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Kamala Harris’s Cowardly ICE Attack Reveals Anti-Americanism

by Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Last week, Sen. Kamala Harris once again demonstrated her vitriol and antipathy towards an American law-enforcement institution. This time, she directed her leftist, anti-American sentiment to one of the most challenged, selfless, and invaluable institutions of the federal government: the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — and the men and women in it.

In a Senate confirmation hearing for ICE Director Nominee Ronald Vitiello, Harris asked whether he shared the perception that ICE was causing fear and mistrust like the Ku Klux Klan.

“Are you aware that there is a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America?” she asked.

Vitiello, trying to maintain his composure responded, “I do not see a parallel between the power and authority that ICE has to do its job and the agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compassion [and the KKK].”

Harris’s answer was just as intellectually hollow, “Sir how can you be the head of an agency and be unaware of how your agency is being perceived by certain communities?”

Really, Senator?  Which communities, exactly? Perhaps the ones who broke into the country illegally?

Clearly, what Harris was aiming to do was express her own objectionable opinion that ICE is somehow like the KKK. But Harris knew that if she took ownership of such an opinion, she would get irreparably attacked. What was worse in her mind, is that she would lose support for her desired presidential race. Yet she needed her base, so she hid behind the “perception” drapes.

Harris chose to claim that there was some sort of perception by a made-up group that ICE was as racially motivated and evil as the KKK, which, by the way, arose as the militant arm of the Democratic Party, the same party to which Harris pledges her allegiance. Predictably, Harris has shown no evidence for the existence of such a perception of ICE, or even of a community where such a perception exists. Similarly, we been unable to identify a single major poll that asked whether ICE and its activities are in any way reminiscent or comparable to the KKK.

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In fact, one poll performed by Politico in July 2018 showed the opposite.

In this poll, 54% favored retaining ICE while only 25% wished to “get rid of” it. Additionally, in that same poll, 40%, a plurality, looked less favorably upon a congressional candidate wishing to get rid of ICE. This compared to 26% who favored such candidates. Interestingly, this latter percentage was smaller than those who either didn’t care one way or the other, or had no opinion, combined (33%).

The fact is that Harris used this fictitious, fabricated community to express what is, in fact, her own rancid opinion about law enforcing, patriotic, self-sacrificing Americans. It is also the view of the radical part of the Democratic Party’s base.

Of course, Kamala Harris’s cowardly attack did not shield her from scorn. In fact, there is a community that perceives Harris to be anti-American. Not that she necessarily is, of course. But that’s the perception of many communities.

One American who wished to remain anonymous even asked, “How can Kamala remain a Senator or think of becoming President when she is unaware that there is a community that perceives her to be anti-American?”

As of this writing, Sen. Harris has not responded to numerous attempts to have her answer this question.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon and lawyer living in Venice, Florida. He is the author of The Federalist Pages and cohost of Right Talk America With Julio and Rod. Dr. Gonzalez is presently serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He can be reached through to arrange a lecture or book signing.

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I wonder if one of these illegal alien invaders thugs attacked her or someone in her family if she would still feel the same way? Being a flaming liberal, she probably would.

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