverage of President Trump and impeachment by the former mainstream media, there is zero coverage of what Congress is not doing. What the Democrat-led Congress is not doing is keeping any of the promises it made during the 2018 midterm elections, when Americans flipped 40 seats and gave them control of Congress.

Instead, the Democrat energy has simply been what it was the previous two years when they did not have control — get Trump. That effort was through the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which belly flopped, then obstruction, which went nowhere, and now it’s morphed to impeachment based on a Ukrainian phone call.

But Democrats actually made promises in 2018. Sure, a lot of us knew they had no real intentions of keeping those promises, they were wink-and-nod lies at the time. The primary reason they have not is because any of these would also be considered a victory for President Trump and Republicans. And it might make Trump look legitimate, and able to work with Democrats — which he actually is. But the Democratic Party, in its leadership at any rate, is all about getting Donald Trump.

However, millions of Americans did expect Democrats to keep their promises. So here’s a list of the major promises made through the Democratic Party’s informal 2018 platform, and most frequently by those running as moderates in Trump-won districts.

• Democrats promised to work on new trade deals with the President because they knew those would be good for America, including many of their voters. They also knew that fair trade deals are popular with Americans. However, now that they are in power, Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to even bring to a vote the United States, Mexico, Canada (USMCA) trade deal that Mexico and Canada have already signed off on, even though it would most assuredly the pass the House, pass the Senate and go into law with Trump’s signature. This refusal actually fits with impeachment, because none of it is about what’s good for the country, and all of it is about getting Donald Trump. 

• Democrats promised to work with the Trump Administration and Republicans to lower drug costs, because Americans of every political stripe want to see that. But they have done nothing on that front. No legislation, no committee hearings on pending legislation. We’re now more than halfway through their term in control, and they’ve made no effort to do anything to lower drug costs. Perhaps they will during the spring and summer campaign season, but that would be just to use it in a way that they keep it as a political weapon in 2020 — rather than try to do what is right for Americans. Because it is all about getting Donald Trump.

• Democrats promised to work with Trump and Republicans to pass infrastructure improvements. This is one of those pablum issues that the American people love, and therefore politicians love, but actually has very little meaning. The vast majority of capital improvements are done at state and local levels. But the promises are made every election cycle. And the Democrats did so. But with impeachment mania, they’ve done nothing on infrastructure. Because it is all about getting Donald Trump.

• One of the fundamental requirements of Congress is to pass a budget each year. For many years under Obama and sporadically before and after that, Congress went to Continuing Resolutions (CRs) — which are irresponsible short-term spending bills to “keep the government open” and which are invariably larded up with special interest pork projects. Republicans had tried to push away from those, but now we are back to being stuck with them. Which means billions flushed down the hole and more media drama for no good reason.

In the irony of ironies department, the actual budget proposal they won’t pass includes $250 million for Ukraine aid. So Democrats are holding impeachment hearings in large part based on the delay of funding for Ukraine — over which they intone dramatically the gravity of Trump having done so. It was so, so very serious that the President would delay Ukrainian aid for even a few weeks. And yet their anti-Trump budget antics are delaying financial aid to Ukraine indefinitely.

Now compare this record to Trump’s record over three years:

• 7 million new jobs, record low unemployment, all-time low unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans;

• Hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs that the previous administration said would never happen;

• Extricating ourselves from the destructive Paris climate accords which have all but fallen apart now;

• Ditching the terrible Iranian nuclear agreement and reinstituting sanctions on that murderous regime; 

• Markets at all time highs, which means pensions and retirement plans are healthy and growing; 

• Rebuilding the military that was depleted under the Obama Administration

• Appointing Constitutional judges at every level. By the end of next year, Trump will have appointed, and the Republican Senate approved, about 30 percent of federal judges;

• Renegotiating a much more fair trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

This is a very solid record of success for President Trump. Democrats have created no record of their own to run on. It’s no wonder they don’t want to run on records.

Rod Thomson is an author, past Salem radio host, ABC TV commentator, former journalist and is Founder of The Revolutionary Act. 

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